Holding On

She's Not Important

Evie didn't answer Amy's question, choosing instead to keep walking, battling with the information whirling around her mind. The words the Ood had used had changed; it was no longer time for her to find out, it was time for her to remember. But remember what?

"Evie!" Amy hissed grabbing her arm and pulling her back out of sight. They'd caught up with the Doctor and his new acquaintance on the bank of a river. Peeking out from behind the trees, Evie watched the scene with confusion.

The girl looked just like her, but different. Looking at her made the teenager's head burn with searing, white hot pain. Amy's eyes were fixed on the exchange in front of them and she didn't notice her friend holding her head with her eyes closed tightly. The female stranger had thrown the Doctor's new hat into the river and he was staring at it in outrage.

"Sorry… but it just had to be done." She said with the hint of a slight laugh in her voice. Evie managed to open her eyes now that the pain had receded slightly. The girl was looking at something on her left wrist and the Doctor was looking at the girl.

"Why can't you tell me?" he was demanding. There had obviously been an answer, because the next thing Amy and Evie heard was the Doctor's angry voice. "Classified by who?"

"Classified by me. And seriously, if you don't shut up and let me concentrate then I will have to shut you up, Doctor or no Doctor. Because if we're late… I'm seriously blaming you." The female exclaimed loudly, exasperation clear in her voice.

"She sounds just like –" Amy started, turning to look at her friend who had slumped to the ground holding her head in her hands.

"Me." Evie whispered, finishing her sentence.

Amy had dropped down beside her and placed a hand either side of Evie's face. "Right… I don't care whether he goes mad I'm going to get the Doctor."


"Evie… no offence but you look terrible." The red-head said not bothering to be tactful. Evie smirked slightly, feeling as though she was being stabbed in the head.

"Yeah… thanks, offence taken. But you can't let him know we're here. Besides, look…" She pointed and saw that the Doctor and his companion had crossed the river now and were looking expectantly around.

"Well tough!" Amy stood up and ran from their hiding place, waving her arms and calling to the Doctor.

"What are you doing here?" He demanded annoyed. "I told you to stay with Evie."

The girl beside him turned and shot him a curious look. Then she turned and waved at the red-head, beaming widely at her. Amy got the strangest feeling that she knew her and twitched as her natural instinct was to wave back.

"Alright, Ames?" The girl shouted. Amy noticed that there was a strange look on her face as she watched her. It was somewhere between relief and hope. The girl seemed to be trying to work something out quickly in her head. Her mouth twitched, as though she'd been about to say something but quickly stopped herself, looking away hurriedly.

"I did stay with Evie… when she ran out of the TARDIS and followed you." Amy explained, ignoring the question, before fixing her eyes on the dark-haired girl at the Doctor's side. "Who's she?"

"Oh… she's not important." He said flippantly.

"Thanks!" The girl exclaimed, punching him on the arm. The Doctor made a face, rubbing the spot she'd hit and stepped towards Amy.

"Where's Evie. Is she alright?"

"No… there's something really wrong. She's just over there." Amy pointed.

"Bring her closer." He ordered. "Bring her right to the edge of the river and I can check her over."

Doing as she was told, the young woman helped her friend towards the river, supporting her weight almost completely. It was almost as if the life was draining out of Evie in front of Amy's eyes. The girl beside the Doctor clapped her hands over her mouth as she saw the girl being carried closer to her.

Evie's eyes snapped open as she got close enough. She looked at the stranger, their gaze meeting. Her mind was suddenly full of new memories, new information. All the muddled thoughts in her mind were settling back into their rightful places. Suddenly everything was clear; she was remembering.

By the look on the other Evie's face she, too, was seeing a whole new range of pictures and information in her head. They stood, staring into each other's eyes, while Amy and the Doctor watched uneasily. Something was clearly happening between them but not even the Time Lord understood what it was.

A final picture rested in both their minds, as though it was telling them what to do. The picture from the newspaper, all those months ago, stared at them. A photo of something that hadn't even happened yet as they stood on the river banks looking at each other. Breaking the connection, the Evie standing with Amy looked down at herself. She was wearing the outfit from the photograph. Suddenly she knew what had to be done.

"Do it." She urged the other Evie hastily. "You have to. 20:02, remember. You have to do this."

"I-I can't." She whispered in reply. Shaking her head violently she closed her eyes not wanting to think about the thing she knew she had to do. She'd been trained for this. It had been explained to her over and over again. She knew what was supposed to happen.

"Evie… you have to, remember." Breathlessly, Evie suddenly made sense of the Ood's message. He didn't want her to remember something specific, he wanted her to remind her other self that what was about to happen needed to be done. "If you don't do it now it'll happen again." Evie warned, glaring at the girl across the river. A stabbing pain ripped through her stomach, causing her to stagger slightly. Amy moved towards her, but Evie pushed her away. "And I can't do it again."

"I'm sorry." The girl said, drawing her laser blaster quickly from its holster and aiming it directly at Evie. Her face was set in a grim mask of determination. The eyes that were fixed on the face in front of her were cold and emotionless. When she spoke, her voice was similarly devoid of feeling. "Goodbye, Evie Jones."


Evie pulled the trigger. A jet of bright red light emerged from the barrel and hit her other self directly in the chest. She lurched back, before hitting the ground. Amy bent over her, screaming. The teenager opened her eyes weakly and shot her a wink. She tried to smirk, before a deep shudder passed through her body as the last bit of life left her.

What just happened? o_O Evie's dead? Again?


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