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"What have you done?" The Doctor screamed in her face. Evie, the one with the laser blaster still clutched tightly in her hand, shook her head.

"Don't worry about her, Doctor. Trust me." She said quietly.

"Trust you? Trust you!" He whirled around to face her. "Why should I trust you? You just killed my… my… my Evie!"

The girl smirked and rolled her eyes. He stared at her, completely furious that not only had she just killed the teenager but she also didn't seem remotely bothered by that fact. Glancing at her Vortex Manipulator, she gave a slight shivering sigh and glanced over at Amy. The numbers clicked round to 20:02 as she glanced back at the dial… things were just getting started.

"You might want to stand back, Ames." She advised before returning her gun to the holster, planting her feet firmly on the ground and tilting her head back slightly so that she was looking upwards. She eased her eyelids closed, a single tear escaping out and down her cheek.

Amy was about to give the girl a piece of her mind, a stream of choice words formulating in her brain, when the body beside her started to vibrate violently. She moved backwards quickly, her eyes fixed on the form. The Doctor, who by this time had leapt back over to the other river bank and was kneeling beside it, looked gobsmacked.

Without warning, a golden light erupted out of the teenager's body, spiralling upwards where it hung in the air for a fraction of a second before hurtling towards the girl standing on the opposite bank. It plunged aggressively into her body, throwing her backwards into a tree trunk.

Then there was nothing. Just silence.

Amy and the Doctor looked at each other, trying to understand what had happened. Using the sonic screwdriver, the Time Lord scanned the body beside him, narrowing his eyes at the readings it was giving out. According to the sonic it was not human. It was just some kind of empty shell.

"Oi!" A voice called from across the river. "There's no point crying over spilt milk. Or, in this case, an empty shell."

"Get over here. Now!" The Doctor ordered. Rolling her eyes, the teenager did as she was told, effortlessly leaping across the stepping stones across the rushing water.

"You are so demanding!" She teased with a smirk. But the Time Lord wasn't in the mood for light-hearted remarks. He was still fussing around the body on the ground. Kneeling beside him, Evie laid a hand on his arm. "You know that isn't me, Sweetie. It's not human; the sonic screwdriver is telling you that, isn't it?"

"Who are you?" He demanded, rounding on her furiously.

"You know who I am. You said so yourself. I'm Evie." She told him calmly.

"Will someone please tell me what's happening?" Amy ordered, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring between the Doctor and Evie.

"I'm me. I'm Evie; the real Evie." The teenager said with a genuine smile. "You have to trust me or this really isn't going to work. And if this doesn't work… well, that's when the problems start."

"Why should I trust you? Prove you're Evie." Amy demanded, raising an eyebrow.

"Ask me a question. Something only you and I would know." Evie suggested.

Amy thought for a moment, trying to think of something that would make her believe this girl. Then she smiled. "What did you tell me, that night when I was seven and you came back? You whispered something in my ear as you said goodbye. What was it?"

"I told you to trust the doctor because he always keeps his promises if he can." Evie answered without hesitation. Amy looked at her for a minute before leaping to her feet and throwing her arms around the teenager.

"You are her? You're really her!" She squealed, hugging her tightly. Evie hugged her back, laughing.

"Of course I'm me! Who else would I be?"

"How, though? What happened?" The Doctor asked, standing up and starting to pace as he always did when he was confused.

Rolling her eyes and leaving him to stew, the teenager moved across to her body, shuddering slightly as she looked at it. Then she started to rip the clothes, rubbing dirt into them and making it seem as though there had been some kind of struggle. She unbuckled the holster from around the teenager's waist and threw it over to Amy.

"Hold that a sec would you, love?" She asked smiling.

"Err… OK? What are you doing?" Amy asked curiously, looking at the laser blaster in the holster in her hand as though it would go off any second.

"There were photos, weren't there?" Evie asked the Doctor. "In the newspaper report about the murder. What did the body look like? Is this it, or do I need to beat it up a bit more?"

"No!" The Doctor said, stopping her causing any more damage to the body. Even though he knew it wasn't Evie anymore, there was no denying the evidence of the readings from the sonic screwdriver, he couldn't bring himself to let the teenager destroy the body.

"Alright, I was only asking." She said with a shrug, dragging the body by the feet down to the edge of the river. Letting the legs, from the knees down, dangle in the water she positioned it so that it wasn't quite able to be washed away.

"What are you doing?" He asked, finally unable to hold his tongue anymore.

"Setting up my own death, Sweetie." She said breathlessly, winking at him. She flipped the cover on her Vortex Manipulator and pressed a button, listening intently with the device pressed against her ear. "Ah… OK."


"Instructions; I need to get the body ready for discovery." She said simply, moving around the figure and staring up at the sky. She was actually staring up at the trees. Taking out her laser gun she turned down the intensity dial and fired a single shot. The shot hit the highest branch of the highest tree which crashed down onto the canopy, making a thicker covering for the clearing.

Amy pulled a face as the teenager moved away, measuring distances in strides and adjusting the body accordingly. She glanced at the Doctor who just shrugged. Finally she seemed satisfied with her work and glanced up at her friends from where she was squatting beside the body.

"What have you been doing?" The Time Lord asked narrowing his eyes at her.

"There's going to be a rainstorm in three weeks which will be heavy enough bring that branch crashing down and narrowly avoid impaling the body. But it will partially block the river, which will mean that when the forestry people come to clear the blockage… viola! They find the body, assume it's been washed up and caught on the branches and bam! Evie Jones has been murdered." Evie explained quickly, hands on her hips and a smirk on her face.

"That's… genius!" Amy breathed, wide-eyed. Evie winked at her triumphantly.

"How can you know that's what will happen?" The Doctor argued. Evie sighed.

"An educated guess." She told him. "I can't tell you, Doctor. It's classified, OK? Now, shall we get out of here?" She asked grinning and holding out her hand for the holster she'd thrown to her friend. Amy beamed handing it back. Evie pulled out the weapon, examining it as she walked. The Doctor watched her curiously, not for the first time.

No sooner had they left the area, vanishing through the dense trees, than a woman appeared in a flash of bright, white light. She glanced around and her eyes fell on the body carefully placed on the ground. She closed her eyes for a moment, sighing deeply. Then she crossed to the body and knelt down beside it, gently stroking its hair.

"See you soon, Sweetie." She murmured, bending to brush her lips against the teenager's forehead.

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