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Vorca a 20 year-old female detective was assigned to find a missing pig named, George. But not till she realised that things were about to take a turn.

Mystery / Horror
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Vorca was about to take a seat at her working table in the Police Station, only when Chief Doggy called her into his office. Vorca was confused since she already did what she was assigned. Vorca went into his office and asked 'Need anything, sir?' Chief Doggy told her that, there was a missing pig named, Georgy. He said that he found the report of it just now and no one seemed to have found him yet. So he assigned this task to Vorca.

Vorca first headed to the location where George was last seen. It was his family home. Vorca stepped out of the car and all of the sudden someone or something hit her behind.

Not long after, Vorca woke in a room. She was looking around the room when she saw a painting. It was George and her sister. The report file never mentioned about his sister going missing but him only. Vorca was confused, why did the parents only reported one missing kid? But not two?

Then Vorca heard a strange noise coming from downstairs. She went out of the room, surprised it wasn't lock. She was terrified of what she saw, a pig! Looking like George's sister but it looks like she had red eyes different then the picture. She immediately tried to escape. The pig was chasing her, but she manage to escape quick.

She was shocked and headed back to the station to report back to Chief Doggy. Arriving at the station, she went inside but the receptionist wasn't there. Then an announcement came in, saying 'Everyone please evacuate immediately, a monster had came into the station, it looks like a-' The announcement cut off directly.

When Vorca turn around to head back out the entrance, she was blocked by a pig but different from what she saw. The pig was wearing an orange dress. She turned around, ready to run when she saw a paper work that the pig in orange was the mother of George and Penny. Penny was the pig she saw at their house. She immediately ran and look for an escape exit.

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