The Dark Heir

A Prince

Warning: Light swearing, Abuse,

Disclaimer: Belongs to J. K.

The Dark Heir,

A Prince?,

"WORTHLESS FREAK!" Vernon snarled as he kicked at the curled up figure on the floor at his feet, the bundle, which could be made out as a small boy, didn't make a sound. He glared up at the man who was breathing heavily and spat blood at him, this caused an enraged yell and a few more vicious kicks.


"YOU'VE DONE NOTHING FOR ME PIG." The boy yelled back in equal anger, he hissed as he felt his rib crack.


"I'LL SHOW YOU BOY." Vernon was about to bare down on the boy with his fists when the boy spoke,

"Are you going to hit me until I can't walk again uncle?" He asked with a sneer. "Imagine that, you would have to do your own work." It got the man to stop and the piggy little eyes showed he was in thought, finally he snarled at the boy and yanked him up by the dark hair. He dragged him through to the hallway, opened a little cupboard under the stairs and proceeded to bodily throw the boy in making him land with a painful thump, but still no sounds of pain left the small boy. The door was slammed shut and Vernon stamped away, a series of bands and thumps indicated the man's still raging anger. 5 year old Harry Potter was silently fuming and in pain, as he felt his skin begin to tingle he uncurled from his protective position and he cursed under his breath. Now people would be shocked to hear a 5 year old use such language, but this was no ordinary 5 year old.

Harry was smart. He was way beyond his years in intelligence and thoughts which is why he was currently in his predicament. His teacher had accused him of cheating on a test because he had got perfect marks and added little extensions, he had calmly explained that he had not cheated, but the test was in fact too easy; she hadn't believed him. This had made him frustrated, he tried to tell her why it was easy, but she didn't believe him; this had made him angry. Unfortunately when Harry got angry strange things tended to happen and this time his teacher's wig went blue. Logically there was nothing proving that it had been Harry's fault, but the blame was placed on him and so his uncle saw fit to soundly beat the crap in to him. Harry felt his face and was relieved to feel that his cuts and bruises were healed. He had always been able to heal himself to a degree. The worst of them he couldn't do so he would have to wait for then to fix on their own, although it was faster than the normal human which was lucky for him as his dear uncle used Harry as a personal stress reliever and if he didn't have these miraculous healing powers he would probably be dead.

Harry sneered at the door. One day he would repay the favour, but for the time his hate would slowly simmer until it would be a solid force that would destroy anything that got in his way. Young Harry was thinking of what led up to him being placed with his loving relatives, he had always been told that his parents dies in a car crash, but he didn't believe that for a second, often he had flash backs of a green light and a shout of 'no'. That didn't fit in with their version of events, but he didn't know what had happened to his parents or why he was with the Dursley family. He kind of hoped his parents were dead though, he would hate to think he had been abandoned to the Dursley's treatment because they didn't want him or didn't care. It was hard to even comprehend he was related to them to be put there in the first place, they didn't look the same, act the same, or were remotely similar, but something obviously happened which his relatives didn't want him to know and he knew this by the hissed conversations he had overheard about keeping his 'freakishness' away from his knowledge just like they were told. Harry sighed, it was no good thinking about it now when he needed sleep, tomorrow he would be pulled out of the cupboard to slave around for the Dursley's injury or not; oh how he hated them.

Just as predicted, his aunt's shrill voice pierced unpleasantly through his rough slumber demanding he get up and cook the breakfast. He was 5 for Christ's sakes and he could cook. Growling to himself at the injustice of it all, he pulled himself up and went to the kitchen to begin the meal, ignoring the pain shooting through his body and the scathing comments threw at him from his uncle and cousin, he plated up and picked up the ridiculously long list of chores; he hated weekends. Every weekend and holiday he would be expected to slave around doing anything and everything the Dursley's could find and order him to do and this weekend was just the same. With a muted sigh he headed out to the garden to start on the weeding, the sun was glaring down on him as he pruned the bushes and he released a growl of agitation. A sudden crack made him jump and cut his finger on the edge of the trowel which made him spew out a string of curses no 5 year old should know, looking around to see what created the noise he reared back in shock. Stood leaning elegantly against the fence was the tallest man he had ever seen. The man was wearing a strange type of dress/robe, he had pale skin almost inhuman, but not unhealthy, sharp features, and strange crimson eyes.

"You know it isn't right for someone so young to know such language." The man said and a drawling tone, Harry snorted.

"Excuse me while I find it in my self to care." Harry replied bitingly, there was a flash of amusement in the red eyes before it was gone and replaced with something else.

"What are you doing out here?" Harry raised his eyebrows in a 'what does it look like I'm doing' sort of way, but answered anyway.

"I am currently, as residing slave of number 4 Privet Drive, complying like a good little freak to do my dear sweet relatives every whim." Harry said with his voice dripping in sarcasm and contempt, but yet it was said so sweetly, he thrust the trowel back in to the soil angrily missing the cold fury that came across the man's face, he didn't see any problem with telling the stranger about how he was treated by the Dursley's as Harry figured it was his imagination because the man had simply appeared plus no one had ever believed him, it was why he hated people, he hated everyone as rule and one day they would all pay he thought viciously. He looked up when he heard the man curse viciously and mutter something about 'muggles' whatever they were.

"So who are you anyway?" Harry asked curiously and a brief flash of pain flicked across the man's face before it was covered, steel determination was set in the crimson eyes and the man took a deep breath.

"I have many names, but most importantly I am your father." The man said to him, Harry blinked several times before coming up with the oh so eloquent response.

"Huh?" The man, his apparent father, sighed in a frustrated manor, pulling a long thin stick from his robe he flicked it and a chair appeared out of no-where making Harry go wide eyed.

"How did you do that?" Harry gasped in awe momentarily forgetting the whole father situation.



"I believe we have other things to discuss."

"Oh right, so you are my father?"

"Yes." Harry nodded his head and only one thing came to mind.

"Where the hell have you been?" He demanded his gut clenching with multiple emotions that he kept firmly under wraps, nothing good ever came by showing them.


"Away, away, you've been away while I got left with them." Harry spat furiously, if this truly was his father then the man had a lot of explaining to do. The man in question narrowed his eyes.

"Believe me it wasn't by choice." Harry narrowed his eyes right back.


"Do not be rude." His father snapped.

"I will be as rude as I bloody well want; you come back here saying you're my father who claims to have been away when I have been living in a god damn cupboard all my life being told my parents died in a car crash and being treated like a damn slave and punching bag. I don't expect much, but a bit of human decency would be great." Harry snarled his magic was crackling angrily around him and not realising he had just made the most feared Dark Lord furious. Said Dark Lord had three thoughts, the first was to chaste his child for using foul language especially against him, the second was to commend his child on his obviously powerful magic not that Voldemort expected any less and third was a blank thought until it clicked exactly what his son had said to him and then he was furious.

"You live where?" the Dark Lord asked quietly, his voice was stiff and cold in an effort to control his anger.

"The cupboard under the stairs because freaks don't deserve rooms," Harry ground out equally as angry, he still didn't get why he wasn't allowed a room, but the same thing had been drilled in to him so he had given up. He knew it wasn't right for him to be sleeping there, he had read about it in a library in a book about the upbringing of children, it had told him that what the Dursley's were doing wasn't right and he had stopped believing it was his fault he was being treated in that way, it was then the treatment began to make him angry. Why was he treated like that? He had never done anything wrong and he always strived to be the best, but when he was he was punished; he didn't understand. Harry was shook out of his musings as watched puzzled as his father rose up gracefully and went towards the house.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked.

"To kill these people who dared treat my son in such a way." He stated in a voice which was way too calm.

"What, no, you can't kill them." Harry yelled alarmed, the Dark Lords steps faltered and he span round to face his son.

"I will not let them live after what you have just told me, you may not know it, but you are a prince and you will be treated as one." The Dark Lord hissed.

"I never said they could live just that you couldn't kill them, I promised myself that I would repay them the favour so you will just have to teach me to cause them severe pain before they die." Harry said firmly, there was no way his revenge was getting taken away from him father or not, Voldemort blinked before smirking, this was definitely his son.

"Very well," He went and sat back down again, Harry looked at him curiously practically burning with questions, but Voldemort had one first.

"How old are you?"

"5, 6 in 3 months." The Dark Lord was taken aback, his son was 5! Where had the time went and the boy acted way older than 5, but was tiny.

"Damn, I never meant to be away this long."

"Yeah about that, you were just about to explain." Harry looked up expectantly, he wanted the full story and proof that this man was who he claimed to be.

"I am the Dark Lord of the magical world, yes there is a world of magic." He added seeing the question.

"You are a wizard just like myself and there are hundreds of others who possess the gift of magic." Harry nodded, they would go back to that later.

"As I was saying I am the Dark Lord. There are 2 sides the light and the dark; I control the dark. In the wizarding world I am feared to the point where people refuse to say my name, I am cold and cruel, but I have always wanted a son even if it was impossible. I had an affair with your mother it was a one time thing and I didn't think anything of it, the next thing I know she had had a baby. I didn't get my hopes up as I went to confront her, she fled but word came back from one of my inside sources that you were my child with a paternity test as proof. I demanded you back and she refused, she and her husband went in to hiding to keep you away from me which was a pointless task; I am not a Dark Lord for nothing.

"It took me 15 months, but I found you. That's when it went wrong. I got rid of James Potter and followed her up the stairs, she stood in front of the crib screaming at me that I would never have you so I killed her. Then Dumbledore turned up preaching how I was to cruel and evil to ever raise a child and then the fool started a duel. I cast the killing curse at him and he reflected it; right at you. I was terrified. The killing curse is impossible to block, if it hits you, you die, simple as that. I watched as it sped towards you and then the strangest and greatest thing happened; it rebounded. I was too shocked and relieved that I didn't move in time and it hit me, I was wrenched from my body left as only a spirit. So I fled, I had to return myself to a body and I swore I would return to get my son." Harry stared wide eyed and very pale as he took that information in. His mother was dead, by his father's hand, and his father didn't voluntarily leave him; it made his head spin. He always had dreamed of a man with a beard and a mirror making green light shoot towards him, now he thoughts hard about it he heard a scream of 'no' and a burning pain in his head.

"I remember." Harry breathed almost inaudibly.


"I remember the night you came. The man, Dumbledore, does he have a stupidly long beard?"


"And this killing curse, is it violently green?"


"I have always had strange dreams with the man with the beard sending green light towards me." Harry explained to his father, he had no doubt that he was his father now.

"The same man brought me here. That bastard!" Harry exclaimed, what was the crazy man thinking? Taking him from his father and dumping him with this filth.

"Why does that not surprise me?" His fathers tone was clipped.

"I have more questions." Harry stated after calming down.

"I would be disappointed if you didn't."

"Why don't I look like you?"

"That would be your mothers doing, foolish woman. She cast something called a glamour on you so you would look like her husband." Voldemort scowled.

"Why did you kill my mum?" Harry asked softly and the Dark Lord shifted and sheepish expression coming to his face. He had been expecting the question, but it was still awkward, he wasn't going to lie however, he would always be honest with his son, no matter what.

"It wasn't my intention," He said after a minute, and it was the truth, he had much better plans to make Lily suffer after taking his son.

"But," Harry prompted.

"But I have a slight temper and very little patience with things that have annoyed me." He told his son and Harry's eyebrows shot up.

"So you killed her?" Harry said slowly trying to understand.

"Yes, I was trying to retrieve you. Had you stayed with her and her husband she would have turned you against me and you wouldn't have even known I was your father. It was her intention for you to grow up as a Potter not a Slytherin-Riddle." Voldemort explained and Harry frowned.

"Was she on the other side of the war then?" It was the only explanation Harry was coming up with, his father looked pleased.

"Yes," he confirmed, "They were on the 'light' side and worked for Dumbledore." Harry's expression went dark at the mention of the old man, good Voldemort thought.

"So she wasn't going to let you see me and was working for a meddling old man." Harry surmised.

"That is correct."

"I don't like that." Harry said shaking her head, "That was not her choice."

"I know," Harry was silent for a few seconds before pushing his mother to the back of his mind; you can't miss what you never had, and he had a perfectly alive father sat in front of him.

"Why are you feared?"

"People don't agree with the methods I use to gain control but none can appose me as I am the most powerful wizard alive." His father was obviously smug about that fact and being only 5, as smart as he was, Harry was set to believe him, after all his father had come back from supposed death and it didn't take a genius to work out what methods were used; murder.

"You said that people fear to speak your name, what is your name?"

"Lord Voldemort," Harry's eyebrows shot up.

"That's your real name?" Voldemort rolled his eyes.

"No 'I am Lord Voldemort' is an anagram of my real name." Harry scrunched his face up in concentration.

"So your name is Tom Mar-Marvolo Riddle or Marvolo Tom Riddle, they are the only ones that make sense." The Dark Lord blinked in amazement.

"How did you guess?"

"I don't know, I've always been smart." Harry said with a shrug.


"So what happens now?"

"You are coming with me where you will be taught everything you need to know to take your rightful place as the dark prince."

"You're going to take me away from here?" Harry, no matter how much he tried, couldn't mask the hope that entered his eyes and voice even if his face was blank.

"Yes, do you have a problem with that?"

"Yes, I mean no, when can we leave? Can I stay with you? Do you have a house? We can go today right?" Harry asked excitedly, he would do anything to get away from the Dursley's. Tom already had alarm bells going off in his head, his son's almost desperate begging to leave this place didn't sit well with him, add the cupboard under the stairs and he was only coming up with on conclusion, one that he didn't like at all.

"We are leaving as soon as possible. This is no place for a Prince."

"I'm a Prince?" Harry's voice brought him out of his negative thoughts.

"Of course, you are my son." His father told him as if it explained everything and in a sense it did.

"Ok…" Harry said still unsure, "How are we leaving, better yet how did you get here?"

"Apperation, it's a magical method of transportation which allows you to disappear and reappear some place else." His father rose gracefully and vanished the chair motioning Harry to do the same. Harry got to his feet, but hissed in pain when he pulled his rib.

"What's wrong?" Harry went wide eyed, how could he explain that he was Vernon's punching bag without bringing forth homicidal actions.

"I uh may have a fractured rib or two." He recognised the feeling from what he read, spending your entire free time holed up in the library gave you such knowledge.

"And where did you acquire a fractured rib?" Voldemort asked bypassing the fact that a 5 year old shouldn't even understand what that was, the horrible feeling in his stomach wasn't going away.

"I fell?" Harry ventured, but it came out in a question.

"Harrison, tell me the truth."

"So that's my real name!"

"Yes, what are you called now?"

"Harry," The Dark Lord's lip curled in distaste.

"Too common, Harrison Silus Emrys Slytherin-Riddle is your full name, but you still need to answer my question."

"Um igotintotroublendwashitafewtimes." Harry rushed out and the Dark Lord took a few seconds to detangle the jargon before his eyes flashed.


"My uncle," Taking a deep breath he beckoned his son towards him and lifted him up easily much to Harry's shock.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked wrapping his legs around his father's waist so he was set on his hip, peering at the ground from the new height.

"Your first experience of apperation will not be pleasant and I don't want you more injured. Now close your eyes and hold your breath." Harry did as he was told and the next thing he knew he was being squeezed through a tight tube before normal compression was returned.

"Are you ok?"

"That was disgusting?" Harry groaned making his father chuckle.

"You did well, most children either feint or throw up." Tom explained placing the boy on his feet and waiting until he was steady.

"Well I am not most children."

"No that is true, we are here." This drew Harry's attention to where they had just come too. His jaw dropped. They were stood outside a massive, quite intimidating, castle, surrounded by acres of land, trees and Harry was sure he spotted a lake in the distance.

"You live here?" He gasped in awe.

"Yes and so do you."

"It's a castle."

"Where else would a Lord and his Prince live? Now I need to key you in to the wards, which are what wizards and witches use to protect their homes and belongings in some cases, the castle has to recognise you as an heir." His father told him.

"What do I do?"

"Is your finger still bleeding?"

"Yes just a little, why?"

"Place some of the blood on the crest." Harry did as he instructed, he let the blood drip on the crest of snakes and it came alive.

#Welcome to Slytherin castle heir#the snake hissed to him

"Why's it called Slytherin castle?" Harry asked as the massive gates swung open.

"I'll explain once we are inside." They walked up to the massive castle and Harry was in total awe at the ground's alone, the doors opened at their own accord when they reached them. A sharp crack sounded and Harry yelped, spinning around to see what it was he let out another yelp at the creature before him, to his complete horror the thing spoke.

"Welcome back Master, how can Tilly be of service?"

"What the fuck!" Harry yelled.

"Language, this is a house elf. They serve witches and wizards."


"Yes, Tilly call Narcissa and have her come here, this is my son Harrison see to it he is obeyed."

"Yes Master." And she popped away, Harry was led through the grand entrance hall to a huge lounge with a large fire crackling, the room was decorated in shades of green and black, but instead of being foreboding it was rather comforting in Harry's opinion. As he looked around the room he spotted the biggest snake he had ever laid eyes on curled up peacefully in front of the fire. As if sensing his gaze the great snake raised its head to look at him and the Dark Lord.

#master you are back# the snake hissed happily and Harry stepped back in alarm.

#yes Nagini, I have brought my son# by this point Harry may have went in to shock, everything had finally fallen on him and now his father was speaking to a snake which was speaking back as normal as day.

#a hatchling?#

#yes# the snake slithered over to Harry who had a glazed look, her tongue was working over time as he tasted his scent.

#Oh master you finally had your own hatchling, I did say you should have one and look at him he is so big and cute and powerful. This is brilliant, I have someone else to talk to and stroke my scales when you are busy.# Nagini was very excited, she drew herself up to Harry's height.

#Hello youngling# Harry was silent just looking wide eyed at the snake unable to form coherent thoughts or speech.

#does he not speak master# Nagini asked worriedly.

#I believe he does, he may have gone in to shock the boy is only 5#

#5 sheds, is that all?#

#yes, I expect he will speak to you tomorrow once he had slept.# Nagini nodded and went back to the fire.

"Harrison," The Dark Lord called but Harry was unresponsive, Voldemort sighed softly, he had been expecting this a lot sooner, the child had taken everything too well. Tilly popped back in at that moment with a tray of tea much to his relief.

"Miss Cissa will be here shortly, does master need anything else?"

"I want you to make sure my son has his measurements taken as he will need a full wardrobe, I want the east wing cleared and cleaned and show Narcissa in as soon as she arrives, oh and bring me a calming draught."

"Yes Master." She popped back with the potion before disappearing.

"Harrison I need you to drink this." He pressed the potion to his son's lips and was relieved when he complied, it took a minute or so but the calming draught started to take affect.


"I think so,"

"Have a drink and sit down until Narcissa gets here, she is a healer." Harry nodded.

"Is it normal to have a conversation with a snake?"

"Yes, its called parceltongue, it's the language of snakes. Only those of Slytherin decent can speak it which limits it to us."

"Right, speaking to snakes normal. Weird pink creatures that serve wizards normal," Harry muttered under his breath.

"I need to break the glamour upon you before you can be fully healed." Voldemort told his son.

"Is it going to hurt?" Harry asked wearily, he was used to pain, but it didn't mean he liked it.

"I honestly don't know." Voldemort answered with a frown, Harry sighed but nodded.

"Ok let's get it over with." He murmured in a self suffering sort of way much to his father's amusement. The Dark Lord took out his wand and began chanting under his breath, Harry was surrounded by a white light and he released a piercing scream as he felt as if his whole body was being stretched beyond its will. When it was over he slumped sideways, Voldemort knelt next to the sofa running a comforting hand down Harry's cheek.

"In answer to me previous question, yes it does hurt." Harry said in a rough voice.

"I'm sorry my son, it was a complex glamour. I'm just thankful she didn't put a blood glamour on you."

"S'ok Dad, S'not your fault." The Dark Lord froze for a second, if was the first time Harry had called him that and it warmed his frozen heart; he had a son.

"You can't sleep yet, you haven't had any food today, you need to see Narcissa and it is barely after 3."

"M'tired," Voldemort chuckled.

"Don't you want to see your new appearance?"

"I look different?" Harry asked brightening up.

"Of course you do, here." With a flick of his wand he summoned a mirror and handed it to Harry, Harry looked in to the mirror and his jaw dropped, he now looked like a miniature version of Tom Riddle. High cheek bones, angular features, pale skin and raven hair which had a slight wave to it, the only difference was the eyes; Harry's were still vivid green.

"I look like you." Harry breathed.

"You do."

"We look pretty good don't we?" Harry said with a crocked grin, the Dark Lord smirked.

"Indeed." There were footsteps coming from the hall and a beautiful woman entered, she was pale with white blonde hair tied up in an elegant knot. She dropped in to a low curtsy with her head bowed.

"My Lord," Voldemort rose which drew her attention to the small boy sat on the sofa, a boy who looked astonishingly like her Lord almost as if he were his son, her eyes widened.

"Narcissa I am glad you came swiftly."

"Of course My Lord, may I ask who this is?" The Dark Lord looked at the boy with a small smile which confirmed it in Narcissa's mind.

"This is my son Harrison."

"You have finally found the Prince."

"Yes my son has been returned to his rightful place." Narcissa dropped in to the same low curtsy but this time towards Harry who was shocked, but hid it well.

"It is an honour to meet you my Prince."

"Hi," When his father had said he was a prince Harry had thought he was exaggerating; apparently not.

"I want you to run every scan you know on him and heal any injuries he had, I want a full list of what came up, call a house elf when you are finished I will be in my study." Turning to his son he spoke again.

"Narcissa will heal anything, if you want anything call for Tilly she will serve you food, I have a few matters that I need to attend too."

"Ok," And the Dark Lord swept from the room, Narcissa approached the young prince.

"I am going to cast some diagnostic spells on you just stay still ok?" Narcissa told him and Harry nodded, she waved he wand chanting under her breath and her eyes got wider until she let out a gasp of horror.

"Oh Merlin."

"What, what is it?" Harry demanded alarmed.

"Your father is going to be furious."


"Other than the numerous injuries that need healing, someone has blocked your magic."

"WHAT!" Harry was fuming, he may not have known he had magic, but he had always known he was different and now he found out someone had locked his powers away; he felt violated.

"I am going to need your father to break the block before I can begin healing." Narcissa explained looking as if she would rather do anything but speak to his father, Harry guessed his father had a rather large temper, that would prove to be an understatement.

"Tilly," Harry called and the elf popped in, it amazed him they actually came, Narcissa handed him the sheet of parchment with the diagnostics on.

"Take this to my father immediately." Harry said distractedly, it was weird to think he had a father, someone who had came and taken him from the Dursley's, someone like him; different.

"Yes young Master," They were silent for a couple of minutes when they felt a pulse of what Harry assumed was magic, Narcissa winced and went pale. His father stormed in with nothing but black fury on his face and Harry understood why his father was feared, the man looked absolutely terrifying, so terrifying that Harry took an unconscious step back.

"Are you sure about this?" Voldemort demeaned.

"Yes My Lord, I ran the test 3 times." Harry mentally clapped the woman for not stuttering because he knew he would be.

"I am going to kill that fool." He snarled before cursing viciously in parcel.

"I want it gone." Harry blinked at how strong his voice came out, the Dark Lord took a few deep breaths.

"This will hurt."

"Brilliant, more pain, its just my couple of years." Harry muttered bitingly, he went to the back of his mind just like he did every time Vernon beat him, he still felt the pain, but it was a shadow. Harry felt a rush of power that seemed to course through him and he sat bolt up right with a gasp.


"You are in for a process of healing, but you will feel better after." His father warned and Harry nodded.

"I have things to arrange I will return in an hour and if you are finished before then call an elf for food." When he left Narcissa began waving her wand again and ordering a load of stuff from an elf she called from her own home.

"I need to take this, it's a numbing potion and I need to reset quite a few of your bones."

"How many is a few?" Harry asked wearily.

"An arm, 4 ribs, and your ankle," Harry sighed and necked the potion which tasted like utter crap, he didn't feel it but he heard when his bones were snapped in to there correct place and he cringed.

"Drink this," He complied and nearly gagged.

"What the bloody hell was that?" He gasped after recovering.

"It's skele-gro, it heals broken bones almost instantly." She explained and Harry was shocked at the capabilities of magic, she handed him another potion.

"This is for your dehydration." Harry drank it and wrinkled his nose.

"Now I need you to remove your shirt so I can heel the bruises." Harry shrugged of the ragged top and allowed her to rub whatever it was in to the bruises and watches amazed as they all but faded.

"The only things left are an infection killer to be on the safe side and I'm placing you on a nutrients potion, you will drink one at every meal, I will leave a note for My Lord. Take the one for infection after you have eaten just in case you fall asleep." She explained to him and he smiled.

"Thank you."

"It is no problem my Prince, it is good to have you returned to us." Narcissa said and left with a curtsy, Harry blinked again, what was with the bowing? He called the house elf again and asked for some food and was amazed when she brought him enough to feed a small army, before he was allowed to eat she took his measurements for his clothes much to Harry's confusion, remembering to take the nutrient potion as he ate and he made sure to try everything. Once he was sure he couldn't eat another bite he drank the potion for infection and was immediately hit with a wave of sleepiness, curling up on the comfy sofa Harry fell asleep dreaming about snakes, castles and his father.

The Dark Lord returned a little later than anticipated, but he was completely calm again, he walked to the lounge and couldn't stop the smile that came to his lips when he saw his son fast asleep on the sofa. He had thought of this day for years, ever since he had proof it was his child, he had always wanted a son to raise and teach and his son would be the greatest wizard in the world just like his him. Kneeling down he gently ran his hand through the silky hair marvelling at how beautiful his son was, with ease he lifted the small boy up and carried him up to the east wing where it had been cleaned especially, he set Harry down in a huge bed with green covers and transfigured his clothes in to simple pyjamas. He watched as Harry curled up in to an impossibly small ball which made him look lost in the grand bed, with a muttered monitoring spell to alert him if Harry left the room he went back to his study to finish his plans.

Harry woke up very comfortable and in no pain, something he found very strange. Usually he woke up stiff and cold, but today was different, he thought of what could possibly be different when everything flooded back to him and he shot up with the biggest smile of his face. He looked around when he realised he was in a different place from where he fell asleep and felt his jaw drop, he was in a bedroom, but it was huge. It was different shades of green and cream with ebony furnishings, there was a wardrobe, a desk, a dresser, multiple book shelves, a comfy looking chair and a door that led to a bathroom, there were a set of double doors which he guessed led to the hallway. He slowly got out of bed and was surprised to find he was dressed in pyjamas he guessed he father brought him here and it made him feel warm. Harry went to look in the bathroom and was blown away; it was bigger than the Dursley's living room. As he didn't know what time it and he didn't know what he was supposed to do he grabbed a book of the shelf named 'Magical Theory' he had no clue what it was, but then again he never did when he first picked a book up. He also grabbed a few other books about the wizarding world and sat down on the floor laying them out around him, he got absorbed in the books and didn't notice when his father entered the room until the man cleared his throat.

"Good morning Harrison."

"Morning Dad," Harry barely glanced up from his books.

"We have a lot to do today so I want you dressed and in the dining room for breakfast in 15 minutes, call an elf to show you the way and your clothes are in the wardrobe."

"Ok," Harry said and the Dark Lord nodded. Harry went to the wardrobe and discovered it was filled and he didn't have a clue on what he was supposed to wear, so he called Tilly hoping she could help him.

"What can Tilly be doing for young Master?"

"I have no idea what I'm supposed to wear," he motioned to the clothes helplessly.

"Would young Master like Tilly to be laying out his clothes for him?" Tilly asked in her squeaky voice.

"You would do that?" Harry questioned startled.

"Yes young Master." Harry breathed in relief and hopped in the shower, he came out with a towel around his waist and Tilly was waiting for him. He threw on his underwear and she passed him black slacks and shirt which was light and comfortable, then Tilly gave him a dark green robe that he put on and finally he slipped on his new shoes.

"Thanks Tilly, can you show me to the dining room now please?"

"This way young Master," She led him through multiple twists and turns which he was sure he would never remember until they got to a room with large double doors, she popped away as soon as they reached the doors and Harry went in. There was a long dark wood table and his father was sat at the head reading the paper, Harry walked in and his father motioned to the seat on his right.

"What do you want for breakfast?" Harry blinked a few times.

"I don't know."

"Well what do you usually have?"

"I don't, I cook but don't eat." This time it was Voldemort's turn to blink a few times.

"Muggles," He growled.


"People without magic, I have a lot to teach you before you begin learning with your tutors."

"I'm getting tutors?"

"Yes, they will be teaching you the groundings of magic and the wizarding world, when I believe you are ready I will start teaching you and then you will take your place as the Prince and I will introduce you to all of my death eaters. You wouldn't need them, but due to the circumstances,"

"That has created more questions than it did solve them!" Harry stated.

"I know, now back to breakfast."

"Right, I will have bacon and eggs." Harry said with a nod, he controlled his shock well when it appeared on the table before him. Harry ate quickly as he was more interested in having his questions answered, he remembered his potion and looked at his father expectantly. Sensing his gaze his father put down the paper with a small chuckle, he rose and told Harry to follow, they walked to a study which was decked in black and silver with hints of green.

"Why is this called Slytherin castle?" Was Harry's first question.

"Because it was built by Salazar Slytherin himself and it will open to any with Slytherin blood in them.

"Who is Salazar Slytherin?" His father explained all about the four founders and the school they built, he explained the ways of the four, what Slytherin believed and the different types of wizards. He learned about the different types of magic and the basic difference between the light and dark, he was told about the ministry and they glossed over the topic of muggles.

"I hate muggles." Harry said firmly thinking about all the suffering he was subjected to from the Dursley's and all of the other people that refused to help him and just made it worse, they all hated freaky Harry Potter because he was different, he wasn't like them.

"We are superior to them." Harry nodded, they didn't have magic, they were just plain, ordinary, and he was extraordinary.

"What are the death eaters?"

"They are my followers, I have hundreds of followers that are all under my rule as I am the Dark Lord and they are marked by myself for life. They go on raids or infiltrate places or do anything I order, I have my elite which are my best and prized death eaters and will be responsible for your teaching. Then there is the inner circle which include some of the best duellists and spies and finally the outer circles which are best in groups and where the new recruits go. Of course I have my unmarked followers or sympathisers, Narcissa is one of the best healers in the world, but she is unmarked and I have other people which have specialities which are not marked." The Dark Lord explained and Harry was in awe, he had one seriously powerful father.

"That has got to bring me some sort of bonus points with other kids." Harry said with a smirk, Voldemort raised an eyebrow.

"Well how many other kids my aged can say their dad has minions." Harry pointed out with a grin, Voldemort chuckled.

"I have followers."

"AKA minions,"

"I have four of my elite coming in to teach you for now, Lucius Malfoy will be teaching you etiquette and the beginnings of politics, Barty Crouch will be teaching you basic charms and transfiguration, Severus Snape will be teaching potions which will include some herbology and Bellatrix Lestrange will be teaching you offence and defence. I need you up to speed especially with Lucius because you need to learn to act like the Prince you are in front of crowds and people in general, and then I can begin teaching you everything about what I do in detail as you are my heir."

"I have a feeling I am going to be very busy." Harry stated.

"You are correct, I have high expectations of you Harrison."

"Damn, there goes my idea of being a whiny 5 year old like my cousin." Harry said in mock sadness.


"Yup, I've been practicing." Harry nodded seriously and he just got a raised eyebrow.

"You will begin your lessons at the end of the week."

"Buut Daaaadddyyy, I don't wanna." Harry whined in his best childish voice, he crossed his arms with a petulant pout, the Dark Lord looked at his child with wide eyes having no clue what the hell to do in situations like this. Harry looked at his father and cracked up.

"You should have seen your face." Harry giggled, "You looked so scared." Voldemort shook his head, he had just be had by his own son.

"I was not scared."

"Of course not," Harry said seriously before laughing again.

"Please refrain from doing that."

"Noted, so what are we doing today?"

"We have missed 5 and a half years, I think we have catching up to do."

"Yeah when you put it like that I suppose we do."

"For a 5 year old child you have a vast vocabulary and knowledge."

"I spent every waking moment of my free time in the library reading what ever I could reach, its surprising how many people will think you are just looking at the pictures so they give you what you want." Harry told him with an easy shrug, Tom smirked the same thing had happened to him when he was young.

"Have you done any accidental magic?"

"Um not a lot, I shrunk this ugly jumper Petunia wanted to put me in, I re-grew all of my hair over night and I turned my teachers wig blue but apart from that no." Voldemort was impressed, a colour changing spell and a shrinking charm by the age of 5 with a magical block.

"Do you like your room?" The question surprised Harry as it was a complete change of subject.

"That was my room?" Harry said in shock.

"Of course,"

"But why is it so big?"

"We live in a castle, what did you expect?" Tom said with a raised eyebrow.

"Well I've been living in a cupboard so..." Harry trailed off with a shrug and the Dark Lord winced.

"Yes, and that should never of happened. Is there any changes you wish to make to your room?"

"No it's perfect!" Harry exclaimed happily.

"If you ever need anything and can't find me you can call an elf we have multiple."

"I like Tilly."

"She can be your personal elf then, I have mine."

"When do I get a wand?"

"You don't get your official one until your 11 but you can use one from the Slytherin family."

"Ok," just then the door opened and the enormous snake that Harry had seen yesterday slithered in.

#master is your hatchling fixed today#

#yes I believe he is# she slithered over to Harry, who was still amazed they could speak to snakes, and looked at him expectantly making him blink.

#hello?# he nearly jumped when his voice came out as a strange hiss.

#oh good you can speak youngling#

#yes I can, this is weird#

#nonsense youngling now stroke my scales#she demanded as she slid up and draped herself across a startled Harrisons lap, with a shrug he did exactly that and they were surprisingly smooth, the snake let out a content hiss and settled.

"She's a very demanding pet." His father told him and Harry raised his eyebrows incredulously.

"Really, I wouldn't have guessed!" Harry said sarcastically, the Dark Lord rolled his eyes and handed Harrison 2 books.

"Read these by tomorrow as your first lessons will be etiquette and charms."

"I hope they are better than the magical theory book." Harry muttered accepting the books and looking them over.

"Oh, what was wrong with the theory?" Harry frowned for a second thinking on how to phrase his complaints.

"It's too structured. The book states that all magic can only be performed with a conductor like a wand or a staff, but that can't be true, logically yes magic has to be focused, but the fact we can do magic defies logic anyway. Accidental magic is a key example, children do not have anything to draw from their magical cores, but yet in times of high anger or fear they are able to perform magic." Harry explained and Voldemort was shocked, his son, his 5 year old son, had just raised a perfect argument to a sworn upon book written by a warlock.

"Your argument is correct, surprisingly so, but the theory has never been disproved. Accidental magic or anything of the sort has ever been accomplished in actual forms of magic, small things like lighting a candle yes, but nothing else." The Dark Lord pointed out. Placing his books on the table with another frown, Harry thought for a second, he concentrated on the books and willed them to rise off the desk, he thought on his magic and his want for the books to lift. Slowly but surely they lifted of the desk and hovered in the air about a foot up, with a beaming smile he looked to his father.

"Those books are floating because I want them too; it all comes down to want." Harry said firmly, Voldemort tried not to gape, because Dark Lords didn't gape, but he was finding it ridiculously difficult as he looked between the floating books and the smug 5 year old.

"I cannot believe this, you have successfully disproven a century old text at the age of 5."

"It was a stupid text." Harry muttered looking down.

"You, my son, are going to be extraordinary." Harry smiled. After a quiet lunch father and son sat in a comfortable silence reading chosen books with Harry asking the odd questions every now and then and Nagini curled up in front of the fire.

"What time will Lucius – what sort of name is that – be here?" Harry asked his father, Voldemort rolled his eyes.

"You will find that pureblood names and magical names are often different from that of muggles, they are taken from ancestors and a name can say a lot about there person."

"That's why you created your anagram?"

"That and the Dark Lord Tom doesn't quite install fear." His fathers tone was dry and Harry snorted, the man had a point.

"As for time, Lucius will arrive around 9am and your lesson will continue until lunch, then around 1pm Barty will take over until 3pm when I will show you around and where you're allowed to go then dinner, after dinner we will review." Voldemort explained to his son.

"And this is going to be a daily thing?" Harry questioned wide eyed.

"Yes, you will be having etiquette lessons everyday until I deem it acceptable for me to take over to teach you the correct way to stand and act as the prince."

"About this prince thing,"


"Well what is it all about, I mean how am I supposed to react and that woman, Narcissa, bowed to me."

"As she should. You are the prince, you are to be privileged and respected by everyone, all of my followers and there children have been taught to address you as 'Prince' with a bow and they will do so or suffer. I am the Dark Lord and you are my heir which makes you above everyone." Harry's eyebrows had risen so far they were almost hidden in his hair line.

"Really, everyone?"

"Of course, you will get used to it, they kneel before me." His father said this almost absently, but Harry was amazed, he was after all only 5 who went from freak to prince in a day.


"Indeed, now I think we should find you a wand for you to get acquainted with before dinner.

"Brilliant," Harry leapt up and stood by the door.

"Those etiquette lessons are definitely needed." Voldemort muttered Harry pouted.

"Awh come on its not like I'm that bad." Harry pointed out.

"I beg to differ."

"I'll remind you of that later." Harry said and followed his father through the many twists and turns until they came to a door with no handle.

#open#the door glowed for a second until it swung open to reveal a smallish room lined with long rectangle boxes.

"These are the wands from the past members of the Slytherin family, you need to choose one which feels the best." Harry raised an eyebrow, but reached for the first box, it was from Skylander Slytherin 9 ½" holly, dragon heartstring, Harry picked the wand up but it felt like a dead piece of wood and he shook his head. The next one was Septimus Slytherin 12 ¾" cherry, unicorn hair and that was a definite no, it broke a shelf much to Harry's alarm. It took them forever but finally he found one which felt acceptable and produced some sparks, it was Cassius Slytherin 12" ebony, basilisk venom, there was something missing, but his father said it wouldn't feel complete until he got his own wand. They walked to the dining room with Harry admiring his new wand, which his father said he had to carry at all times, and he thought of the first spell in the charms book, it was something called lumos with the counter of nox. It was supposed to light up the tip of his wand, it was a relatively simple so Harry decided to try it. Thinking clearly that he wanted the tip to light up he muttered lumos and nearly dropped the wand when the tip erupted in a blinding light, he yelled the counter to save his eyes. He turned to the amused yet impressed eyes of his father.

"That was bright, was it supposed to be that bright?"

"It just shows you are incredibly powerful, once you begin learning to control your power the light will be as bright or as dim as you want it." Harry nodded relieved, if that happened every time he would end up blind.

"I almost forgot, you will need to learn how to write with a quill and parchment."

"You can't be serious, what happened to the simple pen?"

"We are wizards, wizards use quills." Harry withheld a groan and asked for chicken and potatoes, they ate in silence which was pleasant, at the Dursley's even though he didn't eat the table was always full of Vernon's voice or Dudley's snorts. When he had finished he looked to his father who was deep in thought by the looks of things.

"Can I go and read my books please? I want to finish the ones I started earlier even if it is horrible."

"Yes of course, I will be there at 8 to make sure you are in bed."

"Thanks," Harry left the dining room and walked up the first set of stairs before realising he didn't pay attention that morning so he called for Tilly who showed him the way. He sat in a chair which was miles to big for him, but it allowed him to get comfy as he read, he decided to read through the rest of the magical theory first before finishing the charms text which was unsurprisingly much more interesting. Charms were the basics of magic, most rudimentary magic was set in charms as there was a charm for almost anything, there were 12 wand movements which Harry practiced before attempting the levitation spell which he got easily, he hoped he would continue to get magic so well he wanted to impress his father and grow up to be just as powerful as him.

He cracked open the etiquette book and sighed; this would be joyful he noted sarcastically. The book was for pureblood heirs, it spoke of the correct to address his father in public and how to address others, but his father said he would be taught slightly different as he was the prince, Harry was still a bit unsure about that thing, but he would trust his father knew what he was talking about, he was willing to listen to whatever the man said after he had taken him from the Dursleys. There was a detailed description on table manners and the correct cutlery to use for what meal, the correct way to speak such as full English and the key thing seemed to be keeping up an emotionless mask which Harry grinned at; he had that down. At the Dursley's he would all ways keep his face blank as he had learned the hard way of what showing emotions would get him, granted he would be pretty vocal out of the Dursley's presence especially to the other kids or when Vernon decided it was time to 'teach him a lesson' then he would scream and tell the man what a pig he was. Thinking about it, it probably wasn't the best course of action, but at the time he was so angry. He had just finished reading about the correct posture when his father knocked and entered,

"You need to go to bed now Harrison."

"Ok dad, 1 second." Harry finished his sentence and shut the book, he went to his wardrobe and pulled it open.

"What is with all the clothes?" Harry asked digging through the alarming amount.

"That is merely your basic wardrobe, once I feel you are ready we will be going shopping." Voldemort waved him off.

"What, how many clothes do I need?"

"You are the prince Harrison." Soon his son would understand that being the prince meant there was certain way he had to been seen and he would have whatever he wanted, those filthy muggles would pay for treating his son in such ways.

"It is a lot to take in." Harry muttered pulling out some green pyjamas.

"I understand, soon I will have you acting like a proper little prince." The Dark Lord said with a small smile.

"You are required for breakfast at 8."

"Ok, night dad."

"Good night Harrison."

The next day Harry spent the day getting properly reacquainted with his dad, the simple stuff that most parents and children learned growing up together like favourite colour and favourite foods. Harry asked tons of questions. He wanted to know everything, all about the magical world and all about his father.

"So how old are you?" Harry asked curious, his father looked around 30 at the most, but with everything he had done, he couldn't be that young. His father smirked at him,

"I was born in 1926," Harry's jaw dropped.

"Holy shit,"


"1926?" he repeated incredulously, 'accidently' not hearing the chide on his language.


"Before the second world war?"

"Yes, I lived in London at the time and the area was hit badly by the foreign forces."

"That's so cool." Harry said enthusiastically, "How do you look so young?"

"Magic," Harry rolled his eyes at the obvious answer.

"So was there magical influence in the 2nd world war?"

"Yes, the Dark Lord at the time, Grindlewald, was rumoured to be working with Hitler and was manipulating him to bomb the wizards that went against them by calling them Jews." Tom explained to his son who nodded.

"It's a smart thing to do, I mean why use your own resources when you have others." Harry mused.

"Yes and it caused the apt amount of devastation needed,"

"So what happened to Grindlewald?"

"He was defeated by Dumbledore," His father sneered and Harry's lip curled.

"Ah, so that's why Dumbledore is held in such high esteem,"

"Yes, majority of the wizarding world believe Dumbledore is faultless, it was prime wizarding history, every light child is brought up with the story of the 'legendary duel' and thinking that Dumbledore is god." Harry scoffed at that,

"Well that's bull," He frowned and looked at his dad, "So what actually happened with this defeat then?"

"Grindlewald was gathering forces before I entered Hogwarts, he never actively moved in to this country, rumoured because of Dumbledore." Harry noted that piece of information down in his mind as his father continued.

"Soon word reached that Grindlewald was taking over, and fast. It was years of public cries before Dumbledore, who was the noted to be the most powerful wizard at the time, to do something, they faced and Dumbledore emerged the victor." Harry nodded slowly, his brain was working double speed, he may be a child and his imagination running wild, but something didn't sit right with him and he voiced that thought.

"I don't know, history is written by the victor so nothing today is sure, plus I don't think anyone witnessed the duel and if they did, they are no longer alive today." That settled it in Harry's mind, something else was behind Grindlewald avoiding the UK.

"I think there is something suspicious there," Harry said,

"You may well be right, it is unfortunate that it will be near, if not impossible to prove."

"Shame," He sighed, "So what other notable historical happenings should I know about?"

"There is Nicolas Flamell, the only known maker of the philosophers stone,"

"Hey, I've heard of him, he was in the other world, a medical genius or something." Harry said shocked,

"Yes, the stone in legendary, it creates gold and can make you immortal."

"So it's a pretty awesome rock then,"

"Very much so," his dad confirmed, "there is quite a lot that's happened in history, my 'rise and fall' is highly published and, of course, inaccurate and then it finished on you."


"Yes, Harry Potter, also known as the Boy-Who-Lived, is the only known survivor of the killing curse and he is the defeater of You-Know-Who when he was the mere age of 1." Harry's eyebrows had climbed to the top of his head.

"Oh wow,"

"Yes, every child in our world knows your fake name."

"Let me take a shot in the dark." Harry began, "Dumbledore?"

"Oh yes, the old fool wasted no time in spreading the word of my defeat at the hands of a baby, he does not know I have returned and have reordered my forces, he does not know I have already removed my most loyal from their imprisonment in Azkaban and he does not know I have found you."

"You don't plan on telling him anytime soon do you?"

"Not at all,"

"Ah well, some people are just behind with the times." Harry said in mock sadness.

"Do you have any other questions before we go to dinner?"

"Um I'm not sure, I'm storing everything I've learned today, I've finished the books and the basic one on the magical world, and something might come up if I see it." Harry said with a shrug,

"Very well, come, let's eat." After dinner, his father took him to the library and Harry believed he died and went to heaven.

"Life just improved even more," he stated much to his fathers amusement.

"This is the Slytherin castle library, you are allowed anything you want from here unless it is above the fourth shelf."

"Ok," Harry agreed, he drifted to the nearest shelf and picked up a book on the theory of defence, he cracked it open and seated himself on the floor exactly where he was previously stood. Harry hadn't even managed the first page when he found himself lifted in to the air, he yelped in shock and looked at his amused father.

"Um yes?" He was carried over and sat on a chair,

"Chairs are for humans, floors are for animals, you are not an animal."

"But I like sitting on the floor,"

"You got used to sitting on the floor, now you sit on chairs and thrones." His father corrected.

"Wait, I have a throne?"

"Of course," was the reply.

"An actual throne?" Harry repeated in disbelief.

"Yes, a smaller on next to mine."

"Wow," he shook his head not being able to understand, he went back to his book curling up in to the chair which was much more comfortable than the floor. As he was reading he asked a few questioned on things that came up that he didn't understand, but other than that is was quiet and peaceful; he loved it.

"This is so different," Harry commented absently, the last 2 days had been almost surreal.


"I knew they lied to me, when you have a near perfect memory, lies in your own past are obvious to detect. Everything that has happened, it's almost unreal."

"I am not surprised you feel that way, it is a lot to take in."

"That's an understatement, for all my awareness, you were dead and I was a freak." Harry shook his head. "I always knew I different, but I never expected this," he looked down, he didn't hear his dad move, but he was suddenly kneeling in front of him, he placed a pale finger under his sons chin to make him look him in the eye.

"It is understandable, there is a lot to take in and a lot to get used to, but you have time to adjust, you are remarkably smart and I have no doubt you will be up to date like every other wizarding child." Harry smiled,

"I will," his father gave him a smile and Harry hesitated for a second before wrapping his arms around his neck, Tom froze for a millisecond before returning the hug with a warm smile on his face, he pressed a kissed to the dark hair.

"I am glad I have you back, my son,"

"Me too dad," Harry muttered in to his shoulder, "Me too."

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