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The True Mysteries of Hogwarts


Tragedy has swept over the wizarding world; Harry Potter has died. Surprisingly at the age of 53, murder, anyone? Luckily, Bluebell "Blue" Potter is going to find out how her father has died early.

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The Giant at the Door

Bluebell had been told she should be more like her father from everyone. She'd rather not, though. That's why she's been begging her parents to let her stay with them during the summer instead of going with the Dursleys. Dudley and Melanie Dursley were a terrible twosome. They hated magic and locked Bluebell in her father's room all summer, fearing she would become like her father. She's going to Hogwarts if her parents can say something about it. "You'll become a Gryffindor, just like your family!" They say. "No doubt about it!" So if her parents were so promenade about her going to become a wizard, why was she at the Dursleys? There was a knock on her bedroom door, "Lunch." It was Melanie, a can of baked beans was given to her from the cat flap installed for Harry when he lived here. "Thank you." She asks, not grateful for the beans. Artemis, her falcon, was her only friend. Luckily the summer was ending and her parent would be coming to pick her up from the Dursleys soon. Suddenly, there was a knock at Dursley's door. A knock so loud, it sounded like thunder. Bluebell had learned to do something over the summer that made the Dursleys go mad; she had learned to slip through the cat flap. So far, she has not been caught by any of the Dursleys. She went through the cat flap to see what made that sound. The Dursleys cowered from the door, the knocking continuing, growing louder every time. "Bluebell Potter! Open the door!" The knocker sounded like a teenage boy, was he banging on the door with a rock?! Mr. Dudley was mad, "YOU!" He screeched at Bluebell, "DON'T BRING YOUR MAGIC LANDS TO THIS HERE HOUSEHOLD!" The voice outside must've heard the commotion inside because he said, "Alright, I'm coming inside!" Suddenly the entire door flies off its hinges, in a way of self-defense, she forgets the no-magic rule and lifts the door, "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" She says. When the dust settles, the walls are covered in tan dust while the door floats idly in the air. "Whoops!" Says the giant, "Sorry 'bout that!" once the dust had settled the figure became clearer. It was a boy, and he was a giant, probably well over 6' "Y-you're huge!" stuttered Mr Dudley, "Just like that man!" The giant raised a brow, then realizes, "Oh, you're that kid! My dad told me all about you!" Mr. Dudley just stares in fear. The boy claps his hands together, which sounds like lightning. "Right!" He says, "I'm here to pick you up!" He points to Bluebell. "Me?" She stutters in disbelief. "Where are you taking me?"
"Hogwarts! You'll still be taking the train, but I'm here to bring you there!"

Bluebell knew she was going there. Just not by a giant. "When will we be arriving?" She asked, the giant looked at his clock, right on time. "You got your stuff?" She nodded and they went outside, the door falling on the ground as she put down her wand.

As they reached the train station, Bluebell heard a scream, a young child's scream. "...NO! I DON'T WANT TO!..." It was a small child with blazing red hair. Her mother, who also had red hair was trying to console her. As Bluebell looked around, she saw there was more than one child, there were thirteen. Who's kids, are they? There were three parents. One was the mother, the first one we saw. Then there was another one, with perfectly straightened hair, a nice suit and tie, and his son looked like him, too. Except his son had a shiny badge, a prefect. Then there was the other one who was reading the newspaper while his kids ran wild Bluebell thought. She had to pass by them to get onto platform 9 3/4. Then, the little girl who was screaming stopped and stared at Bluebell's lightning scar that had been passed down by her father. "Mummy, look!" The girl pointed, "It's Harry Potter!" Her mother told her off again, "Lydia, it's not nice to point at other people-" Her mother looked up at Bluebell and froze. "You... are Harry Potter..." She said, "His child!" The fancy-looking parent looked up. "Percy!" The mother shouted out to him, "She's a Potter!" The parents and children couldn't come over fast enough. "I'm Ginny Weasley." The mother introduced herself. "He's Percy and that's Ron over there. Fred and George aren't here yet." Percy looks at his watch, "I don't think they will be. C'mon. Onto the train."

"Hello!" It was one of the Weasleys. "I'm Liam. And you are Bluebell, no?" Blue didn't want to be bothered right now but the Weasleys had been asking her questions since she met them. "I'd like to be called 'Blue' if that is possible." Liam looked like that was a huge surprise. "I'm sorry, Blue. Have you gone to Hogwarts before-"
"You didn't let me finish."

"You have tens of cousins, that's not a normal thing?" Liam wasn't able to say anything because the squealing of the children had increased. Liam gave up and turned the other way from Blue. Not saying anything for the rest of the train ride.

After the train ride, going to Hogwarts by boat now, Blue realized that everyone started to make a big circle around her. Blue thought about what would make them do that, Is it my scar? Did everyone hate Harry Potter? Was he not what everyone said he was? Then the word came up, "Malfoy." Blue looked behind her. Twins, a girl, and a boy. Draco had twins! She said to herself. I wonder if they are going to be Slytherin, too. Everyone says that nothing good has and ever will come out of Slytherin. Soon, Bluebell will know if that's true. "4 people per boat!" That was the voice of the true groundskeeper. "Hagrid?" Asked Blue as she got on the boat, "Is that you!" Hagrid gave her a wink as the last two boarded the boat. Soon, the beautiful castle of Hogwarts will be coming into view.

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