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Did we become CATS!? (a pokemon/ Warrior cat fanfic)


The Kalos gang have entered the Mirrir cave once more but they find a mirror where they look like cats? They travel a world where pokemon don't exixt and replaced by actual anmals!

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Chapter 1

A cold sunny day where the leaves are brown, red, and orange. It was autumn and the Pokémon prepare for winter.

A raven-haired boy with unique birthmarks like a curved N on his cheeks, was accompanied by two lemon hair-colored siblings and a honey-blonde girl. “Hey Ash, where are we going?” Asked the small lemon hair girl. “I want to go through the Mirror cave again for memories once again” Replied the raven-haired boy. “But didn’t the last time you were on the Mirror world? Didn’t it scared you to go back?” asked the Honey-blonde. “Nope!” The boy recalled Ash answered with joy, The Honey-blonde looked worried if the situation happened again or worse, to her!

Once the gang had reached to the Mirror Cave, they started to have fun with the crystals that reflected themselves, some made them look tall others made them look fat, but one had caught the honey-blonde girl recalled Serena’s eye. She stared at it as she heard her name being called “Serena!” There was no response, Ash had to run up to her if she was okay, “Serena? What are you looking at?” She didn’t response but pointed at the mirror that didn’t form them funny but themselves as cats.

“What the-?” Ash was confused as the lemon hair girl named Bonnie ran up to them. “What are looking at!” She sounded very cheerful and then she faced at the mirror and saw herself as a cat as well. She stared at it and then she squealed “It’s soooo CUTE!!!!” she paused and then looked at her brother “Clemont, what is it?” she asked him “I-I Don’t know…” he fixed the position of his glasses “It could be a Delcatty” He continued “It looks nothing like a Skitty or a Delcatty” Bonnie sighed. Serena walked closer and closer as her cat image did the same, she raised her hand to touch the crystal and it gleamed very brightly. “Serena?!” The trio shouted her name as they got a hold of her, but it seemed to late, once the light faded… the gang was gone.

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