It's Real



Dean gets a visitor.

Several days later, the infection was finally nearly cleared up, but Dean was still feeling miserable.

Bobby, Sam and Castiel had tried everything they could think of to cheer him up, but nothing worked. Dean seemed to be falling into depression, and they didn't know how to stop him falling further.

"There, are you comfortable, Dean?" asked the angel, fussing over Dean once again. He lifted Dean's head gently, and re-arranged the pillows. "There you go."

"Oh for the love of god," sighed Dean. "I'll strangle you in a minute."

Castiel tilted his head slightly, looking confused. "Why would strangling this vessel benefit god?"

Dean rolled his eyes, and put his hand over his still warm face. "Nevermind, Cas. It's just an expression."

Sam and Bobby were watching the scene in amusement. The angel took looking after Dean very seriously, and the way he acted was almost comical.

"Is the light too bright? Should I close the curtains?"

"Cas," said Dean in a warning tone. "If you don't quit it, I'm going to stick that frigging chair up your ass."

Castiel looked at the chair, then back at Dean. "That would be most uncomfortable," he said seriously, before a tiny smile crossed his face. "But at least I would have something to sit on."

"Whoa," whispered Dean in shock, his hand falling to the bed. "Did you just make a joke?" Looking over at Bobby and Sam, he saw similar expressions of shock. "Cas made another joke."

Castiel looked at the three men a little nervously. "Did I not do it right?"

"Do what right? Say something funny?"

The angel nodded. "Was it amusing?" he asked his friend.

"Yeah. Don't worry, you made a funny joke. Don't make a habit of it, that's my job."

"I thought your job was hunting supernatural beings."

"Well it's not... It doesn't matter. Stop fussing, you're driving me crazy."

"Should I get the doctor? You may need to go up to the psychiatric ward."

Sam had to laugh. "He doesn't mean literally."

"Oh. That is what I mean when I say Dean is confusing... And when he uses sarcasm."

"Not everything is meant in a literal sense," Bobby told him. "When he tells ya to do something like kiss his ass, that's a figure of speech. It's one thing yer going to have to learn if yer going to be around humans a lot... especially Dean."

"You do not have to worry about me kissing Dean's ass, that would be most inconvenient especially since he's laying down. Can he feel that area?"

Dean shook his head and clenched his jaw, his face clouded in misery as he turned away from them, and looked out of the window.

"Hey, are you alright?" asked Sam, sitting on the edge of Dean's bed. The past few days, he hadn't stopped worrying about Dean. He worried that Dean wouldn't cope, would become depressed and withdrawn if he had to spend the rest of his life stuck in a wheelchair. The two men and the angel hoped he wouldn't have to; that he would recover and be back on his feet soon.


"Can we get you anything?"

"Can you get me a new pair of legs?" Dean snapped angrily.

Sam looked at Cas and Bobby helplessly. "I would if I could."

Dean took a deep breath, and released it shakily. "Could you guys... Could you leave me alone for awhile?"

"No way. I'm not leaving you on your own. What if you do something stupid... like... like..." Sam shook his head, refusing to say it.

"Like what? Kill myself? I can't even get out of the frigging bed, what am I going to do, smother myself with the blankets?"

Tears filled Sam's eyes. "Please Dean. We can't leave you alone right now, you need us."

"What I need is a little peace," said Dean sadly, turning to look at his brother. "I just need an hour or two on my own. Since I've been in here, I haven't had a minutes peace. I need a bit of time on my own."

Bobby looked down at the miserable young man laying in the bed, and nodded. "Alright son."

"Bobby," Sam hissed, glaring at him. "We can't leave him."

"He's right, we haven't let him have any time to himself since this happened," he told him, understanding that Dean hated people making a fuss over him, and that was what they had all been doing. "He deserves a little break from us."

Castiel nodded in agreement. "I may not have my full power right now, but I can sense his sadness. I will know if he needs any of us when we're gone."

Sam swallowed the lump in his throat, and stared down at his big brother. "Okay," he finally agreed. "But we're only going down to the cafeteria. I'm not leaving this hospital." He looked down at his watch. "We'll give you about an hour and half... Is that long enough?"

A relieved smile crossed Dean's pale face. "Yeah. Thanks."

"But if you need anything, let the nurses know, you hear me?"


Sam nodded, and stood from the bed. Bobby and Cas looked at each other, and left the room. "Are you sure you'll be okay?" he asked, reluctant to leave his injured brother on his own.

"I'm sure Sam. I need some alone time right now."

"Okay, but I meant what I said... you need me, tell one of the nurses and she'll come and get me. You're still not a hundred percent recovered from your infection." Sam narrowed his eyes, and pointed at Dean. "And you better not do what you usually do, and suffer alone in silence."

"I'm not going to suffer alone if you don't leave me alone."

"Sorry," Sam whispered, backing away and turning to walk out of the room. At the door, he turned around and looked back at him.

"Sam," sighed Dean. "Stop giving me the kicked puppy look. I'll be okay."

"You better be," said Sam, finally leaving the room.

Finally left in peace, Dean was left alone with his thoughts. He turned his head, and stared out of the window.

"I hate you, you know," he whispered to the window. "If you do exist, and really need me as much as Cas said you do... you wouldn't have done this. I can't save the world if I'm stuck in a bed or a wheelchair. What was the point in telling Cas to get me out of hell if you were going to let this happen."

His voice lowered, his eyes swam with tears. "You should've left me in hell... it would be preferable to living like this," he whispered tearfully.

Dean cried silently, tears falling down his cheeks like a waterfall. It was as if a tap had been turned on inside him, and someone had forgot to turn it off.

Ten minutes later, he heard a noise at the door, and looked over to see a little girl standing there. "Hello," she said sweetly.

"W-What are you doing here?" he asked, wiping his tears.

"I..." The little girl entered his room, squeezing the teddy in her arms. "I see'd some men go out of your room, and I heard you crying. I don't like where I'm staying... it's sad. Are you sad?"

"No," said Dean, blinking the tears back.

"I used to be sad, but my teddy makes me happy again." She climbed up on one of the chairs at Dean's bedside. "What's your name? My name's Lizzy."

"I'm Dean," he told her, holding his hand out.

Lizzy giggled, and shook his hand, blushing when he kissed the back of it. Her expression turned sad, and she looked down at Dean. "I don't like hospitals."

"Neither do I," whispered Dean like it was a secret.

"Why are you laying in bed? Are you sick too?"

"No... I... uh... I was hurt. I can't move my legs right now."

"I can move mine. Look." Lizzy started kicking her legs against the chair, making Dean smile sadly.

He shifted slightly, to see his visitor properly. "Ugh... Sonofa-" Dean moaned, his wounded back flaring in pain.

"Are you okay? Should I get nurse Amy?"

"W-Who's nurse Amy?"

"She's one of our nurses on the Daffy duck ward. We're sick, and she helps."

Dean gritted his teeth against the pain, and looked at the little girl. "I'm fine, I don't need a nurse."

"Are you going to die?" she asked sadly.

"No, I'm not going to die."

She sighed in relief, and smiled at him. "I'm happy. I don't want you to die."

Dean looked away, his smile fading.

"Are you sad?" the little girl asked again, holding her teddy bear out. "Here. He'll make you not sad no more."

"I'm not sad."

"But you look sad. Hug Captain grumpy pants."

"Captain grumpy pants?" asked Dean, raising one eyebrow.

Lizzy laughed. "Yeah, he looks really grumpy, but he's really happy. Please give him a hug. You'll make me sad again if you don't."

Dean looked down at the teddy, and reached out for it. "Okay, but don't tell anyone," he whispered to her, giving Captain grumpy pants a hug. "Oh wow. You were right, I feel loads more happy now."

"Yay. Do you want me to tell you a joke?"

"Yeah, go on then." Dean would never admit it, but he was glad she had come to see him.

The little girl stayed and talked to Dean for nearly half an hour. She was funny, and made Dean laugh a couple of times, even though he didn't feel like laughing.

She gasped when she heard two different voices calling for her. "I don't want to go back there, it makes me sad again."

"You're going to have to, sweetheart. If you don't, you'll make the nurses worry about you. Don't forget Captain grumpy pants," he said, holding the teddy out to her.

"No, you hug him for a bit longer," Lizzy told him, getting down from the chair. "You need lots of big hugs because you look really really sad."

Dean looked at her, then down at Captain grumpy pants. "I'm a grown man, I don't need a teddy."

"But you need a hug. Everybody loves hugs." Lizzy walked over to the door, and turned back to look at Dean, just like Sam did. "Bye bye Dean," she whispered sadly, walking out of his room.

Dean held the teddy out in-front of him, and stared at him for at least five minutes.

He looked back at the door, then back at the teddy and made a decision. If he was miserable, and the kids were miserable, then maybe he could do something about it to cheer them all up.

Pressing the call button, he waited for someone to answer it.

After the hour and half was over, Sam walked back up to Dean's room alone. Both Cas and Bobby let him go up ahead of them to see if Dean was alright.

Walking into his brother's room, Sam froze when he saw Dean wasn't in his bed, and the room was empty. "Dean?" he asked, heart hammering in his chest. He swung around when someone touched his arm.

It was one of the nurses. "Are you looking for your brother? Come with me."

Sam nodded numbly, but followed her to a different floor of the hospital. "Where is he? Is he okay?" he asked, frowning in confusion when he saw pictures of cartoon characters all over the walls and heard the joyful laughter of children.

"Follow the laughter."

Sam's frown deepened, but he did what she told him. His footsteps seemed to echo as he walked towards the door at the end of the corridor. Opening the Daffy duck painted door slightly, Sam looked in and couldn't believe what he saw in-front of him.

His badass big brother was sitting in a wheelchair in the middle of the room, holding up two teddy bears- a brown one and a sandy one. Children and a couple of nurses, who were hanging on his every word, surrounded him.

"The children love him already," whispered the nurse behind him, making him jump in surprise. "He already has his own little fan club." When she left Sam on his own, he opened the door further and stepped in.

Dean was telling the kids about the adventures of two teddies called Danny and Stevie. Sam smiled when he heard the voices- 'Dannys' voice was deep and growly, and 'Stevies' was squeaky and high-pitched.

Sam looked around and saw that all of the children- including three from the cancer ward- were listening with eyes as wide as their open mouths.

Dean moved Stevie up and down, and squeaked, 'I the geekiest geek have read the magic scroll, and found out where the evil monster has taken the princess. But you can't go alone, it's too dangerous.' Dean deepened his voice into a growl. 'I am the bravest knight of Winchester. It's my job to save the princess. If you don't want to come, then go back to the castle to braid your girly hair, and sing Kumbaya.'

The children laughed, Sam shook his head in amusement. It was obvious the teddies were supposed to be him and Dean.

Dean grinned at the kids, before changing to his normal voice to narrate the story as he sat the sandy teddy on a blue 'my little pony'. "The handsome brother climbed up onto Impalette, his beloved black horse and went to save princess Chevrolet."

The children gasped and sat forward, totally involved in the story. "Did Danny save her, Uncle Dean?" asked a little bald girl, wearing a pink bandanna.

"Uncle Dean?" Sam whispered to himself. It never ceased to amaze him how wonderful his brother was with kids, they all loved him. And even though Dean would never admit it, he loved kids too.

"Wait and see, sweetheart," Dean told her with a wink, putting the brown teddy down on his lap, and picking up a black one with an eyepatch and a hat. "We all know what to do next."

Seeing the black teddy, the kids 'Booed', which made Dean laugh. "That's right. Anyone remember the bad guys name?"

"ROBERT CASSIOUS!" they yelled in unison.

"Good job. The brave knight rode all day, and finally came to the bad guy's dark dungeon." The black teddy bounced up and down. 'AAAAARRRRR! If it isn't the young knight of Winchester. Prepare to die,' he said, randomly sounding like a drunken pirate.

The teddies struggled, and fought each other. The children all held hands as they watched the hero fighting the bad guy. "Even though Robert was strong and had magic powers, Danny was also strong and kicked some ass... kicked some butt."

Half the kids burst into tears when Danny got hurt, but cheered again when Stevie suddenly appeared to help his brother. The two knights fought the monster until Danny jumped on the black one and stole his hat.

The kids and Sam had to laugh when the bad guy screamed in a high-pitched voice, yelling that he was melting. Sam watched with a worried expression when Dean threw the teddy across the room, then winced and cried out in pain but tried to hide it.

"The evil Robert Cassious was finally defeated. Danny knew a special secret that nobody else knew... " He waved the kids closer. "It was the hat that gave him his special powers and made him strong. But if you took the hat away, he was just as weak as a newborn baby."

Dean picked up another teddy- this one pink. "Now the evil monster was finally defeated, Princess Chevrolet was set free."

"YAAAAAAAAAY!" cheered the kids excitedly.

Dean laughed, and continued. He cleared his throat and spoke in a girly voice. 'Oh my hero', said the princess, kissing Danny on the cheek. 'All in a days work for the knights of Winchester,' answered Danny.

"Danny and the princess travelled back home on the back of Impalette. And the kingdom of Winchester was now safe thanks to the brave knight and his trusty geekboy." Dean bowed his head, and said, "The end."

The kids started clapping and laughing. "That was the bestest story ever, uncle Dean," said a small boy with a grin.

"Yeah," agreed Lizzy. "Can we have another story please?"

"Ooh. Not today, sweetheart." Seeing the disappointment on all of the children's faces, Dean sighed and waved them closer again. "I'll tell you what... If you're all good, and go to your rooms and take your meds then go to sleep when the nice nurses tell you to, I might come back tomorrow... but only if you're all very good."

The children got to their feet immediately, and rushed to their beds as fast as they could. A couple of others walked out with one of the nurses and back to their own room.

As soon as the kids turned away, the smile dropped from Dean's face and he put the teddies down. He jumped when a hand suddenly touched his shoulder. Looking up, he saw Sam smiling down at him.

"You're great with kids, you know."

Dean looked away, and cleared his throat, a slight blush colouring his cheeks.

"Come on, you need some rest," said Sam, grabbing the handles, and turning the chair around to push him out of the room.

The kids waved from their beds. "Bye bye uncle Dean."

"Bye kiddies," Dean called over his shoulder.

"Thanks a lot for coming down today," said the older nurse, placing her hand gently on Dean's shoulder. "It means a lot to the children."

"You're welcome. I enjoyed it," he told her, looking down in surprise when a tiny girl tugged on his hand.

"Can I have a goodnight kiss please, uncle Dean?" she asked sweetly.

"Of course you can darling," he said, so Sam picked her up to gently sit her on Dean's lap.

"Thank you, uncle Dean," she said, hugging him and kissing his cheek. "You maked me happy today."

Dean kissed her forehead. "It made me a little happy too," he told her truthfully.

"I'm going to marry you when I grow up."

"Really? Wow. I guess I'll have to wait for you to grow up then. I'll have the prettiest wife in the world," he said, making her giggle. "Goodnight sweetheart."

The little girl blushed, and gave Dean another kiss before climbing down. "Goodnight."

Dean winced and closed his eyes, the colour draining from his face.

"Come on, let's get you back to your room. You need rest," Sam repeated, wheeling Dean out of the door.

When Sam brought Dean back into his room, both Bobby and Castiel were standing by the bed.

"Where's he been?"

"He was up on the children's ward, telling them a story about two teddy bears," Sam told him, helping Dean back in the bed.

Bobby blinked in surprise, staring at the two brothers. "He was what?"

Sam laid Dean down, and covered him up before answering. "I came back, and saw the room was empty. The nurse took me to the children's ward, and there Dean was, telling them about Danny and Stevie the teddy bear knights."

"Why were ya up in the children's ward?"

Dean groaned, and shifted slightly. It was agony sitting in the wheelchair for more than two minutes, he was definitely feeling it now. "A little girl c-came in to see me earlier... and s-she said she didn't like it here, it made her sad," he told them, through the pain. "And since I was..."

"You were sad too," Sam finished for him. "So you killed two birds with one stone."

"He killed some birds?" asked Castiel, making Sam and Bobby laugh.

"No. He decided to try and cheer both him and the kids up by telling them a story. Is that right, Dean?"

Dean shrugged, and looked down at his hands.

"Dean, there's no need to be embarrassed. We all know you have a big soft spot for kids. I think it's sweet what you did."

"Did it help?" asked Bobby, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Ugh," groaned Dean in agony. "I suppose so. The kids were a lot happier when I left."

Sam sat beside his brother on the other side, and pressed the call button. "What about you?"

Dean continued staring at his hands, and bit his lip. "A little. It made me smile when I heard them all laugh... but it still doesn't change anything. I still can't..." He looked down at his useless legs laying out in-front of him.

"I know. But whatever happens, you know we'll be right here with you," said Sam, placing his hand over Dean's to stop him fiddling with the blanket.

Before anyone could say anything else, the nurse came in and gave Dean his meds.

As he watched the pain ease from Dean's face, Sam had an idea.

He was going to talk to the kids, and ask them to do something nice for his brother.


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