It's Real

Uncle Dean


Sam tries to cheer Dean up.

Early the next morning, Dean was moved from ICU to a normal room.

"There you are honey," said one of the nurses, plumping Dean's pillow while one of the others gave him some medication. "Comfy?"

"Yeah, I'm great," Dean whispered, trying to smile at her, but his heart wasn't in it, and it looked more like a grimace.

"Okay. If you need anything, your family know what to do. One of us will be in here like a shot." After checking the injured young man over, they walked out and left them alone.

As soon as the nurses left, Dean sighed, and started staring miserably out of the window.

"Hey, are you alright?" asked a worried Sam, placing his hand on Dean's shoulder.

"Yeah," Dean muttered, managing to look even more miserable.

Sam sighed sadly, and looked over at Bobby who was standing on the opposite side of the bed. "I need to talk to you."

"What about?" asked Bobby, walking with Sam to the other side of the room, so they could talk quietly.

Castiel stayed with Dean, and sat beside him on the bed. "I will keep you company. Would you like me to get you anything?"

Dean didn't answer, he continued looking out of the window, until his eyelids closed and he fell back to sleep.

A few hours later, Sam left Bobby and Castiel to look after his brother while he went out of the room to do something.

"Where did he go?" asked a confused Dean.

Bobby smiled down at the bed-ridden hunter. "Not far. He'll be back soon."

Dean turned to Castiel. "Do you know where he's gone?"

"Indeed I do. But I cannot tell you, I have been asked to keep a secret."

"Great," sighed Dean, relaxing against the pillows with a wince. "I guess I have to lay here being bored. I can't even go outside for a walk... or ride, it's raining cats and dogs."

"Is it?" asked Castiel, before rushing over to the window. A disappointed expression crossed his face when he saw the rain. "It doesn't appear to be raining canines and felines. It's raining water."

"Oh god, this angel is a freak. It's a figure of speech, Cas."

"Oh," said the angel, turning back from the window again. "Humans are strange."

"Says the angel who wears a trench coat."

"I mean how you speak. Like when you call someone a chick or sonofabitch. Women are females, not chickens. And the only representation of the word bitch is a female dog, so that implies your mother is a dog."

Bobby chuckled. "Some words have different meanings."

Castiel nodded, looking serious. "I would like to learn more about human speech."

"Well, I guess there's nothing else to do," Dean sighed, gesturing at the chair by the bed for Castiel to sit down.

They spent over an hour trying to teach the angel to be more human. It was actually quite funny, especially when Castiel tried to speak like Dean.

Dean raised his head from the pillow, his eyebrows shooting up in surprise when the door opened, and some kids came running into the room with pictures and gifts in their hands.


Sam followed them into the room, with a nurse from the children's ward behind him. "Hey Dean. How are you doing?"

"What's going on?" asked a confused Dean, looking around at all the little smiling happy faces.

"We've come to see you, uncle Dean," one of the girls told him, climbing up on the bed to give him a hug.

"Be careful," Sam told her, walking closer to the bed. "He has a poorly back, so hug him gently."

"Okay." When the girl pulled back, she said, "Sam told us you were sad. And we wanted to make you happy again. Here."

Dean took the piece of paper in a slightly trembling hand, and smiled when he saw the picture of a rainbow and a small painted hand print with a smiley face. "Oh wow. Look at that, it's awesome Emily."

Emily giggled happily. "Thank you."

"I've got a special hand print too, but it doesn't have a smiley face," he said, lifting his sleeve slightly, so the kids could see his scar.

"COOL!" one of the boys exclaimed, making the other kids laugh.

"Wow. What is it?" asked Emily, reaching out to touch it. "It hurt? Is that why you're in hotipal?"

"No. It doesn't hurt. It's a special tattoo, a friend of mine did it for me," he told her, glancing over at Castiel.

"I want to see uncle Dean. I want to see uncle Dean," said one of the little boys, jumping up and down, waving his picture in the air with the hand not hung up in a sling.

Sam lifted the kid up so he was sitting on Dean's other side. "There we go."

As soon as the little boy was beside Dean, he snuggled up against his side, and showed him the picture of a scribbled figure on a black shape. "Look. It's Danny riding Impy to save the princess."

"Oooh. This is so cool, little dude," said Dean, holding his hand out to high five the little boy.

Sam stood by the bed, watching as another little boy climbed up into the bed to give Dean a hug and a big blue teddy bear. He swallowed the lump in his throat when he saw Dean had tears in his eyes as he hugged the children.

Castiel walked closer to Sam, and said, "Hello dude."

Sam did a double take and stared at the angel. "Er..." He stepped closer to Bobby, never looking away from Castiel. "Did he just call me dude?"

Bobby chuckled. "Yeah. He wanted to learn how to speak more like a normal person, so me and Dean taught him a few things."

"Should I be worried?" asked Sam, continuing to stare at Cas.

"Don't worry. We didn't teach him anything rude."

"Oh thank god," sighed a relieved Sam, looking back at the bed, the big smile returning when Lizzy handed Dean a balloon, before carefully kissing his cheek. "I took some of the kids to the gift shop while the others drew you pictures."

Dean took the string, and looked up at the heart shaped 'Get well soon' balloon. "Thanks sweetheart."

Lizzy giggled, and went all shy. "Did Captain Grumpy pants make you happy?"

"He made me very happy," Dean told her, giving the little girl her teddy back. "But seeing all you guys made me the happiest man in this hospital."

"YAAAAAY!" the children yelled in delight.

The smallest child was lifted onto the bed by Bobby, and he smiled shyly at Dean. "Hiya uncy Dean," he said, giving him a sloppy kiss, making him laugh.

"Thanks Simon. What's this?" he asked, taking what the little boy was holding out to him. It was a painted cereal box with two small ones glued to the sides.

"Pwesent. Awpwane," he said, holding his arms out and making 'neow' noises.

"An airplane? Wow. Did you make it?"

"Nuwsie hewp," said Simon, putting his finger to his lip, and scrunching his little shoulders up.

"It's the best airplane I've ever seen," said Dean, ruffling his blond curls, before giving the model to Bobby, who carefully placed it on the bedside table. "There we go."

Simon giggled happily, and clapped. "Wook nice uncy Dean."

Bobby and Sam watched Dean, who was surrounded by all the kids either sitting on the bed or on the chairs by his bedside. They were all sitting carefully away from Dean's body and legs like Sam had told them as they gave him flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears.

Castiel was also watching the scene in-front of him with his head slightly tilted. It was nice to see Dean interact with children. He had not seen Dean this happy since the awkward time when he tried to help him lose his virginity. All of the children were happy and excited, grinning up at Dean as if he was the best thing since Santa.

"Hey it's my future wife," said Dean, smiling at the next little girl who gave him her picture. Since she couldn't fit on the bed, Sam lifted her up so she could give him a hug. "How you doing, sweetheart?"

The little girl giggled, and blushed, her little freckled nose scrunching up adorably. "Hiya Uncle Dean. I missed you."

"I missed you too," he said with a wink, before looking down at the drawing of a man scribbled in green and a lady in pink. "Is this you and me?"

"Yeah. We're getting married."

"Ooh. I told you I'd have the prettiest wife in the world. It's beautiful, Rachel."

"Thank you uncle Dean," she whispered, still bright red.

Dean leaned over to place the picture on the growing pile, and hid the grimace of pain with a smile.

Sam caught the wince that Dean tried to cover up, and leaned closer to his brother. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Just a little sore, that's all," Dean admitted reluctantly, shifting slightly.

"Do you want me to take the kids back to their rooms?"

"NOOOOOOO!" cried the children, some of the smaller ones were near tears.

"We want to see uncle Dean," said Emily, trying not to get upset.

Sam bit his lip, and looked at Dean. If his brother was in too much pain, he was going to take them back, he didn't want Dean to push himself too hard, when he was just recovering from an infection.

"No. I'm fine," Dean reassured him, taking the bag of M&Ms another little girl held out. "Oooh. My favourites. And I'm going to share them with my most favourite people."

"You're going to share them with Batman?" asked a confused Castiel.

"Yes Cas. Since I can't walk, I'm going to do a kamikaze dive out of the window, and fly to the batcave using the bed sheet as a magic carpet, and share a bag of M&Ms with Batman," said Dean with an eye roll.

"Okay." Castiel frowned, and managed to look even more confused, before his expression cleared and he looked at Dean with a childlike expression. "Are you being sarcastic again?"

Dean shook his head in amusement. "Of course I am, you freak. All my favourite people are in this room," he said, waving his arm around the hospital room, another wince crossing his face when it made another flare of pain shoot up his back. After opening the bag, he started handing the candy out to the children, before throwing one up into the air, and catching it in his mouth.

The kids all clapped and cheered as if watching a clown in a circus act. Dean handed some M&Ms to Sam, Bobby, Castiel and the nurse, before keeping the rest until later.

He took another 'Get well soon' teddy from a cute little girl with pigtails, blinking rapidly to get rid of the moisture that was suddenly there. He couldn't believe Sam had asked the kids to do this for him, he was a little overwhelmed.

As Sam and Bobby watched Dean talk to the kids and make a fuss of the presents they had made and bought for him, Sam noticed Castiel walk over to the nurse, and elbowed Bobby in the ribs.

"Hello. You um... You are hot," said the nervous angel, trying to remember something Dean had taught him. He frowned, remembering when he had to help Dean with his fever, and thought that 'hot' was the same thing. "You... Should I get you some water, to er... cool you down? So you are no longer hot?"

The nurse stared at Cas as if he had grown another head. "Er... No, I'm okay. Thanks."

Dean heard what he said, and face palmed. "Cas, you're a moron. When I said the nurses were hot, I didn't mean that kind of hot. Remember, different meanings."

"Oh," said the angel, shuffling his feet, and looking down at the floor.

Dean, Sam and Bobby all looked at each other and struggled not to laugh at Castiel's attempt at 'flirting'.

"Can we have another story please, uncle Dean?" asked one of the little girls, tugging on Dean's hand.

"Yeah. Can we? Can we? Can we?" asked the kids, bouncing up and down on the bed, making Dean cry out in pain.

"Hey hey, stop it," said Sam worriedly, rushing forward again when he saw Dean's eyes were scrunched up with pain, and the little colour he had managed to gain drained from his face. "Dean, can you hear me? Are you alright?"

Dean took a deep breath and released it slowly, trying to control the pain. He opened his eyes again to see everyone in the room was looking at him with identical worried expressions. "Y-Yeah. I'm... I'm great," he managed through clenched teeth.

Sam's hand drifted down to the call button, and he watched Dean with a concerned expression. "Are you sure? I'll get someone if you're in too much pain."

"No. I'll just tell one quick story."

"But..." Sam broke off when he saw the pleading look in Dean's eyes. It wasn't just for the kids, he wanted to do this for himself too. Sam noticed how happy and alive Dean was when he was around the children yesterday, and it was a million times better than him being miserable and depressed, he needed this. "Okay, but only one and then I'll take them back."

"Okay. Just one."

"You promise?"

"Cross my heart, and cross my eyes," said Dean, making an X on his chest, and crossing his eyes.

The kids laughed happily. "You wook funny uncy Dean," said Simon, still giggling.

Sam sighed, and opened the plastic bag he had brought in with him. "I brought the teddies just in-case."

Dean took the brown and sandy teddies in his trembling hands. "Alrighty then. Who's ready for a story about the brave teddy bear knight Danny, and his trusty geekboy sidekick Stevie?"

"ME ME ME!" yelled the children in unison, holding their hands up in the air.

Dean cleared his throat and started his story, alternating between his normal voice to narrate, a deep growly voice for Danny, and a high-pitched squeaky voice for Stevie.

The other four grown ups looked at each other and smiled. It was obvious that Dean was loving it almost as much as the little patients were, his eyes shined happily and he grinned whenever the kids laughed, and they wondered if enough laughter and smiles from the children would be enough to save Dean from the depression he was falling into.

"...Stevie was worried when Danny was attacked by the shadowy monster, which was a giant... er... cat. So the brothers had to find a way to save the kingdom of Winchester from the cat monster, whose name was Catsiel," said Dean, looking over at Cas, who was frowning.

"You have mispronounced my name."

"I know. But he's a cat, so he's called CAT-siel. Get it?"

Castiel thought hard for several seconds, before nodding. "I understand. Continue."

"Thanks for the permission," said Dean, picking up Stevie. 'Come on, we have to go and look at the magic scrolls to find a way to kill Catsiel.' He picked Danny up, and deepened his voice. 'No way dude. You're the geekboy, you do all the research, I kick a- er... butt.'

All of the children were hooked, and hanging on his every word.

'But we're a team, there's no 'I' in team,' Stevie squeaked, jumping up and down. 'But there's a 'ME' if you mix up the letters,' growled Danny. 'Come on Danny. We can get this done faster if you help.' Dean was grinning mischievously, as he said the next part, knowing the kids wouldn't understand it. 'There's no 'F' in way.'

Bobby chuckled fondly. Only Dean could use a swear word, and make it suitable for children. He listened as Stevie and their old friend Bob, who was played by captain Grumpy pants, researched the scrolls while Danny guarded the kingdom in-case the cat struck again.

"That night, Danny and Stevie waited in a secret hiding place and waited for Catsiel to turn up. 'Danny, do you see anything?' asked Stevie. 'No, I've gone blind,' said Danny, sitting on the 'my little pony' who was playing Impalette. 'You know what I mean, do you see anything weird?' 'Well, there's you.'

The children laughed and clapped their little hands in delight. "Funny uncle Dean."

"When Catsiel finally showed up, the brothers fought him long into the night," narrated Dean, picking up one of the 'get well soon' bears, since he didn't have a cat. "But the brothers were no match for the 30 foot high monster." 'Okay, what are we going to do?' squeaked Stevie when Danny got clawed. 'We need a plan. What do we do? We're going to die.'

"Oh no," some of the kids whispered, joining hands.

'Wow. Look on the bright side why don't you,' growled Danny, standing back up again. 'Sorry. I never know what to do in a crisis.' 'Yeah, this is definitely a crisis. Actually, it's a twelve-story crisis with a magnificent entrance hall, carpeting throughout, 24-hour portage, and an enormous sign on the roof, saying 'This is a large crisis'.' Dean smiled at the kids. "I've always wanted to say that."

"What happened next uncle Dean?"

"Both brothers were beaten, clawed, and bloodied, but refused to give up. Catsiel pulled a big chunk of Stevie's girly hair out, which left him on the floor weak and unconscious, because his fighting power was in his hair. Impalette neighed and stood in-front of Stevie as the giant cat swooped down a huge paw ready to kill Stevie, but the horse bit him on the paw hard. Bob suddenly turned up with a scroll, and said the magic spell to make him shrink to normal size. Danny then pulled out Zeppelin, his awesome sword, and cut Catsiel's tail off, which killed him. When Stevie woke up, they climbed up onto Danny's trusty horse, and they both rode back to the kingdom of Winchester, so Stevie could get out the guitar and write a melodramatic song about the loss of his beloved hair."

Laughter and applause filled the room as the children cheered. "Yaaay. Stevie and Danny saved the day again, uncle Dean."

Dean ruffled the little girls black hair, careful of the bandage around her head. "Of course they did. The good guys always win."

"Okay, say bye to uncle Dean," said Sam, walking closer to the bed. "He needs to take his meds and get some rest."

Moans and murmurs of disappointment came from the kids, but they did what Sam told them. Each child was very careful as they hugged the injured hunter, before giving him goodbye kisses.

"Bye bye kiddies. Be good for the nurses, and don't forget to take all your meds, they'll help you get better quicker."

"OKAY! BYE BYE UNCLE DEAN!" yelled the kids, waving as they jumped from the bed and chairs.

"Loves you uncle Dean," whispered one of the younger children, giving him a hug and kiss. Dean gasped, tears swimming in his eyes as he hugged her back.

After sharing hugs and kisses, Sam and the nurse took the kids back to their rooms, leaving Dean with Castiel and Bobby.

"That was an enjoyable story," said Cas, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Bobby could see Dean was wincing in pain, so he grabbed the button and pressed it to get a nurse in. "Someone will be in soon, son."

Dean was silent as he picked up the pile of pictures and looked through them, the tears sliding down his pale cheeks.

Later, when Dean woke up from a nap, it was to see his room had been decorated with the gifts from the kids.

"Whoa," he breathed, smiling happily as he looked around his decorated hospital room. The 'Get well soon' balloons were floating on each side of his bed, teddies, flowers, boxes of chocolates, models and a big gift basket Sam had got from all the children were placed on available surfaces, and the walls were covered in the pictures they had drawn and painted for him.

Bobby was glad Sam had this idea, it had definitely cheered Dean up.

"Thanks Sammy."

"You're welcome, big brother. I knew you'd like it. You were the same with them yesterday, you big kid," said Sam, sitting with him. "You loved it as much as they did."

"Do you think they liked it?"

"Are you kidding? They absolutely loved it," said Sam, placing his hand gently over Dean's. "And they love their uncle Dean."

Dean swallowed the sudden lump in his throat. "It's because I'm awesome," he said with a grin.

"Yeah, you are. And you're going to get better," said Sam, squeezing his hand. "Even if you don't, I'll be right here."

"We all will," Bobby added.

Dean nodded, and looked around the decorated room once again with a big smile.


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