It's Real



Dean is bored, so Sam, Cas & Bobby try to cheer him up.

Three mornings later, as soon as Dean opened his eyes, he put his right hand under the covers, and squeezed the top of his leg slightly, but nothing happened, it was like touching someone elses leg, one that couldn't feel or move- and might not ever again. He looked down at his useless legs in disgust, and let out a low moan, sinking into the pillows. He wanted the strength to scream and shout and break things, but instead he flung his arm over his eyes, his breath hitching, his chest heaving as he struggled to control his emotions. "Dammit."

Sam was standing close to the bed, watching him wake up, and his heart broke for him. When Dean removed his arm, he looked over at Sam, but the younger man quickly looked away, not wanting Dean to see his tears.

Clearing his throat, Sam pasted on a smile, and stepped closer to the bed. "What's wrong?"

Dean was silent for several seconds, looking at the colourful pictures decorating the walls. "Do you sometimes wish that dreams were real?"

"Why are you asking me that?"

"I had a dream. I was walking and... I was walking, Sam. My legs worked, and I could feel them again. I kept walking in-front of a mirror, just to see myself walk."

Sam placed his hand on Dean's shoulder, and squeezed gently.

"I kept wiggling my toes, and squeezing my leg, just because..." Dean sniffled as tears started falling. "It seemed so real, I took my boots off and walked on the grass, it had been raining, and the grass was cold and wet, and it tickled my toes. It was the best feeling ever."

"It sounds like a great dream."

"Yeah. I wish I didn't have to wake up. Sometimes I wish they'd cut my legs off, because seeing them, but not being able to move them or walk is like torture or something. They're right there, but they... they don't do anything. It's like I've only got half my body." Dean angrily brushed his hand over his face, wiping the falling tears. "I..."

"You what?" asked a worried Sam.

"I'd give anything just to be able to stand up," he whispered, as he smiled sadly at Sam. "That's kind of pathetic isn't it?"

"Of course not," replied Sam, suddenly feeling guilty as he stood beside the bed. He quickly sat down, his heart breaking even further that he could stand, walk, run, even do a flying leap across the room if he wanted to and Dean couldn't even get out of his bed. Sam swallowed the sudden lump in his throat, and blinked away his tears, not wanting to get upset in-front of Dean- he had to stay strong for him.

Sometimes Sam really wished he could find the person who had shot Dean, so he could wait until his back was turned and shoot him like he did with his brother. He shook his head to get rid of those thoughts, and placed his hand over Dean's. "Anyone in your situation would feel the same. Hell, if this happened to me, I wouldn't exactly take the news that I might not ever walk again all that great. But you really are the strongest person that I have ever known... you're also stubborn. And I know you can get through this, whether you have to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair or you recover. I'll always be here for you."

"But I don't want to be a burden Sam."

"You'll never be a burden, and just because you can't walk, doesn't mean you'll ever be helpless. You've taken care of me my whole life, it's my turn to take care of you. But knowing you, you'll probably be walking out of here in no time. Even if you don't... you can always go wheelchair joy riding."

Dean gave a surprised laugh at that.

"Ooh. I know, I could find another wheelchair from somewhere and we could have wheelchair races when we're bored," he suggested, grinning when Dean laughed again. "Or if we go somewhere they don't allow wheelchairs, I can give you a piggyback."

"You're a freak." With a sniffle, he wiped the remaining tears staining his cheeks with a trembling hand. "What about my baby? What if I never drive her again? Never walking again is bad enough, but not being able to drive my baby... I don't... I can't do that, Sam."

"You won't have to. You can modify a car with hand pedals instead of the normal foot ones. If this is permanent, you will be able to drive again."

"Really?" asked Dean, looking up at Sam with huge hopeful eyes that shined with tears.

"Of course you can. I wouldn't lie to you about something like that. When we were down in the cafeteria that day you wanted some peace, I did some research on whether you could still drive, because I knew that if you couldn't walk or drive, it would kill you... Not literally, but you know what I mean."

Dean cleared his throat, and wiped his eyes again. "Sorry about being a drama queen."

"Don't be silly. It's what I'm here for. If you ever want to talk or cry or whatever, I'm always here to listen. It's what brothers are for," Sam told him as he gave his hand another squeeze.

Before Dean could reply, Castiel appeared in the room with one hand behind his back. "Hello Dean."

"Hey Cas. What are you hiding?" asked Dean, taking a few deep breaths, trying to get himself under control.

Castiel gave a tiny smile and brought out his hand to reveal a plate with a small piece of pie. "I thought you might be hungry."

Dean stared at him. "Pie? You bought me pie?"

"Yes. I know you do not like the food they have here. And you are thin."

"Are you saying I used to be fat now?"

"No. I mean that you have lost weight since your stay in hospital, I would estimate 11 pounds. I sensed you were sad again, and Bobby told me that pie is one thing that cheers you up, so I thought I would get you some. I wanted to do something to make you happy."

"Thanks Cas. You're awesome," said Dean, as Sam pressed the button to lift the bed up slightly so he could eat without choking.

Castiel nodded, and placed the plate carefully in-front of Dean. "I would have brought one of the magazines you like and some beer, but Bobby told me those things are... inappropriate in a hospital."

Dean laughed around a mouthful of pie. "Yeah, you could say that."

"Are you happy now?"

Dean looked up at Castiel, who looked back at him with wide blue eyes. "I'm not exactly ecstatic, but I guess I'm a little happier than I was," he said, chewing the pie with a moan of pleasure. "I've missed pie."

Sam smiled over at the angel, who was watching Dean with a fond expression. He was glad Castiel had done this for Dean, since he started spending time with the children he didn't seem to be as depressed, but he wasn't exactly happy happy joy joy either.

"This pie is awesome. Where did you get it from?"

"A store."

"Yeah, thanks Cas. I mean... Where?"

"Everywhere. I wanted to find the place where they made the best pie... and this was the best I could find."

"You went everywhere to buy me some pie? You didn't have to do that, you know. Any pie would do."

"I know. But I wanted you to have the best," said the angel, a slight blush colouring his cheeks. "I also wanted you to be happy. I do not like to see you sad."

"Continue buying me pie, I'll be the happiest person in the world."

Later, Dean was completely bored. There was only so much to do while being stuck in a bed not being able to move.

As soon as Dean announced that he was bored, Bobby rushed out of the room and they hadn't heard from him since.

Castiel was confused as to why Bobby would leave the room when Dean needed his family around him at a time like this and asked Sam why he left.

"He's probably gone to find something to keep Dean occupied. Believe me you don't want to be around a Dean who is seriously bored."

"Why wouldn't I? I would not leave my friend in his time of need."

Sam shrugged. "Don't say I didn't warn you, but the last time Dean was this bored, he braided my hair while I was asleep," he said, his fingers unconsciously combing through his hair.

"When did I... Oh yeah. I may also have been slightly drunk."


"Yeah. But mostly bored." Dean turned to the angel. "Cas you should've seen him, it was hilarious."

"No it wasn't. It looked like I had dreadlocks. It took me an hour to sort it out."

"And that's different from any normal day, how?"

Sam mock-glared at him. "It doesn't take me an hour to do my hair."

"I know, it takes about two."

"Shut up you jerk," said Sam fondly, gently hitting Dean in the shoulder. "Oh how could I forget the time he was pretending to be a car? He annoyed the hell out of me for over two hours with that one. He suddenly out of nowhere started making revving noises and when he came to a stop, he started screeching like he was slamming on the brakes... in a library. When he walked he had to indicate which direction he was going by winking. The first time he did it the old librarian walked by and thought Dean was coming on to her... That was hilarious. Before that he started quoting every western movie that John Wayne and Clint Eastwood were ever in. I swear if he ever says 'Pilgrim' again, I'm going to strangle him. It's annoying watching Jo..."

"Dude. I told you before, you say one wrong thing about the Duke and I'm going to break your nose with that bedpan and then shave your hair off."

"Sorry," said Sam, his hand once more returning to his hair.

"Never apologise- it's a sign of weakness," he quoted with a grin. "Young fella, if you're lookin' for trouble I'll accommodate ya. I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted... "

With a sigh, Sam got his phone out and handed it to Dean. "Here. I've got some games on that you can play, so you won't be bored... or quote John Wayne."

"Cool. Thanks Sammy," said Dean, taking the phone. "Holy crap, you got space invaders. I used to fricking love this game."

"What is space invaders?"

"It's a video game from years ago, and you can get them on your phone. Ha take that you bitch," said Dean, thumbing the button repeatedly.

"We're safe for awhile."

He played space invaders for almost 30 minutes, before turning it off, and he started reading something that was apparently hilarious.

Sam looked over at Dean when he started laughing. "What's so funny?"

"Dude. Did you know that there's a place in England called Wetwang?" asked Dean, before he started laughing again.

"What the hell are you reading?"

"I'm looking at a list of places with funny names. Boring... I think I've been there. Gayville? Hey Sam, the perfect place for you."

Sam rolled his eyes, and tried to take his phone back. "Give me that you freak."

"Penistone. Ha, It says penis," laughed Dean, moving down the list.

"How old are you again?" asked Sam, lips twitching as he tried not to smile as he watched Dean laughing. It had been a long time since he had seen his brother truly laugh and he enjoyed it for as long as he could.

"Intercourse? Seriously, who names these places?"

"You by the sound of it." Sam shifted closer to him, and pointed at one of the places. "Looneyville. You should move there."

Dean laughed again as he continued through the list. "Blowhard. I used to know someone like that at school, he was a total jackass."

Castiel watched the brothers sitting close together, reading something on Sam's phone, and laughing. He didn't understand what was so amusing, but it was nice to see the injured hunter having fun and smiling, even though Castiel could see that it caused him pain.

Dean continued looking through the list until the battery on Sam's phone died. He laughed until it felt as if his back was on fire. When he finally stopped laughing, he leaned back against the pillows with a moan of pain.

Sam, knowing how much pain he was in by his expression, pressed the button to summon a nurse.

"Hey there handsome," said a young nurse as she walked into the room. After checking Dean over, she gave him some much-needed pain relief and left them alone.

Dean turned to stare out of the window as the rain pounded harshly against the glass window. "I'm so bored," he whined with another sigh.

"Why don't you watch some TV?"

"On what? That thing over there?" he asked, gesturing over to the small TV mounted to the wall. "Sure. Bring it over here, I'll tape it to my eyeballs."

"It's not that small."

"Sam, the screen is like an inch big. My cell phone screen is probably bigger than the TV screen. It makes everyone look like Danny Devito."

"Who is Danny Devito?" asked a confused angel, tilting his head questioningly.

"He's an actor. He's... short."

Dean didn't pay any attention to the other men. "When can I go home? I hate being stuck here."

"The doctor said you're not ready to go home yet. He wants you to stay here for another week... at least."

The injured hunter slumped further against his pillows as he continued staring out of the window. "This bites wind."

Sam and Castiel turned to look at each other. "This bites wind?" they asked in unison.

"I swear, Staying in this place for another week is going to drive me crazy."

"Well, you don't have to drive very far."

Dean turned to glare at him. "Haha. Very funny."

"Why don't we do something so Dean is no longer bored?" Castiel suggested.

"Like what? This is a hospital, it's not exactly a place where we can have wild parties."

Bobby walked into the room carrying some board games, magazines, a CD player with a few mixed CDs he had made for Dean, a portable DVD player and some movies. "To stop Dean from being bored and causing havoc. I remember once when he was bored at my place, he flooded the house, and later claimed he was trying to make an ice skating rink in the living room. A feverish Dean who is also bored, is very... imaginative. Not to mention, insane."

"How was he planning on freezing the water to make ice?" asked a confused Castiel.

"Apparently he was going to turn the air conditioner on high to turn the water to ice. Don't ask where the idjit got that idea from."

"That was classic. Don't forget my fort made out of beer bottles and candy canes. Now that was awesome."

Sam frowned, not remembering any of this. "When did all this happen?"

"The flooding incident happened when he was about 12 or 13 and he was unfortunately bored and the fort was when ya were at college," Bobby told him, carefully placing the items on Dean's bed, being careful not to put them on his legs. "Here we go. Some games to keep ya occupied."

"I'm not five."

"You act like it when you're bored." Sam set up the CD player and put in one of the discs, turning it up slightly when 'back in black' came on.

As he laid there, Dean smiled as he watched the people he considered family do everything they could just to cheer him up and stop him from being bored. He also knew that another reason for them all doing this was to take his mind off his injury and the fact that he might not ever move his legs and that made him love them a little bit more.

"Operation. I used to love this game," said Sam, picking up the box.

"Operation? Seriously?" asked Dean, raising one eyebrow. "Can we play something that doesn't involve being a hospital patient and an operation. I want to take my mind off those things not be reminded of it."


"Why are you sorry Cas? You haven't done anything."

"No, I mean why don't we play Sorry?" he asked, lifting the box up and showing it to Dean.

Dean rolled his eyes and shifted carefully. He clenched his jaw as the movement caused more pain in his injured back. "Sonofa-" he moaned, wincing in pain.

"Are you alright?" asked a worried Sam, dropping the box that he was holding. "Do you want me to bring the nurse in?"

"One came in about five minutes ago. Do you want me drugged up to the eyeballs?" asked Dean, settling back against the pillows. "Set it up."

"What, the nurse coming in?"

"No you freak. The game."

"Okay." Bringing the bed tray closer to the bed, Castiel started setting up the board, while Sam and Bobby helped Dean sit up comfortably against the pillows.

"Is that better?" asked Sam, plumping the pillows a few more times.

"Yeah. Thanks." He looked at Castiel who was slowly putting the rest of the games away. "Hurry it up. We're burnin' daylight," he quoted with an impatient gesture.

After several minutes, Sam and Castiel stood back from the bed. "We're ready."

Dean stopped humming along to the song that was playing, and looked down at the game, frowning when he saw the monopoly board. "I thought we were playing sorry."

"We changed our mind, we're now playing monopoly."

"Yeah, I guessed that."

Sam began passing out the money, explaining the gist of the game to Castiel as he did so.

"I want to be the dog," said Dean, reaching over for the little silver dog. "You guys can be whoever, I'm the dog. I think I'll call him Clint."

"Quick, hurry up before he starts quoting Clint Eastwood," said Sam, shooting forward to grab the little hat.

After everyone had picked a piece, they all sat on the bed, being careful not to sit on Dean's legs. Since he couldn't feel them, they each had to pat the covers down so they knew where his legs were so they didn't accidentally sit on him.

"Dean, you go first," said Sam, handing his brother the dice so he didn't have to lean forward.

"Okie dokie." Dean carefully threw the dice, which showed a three, so he moved his piece three spaces and landed on Baltic Avenue. "Ooh. I'm buying this. Cas, if you land on my property, you have to pay me rent."

"Um..." Castiel looked confused, but he nodded and looked over at Sam.

"Don't worry. If you get stuck or confused, ask me or Bobby."

"Okay." As they played, the angel watched the others as he tried to get the hang of the game. It wasn't as hard as he thought, and he was soon enjoying himself.

Even Dean was enjoying himself, which was weird since he wasn't usually a monopoly fan. But it was probably more to do with spending some fun time with his family rather than the game itself.

"Sonofabitch," said Dean as he drew a card twenty minutes into the game. "Go straight to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200." He scowled as he picked up 'Clint' and moved him to the spot marked 'Jail.' "Hey Sammy, come and bust me out."

"The game doesn't work that way, Dean."

"Come on, we had a pact. One of us gets arrested, the other busts them out."

"That's real life Dean, not a game of monopoly," said Sam, rolling the dice.

"But Saaaaaammmmmy. Ooh ooh, Bobby. You own the electric company. You can shut the power off while I make a great escape. And believe me, it'll be great."

"No. This ain't like real life, ya got to get out legit."

"You big meanie," pouted Dean, but he started grinning when the familiar voice of Freddie Mercury started singing 'I want to break free'. He couldn't have planned it better. "Was that epic timing or what?"

When it was Castiel's turn, he landed on the Chance space. He drew a card and read it out loud. "'Get out of jail free.' That is odd. I am not in jail."

"It's for the game. Hey, can I buy it off you? I'm still stuck in jail here. And... I want to break free. I want to break freeeeeee."

"Of course," he said, handing over the card.

"Thanks Cas. You're awesome," grinned Dean, handing over some money so 'Clint' could get out of jail.

Bobby chuckled. "Yer like a big kid," he said, as he moved his car to Vermont Avenue and decided to buy the property.

Dean shifted slightly, trying not to wince at the pain it caused as he was next to roll the dice.

They all played for over an hour, before Dean's attention span started to reach its end. Bobby owned most of the property on the board, seven properties were owned by Dean, three by Sam and one by Castiel, who took the ownership of his property very seriously much to everyone's amusement.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing most of the board games and some card games, the room was filled with the music of Dean's favourite songs and laughter of the little family, even Castiel had laughed once or twice and had smiled several times. During the evening they played Charades, and the two men and the angel tried to make it as fun as possible and kept making Dean laugh.

The laughter was music to their ears, and each wanted to make it happen as much as they could. If he was laughing and having fun, that meant he wasn't thinking about his useless legs and falling back down the dark well of depression, so none of them minded acting like complete morons if it made Dean laugh like that. They had to call in the nurse a couple of times when the laughing caused severe pain to his back, but that didn't stop them from having fun.

It was now Dean's turn. He silently told them it was a movie, with one word, before pointing at himself.

"Er...The jerk?" suggested Sam, making them all laugh.

"Jackass?" was Bobby answer.

Castiel tilted his head slightly, and guessed "Batman?"

Dean grinned and gave him a thumbs up. "Awesome job Cas. Your turn."

"Okay." Castiel stood from the bed and adjusted his trench coat.


The angel stopped and looked at Dean with a confused expression. "I have not started yet."

"Oh. Go on then."

"Very well." He looked at Sam for help, so the younger Winchester stood up and showed him the hand movements again. Since Castiel didn't fully understand the game, he always had either Sam or Bobby acting with him to show him what to do.

This time Bobby joined in with them and they all started acting weird and silly. Dean raised his eyebrows and wondered if he should ask the nurses to contact the psych ward to get the three loonies locked up.

"Seriously, it's like watching the three stooges or something."

The three of them stopped and Sam gave him a thumbs up. "You got it. Your turn."

Dean was smiling as he shook his head. "You're all crazy," he said, before silently telling them it was a person. He was still for a minute while he thought of what to do, before he started flipping his hair back and giving them a bitch face and then a sad face.

"It's got to be Sam," said Bobby with a laugh.

With a grin, Dean gave him a thumbs up and nodded.

"Hey, I do not do all those things," said Sam, giving them all the classic bitch face, and shaking his head slightly to get the hair out of his eyes, looking just like Dean did a minute ago.

Dean laughed and gestured in Sam's direction. "See? Was that an awesome impression or what?"

"That was very much like Sam," Castiel agreed as Bobby stood up for his turn.

While he watched Bobby silently telling him what it was, Dean relaxed back against the pillows and looked around the room at the people who were his family.

He was lucky he had these people in his life, and was glad they were all here for him. As long as he needed them, Dean knew they would always be there and he wouldn't change that for the world.


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