It's Real

Wishful thinking?


Sorry it's been so long since I updated. I've had really bad writers block with this story, every time I've tried to write this chapter I either didn't write anything at all or when I actually did, I deleted it because it was crap. I started writing this months ago, but I finally finished it. :) It's my least favourite chapter, but it's hopefully better than my previous attempts at writing it.

Dean was once again surrounded by the kids from the children's ward. With Castiel's help, he was telling another story about the teddy bear knights as they fought an army of evil skeletons led by the evillest one of all- Skeletellen.

"...Danny was suddenly surrounded by six different skeletons, their teeth chattering as they advanced on him. As the chattering grew louder, Danny shifted his stance and adjusted his hold on Zeppelin, his trusty sword and when they were close enough, he moved as fast as lightning and swung his sword in a circle, cutting all their heads off in one swing."

Castiel was holding all the 'get well soon' teddies around the sandy teddy, and when Dean nodded to him, he let them all go so they fell to the bed.

"With the last of the skeletons gone, they only had to face the dreaded Skeletellen. Danny climbed up onto Impalette, but before they could go to the castle of bones, a giant dog called Dogzilla suddenly appeared behind Danny..." He nodded at Cas again, who picked up a stuffed dog. "...And clawed his back with one giant paw."

"Oh no," gasped a small girl called Sophia.

"As Danny fell from Impalette's back, Stevie ran forward and caught his injured brother in his arms. After several attempts at waking him failed, Stevie lifted him back onto Impalette's back and he climbed up to guide the horse back to the kingdom of Winchester to help the fallen knight."

"Is Danny okay, uncle Dean?"

"Don't worry, Emily. The good guys always take hits, but they don't stay down. Unfortunately Danny's injures were worse than they thought and the brave knight was in a deep sleep as the giant dog wrecked havoc on the kingdom and the towns surrounding it. Since their toughest knight was out of action and Stevie refused to be parted from him, Bob decided to unleash one of the kingdoms own giant animal knights to battle against it."

Dean picked up a stuffed cat. "Metallicat. Danny's faithful pet, who was a black panther, he was 20 foot tall and had the strength and toughness to match his owner. That night as most of the kingdom slept, the two giants fought- one in revenge for a dead friend- Catsiel, and the other in revenge for a fallen knight."

Sam laughed as Dean and Castiel started having a teddy bear fight, looking like a pair of five year olds. He looked around and saw all the children watching with wide eyes, their little faces lit up as if they were watching their favourite TV show.

"They fought long into the night and both had their fair share of injuries. Just as Dogzilla was about to kill Metallicat, they both heard the familiar deep voice of the injured knight. 'Hey fugly. Is this a private party or can anyone join in?'"

The children cheered when Dean picked up the brown and sandy teddies, who were both on their horses- Impalette and Plymoutha. Swords swung, claws slashed and arrows flew as the four fought.

"So they were evenly matched, Danny climbed down from Impalette and approached his faithful pet, who bowed before his master. Danny climbed up onto his back with his two swords, Zeppelin and Sabbath to even the score. A long battle ensued..." Dean and Castiel started doing battle with the teddies again, much to everyone's amusement. "As Dogzilla struck once more Stevie played dead and as the dog celebrated, Danny swung his two swords and stabbed him in both eyes, blinding him. As he staggered around, Metallicat swung one massive paw, finally killing his enemy and ending the war."

"YAAAAAAAY!" the kids cheered happily, making the injured hunter smile.

Everyone in the room listened as Dean told them about the brothers finally finding the skeleton queen. This time it was Stevie who saved the day when the evil skeleton re-injured Danny's back, he grabbed his bow and shot her with his silver arrows, making Skeletellen collapse in a heap of bones.

"After salting and burning the bones so she would never come back, Danny and Stevie made their way to the dungeon to rescue the princess." Picking up the pink teddy, Dean spoke in a high pitched voice. 'My heroes', he squealed, making the teddy kiss the two knights on the cheeks. "As the sun went down over the horizon, Danny, Stevie, Princess Chevrolet, Metallicat, Impalette and Plymoutha made their way back to the kingdom of Winchester to live happily ever after... or until the next time the princess was kidnapped. The end."

The room erupted into yells and cheers of delight as the children celebrated making the grown ups laugh and smile at their excitement.

Dean was smiling as he laid back against the pillows and watched the kids celebrate. He really loved hearing the children laugh and seeing them smile and it was even better that he was the one who made it happen. It made his own darker days seem so much brighter.

"Don't forget Cas. He helped me with all the extra characters."

The children started cheering and clapping again, making the angel blush.

After having hugs and kisses from the children, Sam and the nurses took them back to the children's ward. As Lizzy climbed down from the bottom of the bed, her arm fell from underneath her and she accidentally landed awkwardly on Dean's foot with her full weight.

"Oopsie," she said, climbing safely down from the bed.

Dean gasped when he actually felt it, and his eyes teared up. It was very faint, like a mouse running over his leg, but there was no doubt that he felt the little girl land on his foot.

Bobby frowned worriedly at him. "Are ya alright?"

"I... I..." Dean was speechless, and just shook his head.

"What's wrong?"

"I think I... Uh... I think I felt Lizzy land on my foot," he whispered, staring down at his foot.

"Are ya sure?"

"Yeah. I think... Yeah."

Bobby smiled and started pressing the button to summon the doctor or a nurse.

Dr Hayder, Dean's new doctor, was on his way to Dean's room, and entered as Bobby was pressing the button for the third time. He was a small man, only five feet three inches tall at most, he was quite thin, and had black hair, a beard, and brown eyes. He was aged between forty and forty five, with a shuttered expression that revealed nothing of his personality or his mood.

He looked between everyone in the room. "Is everything alright?"

"Dean said he felt a touch to his foot," Castiel told him, standing by Dean's bedside.

"Okay. This is wonderful news."

When Sam walked back into the room it was to see the doctor standing at the bottom of Dean's bed with the blankets lifted slightly so he could see his feet. "What's going on?"

"Dean felt his foot," Bobby told him.

Sam smiled as he walked over to stand by Dean's side. "Really? That's great news."

"Can you feel this?" Dr Hayder asked, gently running his finger down Dean's foot.

Sam, Bobby and Castiel were standing around the bed, watching the emotions play across Dean's face. Each of them held their breaths and had their fingers crossed, hoping the answer was yes.

But Sam's heart broke when Dean's face crumpled and he looked as if he was about to burst into tears.

Dean could see the doctor touching his foot, but could no longer feel anything. He raised his head slightly to see if the doctor was actually touching the bottom of his foot and not the blankets or the bed.

When he saw that Dr Hayder was actually touching his foot, but he couldn't feel it, he shook his head, tears filling his eyes again, this time in sadness. "I... I can't... I swear I felt her on my foot. I..." He closed his eyes and struggled to keep his emotions in check.

"Maybe you thought you felt it. People with amputated or paralysed limbs sometimes say they still feel the limb. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking. You want something to happen so much that your brain tricks your body into believing it felt something. This could be the same feeling."

Sam frowned and placed his hand gently over Dean's. "Are you saying he imagined it?"

"I didn't imagine it. I felt Lizzy's weight on my foot... I felt it," Dean whispered quietly to himself.

"I'm saying that he wants so much to feel his legs again, and he did but it... just wasn't real."

"So... yeah."

"Not necessarily..."

Sam squeezed Dean's hand when he felt it trembling slightly. "Can you leave us alone for awhile?"

"Of course. You know what to do if he needs anything."

Finally left alone, the three men surrounded Dean in his moment of need.

"Dean? Are ya alright son?" asked Bobby, worried about how silent Dean was. The young man was never silent, and when he was, it was something to worry about.

Dean was quiet for several minutes, before grabbing the glass from the bedside table. "SONOFABITCH!" he yelled, throwing the glass to the other side of the room where it shattered against the wall.

The action caused pain to engulf his entire back, but he was too upset and pissed off to notice. He then grabbed Sam's phone and threw that too.

"DEAN!" yelled Sam, sitting on the edge of Dean's bed, and taking his hands in both of his to stop him from wrecking the room. "Stop it, you're going to hurt yourself."

"WHO CARES?" he yelled, struggling to get his hands free so he could grab something else.

"I care you idiot." He tightened his hold on Dean's hands, and noticed a single tear escape down his cheek. "Hey it's okay."

"No it's not," Dean sobbed, more tears breaking loose and swimming down his cheeks.

"Oh Dean," whispered Sam. This was the first time he had seen his big brother truly break down. He had shed a few tears, but had never cried like this and it was heartbreaking.

"Come here." Sam wrapped Dean carefully in a hug. "Shh. It's okay. I've got you. Shh," he soothed, ignoring his own tears.

Dean couldn't muster enough strength to pull away. He slumped against Sam's chest, and lifted his trembling arms and hugged him just as tightly. He rested his head against Sam's shoulder and let out all the emotion he had bottled up. Dean could hear Sam's soft voice as he tried to comfort him, and he could feel Sam's wet cheek against his own as his tears fell continuously from his eyes and formed a mist of water that made his sight turn blurry. He pushed harder into Sam's embrace, and closed his eyes and the tears continued falling from his closed eyelids, and slowly traced lines down his cheeks.

Ignoring the spreading wet patch on his shirt, as his hand stroked calming circles on Dean's back, Sam felt as if something inside him was cracking, breaking as he held his distraught brother in his arms.

Bobby bit his lip and blinked his own tears away. Since he had met the little boy all those years ago, he could probably count on one hand the number of times that he had seen Dean break down. Dean was the strongest person that he knew, and to see him like this was probably the worst thing he had ever witnessed.

Castiel felt something he had never felt before- sadness. He felt as if his vessel's heart was being squeezed and he felt a strange sensation in his eyes and when he reached up to touch his cheek, he felt some moisture. Frowning in concern, he turned to Bobby. "I think I have sprung a leak."

Bobby turned to the angel, looking confused at the random statement and saw the wetness under Castiel's blue eyes. "They're tears. Yer crying."

"But I do not cry."

"Well, ya do now."

"I was watching Dean cry, and I had this strange sensation in my chest. I have never felt it before... it was unusual." Castiel noticed the tear-filled eyes of the older man. "You feel it too. Is it contagious?"

"It's called emotion. When ya see Dean like this, it just breaks yer heart, and ya can't help but feel it too."

Castiel nodded and wiped the remaining wetness away as he looked back down at the Winchesters. Sam cradled the back of his brother's head, his fingers stroking through his hair, and rocking gently as he tried to comfort him.

Bobby laid his hand on Dean's shoulder in support. Dean tensed up at the touch, but his sobbing increased and his hands gripped Sam's shirt, clinging onto him as if he was a life preserver.

Not knowing how to comfort humans, Castiel sat beside Dean on the bed, and started patting his head as if he was a dog. "It's okay Dean."

Soon the only sounds in the room were Sam's whispers, and Dean's breath hitching and hiccuping as he sobbed, his chest heaved against Sam's, his big green eyes streamed tears, like from a wound that can never be fully healed.

When everyone had regained control of their emotions, Dean was exhausted from his crying fit, not to mention embarrassed. His face was bright red and his eyes were bloodshot and puffy. He accepted the tissues that Sam was holding out to him and dried his eyes.

Nobody spoke for a few minutes, until Bobby cleared his throat. "Are ya alright son?"

Dean turned tearful eyes up to his family. "I didn't imagine it. I really did feel it. I'm not crazy."

"We know," whispered Sam. "If you say you felt it, I believe you."

"Me too."

"I believe you also," added Castiel.

"I just wish I could do something to help you," sighed Sam with a sniffle.

"Ya could always try praying to God. If ya still believe in him."

"To be honest, I'm not sure if I do anymore," he said, looking at Dean. "But I still pray sometimes. I mean after all you've done, all the lives you've saved and the sacrifices you've made and he can't repay you back by healing you when you need him the most."

Castiel moved to the bottom of the bed and removed the covers again. "If you felt it once, you may be able to feel it again. Try to move your toes."

Dean looked at the angel as if he was crazy. "If I couldn't when the doctor was here, I doubt I could now."

"Do it," said Castiel with a serious expression and narrowed eyes. He looked back down at Dean's feet, to the others it looked as if Cas was trying to will his feet to move just by staring at them.

Dean sighed and concentrated on trying to move his toes, putting all his strength into the movement, but his heart sank once again when they didn't move the slightest bit. He cleared his throat and tried to stop the tears from falling again.

"Maybe the doc was right," Dean said quietly. "What if I did imagine it? I wanted to feel something so much... the smallest chance that someday I would be able to move, and I just..." He shook his head. "I guess I really will be stuck in a chair for the rest of my life."

Sam was sat quietly, remembering something that the doctor told them. "What if it wasn't wishful thinking? What if you really did feel it?"

"Don't Sam. I don't think I could cope with getting all my hopes up, just for it all to fall back down again."

"No really. The bullet clipped your spine and there was swelling around the area. What if that swelling is starting to go down?" Sam looked like an excited child at Christmas. "The doctor said that one of the reasons of the paralysis could be the swelling. If it's going down, then you might start slowly regaining the feeling in your legs. You may still recover."

Dean turned to look up at Bobby with a hopeful expression. "Could he be right?"

Bobby shrugged. "Could be. We'll have to ask the doctor when he next comes in."

"No. I can't wait that long," said Sam, reaching for the button.

When the doctor arrived in the room, he took in all the tear stained faces and hopeful expressions. "Is everything okay?"

Sam took a deep breath and told him his idea, hoping it didn't sound ridiculous to the doctor.

After Sam finished talking, Dr Hayder surprised them all by smiling. "You know what? I never even thought of that," he said, and picked up Dean's notes and searched through them, reading everything that Dean's previous doctor and nurses had written. "I've got so many new patients, that sometimes I have a hard time remembering who is who. From these notes, Dr Richards did write that one of the causes of Dean's paralysis could be the swelling, therefore the paralysis could be temporary."

Sam started grinning and he squeezed Dean's hand tightly. "So he really could've felt it? He could walk again?"

"That is possible. I'll schedule some testing first thing tomorrow morning, which will include some more X-rays and scans." The doctor looked at Dean with a serious expression. "Even if your brother is right, and the swelling is the cause, then it could still take awhile for you to regain full feeling in your legs. It's not like in a movie or soap opera where you feel one touch and you're suddenly able to leap out of bed and run around like Speedy Gonzales on drugs."

Dean smiled. "Yeah. I know that."

"You're still going to need to continue the physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in your legs. If the swelling really is going down and all the tests are positive then when you're ready Rick can start helping you get back on your feet. Of course that's getting a bit ahead of ourselves since we haven't done the X-rays and scans yet, but if it's good news..." The doctor smiled at the happy look on Dean's face. In the short time that Dean had been on this ward, he had grown to like the small family and really hoped that the tests revealed good news.

When he checked Dean over and gave him some medication, he nodded to them with a smile and left the room.

"See? You could still walk again," said Sam, still grinning.

"Yeah," whispered Dean, looking down at his legs in shock. He suddenly smiled mischievously at them. "Hey, if I do eventually end up walking out of here, that'll mean the three musketeers will be back in business and kicking ass," he said, gesturing at himself, Sam and Cas.

"More like the three stooges," said Bobby, making the two Winchesters laugh, while Castiel looked confused.

It was that evening when Bobby was catching up on some much needed sleep in the spare bed in the room. Sam was sitting beside Dean on the bed, so close that their shoulders were touching, watching the tiny TV that was mounted up on the wall.

Dean was quiet for awhile, before finally speaking. "Hey Sam?"

"Yeah?" asked Sam, looking at Dean.

"What if it's not good news tomorrow?"

"Don't think like that. You'll just upset yourself again."

"I'm not. I just don't want to get all my hopes up, and then when they do all the tests and everything... What if they're all negative and the swelling going down isn't the cause."

Sam sighed and muted the TV. "Dean..."

"When I was a kid, I'd always wish for dad to come home... and sometimes I'd think I actually heard him come in the room or I'd think I saw his reflection in the window. If you want something as bad as I want to walk right now..."

"Dean, listen to me... I know our luck is usually bad luck, but this could be one of those rare times that it's actually good. We can always use our usual strategy which is 'hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.' It could be good news, it could be bad, but whatever it is, we'll deal with it. If I thought it would make you walk again, I'd give everything I had right now. Just try to stay positive, okay? If I hear you talk about bad news again, I'm afraid I'll have to punch you in the nose," he said, trying to look threatening.

Dean laughed. "Okay okay. I get it."

"Good. Now shut up and watch TV," he said, turning the volume back up.

"Yes sir." Dean was smiling as he watched a movie he had seen hundreds of times- Childs play. "With our line of work, is it weird if I think Chucky is awesome?"

"Just a little. Here's a question, if you had a case with a real life Chucky, what would you do?"

"Easy. Get the rocket launcher out, blow his little ass to hell… then borrow a steam roller and flatten him like a pancake, then salt and burn the remains to stop him from coming back. Simple."

"If it was that simple, they would've done it in the first movie."

"Yeah, but these people aren't as awesome as we are. Ooh ooh. Here's my favourite part," said Dean, pointing at the screen as Chucky revealed himself to be alive for the first time after threats of being thrown in the fire.

As Sam divided his attention between the movie and his brother, he couldn't help but hope that the news tomorrow was good.

If anyone deserved good news right now, it was Dean.

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