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Sam keeps Dean talking.

"The ambulance will be here soon, Dean," said Sam, adjusting Dean so he could get a look at his back. He frowned when he saw where the wound was. "It's in the same place that guy shot you. But... But how is it bleeding?"

Dean struggled to lift his head up to look at Sam. "M-Maybe... i-it's punishment... for n-not taking roles... or... or some cr-crap," he suggested weakly. He moaned in pain again, burying his face against Sam's shoulder. "God... it h..hurts."

"Shh. I know, Dean. But you have to stay awake, okay?"

Dean turned slightly to look in the direction they came from. "H-How's my... car?"

"The car?" asked Sam, raising his eyebrows. "You're seriously hurt, and you're worried about the car?"

Dean grinned slightly at his brother. "She's... f-family. I-I need..." He struggled weakly against Sam.

"Dean, stay still. Are you insane?"

"I need... t-to.. to b-be with her," Dean told him, tears filling his eyes.

"Okay. I'll carry you," said Sam, adjusting his hold, so he was holding Dean just under the injured area. "I've got you." He slipped his other arm under Dean's knees, and stood up.

"AAAAHHH! S-SONOFABITCH!" screamed Dean, throwing his head back. He tried breathing through the pain, and glared at his brother. "P-Put.. me d-down."

Sam started walking with his brother in his arms. "No way, Dean. You're too hurt. You probably couldn't even stand right now."

"O-Oh, I co-could stand. And.. I'll k-kick... your a-ass," Dean whispered. He couldn't hold his head up anymore, so he rested it against Sam's shoulder, trying to ignore the fact that his little brother was carrying him. "I-I'll.. do it... la-later."

Sam smiled, and shook his head fondly. He was surprised at how easy it was to carry Dean; he was a lot lighter than he thought he would be. "We're almost there," he whispered, looking down to see Dean staring at the sky. "How are you doing?"

"H-How do... you think I'm... I'm doing? I'm a-awesome."

"Of course you are." He made it to the Impala, and gently lowered himself so he was kneeling on the ground. "There we go," he whispered, holding Dean without hurting him, making sure he kept pressure on the wound.

Dean grinned, and reached out with a trembling hand to touch the black car. "H-Hey ba-baby... H-Home," he whispered to himself, running his hand over the back door.

Sam heard what Dean said, and put his hand on the side of Dean's face to look at him. "Hey," he whispered, not liking the look in Dean's eyes. "Don't even think about it, Dean. Stay with me, okay?"

Dean blinked slowly, looking up at his little brother. "I-I'm... not go-going any...where." He frowned slightly. "H-Hey Sam... do you think i-if I died... I'd s-still go... back down t-there?" he asked in fear.

"You're not going to die, Dean. And I don't think you would go back... You don't deserve to go back there. Can we talk about something else? I really don't want to talk about you dying right now... because it's not going to happen."

"W-What shall... we... we t-talk about t-then? F-favourite boy...bands? Hot g-girls? Ooh, l-lets talk... about h-hot girls." A movement to the side caught his eye. "Hey... did y-you see... that?"

Sam turned slightly to try and see what his brother was talking about. "Dean, there's nothing there. What are you looking at?"

Dean shook his head, and turned back to Sam. "I... Guess i-if only... I s-saw it... th-that's a b-bad thing, huh?" he asked, frowning.

Sam's eyes widened as he looked back to where his brother was looking. He still couldn't see anything. "Don't look anywhere else, okay? Just look at me."

"D-Do I h-have to?" he whined, and tensed in Sam's arms when a pain shot up his back. "Son... Sonofabitch."

"Hey hey. Take it easy, Dean. Just stay awake." Sam looked around, and still saw no sign of the ambulance. "What the hell are they doing? Making the ambulance? I could have carried you there by now."

"It's o-only been... five m-minutes, S-Sammy."

"Yeah well... they should be quicker." Sam shrugged, and looked down at his brother. "I know... We could play I spy."


"I spy. It'll keep you awake, and it's something to do. I'll start. I spy with my little eye something beginning with... T."

Dean stared at Sam for a minute. "Er... Tall... we-weird guy? T-Total f...freak?"

"No, you jerk. It's over there," he said, pointing.

Dean looked at where the finger was pointing, and sighed. "T-Tree?"

"Yeah. Your go."

"T-This.. is rid-ridiculous. I spy... som-something beginning with... R."

Sam looked around with a confused expression. "R? Dean, what are you..." Then it hit him. "Road?"

"Yeah. N-Nothing... much a-around, S-Sam."

"Well, there's not much else to do, is there? Okay, I spy.. blah blah... something beginning with C."

"B-Blah blah?" said Dean in amusement. "C? Complete... weirdo? College ge-geek?" He grimaced in pain, his back felt like it was on fire.

"Hold on, Dean. You're going to be alright," said Sam, putting his hand on the side of Dean's face. He lifted his other hand slightly to get a look at Dean's back. Sam's breath caught, and he stopped breathing for a few seconds when he saw the shirt was blood-soaked. "Oh god." He pulled away slightly to look down at Dean. "It's not that bad."

Dean closed his eyes for a second. He had heard that before. "L-Liar," he whispered, weakly laying his forehead against Sam's shoulder.

"I mean it Dean," whispered Sam, pulling Dean into a hug, closing his own eyes against the tears. "You'll be alright. That's not going to happen, you're not going to die... I won't let you. You hear me?"

Dean nodded against Sam's shoulder. He didn't know whether to tell Sam he couldn't feel his legs. "Y-You better... not tell any-anybody a-about... this," he whispered weakly, relaxing into his brother's embrace.

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me," said Sam as he pushed harder against the still bleeding wound, trying to ignore Dean's moans of pain.

The brothers sighed in relief when they heard the sounds of the sirens.



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