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This is obviously set in S5, but in this Bobby's not in a wheelchair.

Dean's taken to hospital.

The paramedics took Dean from his brother's arms, and got him ready for the ambulance. An oxygen mask was placed over the older Winchesters face to help with his shallow breathing.

"Can I come with him?" asked Sam, standing beside them.

"As long as you stay out of our way, and let us do our job."

Sam nodded, and climbed in beside Dean. "How are you doing?" he asked, taking Dean's hand.

Dean blinked slowly, raising his free hand to shakily give Sam a thumbs up.

"You'll be okay," the paramedic told him. "We're going to take care of you, but we need you to try and stay awake, okay?"

Dean nodded, making Sam smile. "That's it. Just don't close your eyes, or I'll kick your ass."

"You c'n try... 'Pala?" he whispered weakly, taking the mask away for a second.

"Your car will be fine, Dean," Sam told him, squeezing his hand gently. "Don't worry about that right now."

Dean closed his eyes for a second, wincing in pain. "Son...B-Bitch," he gasped out, tensing on the stretcher.

"Hey, hey. Take it easy, Dean. Open your eyes," said Sam in an urgent voice. "Dean, come on."

After several seconds, Dean opened his eyes, and looked at Sam. He tried to ignore the paramedic, and concentrated on Sam and staying awake.

Sam gasped when the alarms went off, and Dean's eyes rolled back. "NO! Dean, come on. Don't do this. Wake up." He shook Dean, but was pulled backwards by the paramedic as he began working on his injured brother.

"HURRY UP! WE'RE LOSING HIM!" the paramedic yelled over his shoulder. The ambulance immediately sped up.

Sam sat with his hands together, looking almost like he was praying. "Please let him be okay. Please."

At the hospital, Sam sat staring at Dean's blood on his clothes and his hands, wondering how much blood Dean could have left in his body if he left this much on Sam. He had already called Bobby, who was going to remove the weapons from the Impala, then join him at the hospital.

After over three hours, a Doctor came into the waiting area asking for the family of Dean Singer. Sam immediately stood. "I'm his brother, Sam. Is he alright? Can I see him?"

The Doctor sighed, and led him into a room. "I'm Dr Richards. Your brother's hanging in there, but he's in serious condition. He lost a dangerous amount of blood, but we've given him a transfusion to help with that. Right now, he's on a ventilator since he's not breathing too good on his own." Dr Richards paused for Sam to take in the news. "We're not going to know how much damage was done until he wakes up. Since the injury is in his back, there's a chance of paralysis as the bullet clipped his spine, but we'll wait until he wakes up. But we managed to remove the bullet, any idea how it got there?"

'He got shot obviously,' thought Sam, but didn't say. "No. We.. we were going to a gas station because the car... broke down. Then Dean just..." He shook his head, blinking rapidly to stop the tears. "He fell to his knees in pain, I don't know what happened."

Dr Richards nodded, he had no reason to doubt the young man's story. "Since it was a gunshot wound, we had no choice but to call the police. They'll want to talk to you when they get here."

"O-Okay. But... but can I see him? I need to see my brother."

"Of course. We're getting him situated into a room in the ICU. A nurse will come for you once we get him ready." The doctor put his hand gently on Sam's shoulder. "Don't worry son. We'll take good care of your brother."

Sam nodded, and went back to the waiting area to wait for the nurse.

"Mr Singer?" said a young nurse walking into the room.

Sam stood. "That's me. How is he?" he asked as the two started walking.

"There's been no change in his condition, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. We had to prop him up slightly to take pressure off his back." The nurse stopped at the door, and turned back to him. "I'll leave you to see him. Press the call button if his condition changes, okay?"

"Yeah. Thanks." Sam took a deep breath, and opened the door slowly. "Oh god," he gasped when he saw his larger than life big brother laying deathly still on the bed, surrounded by machinery.

Sam looked down at Dean's too pale face, noticing the freckles standing out starkly like stars in a night sky. He walked slowly to Dean's bedside, and sat down in the chair that had been placed there. "Hey Dean. Bobby's going to be here soon, you just need to rest and get better okay?" he said, gripping the limp hand in both of his.

Sam sighed, and wiped his eyes, which were swimming with tears. "Please be okay, Dean," he whispered. There was a knock at the door, making him jump. "Y-Yeah?"

"Mr Singer?" asked a nurse, standing at the door. "There's someone here who says he's your uncle, we need you to confirm who he is. Come with me for a second."

Sam ran his fingers through Dean's hair. "I'll be back in a few minutes, Okay?" He followed the nurse to where Bobby was standing, and greeted the older man with a relieved smile. "Thanks for coming."

"Don't mention it. How is he?" asked Bobby, looking worried.

"He lost a lot of blood, and he's still unconscious and on a ventilator. But Dean's a fighter so..."

"Yeah, he's probably the most stubborn guy I know," said Bobby with a fond expression. "Can we see him now?"

Sam looked at the nurse, and nodded. "Yeah. Come on," he said, before leading Bobby to Dean's room.

As he entered the room, Bobby gasped at the sight of the unconscious young man on the bed. Sam put his hand on his shoulder, and led him over to Dean's bed. "I know. No matter how many times Dean's in a hospital, it never gets any easier."

Bobby reached a hand out, and stroked Dean's hair like Sam had done a few minutes ago. "Hang in there son. Me and yer brother will be right here," he whispered, before turning to Sam. "Ya better not tell him I did that, or I'll beat ya around the head with one of my books."

Sam laughed, and shook his head. "Don't worry, I won't."

"By the way, I got the weapons out of the trunk. As soon as I can, I'll take the Impala to my place."

"Dean will be glad to hear that. The car's the main thing he's been bothered about," Sam told him, smiling at his unconscious brother.

"Why doesn't that surprise me."

There was another knock at the door, and both men turned to see the same nurse come back in. "The police are here to see you," she said to Sam.

Sam nodded, and looked at Bobby. "Will you stay here and look after him?"

"Of course. Just go do what ya need to," Bobby told him, sitting in the empty chair.

Sam smiled at the man who was like a father to them, and went down the hall to talk to the police.

"Hey kid. Yer going to be alright, I know ya will." Bobby took a deep breath, and placed a hand on top of Dean's limp one. If anyone asked him about it, he would deny it.

"Me and Sam will be right here until ya decide to wake up," he said, as he ran his free hand through his boy's hair. "If ya get tired of yer beauty sleep, let us know."

The only reply he received was the sound of the ventilator.

"We'll be right here for ya."


Hope you like.

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