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Cas pays a visit.

"I'm going to get a coffee, Sam. Do ya want one or a sandwich?"

"No thanks," answered Sam, not looking away from his brother.

"Sam, ya have to eat. Dean's been here two days already, and ya haven't really eaten much."

"Fine. I'll have a sandwich," said Sam with an eye-roll. When Bobby left, he leaned forward and took Dean's hand. "Please wake up soon." He sat staring at him until a slight movement at the door caught his eye. Turning to look, he jumped in surprise when he saw Castiel standing at the door, watching Dean. "What's wrong?"

"Is he alright?" he asked, walking closer to the bed.

"He's doing better. The doctor said he could come off the ventilator in a couple of days. Why are you here? Is something wrong? We don't have to move him, do we? Is something..."

"No. I heard Dean was here. I wanted to see if he was okay." The angel looked nervous, which made Sam smile.

"That's nice. You can come closer if you want, I won't bite." Sam patted the empty seat Bobby had vacated.

Castiel nodded, and sat in the chair beside Sam. "What happened?"

"The gunshot wound paid a visit." At Castiel's confused expression, Sam explained what had happened.

After Sam's explanation, Castiel watched Dean worriedly. "But he is alright?"

"Yeah. He's going to be fine... hopefully. Does anybody else know Dean's here?"

"Not that I know of. I made sure nobody tracked me."

Sam sighed in relief. "Good. Can you heal him?" he asked hopefully.

"You know I cannot, Sam," answered Castiel with an apologetic expression. "I would if I could."

Sam looked disappointed, and leaned forward slightly. "Hey Dean. I'm going out for a minute, okay? I'll be back soon." He looked back at Castiel. "I'm going to the bathroom. You can talk to him if you want."

"But he's not awake. How can I talk to him?"

"People say those who are unconscious can still hear what's said to them. I talk to him all the time."

"He's not... How can he hear? He cannot talk back with that thing in his mouth. Why talk to him if he cannot talk back?" asked the angel, looking at the bed-ridden hunter. "Dean always talks back."

Sam had to laugh at that. "Yeah, he does. But if you talk to him, he might be able to hear you. He's your friend, let him know you're here," he said, before walking over to the little bathroom.

When Sam left, Castiel moved closer to the bed. "Er... Dean? It's Castiel... Sam said you can hear me. I hope you heal okay."

"That's it?" asked Bobby, walking into the room with coffee and sandwiches. "Not very talkative, are ya?"

Castiel turned to Bobby. "I talk. I am talking now."

Bobby chuckled, placing the food and drink on the little bedside table. "I know that. I didn't say ya didn't talk at all, I said ya don't talk much."

The angel nodded, and stood from the chair. "I apologise for taking your chair," he said, walking around to stand on the other side of the bed.

"It's alright. I'm not going to attack ya for sitting in a chair," said Bobby, sitting down.

Sam walked back into the room, and saw the two standing at each side of the bed. "Is everything okay?" he asked, taking his seat beside his brother. "Hey. I'm back, Dean."

Castiel watched the brothers. "How do you know if he hears you? It's odd seeing him laying there. Dean always moves."

"If we talk to him, he'll know we're here for him. Even if Dean's not awake, he'll know I'm here. He always does," Sam told him, taking Dean's hand again.

"Will he know I am here? And Bobby?"

"If you talk to him, I'm sure he'll know you're here." Sam looked down at Dean. "He asks a lot of questions, doesn't he?"

"If Dean was awake, I'm sure he'd say yer like the Riddler from Batman," said Bobby with a laugh.

"A Bat man? How can somebody be a man and a bat?"

"He's not an actual bat. He's a man... a superhero really." Sam saw Castiel looking confused once again. "I think Dean will be able to explain it better than me. Ask him when he wakes up. He'll probably give you a lecture about him, and make you watch the movies."

"Angels do not watch TV. Why would anybody watch a movie about a man who thinks he is a bat?"

"Oh my god," Bobby whispered to himself. "He doesn't actually think he's a bat. He doesn't hang upside-down in a cave. He saves people, and drives a cool car."

Castiel nodded. "Like Dean?" he asked, looking down at the man in question.

"If Dean heard you refer to him as Batman, he'll be your best friend for life," said Sam.

Castiel heard a strange noise, and looked down at Dean, frowning. "I think I heard him make a noise."

"Dean?" asked Sam, quickly leaning forward. "What kind of noise?"

The angel shrugged. "Er... Mmmmm. I think that kind of noise."

"Are ya sure?" asked Bobby, getting closer to the bed. "If he moaned, he could be waking up. Hey Dean? Can ya hear us, son?"

The two men and the angel leaned forward, waiting anxiously to see if the hunter was waking up.

"Dean if you can hear me, squeeze my hand," said Sam, running his other hand through Dean's hair. He waited for a minute, but was rewarded with a slight squeeze. "He squeezed my hand," he told the other two excitedly.

Dean's green eyes fluttered open slightly. He frowned when he felt something down his throat, making it hard for him to breathe. He tried to talk, but the thing in his mouth made it feel as if he was suffocating, making him panic.

"GET HELP! HE'S CHOKING!" yelled Sam, trying to calm his brother down.

Bobby nodded, and ran to get help.


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