It's Real



Dean wakes up.

The doctor and two nurses came rushing into the room, with Bobby following behind.

"Help him. He's waking up," Sam told them, trying to keep Dean calm.

"Alright. Stand back." Dr Richards stood beside the bed and addressed the injured young man. "Okay Dean. I need you to try and stay calm, okay? We're going to remove the tube, but we need you to stay calm."

Castiel stepped back from the bed, looking slightly panicked. "Is he alright?" he asked Sam, who came to stand beside him. "What's wrong with him? He's okay, isn't he?"

Sam put his hand on the angel's shoulder. "He's awake, and he's trying to breathe on his own, but he can't with the tube down his throat. Don't worry," he said, even though he was worrying himself.

Cas turned huge blue eyes to Sam. "I apologise. I have not seen Dean like that before. It is..."

"Scary?" Sam suggested. "I know. But he's waking up. The doctor is going to help him." The two men and the angel watched the doctor tell Dean they were going to remove the tube in a few minutes.

Dean wasn't listening, he was searching the room, looking panicked.

"Hey, hey Dean. It's alright. Try to stay calm. Me, Bobby and Castiel are right here. Just do what Dr Richards tells you, okay?"

When Dean found his brother, the panicked expression was replaced with a relieved one.

Sam smiled when Dean nodded. "That's my boy." He took a deep breath, and bit his lip as he watched one of the nurses get an oxygen mask ready for when Dean came off the ventilator.

"Okay Dean, we're ready. When I tell you to, you need to use all your strength, and blow out. Can you do that?"

Dean nodded again since he couldn't speak.

Castiel gasped when he saw the tube being removed from Dean's mouth, and he started coughing. The nurse closest to Dean put the oxygen mask over the hunters face. "Dean? Are you alright?" asked the angel.

Dean slowly turned to Castiel, and smiled weakly. "Yeah," he said in a raspy voice.

Dr Richards tried to give Dean some medication to help with the pain, but Dean of course tried to refuse.

Bobby frowned, and stepped forward. "Ya got shot, idjit. Ya need something to help with the pain, so take it. Or I'll give it to ya myself."

Castiel's eyes widened. "You cannot do that, he is injured. You do not have..." He stopped when Sam put his hand back on his shoulder.

"It's okay. He's trying to get Dean to stop being so stubborn, and let the doctor help him," Sam told the protective angel.

Dean finally gave in, and accepted the meds.

Dr Richards turned to the three of them. "He'll be asleep in a few minutes. But he did very well when he came off the vent. We'll keep the mask on for a bit, and see how he goes with that. When he wakes, try and keep him from moving." He turned to Castiel. "I've not seen you before. Are you a friend of Dean's?"

"Yes. My name is Castiel, I am an ang..." Cas stopped when Sam nudged him. "Friend of Dean," he corrected himself.

"He's like family," Sam told him. "He can stay, right? Castiel doesn't see his family much, Dean is the closest thing he has."

Dr Richard sighed, and looked at the angel. "We don't usually allow non-family members in ICU, but we'll make an exception."

"Does that mean I can stay?" asked the confused angel, tilting his head slightly.

"Yeah. You can stay," Sam told him, before going to sit with Dean.

Before the doctor left, he turned back to the youngest Winchester. "When the police were here before, they asked me to let them know when he regained consciousness, so they can talk to him. Is that okay?"

Sam frowned, and took Dean's hand. "I've already spoken to them. Why does my brother have to?"

"He needs to give a statement. I'll let you know when they get here."

"I'm not waking him up, so they'll have to wait until he wakes up. He needs to rest."

"I understand that, Sam. I'll be back to check on Dean later." The doctor and remaining nurses left the room.

"Yeah. Can't wait," whispered Bobby sarcastically.

Castiel looked at Bobby. "You cannot wait for what? The doctor to come back? Shall I go get him for you?" he asked, turning to the door.

Bobby chuckled. "No. I was being sarcastic. I'm surprised yer not used to it by now, hanging around with Dean. He's got to be the most sarcastic person I know," he said with a fond look at the sleeping Winchester.

"So, sarcasm is something you do not actually mean?" asked Castiel, standing beside the bed.

Sam and Bobby looked at each other. They weren't really sure how to explain sarcasm. Usually when someone didn't know what it meant and they were asked to describe it, they usually pointed at Dean.

"You know when it's raining outside? And someone... Usually Dean... would say 'nice weather'? That's sarcastic."

Castiel nodded, looking down at the man in the bed. "I miss Dean."

"Me too. But he'll be awake soon."

A few hours later, Dean woke up. He was still in a lot of pain, so the nurses gave him something to help. He now needed a little oxygen, so he had a cannula in his nose to help.

Dean frowned when he tried to move his legs, but couldn't feel them. He was about to mention it, when two officers came into his room. "Hello Mr Singer. It's good to see you awake."

Dean turned to Sam with raised eyebrows. "Who the hell... is he?"

"He is a policeman, Dean," Castiel told him.

Dean rolled his eyes. "Yeah... Thanks Cas," he said, wincing in pain.

"I'm sorry. I'm officer Keaton. This is Price. We've come to talk to you about the shooting." Keaton looked at the other men in the room. "Can we talk..."

Sam glared at the two officers. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Neither am I," said Bobby.

Dean nodded, blinking heavily. "They can stay. I can talk in-front of them."

Cas looked between the other men in the room. "I also would like to stay."

"Okay." Keaton cleared his throat, and looked through a little notebook. "Your brother Sam told us you were walking to a gas station when you were shot, and didn't see what happened. Do you have any idea how you got shot?"

Dean looked up at the ceiling, trying to remember. 'Oh crap,' thought Sam when he saw Dean's eyes were slightly glazed in his too pale face. He knew what Dean was like on meds, and knew what was coming.

"Sure. Me and my b-brother had to... play different TV roles. The trickster transferred us to TV land. He's... a supernatural being. But he's really..." Dean trailed off.

Bobby, Sam and Castiel were stood staring at each other. "Er... Dean?"

"Be quiet Sam. I'm talking. We were doctors in a hospital, and this guy asked us to help his wife... But I said it wasn't real, so when we walked away... he kinda shot me." Dean sighed, and tried to move to relieve the pain in his back.

The two officers looked at each other for a minute.

Dean continued, "Well... Anyway... After awhile Cas came in, and tried to get us out... He's an angel. He got me out of hell. He's an angel, but he wears a trench coat." He giggled slightly. Actually giggled.

Sam and Bobby turned to look at Castiel, who stared back with wide blue eyes. The poor angel looked like a deer in the headlights.

"Dean... You have to... er..." Castiel leaned forward slightly over the bed.

Dean's face lit up into a grin. "Hey Cas." He grabbed Castiel's arm, and turned to the officers. "This is Cas... The angel I told you about."

Keaton looked at his partner again, then turned back to Dean. "He's an angel?"

Cas swallowed nervously. "Yes, it's Cas... I am your friend... But..." He turned to look at Sam and Bobby. He didn't seem to be able to deny what he was, so they decided to help the poor guy out.

Sam sat on the edge of the bed. "He's your friend... But he's not an angel. You must've been dreaming again, huh?" He ruffled Dean's hair, and tried to tell him to shut up with a look.

Dean looked confused. "Yeah he is," he said, turning to look at Castiel again. "Hey Cas. Show them your wings... He has biiiiig wings." He held out his hands wide, almost hitting Cas and Sam in the face. He yawned suddenly and started blinking rapidly. "Damn, I'm tired."

Price nodded at his partner. "Uh... It was nice meeting you. But we'll come back in a few days when you're feeling better." He smiled, and the two left the room.

Bobby and Sam let out sighs of relief. "That was close."

"Ugh," moaned Dean, throwing his head back against the pillow. "My back is killing me."

Sam frowned, and grabbed Dean's hand. "Don't say that."

Dean's breathing hitched, his face scrunching up in pain. "Hey, where did those guys go?" he asked, looking over at the door.

"They left, so you can get some rest." Sam hoped the next time they came, Dean hadn't just been given painkillers. He wasn't himself when he was medicated.

Dean groaned, and shifted slightly. "D-Damn." He frowned when he remembered what he was going to say before he was interrupted, he turned to look up at Sam.

"Hey Sam? Why can't I feel my legs?"


Hope you like.

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