It's Real



The Doctor talks to Dean. Sam, Cas & Bobby try to cheer Dean up.

Sam's breath caught when Dean told him he couldn't feel his legs. "Y-You... You..." He couldn't say the words.

"Can you feel this?" asked Castiel, laying his hand gently on the hunters left leg.

"What part of 'I can't feel my legs' do you not understand?" asked Dean, glaring at the angel.

Cas pulled his hand away, looking hurt. "I apologise."

"I'll get the doctor," said Sam, pressing the call button.

When the doctor came in, Sam looked worriedly at him. "Dean says he can't feel his legs."

The doctor nodded, and walked over to the bed. "This is what I was worried about. Hey Dean... I haven't explained your condition to you properly, but the bullet clipped your spine and may have caused some damage when it entered your back, and there is severe swelling around the injured area. During surgery, we removed some bone fragments, we're pretty sure we got them all, but it was hard to see due to the amount of swelling. We don't know if the swelling is the cause of the paralysis, or if the spine was seriously damaged."

Sam stepped closer to the bed, and put his hand on Dean's shoulder comfortingly.

"We'll wait until the swelling goes down, and get you in for more x-rays. Hopefully, the paralysis won't be permanent, we'll keep our fingers crossed. But you're very lucky... Just a couple of millimetres to the left, and the bullet would have gone right through the cord."

Dean glared at him. "Yeah. I'm very lucky," he said sarcastically, blinking away the tears that had suddenly formed.

Sam noticed that Dean was struggling to keep his emotions in check and politely asked the doctor to give them some time alone.

"Very well. If you need anything, press the button. I'll leave you all alone, now. I'll see you later."

Sam squeezed Dean's shoulder gently. "Are you okay, Dean?"

"Yeah. Fine. I might not walk again, life's just great."

Castiel spoke up. "The doctor said it may not be permanent. You may recover."

"Yeah right. Winchester luck is always bad luck. I know it's permanent. Why couldn't he have shot me in the head, and get it over with."

"Hey, don't you ever say that again, Dean," said Sam, wiping his face angrily when tears filled his eyes. "Even if you can't walk, you can still live a full life."

"Oh yeah. What about the whole apocalypse crap? How can I stop it if I'm stuck in a wheelchair?"

"I do not think my Father would want you out of hell, just to do this to you. I have faith you will get better, Dean," said Castiel, hoping to cheer his friend up.

"Well, you have a lot more faith than I do."

Bobby looked down at the young man, who was like a son to him. "Ya can't keep thinking like that, Dean. Yer the most stubborn person I know. I wouldn't be surprised if ya ended up walking out of here by the end of the week."

"I hope you're right, Bobby."

"Of course I'm right. I'm always right. Now stop talking like it's the end of yer life. We know yer going to get better. Ya just have to believe it too."

"He's right, Dean. I haven't known you as long as Sam and Bobby... But I have grown to know you well. I know you can be very stubborn, and prove people wrong. You have to prove the doctor wrong, and show him what Dean Winchester can do," Castiel told him with a serious expression.

Dean raised his eyebrows, looking surprised. "You all believe in me?"

"Of course we do. You're the strongest person any of us know."

"And most stubborn," Bobby added.

"YOU'RE BATMAN!" Castiel exclaimed suddenly.

Dean stared at the angel. "Okay, that was random."

A slight blush covered Castiel's cheeks. "Sorry. Sam and Bobby told me about the hero you like, who saves people and drives a black car. Y-You... You're like Batman."

"I never thought I'd hear an angel talking about Batman," said Dean with a little smile.

"Sam and Bobby said you would tell me more about the Bat man. I wish to know about the person you admire."

Dean tried not to laugh at how shy and nervous the angel seemed to be. "Sure. Well..."

"Oh god. Here we go." Sam sat back in his chair, and got ready for the conversation, knowing they would be there for awhile.

Dean shifted to take the pressure of his back. He was trying to ignore the pain, which was finally going thanks to the meds he had earlier.

Castiel sat on the edge of the bed. "Does he think he's a Bat?"

"No. It's to hide his identity. His real name's Bruce Wayne. He saves the people of Gotham city from enemies like the Riddler and the Joker. He has a butler named Alfred... Bobby looks a little like him when he wears a suit."

Bobby mock-glared at the bed-ridden hunter. "Well, ya better not expect me to act like a butler. Get off yer ass, and get it yerself," he said, smiling. "I know ya can do it."

"Thanks Bobby." Dean turned back to Castiel. "Batman sometimes has a sidekick called Robin... He's kinda gay. He reminds me of Sam," he said, pointing his thumb at his brother.

"Hey. Can you stop insulting us all?"

"Does Robin kiss boys?" asked the angel innocently.

Dean, Sam and Bobby had to laugh. "I don't know. Never asked him, he just... I don't know. Everyone seems to think he's gay. Batman's not gay. He has the second coolest car ever."

"Your car is the first one?"

"Of course she is. There's no car more beautiful than my baby." Dean tried to keep talking, he didn't want to think about his useless legs. He shifted again, making a sharp pain shoot up his back. "Ugh," he moaned in agony.

Sam shot up. "Are you alright?" he asked, plumping Dean's pillows. "Why don't you get a bit of rest? You and Castiel can talk about Batman tomorrow."

Castiel had another question. "If you're Batman, Sam's Robin and Bobby's like Alfred. Which hero am I like?"

"He's not exactly a hero... But with all the questions you kinda remind me of the Riddler. But one of the good guys."

Bobby chuckled. "See? Told ya he would say yer like the Riddler."

"Oh. Could I watch one with you sometime? I would like to know more about the people you speak of."

Dean closed his eyes for several seconds, he was getting tired again. "Sure. Sam's not a big Batman fan, so it'd be nice to watch Batman with someone. Even if it's an angel." His face scrunched up in pain once again when it felt as if someone was literally stabbing him in the back. "Sonofabitch."

Cas blinked in surprise. "Me?"

Sam pressed the button to get a nurse in. "It's okay. He's not calling you a sonofabitch. He says it when he's in pain... or when he's pissed off... Or when someone pisses him off."

Castiel hated seeing Dean in pain. "Where is the nurse?" he asked, turning to the door. "I'll go get one."

Bobby and Sam stared as the angel went out to search for a nurse.

"HEY! I NEED A NURSE IN HERE!" Castiel called, walking down the corridor.

"Will you keep the noise down?" asked a nurse, walking over to talk to him. "This is a hospital."

Castiel's head tilted slightly to the side. "I know where I am. My friend is in pain, he needs help."

The nurse took one look at Castiel's worried blue eyes, and nodded. "Okay. But stop yelling, okay?" she said as the two walked back to Dean's room.

"I did not yell, I raised my voice a little," Castiel told her, before walking into Dean's room. "I have a nurse... she told me off."

Dean smiled at the expression on Castiel's face as the nurse gave him some medication. He was still looking at Cas when his eyes slid shut and his body relaxed.

Castiel watched Dean sleeping. "He's going to be alright, isn't he?"

"Of course he is. He's Batman, remember. We'll be there for him. That's all he needs, he'll do the rest," he said, taking hold of Dean's hand.

"He'll be back to being his old self again in no time."

"I'll help too," the angel said, watching his friend sleep.


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