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Uncle Bobby's little man


Sequel to Dean's unca Bee-bee. Sam & Bobby give Dean the best childhood they can in a year. De-aged!Dean.

Humor / Children
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Dean meets The Undertaker


Disclaimer: Not mine, but I wouldn't mind keeping Dean.

This chapter is for PlatinumRoseLady, who wanted Dean to meet the Undertaker.


Dean meets the Undertaker.

It had been a couple of weeks since the witch had told Sam to give his brother a proper childhood. He had managed to get tickets to see wrestling a week ago, and had spent most of the money he had saved, but it was worth it. Since telling Dean about it, he kept getting excited every five minutes.

Dean ran up to Sam again for the sixth time that day, holding his Undertaker teddy. "Me's see Undaker, Sammy. You's awsum," he said, before he started jumping up and down excitedly. "When go?"

"We're going in a few days, kiddo. Do you think you can wait that long?"

"NO!" yelled Dean, hugging his brother's legs. "Go now?"

Sam couldn't help laughing. "No. In a couple of days. I'll tell you when we're going. Calm down," he said, ruffling Dean's hair.

Just then Bobby walked in with Dave. He had to pick him up because Dave's car was broke, and Bobby was fixing her up for him. "Thanks for taking care of Tori."

"Yer welcome. It is my job after all," said Bobby with a smile as he patted Dave's shoulder.

Dean's eyes widened when he saw his friend, and he ran over to him, jumping up and down happily. "DAVEY!"

"Hiya, Deanie," said Dave, picking up the little boy.

"Me's see Undaker," Dean told him, bouncing in his arms. "See him beat peeples."

"Aww, now I'm jealous," said Dave, carrying Dean to the couch.

When the two sat down, Zeppelin jumped up to sit with them. He hardly ever let his best friend out of his sight, and the three men didn't know what they were going to do when they took Dean to see one of his heroes. They were hoping Dave would stay at their place for the day, since Zeppelin seemed to like him.

"How have you been? Are you okay?"

"Me's 'Kay. Erm, ooh. See AC and DC? My catpiars. Dey next you," he said, pointing over to the table beside the couch.

"I know. You showed them to me a couple of days ago."

Sam smiled while he watched his brother talk to his friend. The last time Dave came, Sam had told him about the curse/spell the witch had cast upon Dean, but Dave already knew. He had been friends with Bobby for about 30 years since he was just 10, and often came to his when they were kids. When Sam was at college, Dean and Dave had joined forces, and hunted a few times together.

Bobby came in from the kitchen with cups of coffee for the three of them. "Here ya go," he said, handing one to Sam and then Dave. "I'll be back in a minute with some juice, little man."

"Sammy, why not Davey see Undaker?"

"He has to work, kiddo. I would have got him one as-well, but when Bobby called him, he said he's busy with work for the next month."

"Me's get pwesent, Davey," Dean whispered to Dave, which made him smile.

"You don't have to, Deanie."

Dean giggled. "We's whisping. Sammy get pwesent. You not say... it secet."

"Riiiiight. So him buying me something, we have to keep it a secret from him?"

Bobby came back into the room, and gave Dean his cup of juice. "There ya go, little man."

"Fank you unca Bee-bee."

Dave stayed with the little family for a few hours until his shift started. Bobby had asked him to watch Zeppelin for them when they were out, and he was more than happy to look after Dean's beloved pet for the day.

-A few days later-

If Bobby and Sam thought Dean was excited a few days ago, it was nothing compared to what he was like now the big day had arrived. He kept waking Sam up every few hours the night before to see if it was time to go yet.

That morning the little boy kept hugging Zeppelin, until they finally parted him from the dog, so they could leave. While they were out, he kept hugging Sam's and Bobby's legs, and bouncing up and down in delight and excitement. They decided to stay overnight at a motel, so they all had a change of clothes, and Dean took his two teddies with him, which he put in his and Sam's bag.

They went into the gift shop first where Bobby bought Dean an Undertaker hat, and a t-shirt which featured the 'deadman' wearing his black hat and rolling his eyes into the back of his head. He also bought Dave a t-shirt after Dean had seen the adult ones, and wanted his friend to have one too.

When the show finally started, the little boy kept giggling with excitement, making Bobby and Sam smile with him. Sam was holding Dean in his arms so he could see, and Bobby was in charge of the camera to take pictures for Dean on their new camera.

Dean started bouncing in Sam's arms when the bell rang, and the lights went out, marking the entrance of his hero. He now loved the Undertaker more than Fonzie, and he was second to Batman.

Dean gasped when the man in black walked slowly down the ramp, and headed to the ring. His eyes were huge with awe when the Undertaker raised his hands, and the arena was bathed in light as the legendary phenom climbed into the ring.

"Wow. He big giant, Sammy," he said in Sam's ear, to be heard over the screams and cheers.

"Yeah, he is. He's almost seven feet tall."

Dean's eyes widened even further, but he never took them off the man in the ring as he took off his long black trench coat and his hat. "Wow," he whispered to himself. "Oooh. Undaker fight. YAY! GO UNDAKER!"

As the two men in the ring fought, Sam looked over at Bobby, and saw him smiling at the happy little boy. All through the match, all that could be heard from Dean were cheers and clapping when his favourite was winning, and boos when The Undertaker got hurt and knocked down.

"Ooh ooh. He do doomtone? And... and wopes?" he asked, his huge green eyes darted around the ring, following the taller and stronger of the two wrestlers. A few seconds after he asked that, the 'Deadman' grabbed the other man's arm, and walked over to the ropes closest to the little family, and climbed onto the top rope to do 'old school.'

"YAY! He awsum, Sammy. In't he, Unca Bee-bee?" he asked, tapping his uncle's shoulder after the Undertaker jumped from the rope and hit his opponent on the upper arm, knocking him over.

"Yeah he is, little man."

Dean cheered again when The Undertaker raised his right hand in the air, in his signature sign of the chokeslam. "Me woves dat," he said when the 'phenom' chokeslammed his opponent in the middle of the ring.

"Pees do doomtone. Pees do doomtone," Dean whispered to himself, and cheered yet again when The Undertaker slashed his thumb across his throat, in the 'rest in peace' sign. He knew it was time for the Tombstone, and started his bouncing again. "WOW! He wight stwong, in't he?" he asked, his eyes still glued to the man in black as he picked up the other wrestler, held him upside down and dropped to his knees. After the Undertaker hit the tombstone, he folded his opponents arms over his chest for the pin. "1... 2... 3."

Everyone rose to their feet and cheered, as the Undertaker won the match. "YAAAAY! UNDAKER BESTEST!" he cheered, giggling and clapping when the Undertaker knelt down on one knee, rolled his eyes back so they were showing all white, and stuck out his tongue in his trademark pose.

After the show ended, the two men decided to go get Dean some ice cream as another treat. As they entered the little store, Dean's new hat was lopsided, so he let go of Bobby's hand to put it on properly. He didn't see where he was going, and accidentally bumped into someone. "Oops. Sowwy."

"Hey, it's okay. It was my fault," came a voice from high above him.

Dean looked up... and up, and his eyes went huge when he saw who was in-front of him. The Undertaker stood there with a tiny smile on his face, he had changed out of his wrestling clothes, and was wearing a pair of ripped jeans, a black shirt with a skull on the front, and a black bandanna on his head to cover his hair which was now plaited down his back.

He looked a little bit different, but Dean knew who it was- he had seen videos of the undertaker as the American badass on Sam's laptop and he looked just like him. "You's Undaker," Dean whispered in shock, as if he couldn't believe he had literally walked into his hero.

"Dean, what's wrong?" asked Bobby, coming back over over. Dean didn't answer; for once in his life, he was speechless.

Bobby frowned when he saw Dean's eyes and mouth wide open. "Hey, little man. Are ya okay?" he asked, kneeling down, and waving his hand in-front of Dean's face.

"It was my fault. I didn't see him all the way down there."

Bobby looked up at him, and his eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Aren't y..."

"Yeah, just call me 'Taker. Is he okay?" he asked, pointing to the little boy.

Dean finally blinked. "H-he Undaker... Unca Bee-bee. He... you... wow. You... you's smiling," he said in shock, making 'Taker laugh.

Sam walked over with three bowls of ice cream, and looked worried when he saw his brother standing there, staring with wide eyes. "Is he alright? He looks like he's in shock."

"I think he is. This is The Undertaker... or 'Taker. This is Dean's brother, Sam. I'm Bobby, the boys' uncle."

'Taker smiled again, and nodded in greeting. "Nice to meet you all. I had to get some coffee. It's weird that an ice cream store sells coffee too. You don't see that often."

"Sit wiv us? Peeeeees, you's awsum," asked Dean when he got over his shock.

"He's probably busy, little man."

'Taker looked at his watch, and shrugged. "I have 45 minutes free. I can sit with you for awhile."

Dean began jumping up and down. "YAY! Come, come. We's sit." He reached up on his tiptoes, and took 'Taker's hand to lead him to an empty table near the back, where they would hopefully go unnoticed.

Bobby and Sam stood watching as the tiny Winchester led the very tall man to sit down. Neither were surprised that the little boy had made a new friend.

Dean couldn't stop smiling as he sat next to the Undertaker. "Picture, pees?" he asked, tugging on his sleeve.

"Of course we can. Do you have a camera?" he asked, turning to look at Sam and Bobby, who were sitting across from them.

"Sure," said Bobby, taking out his camera again. "Alright, sit close together."

Dean stood on the seat, and put his arm around 'Taker's shoulders. They both smiled as Bobby took two pictures of them.

"Ooh ooh. You's do eyes and tongue?" asked Dean, tugging on his sleeve again.

'Taker rolled his eyes back and stuck out his tongue, while looking at the camera. Dean stuck his tongue out too, and started giggling after the picture was taken. "Why's not smile go wesing? You wook nice."

'Taker laughed. "Thanks. But I think the Undertaker would look weird if he went around smiling at everyone. He'd probably freak everyone out."

"That's true," said Bobby with a laugh. "Why don't ya ask for his autograph, little man?"

"Yeah. Have dat?"

"Sure, do you have a pen and some paper?"

Bobby got out the pen he kept in his pocket, and took the folded piece of paper from the back pocket of his jeans. "There ya go."

"Thanks. Right then." 'Taker thought for a minute, before he started writing. 'To Dean, from your friend and hero, The Undertaker.'

Dean giggled when he told him what it said, and started bouncing in his seat. "Ooh ooh. Fank you." When Bobby asked Dean about Dave, he nodded and turned back to the undertaker. "My's fend Davey?"

"Sure. I'll just rip the paper in half, and write your friend one on the other side." 'Taker ripped the paper, and wrote an autograph for Dave. He gave them to Sam, who put both in his wallet for safety.

"Want my ice ceem?" Dean asked, holding up a spoonful of ice cream.

"No thanks, Dean. I have my coffee, that's enough for me."

"Me see dem?" asked Dean around a mouthful of ice cream, pulling on his sleeve to see the many tattoos covering his arm. "Dey mostest cool."

'Taker nodded, and pulled up the sleeve of his right arm, so they could see his tattoos. "This was the first one I got. I call it original deadman," he told him, pointing to the gravedigger, before pointing to the demon tattoo. "This one's my favourite, this is a demon who looks like he's thinking. I call it the thinking demon."

"Wow," said the awed Winchester, leaning closer to get a better look.

The next 10 minutes were spent looking at 'Taker's tattoos. Dean's favourites were 'original deadman', the thinking demon, and the skeleton on the back of his neck.

"Ooh ooh. Say 'west in peas'? Me woves when say dat."

'Taker nodded, and cleared his throat, before saying his catchphrase. "Rest... in... peace."

Dean giggled. "WEST IN PEAS!" he yelled happily.

The four of them spoke for another half an hour, before the undertaker checked his watch to see what time it was. "I have to go now Dean. It was very nice meeting you."

"We'll walk out with you," said Sam, standing up. "We're taking Dean for a walk."

Dean smiled, and stood with 'Taker, reaching up to take his new friend's hand.

"Are we all ready?" asked Bobby, before they headed to the door.

When Dean walked outside, he froze, his eyes going wide when he saw 'Taker walking towards his motorcycle. "Wow. Dat you's bike? Me on it?"

"Oooh, I don't know. I don't usually let people sit on my bike," he said, smiling down at the small boy. Dean looked so hopeful, 'Taker couldn't say no. "Oh alright. Come on then." He took off his black wrestling gloves, and handed them to Dean. "You can have these, I have a few pairs. Obviously you'd have to be a lot bigger to wear them."

Dean's eyes went even more huge as he took the offered gloves, holding them to his chest. "Me keeps dem? Fank you. You's more better dan Batman."

"Believe me, if you knew how much he loves Batman, you'd take that as a big complement."

'Taker smiled as he picked Dean up, and sat him on his bike. He climbed onto the bike too, and sat behind him with one arm around the little body, so he didn't fall off.

Dean giggled, and put the gloves on the seat in-front of him, so he could put his hands on the handlebars. "Brum brum. Me's dwive."

Bobby stepped forward with his camera and told them to smile. Dean had the biggest grin, and 'Taker was smiling slightly as he took a few pictures of the two of them together.

"Right, we better let 'Taker go now. Say bye," said Sam, coming closer to the bike.

"Bye bye, Undaker," said Dean, turning around and hugging his now favourite hero. After hugging him for several seconds, he took his new gloves, and climbed off the bike with Sam's help.

"Bye Dean. Oh, I have something else you might like." 'Taker took out the dark blue bandanna he had in his pocket, then folded it a few times, and took off Dean's hat. He put the bandanna on Dean's head like his own, then put his hat back on over it. "There you are. Now you can be the 'Mini 'Taker'."

Dean hugged the gloves to his chest again, and grinned up at 'Taker. "Fank you. Me woves you, Undaker. You's bestest. Bye bye." He stood with his brother and uncle, and waved.

"Bye Dean." Undertaker waved back, and started his bike.

'Taker was even nicer in person than any of them thought. They all smiled and waved as they watched 'Taker drive off.


Really hope you like.

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