The madness of a delirious Dean



Sam saves his brother from a tree.

Sam slowly opened his eyes, and raised his arms above his head as he stretched. "D'n?" he whispered when he noticed Dean wasn't in the bed.

Sitting up, he checked the other bed, but saw no sign of his sick brother. "Dean? Where are you?" he asked, getting up out of the bed, and walking over to the bathroom. "Dean?" He turned the light on, thinking that maybe Dean could have passed out while being sick.

Still no sign of him. Sam ran back into the main room, and saw the door was open. He had been too worried about Dean to notice it before. "Oh crap." He quickly got his shoes, jacket and a flashlight, before running out of the room. "DEAN! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?"

"S'm," came the distant reply.

"Dean? Where are you?" asked Sam, coming to a halt. He listened carefully for a response, but didn't receive one. "DEAN, CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

Sam's heart was hammering in his chest. He was seriously worried about Dean, he was sick and delirious, anything could have happened to him. His eyes widened when he had an idea. 'The Impala'. Whenever Dean was sick or he couldn't sleep, he preferred the safety of his beloved car.

Sam ran to the car to check inside, but his heart sank when he saw no sign of Dean. "Dammit," he muttered, running around the parking lot, using the light to search between the cars. He had almost finished searching when he heard another yell.

"H'LP!" came the muffled scream. "S'MY!"

Sam stopped, and aimed the light upwards. He swore it sounded like it came from the sky. "What the-" he whispered when he saw an odd looking tree a few feet away. His mouth dropped open in shock when he finally saw Dean.

The older Winchester was halfway up a tree, clinging onto the tree trunk as if his life depended on it. His green eyes were wide in his pale face as they darted around frantically.

"Dean, what the hell?"

"Sam?" asked a panicked Dean. "He-Help me."

"How did you get up there?" asked Sam, knowing it was a stupid question.

"I-I fell," he answered, arms still wrapped tightly around the tree.

Sam's eyebrows shot up. "You fell? How the hell did you fall up a tree?"

Dean shrugged. "D-Dunno, Sammy."

"Get your ass down here."

"I ca-can't. I'm stuck," said Dean, trembling.

"Dean, get down from the tree."

"N-NO! I can't."

"If you can climb up, you can climb down. So get down here."

"I c-can't."

"Dean. Get. Down. From. The. Tree," Sam repeated slowly.

Dean whimpered, holding on even tighter. "I do-don't like it up here, Sammy. I-It's too high."

"What did you climb up for then?" asked Sam, trying his best not to smile. But this was just ridiculous.

"I-I didn't... I woke up here."

"You woke up in a tree? That's weird since you fell asleep in a bed."

"H-Help me, Sammy," begged Dean, sounding like a child.

"Climb down. I'm right here, Dean. Just try and climb down slowly."

"NO! I-I'm scared."

Sam shook his head. He had two choices- either climb up, and get his delirious sibling down himself, or call the fire department. But he really didn't want to have to explain to them why they had to rescue his big brother from a tree. They were used to saving cats from trees, but a grown man?

"Oh for crying out loud. Dean, I'm going to get you down from there, okay?"

"Hurry," came the response.

Sam was about to climb up when one of the lights came on, and a motel door opened. "What's going on out here?" asked a man in tiger striped boxers.

"Er.. My... er... My brother was... saving a cat... and... and he got stuck up there."

"SAM! SAM! TIGER!" screamed Dean, pointing at the man below him. He closed his eyes, and started clinging onto the tree once more.

"He... Er... It was a striped cat... kind of like a tiger," Sam explained to the man, who was staring up at Dean.

The guy raised his eyebrows. "Do you want some help?"

"No thanks. I can get him down myself."

"Alright then," said the man, closing his door, and going back to bed.

Sam sighed when the room light was turned off. "I'm coming, Dean," he said, putting the flashlight into his pocket, before climbing up.

"D-Don't like it, S'my," Dean mumbled quietly.

"Shh. I'm right here. You hear me? Nothing will hurt you Dean, I promise." Why the hell did Dean have to be so insane when he was delirious?

He stopped below where Dean was, and reached for him. "Dean, I'm here," he said, frowning when he got no answer. "Dean?" He got out the flashlight with his free hand, and shone it on Dean to see his eyes were closed, and he was snoring softly.

Sam smiled, and shook his head again. Only Dean could fall asleep while stuck up a tree.

The sleeping Winchester looked so cute, clinging onto the tree fast asleep, making wheezy little snuffly noises as he breathed. Sam wished he had his phone so he could take a picture.

"Hey, wake up Dean," Sam whispered, so he didn't scare the poor guy half to death. "Wake up."

Dean sniffled, and tried to snuggle into the tree trunk, but stayed asleep.

"How the hell am I supposed to get you down?" He put the flashlight away, and carefully grabbed his upper body to lay it over his shoulder. "Whoa," said Sam when he almost lost his grip on the tree. He adjusted his sleeping sibling, so his stomach laid against his shoulder, and his arms hung limply down Sam's back. When he got a proper hold of both Dean and the tree, Sam slowly climbed down.

He was halfway down when Dean moaned and started moving. "Shh, shh. It's only me."

Dean slowly opened his eyes to see a head full of scruffy messy hair, and a tall figure carrying him. "YETI!" he screamed, struggling. "HELP! I'M GE-GETTING KIDNAPPED B-BY A YETI! SAMMY!"

"Dean, quit it," said Sam, almost falling. "DEAN!"

Dean continued struggling, he didn't know what was going on. "SAMMMMMYYYYY!"

Sam almost made it to the bottom when Dean's finger jabbed him straight in the eye, making him lose his grip. He fell the short distance, landing in a heap on the ground with Dean laying on top of him. "OW!"

Dean tried to crawl away from the 'yeti', but Sam grabbed his foot. "Dean, calm down. It's me."

"H'lp," cried Dean in a small voice, tears and sweat were pouring down his face. "S'my."

Sam reached Dean, and gently rolled him over onto his back. "Dammit," he whispered when he felt Dean's ashen face, the glazed green eyes searched everywhere, clearly looking for Sam.

"I'm going to take care of you, alright?" asked Sam in a soft soothing voice. He sat Dean up against him, and stroked the hot face for a few seconds. "It's okay. It's me, Dean." He adjusted his hold on Dean, so he could carry him in his arms. "Before you start freaking out, it's only me... It's Sammy." He stood carefully, and carried his sick brother back to their room.

Dean blinked slowly up at Sam, looking so confused it was adorable. "S'm?" He looked around, and noticed Sam was carrying him in his arms. He looked back up at him. "Yo-You saved me... There was a ye-yeti... and... and it tried to... to eat me."

Sam bit his lip so he didn't laugh. "Uh-huh."

"I-It did... It was big... an-and his hair was... w-was whoa... like a bush... and... and... he sm-smelled like... like..." Dean's nose wrinkled. "He smelled bad."

"Whatever you say, Dean. Whatever you say."

Dean laid his head on Sam's shoulder, his eyelids drooping. "Th-Thanks, S'my."

"You're welcome, Dean."

"L've ya, S'my," mumbled Dean, falling back to sleep in Sam's arms.

Sam smiled as he carried his sick brother through the parking lot. 'He's definitely out of it if he's saying he loves me,' he thought to himself.

Dean sniffled, and coughed twice against Sam's shoulder. He looked down at Dean's pale face, and felt love in his heart for the fragile, sick man in his arms.

"Love you too, big brother... Even insane, I love you too."


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