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The Angel of the lord & the tiny Winchester


Dean & his bestest friend 'Cashtul' have a fun day at the park and the zoo. De-aged!Dean, Protective!Castiel.

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Dean's trip to the park p1


Disclaimer: Not mine, but I wouldn't mind keeping Dean.

Written for a prompt in the Dean-focused hurt/comfort comment-fic meme (#5)PROMPT- (Dean's de-aged) Maybe Sam needs a break, or is too busy making the cure, so Castiel takes Dean to the park? I have this image of Castiel pushing Dean on a swing. Castiel is not the least bit immune to Dean's cuteness and buys him some ice cream, and wipes Dean's mouth off with a napkin.


"Sammy Sammy Sammy, come pway wif me pees?" asked the tiny three year old, coming into Bobby's kitchen with his fluffy teddy in his arms to see his big brother cleaning up the kitchen.

Sam turned to the little boy, who was looking up at him with a hopeful expression on his tiny cute freckled face. "I can't, little man."

"Why?" whined Dean, bottom lip poking out.

"I'm busy right now, but I promise I'll play with you later. Go watch some more Spongebob."

"B-But... but I's want pway. Where Mr Bee-bee?"

"Bobby's gone out to help with... er... He's gone to help one of his friends," Sam told him. Bobby was actually out trying to find more information on how to reverse the spell the witch had cast upon Dean, but obviously he couldn't tell Dean that.

Dean lowered his head sadly, and squeezed his teddy bear. "I sad," he mumbled, before turning away, and walking back into the living room to watch some more cartoons.

Sam sighed and watched him go. He was feeling guilty, but he was too busy to play right now. He wished there was someone else he trusted enough to look after his little brother and play with him, but the only one he trusted was Bobby, and he was out.

"Castiel," he whispered, a smile forming on his face at the thought of the angel playing with a little Dean.

Castiel suddenly appeared in the middle of the kitchen after hearing his name. "You called, Sam?"

"WHOA!" yelled Sam in shock, placing his hand on his chest to calm his racing heart. "Could you give me a warning when you do that please?"

Cas tilted his head slightly. "Dean always says that."

"I'm not surprised. You could give us a heart attack if you don't quit it."

"SAMMY SAMMY! WHAT NOISE?" yelled Dean, running into the kitchen after hearing Sam's startled yell. He skidded to a stop, and stared up at the stranger with wide green eyes. "Who's you?"

"This is a fr-" started Sam, but he was interrupted by Castiel.

"My name is Castiel, I am an angel of the lord."

Dean gasped, a big grin lighting up his face. "Angel? My mommy say angels wook after me. You wook after me?"

"Indeed. I watch over you as do many others."

"You my fwiend. Come." Dean stepped forward, and took hold of the angels hand. "I wittle Deanie. You my bestest fwiend ever and ever," he said with one of his sweetest smiles. He grabbed the trench coat and started pulling himself upwards.

"Dean, what are you doing?"

"Want hug," Dean pouted when he couldn't climb up. "Has hug, Cashtul?"

Castiel looked at Sam, confused.

"Pick him up. He wants to hug you."

"Okay." Castiel lifted the little boy up, but held him away from his body.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Hold him closer and give him a proper hug, he's not a nuclear device."

"What if he bites me? Dean Winchester can be very violent."

"He's a child, not a Rottweiler. Hold him close to your body."

Castiel very carefully brought Dean closer to him, as if he was expecting the kid to suddenly attack.

Dean giggled, and threw his arms around Castiel's neck. "Hiya Cashtul."

"Sam, he is trying to strangle me," said Cas, trying to pull away. He wasn't familiar with human contact.

"He's being friendly, he loves hugs. Hug him back, don't be mean." Sam was smiling, but deep down he was a little worried about Dean immediately accepting the stranger as his friend, even though he knew Castiel would rather die than hurt Dean.

Castiel nodded, and wrapped his arms around the tiny body and held him close.

"You pway wif me pees?" Dean asked his new best friend, bouncing in his arms.

"Er..." Cas looked over at Sam, who nodded back at him. "Okay."

"YAAAAAAAAY!" cheered Dean, throwing his arms in the air in celebration. "You come see Hugsy. He my's teddy."

"Very well," Castiel said, carrying Dean into the living room.

When they made it into the room, Dean pointed at the floor, which was littered with loads of toys. "Sit dere."

Castiel nodded, and sat down where Dean wanted him to.

"Fank you Cashtul." Dean giggled, and crawled away to grab his favourite teddy. "Dis Hugsy. He give biiiiig hugs. Hug," he told him, thrusting the teddy in the angel's face.

Castiel reluctantly accepted the teddy and gave him a hug. "It is a very nice... hug."

Dean giggled again, and clapped in excitement. "Wook dis," he said, reaching over for his robot.

Sam continued cleaning the kitchen to the music of Dean's laughter, which warmed his heart. He was glad Castiel had agreed to keep the little boy company.

When the sound died down, he frowned and walked over to the door to see if everything was okay. He had to laugh when he saw the sight before him.

Castiel was sitting cross-legged on the floor, holding Dean's teddy in his arms. Dean was standing beside him brushing the angel's hair, making it stick up everywhere.

Hearing Sam's chuckle, Dean turned to his brother with a huge grin. "Hiya Sammy. I make Cashtul pwetty."

"Yeah. He looks great, little man," praised Sam, ignoring the glare the angel shot his way.

"You pwetty, pway wif my car," Dean said, reaching over for his blue car and his black one.

"Thank you," said Cas, taking the blue car, a tiny smile crossing his face.

"Wight den." Dean moved away slightly, and started moving his car backwards and forwards. "Do dis."

Castiel nodded, and copied Dean's movements.

"Has wace see bestest car," said Dean, his car shooting forwards and up into the air.

Castiel's head tilted slightly to the left. "To my knowledge road vehicles cannot fly."

"Dis spesal," Dean told him in a whisper. He waited for Castiel to join him, and gasped when the angel made his car move forwards without touching it. "WOW!"

Sam smiled too, and watched the angel move his fingers, making the car change directions.

Dean got up, and started chasing the car as it drove around the room, giggling his little head off.

This seemed to amuse the angel, and for the first time in thousands of years, Castiel laughed.

Dean was chasing the car around the living room for ten minutes before he got tired, and went to sit on Castiel's knee.

"Hiya Cashtul. Dat funny."

"Yes. It was very amusing," said Castiel, lips twitching slightly.

"What dat mean? It mean cow sing?"

Castiel frowned. "Cows do not sing."

"But... but you say amoosing. Cow say moo," Dean told him, as if the angel didn't already know what sound a cow made.

"Amusing means something that is funny. But it would be amusing if cows could sing."

Sam was watching the two with a smile. "Since it's very warm today, why don't you take Dean to play in the park?"

"Park?" asked Cas, looking up at Sam with wide eyes, the expression on his face was almost comical.

"Yeah, a park. You know, one of those things where children play on swings and stuff."

"I know what a park is, Sam," said the angel, narrowing his eyes slightly.

Dean's whole face lit up in excitement. "Ooh ooh. We go park pees, Cashtul?"

"I don't..." Castiel stopped when Dean's eyes went big and round, and his bottom lip poked out.

"Pees Cashtul? Peeeeeees go park?" Dean begged, giving the angel a hug. "Pees. Woves you Cashtul, pees we go park?"

Castiel looked over at Sam with a helpless expression.

Sam grinned, and folded his arms. "Go on, try to say no to him."

"Dean..." Cas pulled back slightly, tilting Dean's head up to look at him. "I have work to do. I do not have the..." Dean's eyes watered, and his lips trembled as he started getting upset. "We are going to the park."

"W-Weally?" asked Dean, another grin forming on his face. "Ooooooh." He jumped up, and ran over to get his jacket. "COME!"

Castiel looked surprised at the sudden change in the little boy. "If you need me, I will be at the park," he told Sam, standing up.

Sam laughed, and watched Dean grab his jacket from the hallway. "It's impossible for me and Bobby to say no to him. He could ask me to go kiss a clown, and I'd probably do it."

"I once disobeyed God, and have refused to do many questionable things, but I could not say no to Dean when he gave me that look. Does he have powers?"

"In a way, yeah. We call it the magic of the puppy dog eyes," Sam told him, smiling when Dean ran back over. "Hey little man."

"Hiya Sammy. Hewp me," said Dean, holding his jacket out to his big brother to help him.

Sam took the jacket, and knelt before his brother to dress him in it. "Okay then. You have to promise me to be very good, and do everything Castiel tells you, alright?"

"Yes Sammy," said Dean with a serious expression. "Deanie woves Cashtul. He my bestest fwiend."

Taking a deep breath, trying to keep control of his emotions, Sam zipped the jacket up. "I'll miss you."

"Miss you awell, Sammy." Reaching up, Dean threw his arms around Sam's neck and gave him a hug. "Bye bye. Woves you."

"Love you too, little man," whispered Sam, closing his eyes as he held him.

Several minutes later, the brothers pulled away. Sam stood, and looked at Castiel, but continued running his fingers through the soft blond hair. "I'm trusting you with the most important thing in my life, so you better look after him, or I swear to god..."

"You do not need to use profanity to God," Castiel told him frowning, not understanding what he meant. "He did not do anything."

Sam rolled his eyes again. "It's just an expression. Don't let him get hurt, okay?"

"I will guard him with my life, Sam," Castiel told the worried Winchester.

Sam nodded. "Good. Bye kiddo. Make sure you have loads of fun, you hear me?"

"Yes Sammy," answered Dean, running over to his new friend. "Come Cashtul."

Castiel lifted Dean into his arms, and nodded at Sam. "Do not worry, Sam. He will be safe with me," he said, before suddenly disappearing.

"NO, DON'T..." yelled Sam, but he saw it was too late.

Sam sighed, and shook his head. He hoped Castiel didn't reappear in the middle of the park and scare the kids half to death.

A safe distance from the park, the angel and the little boy reappeared.

"WOW! DAT COOL!" yelled Dean in excitement, bouncing up and down in Castiel's arms. "Again again."

"Not right now. We are going to the park," Cas told him, lowering him to the ground and taking his hand.

"Awwww." Dean pouted for a minute, but as soon as the park came into view, he started squealing and jumping. "WOOK WOOK! CASHTUL WOOK! Ooooh," he squealed, running forwards, tugging on the angel's hand. "HUWWY UP!"

"I am going the adequate speed for a walk," Castiel told the excited Winchester, but he sped up anyway.

Dean frowned, and looked up at Castiel. He liked his new friend, but he was very strange.

When the two entered the park, they noticed there weren't too many children around, which made Dean grin.

Castiel looked around at the children and all the equipment with an almost fearful expression. Even though he had studied the behaviour of humans for thousands of years, he had never taken a child to a park before. He wasn't a hundred percent sure of what to do.

"CASHTUL!" yelled Dean, pulling his hand, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"I apologise, Dean. I was thinking." Castiel looked down at Dean, who was still smiling, which made him smile back. "What would you like to do first?"

"Um... Go dat pees?" asked Dean, pointing at the smaller of the two slides. The huge spiral slide was much bigger than Cas, which intimidated Dean.

"Of course." Castiel started walking over to the slide, and let Dean's hand go. "I will stand here and observe," he said, not wanting to leave him. He knew Dean Winchester was still wanted by demons, and him being a child would make him an easier target.

Dean giggled, and ran over to climb up the stone steps. "WATCH! WATCH ME, CASHTUL! WATCH!" he yelled, sitting at the top.

"I am watching," Castiel reassured him with a nod.

Dean let go of the slide, and slid down with his little arms in the air, screaming happily. "WEEEEEEEEE!" He made it to the end, and ran over to Cas. "You see? You see, Cashtul? Deanie go swide, and... and go WEEEEEE!" he rambled happily, bouncing in his excitement, making Castiel smile again.

"I saw, Dean. It looked like a lot of fun."

Dean giggled again, and ran back to the slide. After three more goes, he ran back over to his friend. "Come Cashtul," he said, pulling on Castiel's hand again. "Come swide."

Frowning, Castiel allowed himself to be pulled over to the metal steps of the bigger slide. "Dean, I am not a child."

"But... but it wight big. I scared," Dean whispered, watching a young mum slide down with her son. "Pees come."

Castiel looked down at the frightened expression on the little freckled face, then back up at the huge purple slide. "Very well. I shall accompany you down the slide."

"Um... What?" asked the little boy, confused at the big words the angel always used.

"I will come down the slide with you."

"YAY! Fank you Cashtul," giggled Dean, clapping his hands in delight.

"You are very welcome, Dean."

It was Dean's turn on the huge slide next, and as promised Castiel picked Dean up, and carefully sat at the top with him on his knee, like he had seen the young mum do. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah," nodded Dean, biting his lip as Castiel's arms wrapped around him. He leaned back against the angel's chest, and grabbed one of his hands with both of his when they began the long slide down.

"WEEEEEEEEEE!" he squealed happily, his fear completely gone, making Castiel laugh with him. This slide was a lot longer than the other one, but Dean loved it even more.

Once they reached the bottom, Dean was giggling uncontrollably. "Dat woads funny."

"It was," agreed Castiel, surprised at how fun it was. "What would you like to play on next?"

"Erm..." Dean looked around, and saw the roundabout. "Oooh. Go dat," he pointed, and took off running.

"Dean, wait," said Cas, running after him, he wasn't letting the little boy out of his sight.

Dean ran to the roundabout, and stood waiting for his friend. "Funny Cashtul," he said, pointing at the trench coat, which was flying out behind him as he ran. "Batman."

The angel came to a stop in-front of Dean, a confused expression crossing his face, wondering what a bat man was.

Dean tried to climb up onto the roundabout, but he was too small. "Hewp me," he said, holding his arms up.

"Okay." Cas lifted him, and sat him on the seat. After making sure Dean was seated, he checked the ride over to see how it worked. He grabbed the bar and gave a little tug, but it didn't move, so he turned his hand slightly, nodding in satisfaction when it turned too.

"Okay, I understand how this works. Hold onto the bar, it is ideal for safety."

"Awight." Dean's little hands held tightly to the bar as Castiel moved his hand in a circular motion, and the ride started moving slowly on its own.

Dean kicked his legs, giggling once again. "DEANIE GO AWOUND, CASHTUL! WOOK!"

Castiel smiled, the sound of the child's laughter was like music to him, and he cherished the sound of Dean Winchester laughing and smiling like that, since the older version didn't do much of either.

The roundabout was so much fun that Dean played on it for fifteen minutes, before deciding he wanted to play on something else.

An hour later, Dean and Castiel were on the seesaw. Dean thought it was funny how the angel once again made it move on its own, so they could go up and down without moving their legs.

Dean was swinging and kicking his little legs as he looked around the park to see what else he could play on. "Cashtul Cashtul, pway dat pees?" he asked, pointing at the huge climbing frame in the middle of the park.

"Okay." Castiel stopped the movement of the seesaw before he climbed off, and went to help the little boy.

After Castiel let him off, Dean ran over to the climbing frame.

"Dean, be careful. Make sure you don't fall off."

"Awight Cashtul. Deanie bwave," Dean told him, climbing up to the middle platform, and waving. "See?"

Castiel smiled and waved back. "I will stand right here, in-case you need my assistance," he told him, standing as close to the climbing frame as he could. For some reason, he felt even more protective of Dean while he was a child.

Dean grinned, and went to climb up the other section, which would take him up higher. Reaching the top, he looked down, and gasped when he realised this was even bigger than the angel. "YAAAAAAY! DEANIE BIG GIANT!"

"You sure are high. But be very careful up there," repeated Castiel, feeling like a worried parent.

A seven year old came over to Dean, and smiled. "You're a very good climber. Really little boys and girls don't climb this high."

"I bwave Deanie," Dean told the older boy, blushing slightly. He giggled, and walked back to the edge to climb back down, but he was so busy talking to the other boy that he lost his footing, and was sent falling.


"DEAN!" yelled Castiel, running as fast as he could to the other side where the tiny Winchester disappeared over the edge.


Hope you like

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