The Angel of the lord & the tiny Winchester

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I wasn't going to write any more stories about little Dean & Cas, but I kept getting the image in my head of the 2 going to the zoo, so I finally decided to write it. It'll be either 2 or 3 chapters.

Dean & his bestest friend 'Cashtul' have a fun day at the zoo.

Days passed by and Sam was no closer to finding a cure to bring Dean back to his normal size and age. Bobby was out on a hunt and Sam was once again in the library trying to find something in one of Bobby's books, but to no avail.

The little boy was fast asleep in the living room, snuggled up with his favourite teddy bear Hugsy. Sam kept getting up to check on him to make sure he didn't wake up alone and get frightened.

He had almost finished looking through the second book when he heard Dean crying out for him from the living room. He quickly stood up and ran back into the room to see Dean holding his teddy close to his chest and wandering around the living room, his eyes wide and filled with tears as he sobbed like he was heartbroken.

As soon as he saw Sam in the doorway, he dropped his teddy and ran over to his big brother. "SAMMY!" he yelled, holding his arms out to him.

"It's alright little man," soothed Sam, kneeling down to catch his brother in his arms. "Shh. It's alright. I'm not going to leave you." He rocked his brother from side to side, stroking his back in soothing circles.

"Where go?" he sniffled through his tears.

"I was only in the library. I wasn't too far away."

"I gots scared, Sammy."

"Shh. I know. I'm sorry," whispered Sam, feeling guilty when he heard Dean's breathing hitch and hiccup and felt his heart racing against his chest. The poor kid was scared to death and it was his fault. "I didn't mean to scare you."

"You come pway wif me pees?"

"I'd love to, little man. But I'm really busy reading through some important books."

"Peeeeeees. Want pway," pleaded Dean, his bottom lip poking out adorably.

Everything in Sam wanted to give in, but he knew he couldn't. But he also knew he couldn't leave Dean unattended, he needed someone to watch Dean while he continued researching. Other than Bobby, there was only one person Sam trusted to look after Dean. "Castiel."

A few seconds later, a fluttering sound was heard and the angel in the trench coat suddenly appeared in the middle of the living room. "Hello Dean."

Dean gasped when he heard the familiar voice, and turned around. His little face lit up into the biggest grin and he squealed excitedly. "CASHTUUUUUUL!" he yelled, wiggling around until Sam let him go. As soon as his little feet touched the ground, he ran over to Castiel and started jumping up and down, holding his arms up and waving. "CASHTUL! YAAAAAAAAY!"

A rare smile crossed Castiel's face as he lifted the little boy up into his arms. "How are you today?" he asked, drying the tears on the little freckled face.

"HIYA" he yelled, still looking excited as he threw his arms around the angel's neck.

Sam shook his head fondly as he watched the reunion between the pair. "Dean you only saw him yesterday."

Dean didn't reply, he just giggled and bounced happily in Castiel's arms. Castiel closed his eyes and held the little boy tightly. No matter how big or small Dean Winchester was, whether he was only 2 foot 10 or 6 foot 1, he always felt it was his duty to make sure he was safe and right now he could feel his heart fluttering rapidly like the wings of a bird.

"Are you okay? You seem frightened."

Dean pulled away, and looked up at the angel's face. "Yeah. Sammy went away and I be sad and den he wanned here and den you dere awell."

Castiel frowned at Sam. "You left him alone?"

"I was only a few feet away, in the library. I heard him as soon as he woke up, and ran in as fast as I could. I was here in five seconds."

"A lot can happen in five seconds, no matter how close you are," said Castiel, remembering a few days earlier in the park when Dean fell off the climbing frame, and would have been seriously injured or worse if Cas hadn't gotten to him as soon as he did. "Just looking around the room I can see three different dangers to him. He could have climbed up those high bookcases and fallen, he could have picked up the knife that is placed on the coffee table under the pile of books and he could have tripped over the clothes on the floor beside the couch and cut his head open on the table."

Sam was taken aback at the venomous look in the angel's blue eyes. "Whoa. Paranoid much? He was more scared of waking up alone than he was about climbing up a bookcase or playing with a knife. How dare you even imply that I would put my brother in that kind of danger."

Dean was watching the exchange with worried eyes, his bottom lip began trembling and his eyes filled with tears. "W-Why shout? Deanie in twouble?"

"Shh. It's okay Dean. You're not in any kind of trouble. I was worried you could harm yourself," Castiel soothed him in a comforting voice.

Dean smiled and laid his head on Castiel's shoulder, his little fingers playing with the tie.

Sam was watching the scene with a soft smile, his anger forgotten as he watched the sweet innocent child his brother had become. "Can you do me a favour? Can you take Dean out for a few hours while I'm busy?"

"Take him where?"

"Anywhere. How about the zoo?"

"The zoo? Is that the place with the animals?"

"Yeah. Would you like that little man? Go see some tigers and stuff? Then afterwards you can have some ice cream," he said, remembering how happy Dean was after his trip to the park and then having ice cream.

Dean gasped, his head shooting off Castiel's shoulder as he looked up with huge eyes. "Weally?"

Castiel looked from Dean to Sam, who nodded slightly. "Yes. Would you like me to take you to see some animals?"

"Yes pees Cashtul," Dean answered with a shy smile as he started his bouncing again.

When the tiny Winchester and the angel of the lord arrived at the zoo, Dean's eyes were so wide, Cas was worried his eyeballs were going to fall out of his head.

"Are you okay Dean?" he asked, squeezing the little hand gently.

Dean's little face lit up into the biggest grin and he nodded, his eyes darting around as if trying to look at everything at once. His free hand was squeezing Hugsy, he didn't want to go to the zoo without taking him to see the animals too, or it would make the bear 'sad' like he was when Dean went to the park without him.

"Where do you want to visit first, Dean?" asked Cas, looking down at the map he was holding. There was the aquatic, butterfly/flora, forestry, safari, reptilian, rainforest and marshland. His eyes widened, he hadn't realised there was so many different kinds of animals in the zoo. While Sam got Dean ready for a day out, Castiel had checked out every zoo he could find in the country and this one was the best and biggest he could find.

After deciding on one place, Castiel led Dean to the exhibit with butterflies. He remembered how much Dean had loved the butterfly at the park and knew he would love it there.

A glass dome ceiling loomed above them, with occasional sprays of water to keep the flowers and plants alive. Every flower imaginable lived inside, colours bright and petals stretched out to reach the sun. And the butterflies flittered above in an array of patterns.

As soon as Dean saw the butterflies flying around, he squealed excitedly and clapped in delight. "Wook Cashtul. Butfies."

"Yes. I see them too," Castiel nodded, holding his hand out and whispering something under his breath. At least twenty butterflies all of different sizes and colour flew over and fluttered around the two of them.

Castiel knelt beside Dean and the butterflies followed, and landed on the delighted little boy. His face, his hair, his body and even Hugsy were covered in the beautiful butterflies. "D-Dey wike me," he whispered to Castiel, bouncing up and down.

"Of course they like you."

Their legs started tickling Dean's nose and cheeks, making him giggle. "Tickwes."

"You have made many more friends."

Dean was so busy watching the butterflies, he didn't notice Cas was whispering again and his fingers moving like he was drawing on something invisible. The butterflies shifted and lined up, until they spelled out a name. "Hey Dean."

When Dean looked at him, he pointed at something up above them. He looked up and saw the group of butterflies fluttering in the air, spelling something out to them. "What say?"

"It says 'Dean'," Cas told him with a smile, placing his arm around Dean's waist. He quickly looked around, and saw nobody else had noticed the butterflies were arranged in a pattern of letters, spelling the name of a boy called Dean.

Dean squealed in joy, his entire face lighting up like a Christmas tree. "Hiya," he waved.

After more whispering and finger movements, the butterflies danced along and rearranged themselves to spell 'Hello'.

When Castiel told him what they spelled, Dean clapped in excitement and stared at the butterflies for several minutes until people started walking in their direction. Castiel waved his hand and they moved away, breaking up and twirling around and around like a vortex of colour.

Dean held a hand out, and one of the butterflies landed on his palm. It was bright orange and black and it's wings kept fluttering softly as Dean watched in amazement. "Here Cashtul," he said, holding out the butterfly and letting it land on Castiel's hair.

Castiel's eyes turned upwards as if trying to see the butterfly. "Thank you Dean."

Dean grinned and scrunched up his nose when the other butterflies moved and tickled his face. He looked up to see many more butterflies flying around them and other people looking over in astonishment at the butterflies surrounding the two of them as if they were drawn towards them.

"Wow. Woads and woads pwetty butfies," Dean whispered as if he was afraid talking too loud would disturb the butterflies. He giggled as two more flew onto Castiel's cheek, and another on his nose, making the blue eyes cross together as he tried to see what had landed on his nose.

As they started walking around, the swarm of beautiful butterflies followed them around, which Dean thought was funny. He held onto Castiel's hand, his head moving everywhere as he tried to follow them all with his eyes. He was holding Hugsy in the crook of his other arm, and holding one of the butterflies- a beautiful blue Morpho, on his palm as if it was his new pet.

Castiel kept looking down at Dean, whose green eyes sparkled with joy and innocence, and made the angel feel happy he was partly responsible for putting that look on Dean's face.

Walking further into the building, hundreds of butterflies were drawn to the little boy and the angel. Everyone turned to watch them, expressions of awe and amazement written all over their faces.

When Dean was finally ready to leave the place, he wanted to see the 'fishies' so Castiel took him to the aquarium. The huge room was bathed in a blue light, and sea creatures twirled and swam in their tanks.

As soon as Dean saw the dolphins, he hurried forward, tugging on Castiel's hand along the way. "Come Cashtul," he said, tugging harder as his little legs carried him as fast as they could.

When Dean made it to the tank, he turned his head upwards to see the beautiful blue-grey creatures moving through the water. "It um... What Cashtul?"

"It's a dolphin."

Dean nodded and held up Hugsy so he could see too. "Wook Hugsy. It dowfin. Dowfin go swim," he whispered, his eyes huge as they gazed up in awe at the beautiful creatures swimming around in-front of him.

Castiel knelt beside Dean and the two watched the dolphins together, both of them amazed at seeing the creatures up close. His gaze kept shifting from the dolphins to Dean and back again. The joy and excitement, the happiness and delight on his little freckled face as it lit up in a huge smile gave him a warm feeling in his chest. He had never felt it before, but he knew it was a good feeling.

"Dowfins pwetty is dey Cashtul?"

"Yes. They're beautiful creatures," Cas agreed with a nod.

After almost twenty minutes, Castiel managed to part Dean from the dolphins so he could see the Beluga whales, Stingrays, Saw fish, and some Seals which he also loved. Afterwards, they went to see the sharks.

As soon as Dean saw the sharks swimming around in their tank, he screamed and hid behind Castiel's legs, hiding under his trench coat. His little fingers were clenched in Castiel's trousers and he was trembling in fear.

Castiel immediately turned around and knelt in-front of him, giving him a hug. "There's no need to be afraid. No harm will come to you as long as I am with you," he soothed, rubbing comforting circles on his back and stroking his hair with his other hand. He stood up with Dean in his arms and carried him closer to the tank.

Dean cried out and hid inside Castiel's coat as if that would protect him from the sharks. He lowered the coat slightly, his eyes peeking out, but he covered them again when one swam close to him. It looked like he was playing 'peek-a-boo' with the sharks.

"It's okay Dean," whispered Cas, tugging the coat away from Dean's face. "They will not harm you. I promise you are safe." He stroked the freckled cheek with his thumb, trying to calm the scared three year old down. "You will always be safe with me."

Dean's eyes were huge as he watched the sharks swim around. They were really scary and had frightened him so much he was still shaking. He hugged his teddy bear close to his chest and placed his thumb in his mouth as he watched the scary sharks. Every time one came close to the glass he flinched and whimpered, but Castiel would always soothe him and make him feel better.

After five minutes, he realised the sharks wouldn't be able to hurt him so he calmed down slightly and started to enjoy watching them.

When Dean was ready to see something else Castiel carried him to the tanks with the exotic fish. Dean's eyes darted around at all the different coloured fish in the tanks that seemed to fill the whole corridor on each side. There were blue, pink, yellow, silver, orange, and green fish. There were big fish and small fish. From Angelfish and Rainbowfish to Lionfish and Catfish. Sea horses, sea turtles and Eels were also seen among the other fish.

"WOOOOOW!" He lifted Hugsy up to the glass. "Dey bootful is dey Hugsy?" When he saw a big pink starfish on one of the rocks, he gasped and pointed at it. "It Patwick. Hiya Patwick," he said, waving happily at the starfish. He gasped and looked around. "Where Spoonbob?"

"I don't understand who you are referring to," said a confused angel, looking around too. He saw Dean's bottom lip poking out which he knew indicated that he was sad, so Castiel placed his hand on the glass and dozens of the fish swam over in their direction. Castiel smiled at the awed look on Dean's face as the fish surrounded the tank closest to him.

"Dey wike me awell," said Dean, pointing at all the fish, giggling when one of them nutted the glass where his finger was. "Dey woads and woads and woads."

"You can tell Sam you have made a lot of friends," said Castiel, looking at a couple, who were watching the dozens of fish swim over to one place. He could tell they were confused and curious about why the fish seemed to think the little blond boy in the blue overalls, 'I wuv hugz' t-shirt and a spongebob coat and trainers, and the man in the suit, tie and trench coat were so interesting.

Dean suddenly let out a loud gasp and a gleeful squeal and started pointing at something. "Go dere Cashtul."

Castiel carried him to where he was pointing and the little boy grinned happily at him, his little nose scrunched up adorably. "NEMO! I founds Nemo," he cheered, giggling and bouncing in Castiel's arms in excitement, tugging on his tie as he pointed frantically at the orange and white fish.

"Whats a Nemo?"

"Nemo fishy," Dean whispered, his huge green eyes staring at the clownfish. "Wook Hugsy. Deanie founds Nemo."

Castiel still didn't understand what a Nemo was, but apparently it was very fascinating and mesmerising. As he watched Dean, he became worried because Dean's eyes were so wide, and he didn't seem to be blinking. "Dean are you okay?"

"Shhhhhh. Nemo," Dean whispered, placing his hand over Castiel's mouth so he wouldn't speak again. His eyes moved with the clownfish as it swam around, darting between the other fish, but not moving too far away.

As he continued watching the clownfish, Dean laid his little head on Castiel's shoulder. "I woves my bestest fwiend."

Castiel smiled and rested his cheek against Dean's soft blond hair. He felt the same kind of love for Dean that he felt for his brothers and sisters. Dean wasn't an angel -far from it- but he had become just as important to him. Castiel knew he would protect him from anything that threatened to harm him, and would do anything for him.

After the aquarium, Castiel took Dean to see the birds. Flowers bloomed in various colours, trees reached high above so birds could perch on them, and parrots and other birds with brightly coloured feathers and long tail feathers chirped and squawked above.

Dean was once again in awe at watching the birds fly around him. There were many different kinds including parakeets, lorikeets, cockatoos, macaws and even some doves.

He was enjoying the birds until he suddenly felt something on his head. Reaching up, he touched his hair and lowered his hand again to see something white on his fingers. He frowned in confusion and looked up to see the beautiful blue, red, yellow and green bird perched on the branches above him.

"Cashtul, what dat?"

Castiel looked at the mess on Dean's fingers and frowned. "It's bird excrement." He looked at Dean who blinked and stared at him, clearly not understanding what he was talking about. "The bird has um... pooped on you," he said, getting out a handkerchief from his pocket and started cleaning Dean's hand and his hair.

Dean's breathing hitched and he sniffled before he suddenly burst into tears. "Birdy no wike me," he wailed, his breath hitching and hiccuping as he cried his little heart out.

Castiel's eyes blazed bright blue for a second. "Which bird was it?" he almost growled, wiping away Dean's tears with his thumb and bouncing him gently, trying to soothe him.

Dean pointed a finger at the bird high above them. "Dat n-nasty bi-birdy," he sniffled, his bottom lip quivering.

Castiel nodded and held his hand out in the birds direction. He whistled and whispered something, and Dean tensed as he watched that one bird fly in their direction and land on Castiel's hand.

"There we go." He held the bird out to Dean, who cringed away from the bird who had made him sad. "Okay. Are you Dean's friend?" he asked the bird, who whistled at him. "He doesn't think you like him. You made him sad."

Dean watched in amazement as Cas spoke to the bird and the bird whistled back at him as if they were having a conversation. He was even more surprised when the bird looked at him and started singing. "What he do?"

"He is being your friend," Castiel told him with a grin, an expression that was even rarer than his smile. He didn't notice three people walk over to watch the beautiful bird singing to the cute little boy, who was staring at the bird with a delighted expression. They couldn't decide what was cuter- the little boy's face or the singing bird.

The bird hopped from Castiel's hand and flew onto Dean's shoulder, making him giggle. "Deanie p-piwate."

"Are you a good pirate?" asked Cas in amusement.

"Yeah," Dean giggled. He stroked his fingers over the soft multi-coloured feathers and the bird started nuzzling it's face against Dean's cheek and singing again.

After a couple of minutes, Dean heard a noise and turned to look at his best friend who had something in his hand and holding it near the bird, who started nibbling on some bird food.

"I's do it?" Dean held his hand out and Cas poured some of the food into his palm, so he could feed his new friend.

When the bird finished eating, they started walking around. Dean's new friend stayed perched on his shoulder, and more birds flew over to them. A macaw landed on Castiel's hair, which Dean thought was hilarious as he giggled uncontrollably at the funny sight of the angel with the birdy on his head.

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