Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Zeppelin's 1st night


Zeppelin's first night with the Winchesters.

"Dean, I'm not sharing a bed with a dog."

"Pees Sammy," begged Dean, standing in-front of him with Zeppelin in his arms.

"No. Dean, there is a bed for the puppy on the floor, he can sleep there." They had originally put the dog bed in the kitchen, but the little boy didn't want his new dog to be on his own in the kitchen all night.

Dean knelt down on the floor, still holding the little dog. "Seeps Zeppin bed den," he said, before laying Zeppelin in the dog bed, and crawling in after him.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Dean, you can't sleep in there," he said, but Dean wasn't listening, instead he placed his blanket over the puppy, and laid next to him. "Come on, kiddo. It's too small, you can't sleep in here all night."

Dean sat up, and lifted Zeppelin up into his arms again. "Zeppin bed awell?"

Sam knew he was outnumbered. Both the little boy and his dog were giving him the puppy dog eyes. They both looked so alike at that moment, Sam would have sworn they were related.

"Oh, alright then." Sam knew it was worth it to see the huge grin on the little boy's face. "But if he wets the bed, he's back in his own bed."

'Kay. Me's bed," he said, holding his new dog out, so Sam could hold him. Dean climbed up onto the big bed using his little box, and slid under the covers.

"There you go," said Sam, handing Zeppelin back over to his little brother.

"Fank you, Sammy." Dean frowned and rubbed his bruised forehead. "Head hurt."

Sam climbed into bed, and gently ran his fingers over the bruised lump in the middle of Dean's forehead, before giving kisses. "All better kisses make everything better."

"Fank you," mumbled Dean sleepily with a yawn.

Sam jumped in surprise when he felt something wet against his neck, and looked down to see it was only Zeppelin licking him.

Dean giggled. "Zeppin awell."

"You're both welcome. Now get to sleep."

Dean turned so he was facing away from Sam, still holding Zeppelin in his arms like his new favourite teddy bear. "Not skis him, Sammy," he whispered, snuggling back against Sam's warm chest.

"Goodnight Dean," whispered Sam, laying a kiss to the top of the blond head.

"Night, Sammy. Forgetted Zeppin."

"Night Zeppelin," Sam whispered, turning out the light.

-Next morning-

When Sam woke up the next morning, he noticed the bed was empty. Worried, he sat up and looked around the bedroom, and his heart melted when he looked down and saw Dean laying in the dog bed asleep, with his thumb in his mouth, and Zeppelin in his arms.

In the middle of the night the little dog wet the bed, so Sam had to put him back in his own. Sam removed the covers, and climbed out of bed, before crouching down and gently shaking the little boy's shoulder. "Dean, come on sleepyhead. Wake up."

Zeppelin was the first to open his eyes, looking first at Sam, then at his new best friend.

"Morning Zeppelin," said Sam, stroking the puppy's fluffy black and golden head. "Dean, come on." He laughed when the puppy started licking Dean's face, causing the tiny freckled nose to scrunch up adorably.

"Not baff," mumbled Dean, still asleep.

Sam laughed again, shaking his head. "Right, there's only one thing left to do," he told Zeppelin, tickling his brother.

Zeppelin immediately sat up and started yapping, going for Sam's hand. The little dog was already protective of Dean, making Sam smile, even as he tried to calm the puppy down.

Dean finally awoke at hearing his dog. He shot up, eyes darting around the room, until they landed on Sam. "Sammy, what doing?"

Zeppelin seemed to calm down when he saw his best friend was okay. He forgot about Sam, and went over to jump on Dean.

"Hiya Zeppin," said Dean happily, giggling when the little dog climbed up his chest and started licking his whole face, his tail wagging in excitement.

"So you finally decided to wake up then?"

"Yeah. Zeppin gotted me wake."

Sam rolled his eyes. 'Well at least someone could.' At least he knew Dean was going to be okay with the little dog around. He was someone for Dean to play with, but he was also someone who would protect him if either him or Bobby weren't around. That went a long way in Sam's books, he already considered the little dog part of their family.

"Right then, who wants breakfast?" he asked, and was answered by two excited little ones.


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