Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean gets sick part 1


This chapter is for Pixie9696 who wanted a little sick/feverish!Dean.

Dean gets sick.

It was early afternoon that Sam noticed Dean kept rubbing his ear. He was playing with Zeppelin in the living room, introducing him to his new teddies he had gotten for his birthday.

"Dis Metaca," he said, holding up the toy dog Sam had bought him at the petting zoo.

He was about to introduce him to Fred the fireman when Sam walked over. "Hey kiddo. Are you okay?"

Dean looked up from playing with a little smile. "Hiya Sammy. Zeppin see teddies."

"Are you okay?"

"Me's 'kay, Sammy. Pay awell?" Dean asked, holding up Metallica for Sam to play with.

Sam took the dog and walked him over to his brother. "Hello Dean," he said in a squeaky voice, making Dean giggle.

"Hiya, Metaca. Me's Fwed fi'man," Dean said, holding his fireman teddy up.

Both brothers laughed when Zeppelin hit Sam's leg with his head. "It's alright, we haven't forgot about you," said Sam, picking up the puppy.

Zeppelin immediately started licking Sam's face. Dean got up and sat on Sam's knee to have a hug with his brother and his dog, and as soon as he sat down, the puppy started licking Dean's face excitedly.

"Woves you Sammy, and woves you Zeppin," whispered Dean, laying his head against Sam's shoulder.

"We both love you," Sam told him, kissing the little boy's hair. "Don't forget me," came a squeaky voice as Metallica popped up and kissed Dean's nose.

Dean giggled and took the toy dog from his brother, giving him a little hug.

Sam frowned in concern when Dean started playing with his ear again. "Hey, kiddo. Let me have a look at your ear."

"'Kay." Dean put his hand down, and tilted his head so Sam could see it.

The older Winchester tilted Dean's head further to the side, and looked closely, but he couldn't see anything wrong. If he knew how much pain Dean was going to be in, Sam would have taken him straight to the doctors before it could get started.

As they were getting ready for bed, Sam noticed Dean's cheeks were a little red. "Hey kiddo. Come here."

When Dean walked over, and seemed to trip over his own feet, Sam shot forward, and caught him. Putting his hand against Dean's cheek, Sam noticed he was a little warm. "How are you feeling? You're a bit warm." His worry increased when the little boy didn't answer, he just laid his head against Sam's neck, and hid his face. "BOBBY!"

Bobby ran down the hallway at hearing the screams, and burst into the bedroom. "What's wrong?"

"I think he's sick," Sam said, rubbing his hand up and down Dean's back.

"Dean? Come on, little man. It's okay. Let us have a look at ya," said Bobby, smiling when Dean looked up. Bobby placed his hand on Dean's flushed cheeks, frowning worriedly when he felt the heat. "I think yer right, Sam. Lay him in bed. We'll have to keep a close eye on him. Hopefully he'll be better after he has some sleep."

Sam nodded, and laid the little boy in the middle of the bed, covering him up with a light blanket.

Bobby left the room, but came back a minute later with a glass of water. "Here, that's for Dean. Shout if he gets any worse. I'll take Zeppelin in with me tonight." He sat on the edge of the bed, and ran his fingers gently through the soft hair. "Hey, little man. I'll be down the hall, okay? If ya need me, ask Sam to shout me." He gave the tiny Winchester a kiss on the forehead, and stood from the bed. On the way out, Bobby picked up Zeppelin and left the room.

When they were alone, Sam climbed into bed beside his brother, and pulled him into his arms. "Get some sleep."

"'Kay, Sammy," mumbled Dean against him, already half asleep.

Sam kissed his little brothers hair, before reaching over and turning out the light.

It was two in the morning when Dean woke up crying and screaming in pain.

Still almost asleep, it took Sam a few moments to turn on the light. When his eyes adjusted to the brightness, he looked down, and saw Dean's cheeks were bright red, and he was rubbing his ear again. He was about to call for Bobby, when the man himself came running in the bedroom.

"He's burning up," said Sam worriedly, gently stroking his brother's cheek and rocking him gently in his arms to comfort him.

Bobby nodded, and ran back out, but he came back a minute later with a bowl of water and a cloth. "How's he doing?" he asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Sam didn't answer, he just continued rocking the sick little boy.

"Hey little man. Shh, it's okay," Bobby soothed, wiping the wet cloth over Dean's face to cool him down. His worry increased when he noticed Dean was shivering.

Sam smiled slightly when he saw Dean leaning into Bobby's hand. "We're going to make ya better, okay?"

"I bet that feels nice," said Sam, looking down at Dean.

Glazed, tearful green eyes looked back up at him. "S'my," he mumbled, raising his little hand. Sam smiled, and gently took hold of it in his own. "Zep'n?"

"It's okay, little man. Zeppelin's in my room because yer sick. I'll bring him back when yer better, okay?"

Dean didn't seem to hear him, and continued looking around the room. "Whoa. What are you doing?" asked Sam in surprise when Dean suddenly sat up.

"Zep'n," mumbled Dean, tears filling his eyes.

"Dean, lay down. We have to get you better first."

"Hurt," Dean cried, his hand going back up to his ear.

Sam took the little hand in his again, kissing his brother's fingers. "Don't play with it. You'll make it worse. Is it the ear you kept rubbing earlier?" he asked, gently moving Dean's head slightly so he could have a look. He wasn't sure, but he thought the inside looked a bit swollen. "I think he might have an ear infection or something."

Bobby nodded and continued to cool the little boy down. "We'll take him to the doctors tomorrow," he said when Dean started crying again.

"I think I might try walking around with him for a bit. Dad said that used to work with me when I was sick and couldn't sleep." Sam stood from the bed with Dean in his arms and started rocking him gently as he walked around the bedroom.

After walking from one side of the room to the other six times, the little boy seemed to calm down, but he was still in a lot of pain. He was almost asleep again when Sam laid him back down.

"I don't know about you, but I'm not going back to sleep tonight. He might need us," said Sam, taking the cloth from Bobby.


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