Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean gets sick part 2


Sam and Bobby take Dean to see a Doctor.

It had been a long night, neither Sam or Bobby had got any sleep since Dean woke up at two that morning. The little boy kept waking up crying in pain, and calling for his brother.

Just after 9 0'clock, Sam and Bobby were getting ready to take him to the doctors. The little boy was still warm, but not as hot as he had been for most of the night, and he was in pain. They decided to keep Dean in his pajamas, and wrap a blanket around him.

"Come on, kiddo." Sam scooped Dean into his arms, and carried him downstairs where he laid him on the couch so he could put on his shoes and coat.

"Hey little man," said Bobby, kneeling beside the couch, and stroking Dean's hair.


"I can't, I have to watch Zeppelin," Bobby explained, feeling guilty when the little boy's eyes filled with tears.

"Pees come," sobbed Dean, holding onto Bobby's arm. "Want Unca B-Bee-bee."

"Shh. Hey it's okay. I'll tell ya what, I'll put Zeppelin in the kitchen, okay? And I'll come with ya." Bobby thought it was worth a wrecked kitchen just to see the little smile on Dean's pale face.

"Metaca?" whispered Dean, looking around. Since he couldn't take his real dog, he wanted to take his toy dog.

"Sam, do ya know where Metallica is?" Bobby asked Sam when he came back into the room.

"Yeah, he was in the bedroom. I'll go get him," answered Sam, turning back around, and heading upstairs.

"Hurt," cried Dean, rubbing his ear again.

"Don't do that," said Bobby, gently holding Dean's hand. "I know it's sore, little man. We're taking ya to make it better, okay?" Dean started crying again, so Bobby sat on the edge of the couch, and lifted him into his arms. "Shh, yer going to be aright soon. I promise."

"How is he?" asked Sam, coming back into the room. He frowned in concern when he saw his little brother crying in Bobby's arms.

"He's in a lot of pain, Sam. Are ya ready? I need ya to take him while I put Zeppelin in the kitchen. I'm coming too." Bobby stood up with Dean, and carried him over to Sam.

"Noooo," cried Dean, arms outstretched reaching for Bobby.

"Shh. It's okay kiddo. He's just putting Zeppelin away, he's coming with us. Look who I've got." Sam brought up his other hand to show Dean his teddy. "Oh look, it's Metallica." He smiled when he tickled the little boy's nose with the little dog, causing Dean to smile slightly, and hide his face.

"I'm ready," said Bobby, coming back in from the kitchen. "Who do ya want to sit with in the car little man?"

"Sammy," mumbled Dean against Sam's shirt.

"Alright then. Let's go, Sam."

When they got outside, Bobby opened the back door for Sam. "Thanks Bobby," he said gratefully, sliding into the seat with his brother.

Bobby and Sam sat with Dean in an almost empty waiting room. They were only waiting five minutes when the doctor called Dean's name.

"Come on kiddo, that's you." Sam stood with Dean and walked into the room, Bobby following behind.

"What do we have here?" asked the male Doctor, smiling at the sick little boy.

"It's my little brother. I think he might have a bad ear infection. He's been up most of the night crying, and he's been rubbing his right ear a lot," Sam explained, watching Dean walk Metallica up his arm.

"Okay. Hey there little guy," said the Doctor, moving his chair closer to his patient. "My name's Dr Ross. I need to have a look at you, will you let me do that?"

Sam smiled when Dean looked shyly up at the Doctor. "Me's De, Dis Metaca," he whispered, holding up his dog, making the Doctor smile.

"Nice to meet you Dean and... Me-Metallica?" The doctor looked at Sam, who nodded. "I'm Dr Ross, but you can call me Michael, okay?"

Dean looked up at Sam. "He Mikew," he told his big brother, making all the grown-ups smile.

"Your brother told me you weren't feeling well. Can I have a look at your ear?"

"It hurt," said the little boy, moving his hand up to his ear again.

Michael caught Dean's hand in his before he could reach his ear. "I know, can I have a look at it? I promise I won't hurt you." He smiled when Dean nodded, still snuggled up to Sam's chest. "Okay then." Michael rolled back to his desk and took the Otoscope, then rolled back to his patient.

Dean gasped and started staring at the instrument with wide eyes.

"It's okay, kiddo. The doctor's not going to hurt you, he needs to have a look in your ear. It won't hurt, I promise," Sam reassured his scared brother.

Michael smiled at Dean. "Can you tilt your head a little for me?" Dean nodded, and did as the Doctor asked. "Well, it does look red and swollen. It looks like your brother was right, you have an ear infection. But I have medicine that will make you all better in just a few days." He rolled back to his desk to write out a prescription, then handed the piece of paper to Sam. "If it doesn't clear up within a week bring him back, but that should do the job."

"Thanks doc," said Bobby gratefully.

"No problem, that's what I'm here for. Bye Dean," said Michael, waving at his little patient.

Dean waved shyly back, his little shoulders scrunched up adorably. "Bye bye, Mikew."

On the way back, Bobby was the one who went to the pharmacy to get the medicine that would make his little man better. This time in the car, Dean started crying again, causing Bobby to pull over so they could give him some of the medicine, which hopefully would relieve him of his pain.

As soon as they entered the house, Sam carried Dean over to the couch, and sat back with him cradled in the crook of one arm.

Bobby went to see if Zeppelin had demolished his kitchen, and was surprised to see the puppy laying in-front of the door, and his kitchen the way he left it. When Bobby stepped foot in the kitchen, Zeppelin jumped up at him. "Hey, calm down," he said, picking up the little dog. "I guess ya want to see Dean?" He smiled when Zeppelin started wagging his tail and yapping in excitement. "I'll take that as a yeah."

Bobby walked into the living room, where Sam was still cradling his little brother, and stroking his face. "I got someone here who wants to see ya."

Dean smiled and sat up slightly with Sam's help when he saw Bobby holding Zeppelin in his arms. "Zeppin."

"Be careful," said Bobby, gently placing the little dog in Dean's arms.

As soon as Zeppelin was with Dean, the little dog immediately began licking and nudging his face, making him giggle for the first time since yesterday. After the initial excitement had died down, Zeppelin laid down on Dean's chest, licking his face every so often, it was as if he knew his friend was sick and he had to be careful.

By the end of the day Dean already seemed a little bit better, but it was three days before he was fully recovered.


Hope you like.

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