Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean the mechanic & bathtime


Dean helps Bobby with a car. Later it's bath time.

The day after Dean had recovered from his ear infection, Bobby was out in the yard fixing a car. He had been out for half an hour when he heard a noise behind him, and turned around to see it was Dean and Zeppelin.

"Hey, little man. Does Sam know yer out here?" he asked, reaching for his cloth to wipe his oil-covered hands.

"Yeah. He say go Unca Bee-bee," answered Dean, leading his dog over to his uncle.

Bobby had bought Zeppelin a collar and lead the day before, so he could go for walks. The collar had a tag on it, which Bobby had carved a devil's trap into, so the dog didn't get possessed by anything, and end up hurting Dean.

"What doing?"

"I'm trying to fix this car, little man."

Dean stood up on his tiptoes to see the engine. "Why?"

"Because I'm a mechanic, it's what I do," Bobby told him, picking Dean up so he could see properly.

"Ooooh. Me one awell?" asked Dean, looking at Bobby, then back at the car. "Unca Bee-bee, what mecnic?"

Bobby chuckled, shaking his head. "It's someone who helps make cars better when they stop working," he explained, straightening the little boy's hat.


"Yeah, I guess it is like being a Doctor." Bobby tweaked Dean's nose, making him giggle. "Do ya want to help?"

"Yeah," said Dean, bouncing in Bobby's arms.

"Okay. This thing here, that's the engine. If a car doesn't have one of them, it won't work." Dean nodded, a serious expression on his little face as he listened to his uncle Bobby. "This here is the carburetor..."

The auto shop went on until Sam shouted them in for dinner, so Bobby started lowering the hood of the car. "Come on little man, watch yer fingers. OW! Dammit," he yelled when he cut his thumb on something sharp.

"UNCA BEE-BEE!" shouted Dean in panic.

"Hey, it's okay. It's only a little cut. Look," Bobby tried to reassure the little boy, whose eyes were filled with tears.

Dean grabbed hold of Bobby's hand to see the little cut on his thumb. "It's okay, see?"

"Bad car," Dean said, hitting the hood, making Bobby smile. "Telled him off, Unca Bee-bee."

"Thanks little man. Come on, let's go in for dinner." Bobby let Dean down, so he could walk his dog back inside.

"Beat you," said Dean, running in-front of Bobby with Zeppelin running along beside him. When the little boy reached the steps, he turned around and started jumping. "YAY! ME'S WINNED!"

Zeppelin started yapping and running around Dean, wagging his tail with excitement.

Bobby couldn't help laughing. "Just get inside, ya little freak."

Dean giggled, then turned around and went through the open back door. "Hiya Sammy," he said when he saw his brother putting out their dinner on the table.

"Hey kiddo. Did you have fun?" he asked, taking the lead off Zeppelin's collar.

"Yeah, Unca Bee-bee showed car. Den car eated him."

"What?" asked Sam, looking at Bobby with raised eyebrows.

Bobby smiled, shaking his head. "He's exaggerating. I cut my thumb while I closed the hood."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, it's fine. It's only a little one. I'll wash it, then I'll join ya," he told him, walking over to the sink.

Dean and Sam were already seated when Bobby finished cleaning his thumb. "Hey little man, do ya want to help me tomorrow? I could use some help."

"Hep mowwow?" Dean asked his brother, his eyes going big and round.

"Sure, why not. You have to be good though."

"Me's good."

Bobby looked at Sam. "He was great today. I told him all the names of things that make a car. He seemed to enjoy it, didn't ya little man?"

"Yeah, woads and woads," replied Dean, putting his hand under the table again.

"We can see what you're doing, Dean. Stop giving your food to Zeppelin," Sam told him, pointing his fork at his brother.

"Me's not do noffing. Wook." Dean raised both hands out to show them they were empty.

"That's because you gave it to Zeppelin. You've been feeding him for the last five minutes."

Dean turned to Bobby, and gave his most innocent expression. "Me's not do noffing. Say him, Unca Bee-bee."

"Don't bring me into this."

"Big meanie," the little boy pouted, making Bobby and Sam laugh.

The rest of dinnertime was spent in silence. Dean continued to feed Zeppelin his food, Bobby and Sam pretended not to notice.

"Come on Dean. It's time for your bath."

"YAAAY!" came a voice from the bedroom, before the little boy came running into the bathroom in his little boxers. He looked into the bath, and clapped excitedly as Sam took his boxers off for him. "Ooooh boobles."

"Dean, it's bubbles not boobles," Sam told him with a fond smile as he finished getting his brother undressed.


Sam was soaked as Dean climbed in and splashed into the bubbles. "You know I'm not getting a bath, don't you?"

Dean giggled, he loved getting a bath.

"Before you start playing, I need to wash your face and hair," Sam told him, wetting Dean's blue face cloth, before gently running the cloth over his exposed skin. After giving him a wash, Sam grabbed the small plastic cup, and used his free hand to cover Dean's eyes as he poured the water over his head so he could wash his hair.

As the water poured over him, Dean kept his eyes tightly closed and sat still so none of the shampoo or water could go into his eyes.

"Okay, kiddo. It's done." Sam wiped Dean's forehead to make sure there was no remaining shampoo that could get in his eyes. "Oooh look, the stars have come out," he said, wiping the cloth across Dean's nose and cheeks, revealing his freckles. "I'm going to get your fre-eckles," he sang, before kissing them.

"No. Dey my's feckwes." Dean giggled, putting one of his hands over his face, hiding his freckles from his brother as he used the other hand to splash water over Sam.

"I'm going to get you back for that," warned Sam, splashing Dean back.

Dean was giggling as he retaliated and splashed his brother by slapping his hand down into the water, making it splash everywhere. It wasn't long before the floor was drenched from the water fight.

Neither of them heard Bobby enter the bathroom until he cleared his throat, making both brothers jump, and spin around. "Do ya mind? This isn't a swimming pool. Now who did this?" he asked, looking at his flooded bathroom.

"Not me," said the two brothers in unison, both wearing identical 'innocent' expressions.

Bobby rolled his eyes, struggling not to smile at the two. "Who did then?"

They looked at each other, then back at Bobby. "Zeppin?" suggested Dean, making Sam laugh.

"Nice try, but Zeppelin's with me."

"Erm... It jump."

"It jumped?" asked Bobby, raising his eyebrows.

"Yeah. We's sit, wight? Water up..." Dean raised his arm out of the water. "SPASS! In't it, Sammy?" he asked his brother, but Sam was no help; he was sitting there, laughing his head off.

"Riiiight. Well I want this bathroom dry before ya come out. I'll leave the mop and bucket outside the door, okay Sam?"

Sam was still laughing, but he managed to nod his head. Dean covered his mouth, and started giggling again.

"Idjits," Bobby said smiling, before turning around and heading to the kitchen to get the mop.

As soon as Bobby left, Sam turned to Dean with raised eyebrows. "It jumped?"

Dean nodded, still grinning. "Yeah. Water go up. Dey woads water and sand."

"You're not getting a bath in the middle of the sea, are you? By the way they're called waves."

"Dis?" asked a confused Dean, waving his hand.

Sam smiled, and took hold of his brother's hand. "No. It's like a big wave of water."

"Sam, the mop and bucket is outside the door," came Bobby's voice outside the bathroom.

That was all it took for the brothers to start laughing again.


Hope you like.

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