Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean, Sam & Zeppelin play ball


Dean, Sam and Zeppelin play ball.

A few days later, Dean was playing in Bobby's yard with Zeppelin and Metallica. Bobby and Sam took turns keeping an eye on him to make sure he was okay, even though they trusted Zeppelin to bark if anything happened.

"Woves you Zeppin," said Dean, stroking the little dog. He giggled when Zeppelin got up, and started running around in circles, trying to chase his tail, but he went too fast, got dizzy and fell over.

"Oh no. Zeppin. You's 'kay?" he asked worriedly, before picking up his dog and running into the house. "SAMMY! SAMMY!"

"What's wrong?" asked Sam, running over to Dean when the little boy came flying through the back door, crying out his name.

"Zeppin felled. See hurted," begged Dean, handing Zeppelin to his big brother to make him better.

Sam knelt in-front of Dean, and took Zeppelin from his upset brother. Cradling the little puppy gently, he started running his hand over the dog's fur, checking for any injuries, but thankfully he didn't find any. "It's okay. I don't think he's hurt," he told his brother, laughing when Zeppelin licked his nose. "See? He's fine." Sam looked down at Dean, and his heart broke slightly when he saw tears falling down his cheeks. "Hey, come here."

Dean threw himself at Sam, and wrapped his arms around his neck. "Shh. There's no need to be upset, kiddo. Zeppelin's fine," soothed Sam, kissing his brother's hair. He laughed again when Zeppelin joined in and started licking Dean's face to cheer up his best friend.

"Is everything okay?" asked Bobby, coming into the kitchen to see his family huddled on the floor.

"Yeah. Dean got upset because Zeppelin fell over."

Bobby walked over and knelt beside Dean, putting his hand on the little shoulder. "Hey little man."

"Zeppin felled," whispered Dean sadly, stroking the little dog.

"I know, little man. But he's okay, look he's not hurt," Bobby told him, stroking the little dog too. "Hey, I bought a ball for ya yesterday. Why don't ya go play ball with Sam and Zeppelin, huh?"

Dean sniffled, and wiped his nose on his sleeve. "We's pay, Sammy?"

"Of course we can. Bobby can watch with Metallica. Is he still outside?"

Dean nodded, and stood up. "Come Sammy," he called over his shoulder, heading back out with Zeppelin behind him.

Since Dean liked to play in the back, Bobby had to make sure there was nothing that could hurt him. So a week before, he and Sam had spent a few hours clearing the back yard up, so there was a whole yard for Dean to play in.

"I'm coming kiddo," said Sam, before turning to Bobby. "Are you getting the ball, or should I?"

"I'll get it. Just go out to Dean before he starts yelling for ya."

"SAMMY!" screamed Dean, making them both laugh.

"Speak of the devil. I'll be out in a sec, Sam."

"Okay. I'm coming, keep your hair on," Sam said, walking towards his brother, who was making a pile of stones. "Dean, what are you doing?"

"Me's make fingy. You's dere, Sammy." Dean handed his brother a handful of stones so he could make the other side of the goal.

"Okay then. Make sure Zeppelin doesn't eat any." Sam headed to the other side to make the goal complete.

"Hey, are ya ready?" asked Bobby, coming out with the ball, which he threw to Sam.

"Yeah, we're just building the goal. Have you finished, Dean?"

Dean nodded, and stood up to join his brother. "Oooh, Batman!" he exclaimed when he saw the ball Bobby had bought him.

"Yeah, I thought ya'd like it. Right... Me and Metallica will be over here on the bench, cheering for ya." Bobby picked up the toy dog and went to sit on the old couch he and Sam had brought out when they sorted the yard out.

"Are you ready, Dean?" asked Sam, putting down the ball.

"YEAH!" yelled Dean in excitement. "Zeppin wiv me."

"Okay then," agreed Sam, kicking the ball to his brother.

Dean immediately turned around, and headed for the goal.

"Go on, little man," called Bobby from his seat.

"I'm coming for you," Sam warned, before going after his brother, who was getting close to the goal.

"YAY! Me's gotted one," Dean announced, jumping up and down when the ball rolled past the stones.

Sam and Bobby laughed when Zeppelin started running around his team-mate in celebration. "Well done, kiddo. You scored a goal," praised Sam, ruffling his little brother's hair, which was almost as long as his.

"Good job, little man," cheered Bobby, clapping.

"It's my go now," said Sam, kicking the ball away from the goal again. Dean ran forward, and tried to get the ball, but his brother was too quick for him, and dodged to the side, taking the ball with him. "He shoots, he scores," he cheered, running around his laughing brother twice, with his arms in the air.

"BOOO!" called Bobby, from his seat.

Sam laughed. "Right, that means Metallica's going to cheer for me then, since you're cheering for Dean."

Dean pointed a finger at his toy dog. "You's Sammy. Me telled him, Sammy."

"Thanks kiddo."

Dean smiled, then went after the ball again. He kicked it so it was in-front of the goal and gave one last big kick to send it all the way to the stones. Sam ran and tried to get in-front of Dean, but the ball managed to roll past him into the goal.

"YAY!" Bobby and Sam couldn't help laughing when Dean started dancing. "Gotted more dan you."

"Well done, little man," cheered Bobby. Sam went over, and lifted his brother, swinging him around in a circle, making him giggle.

Sam swung his brother around twice, then put him down. It was his turn, but this time Zeppelin went after the ball. "Awww, Sammy. See Zeppin," said Dean, pointing at his team-mate, who was nudging the ball towards the goal with his nose.

"Aw." Sam couldn't take the ball from the little dog, the sight of him nudging the ball was just too cute.

"GO ZEPPIN!" yelled Dean, jumping up and down in excitement. They all watched as the little dog scored the third goal for his team. "WOOOOO!" cheered Dean, running over and lifting his dog into a big hug.

"Who knew dogs could play soccer," said Sam, joining his brother.

"He cever," said Dean seriously, still hugging his team-mate.

Sam smiled, stroking Zeppelin's fluffy head. "Yeah, he is. Come on, kiddo." After hugging his brother, he stood up, and went after the ball again, kicking in the direction of the stones.

Dean ran after his brother as fast as his little legs would carry him, but Sam scored his second goal before he could get to him.

"Now, it's 3-2," said Sam, running around his brother again.

"You's siwwy, Sammy."

"I'm what?" asked Sam, walking over trying to look threatening.

"Oh no," laughed Dean, running away from Sam.

"I'm going to get you for that," warned Sam, running after him.

Dean was laughing his head off as he ran from his brother, but he wasn't fast enough. "Got you." Sam grabbed his brother, and laid him gently on the floor. He curled his hand into a 'scary' shape, and started tickling him. "The tickle monster is here."

"No," laughed Dean, pushing his hands away and trying to escape. "Unca Bee-bee... get Sammy."

Bobby walked over, and knelt beside the brothers, but instead of helping Dean, he started tickling him too, making the little boy scream with laughter.

"Z-Z-Zeppin hep," Dean managed through his laughter, holding his hand out, but the little dog started licking his face as he joined in with the fun.

Sam stopped the tickling first, and lifted Dean into his arms. "Would you like some ice cream to celebrate?"

"Yes Pees, Sammy," said Dean, putting his arms around his big brother's neck in a hug.

"Come on then." Sam stood up with Dean in the crook of one arm and headed back up to the house.

"Did ya have fun, little man?" Bobby asked, picking the ball up and joining them.

"Yeah. We's pay mowwow?"

"We'll see. I'm taking you for a haircut tomorrow," Sam told him, brushing Dean's hair away from his eyes again.

"'Kay Sammy. Me's winned. Me gotted two, and Zeppin one."

Sam smiled, and tweaked Dean's nose. "That's right. You and Zeppelin scored three, I got two. What ice cream do you want?"

"CHOCATE!" shouted Dean, making Bobby and Sam smile.


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