Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean's haircut


Dean gets a haircut

"DEAN, COME ON! IT'S TIME TO GO!" Sam yelled from the living room as he grabbed the car keys and his wallet.

"Me's come," said Dean, coming in from the kitchen after giving Zeppelin a goodbye hug. "Why not Zeppin come?"

Sam rolled his eyes, and helped Dean get his leather jacket on. "Because he's a dog, Dean. They don't go to the hairdressers. Bobby, are you ready?"

"I'll be ready in two minutes. I'll meet ya in the car"

"Okay. Come on," said Sam, standing up and taking his brother's hand.

"Noooo. We's forgetted Unca Bee-bee," said Dean, trying to take his hand back.

"Uncle Bobby's going to meet us in the car," Sam told him, tightening his hold on the little hand, and leading him outside. "We haven't forgot about him, don't panic."

When they got to the car, Sam unlocked the back door, so Dean could climb into the back seat. "Move your leg, so I don't squish it," said Sam, before closing the door and walking around to the drivers side. After Sam sat down behind the wheel, Dean stood on the back seat, and put his arms over the front. "Hiya Sammy."

"Dean, sit down."

"Me dwive?"

"Not right now, no. You can when you're older, I'll teach you. The car will be yours when you're fifteen, that's when I learned to drive. I learned from the best."

Dean's eyes went huge when Sam told him the car would be his. "Me's Impa? Fank you, Sammy," he said, reaching over to give his brother a hug.

"You're welcome, kiddo. Now sit down, your Uncle Bobby's here."

Dean sat down immediately, and started bouncing on the seat in excitement. "Unca Bee-bee, guess what," he said before Bobby even had a chance to sit down. "Sammy show me dwive."

Bobby looked at Sam in surprise as he buckled Dean in.

"When he's older, I'm going to teach him," Sam explained, starting the car.

"Oh, thank god," sighed Bobby in relief. "If ya teach him now, we'd have to keep an eye on all the cars to make sure this little man didn't steal one and go off joy riding or something."

Sam burst out laughing at the thought of a three year old stealing a car. Bobby joined in, and so did Dean, even though he didn't know what he was laughing at.

At the hairdressers, Dean became nervous while they were waiting for his turn. He was sat in the middle, so both Sam and Bobby wrapped their arms around his little shoulders.

"It's alright, little man," Bobby whispered, trying to calm the little boy down.

"Me's scared," Dean whispered back, watching all the other people getting their hair cut.

"There's no need to be, kiddo. I'll be right there with you."

When Dean's name was called, he whimpered and started clinging onto Sam's arm. "Give your hat to Bobby. He'll look after it for you," Sam told him, and waited until Dean did as he asked, before he stood, and led his brother over to the chair.

"Hi there. What's your name?" the young female hairdresser asked Dean, who hid behind his brother.

"His name is Dean. He's a little nervous, he's never had his hair cut before."

"Hey Dean, my name's Claire," the hairdresser introduced herself. "I'm just going to cut your hair. I promise I won't hurt you." Dean's head appeared from behind Sam, making Claire smile. "There you are, you're a little cutie, aren't you?"

"You awell," Dean whispered shyly, making Sam and Claire laugh.

"Aw, thank you sweetie. He's going to be a heart-breaker when he grows up."

"Yeah he is. Come on, let's get you in the chair." Sam lifted the little boy, and sat him down in the chair, before kneeling in-front of him, and taking his hand in both of his. "I'm going to be right here, okay?"

Dean took a shaky breath, and nodded. "'Kay, Sammy."

"That's my boy."

Dean's eyes went wide when he saw Claire pick up a pair of scissors and walk towards him. "Sammy, she gotted sharps."

"Hey, it's okay. Do you think I'd bring you here if someone was going to hurt you? Nothing will hurt you as long as I'm around," promised Sam, stroking his brother's hand.

Claire walked around, and knelt beside Sam. "It's okay. There's no need to be nervous, sweetie. These are my lucky scissors, I always use these. I won't hurt you. I have a little daughter, and she was scared the first time I cut her fringe, now she let's me cut it every time it gets too long."

"What her? Me's fee."

"She's four now, that's one year older than you, her name's Alexia."

Dean's green eyes lit up. "She pwetty?"

"Yeah she is. She's got blond hair like you, and she has blue eyes."

"Me's gween," Dean told her, pointing at his eyes.

"They're beautiful aren't they?" Claire said, smiling. "Are you going to let me cut your hair now?"

Dean looked at Sam, who smiled reassuringly and nodded at him, squeezing his hand gently.

"Alright then." Claire stood up, and walked behind Dean with her lucky scissors. "Is he your son?" she asked Sam.

"He's my little brother. Do you... er... are you with anybody?" he asked, his cheeks going slightly pink.

"No, I'm single. Alexia's dad left a couple of years ago. How are you doing, Dean?"

"Kay. You wike my Sammy?" he asked innocently.

Sam and Claire blushed bright red. "Er... yeah he's alright," she said, not looking at Sam. "I'm almost finished with the back. How short do you want it, Sam?"

"Can you do it a little shorter?" Sam asked, still stroking the back of Dean's little hand soothingly.

"Of course. Do you want his fringe cutting too?"

"Yes please. It's too long, he can hardly see. Are you still okay, kiddo?"

"Yeah, Caire not scawy."

"Aw, thanks. I'm going to come around and cut your fringe now okay?"

When Dean nodded, Sam moved a little to the side, so Claire could kneel in-front of Dean.

"Boo," said Dean when Claire knelt down.

"Oh, you scared me," she said, putting her hand on her chest, making Dean giggle. "I need you to close your eyes for me, okay?"

Dean nodded and did as Claire asked, scrunching his eyes closed tightly. "Me's gotted baby doggy... he Zeppin."

"That's nice, what kind of dog is he?"

"He puppy," Dean told her, his nose scrunching up as the falling hair tickled his face.

"He's a German shepherd."

"Yeah, Unca Bee-bee gotted him. He dere." Dean pointed over in the direction he thought the chairs and his uncle Bobby might be. "My's nose tickwes."

"I'm almost done, sweetie. Do you want me to put a bit of gel on, so it's spiky?"

"Yeah. Sammy?"

Sam squeezed Dean's hand gently. "Of course you can."

"Alright, I'm finished. You can open those beautiful eyes now."

Dean opened his eyes, and looked wide-eyed at his reflection. "My's hair go," he said, making Sam and Claire laugh.

"It's not gone, you big silly. It's just short," Sam told him, tweaking his nose.

"I'm going to get a bit of gel, then I'm going to put spikes in your hair okay?" Claire explained, before squeezing a drop of gel onto her fingers, and running them through his hair, making it stand up.

"Aw, don't you look handsome."

"Your brother's right, you look very handsome," said Claire, standing up to wash the stickiness from her hands.

Dean stood as-well, and ran over to Bobby, while Sam paid for the haircut.

"Hey, little man. Look at ya, looking all handsome," Bobby said lifting the little boy into his arms.

"Sammy say... and Caire." Dean pointed over to where Claire was standing with Sam, talking quietly and exchanging pieces of paper. "COME SAMMY!" he yelled over at his brother.

Sam looked over his shoulder, and smiled. "Keep your hair on. I'm coming." After saying goodbye to the young pretty hairdresser, Sam walked over, and lifted Dean from Bobby's arms and held him in his own.

"BYE BYE, CAIRE!" Dean yelled, waving over his brother's shoulder.

"Bye sweetie."


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