Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Sam's bad hair day


Sam has a bad hair day, and later upsets Dean.

The next morning, Sam awoke to Dean's voice coming from somewhere in the room. Sitting up, he saw his brother sat in the middle of the bed playing with Metallica and Zeppelin.

"Hey Dean," said Sam, making the little boy jump and turn around.

Dean's eyes were wide for a few seconds as he stared at Sam, then he burst into giggles. "S-Sammy you..."

Sam raised his eyebrows, looking at his brother as he threw himself backwards on the bed, still laughing.

"You..." Dean managed through his laughter, pointing at Sam. Zeppelin stood staring at Dean with his head tilted to the side, probably thinking his friend had gone mad.

"Dean, what's so funny?" asked Sam, confused as to why Dean was in hysterics in the middle of the bed.

"H-Hair," gasped Dean through giggles.

"What about my hair?" asked Sam, getting up from the bed and heading to the bathroom, leaving Dean to his laughing fit.

Sam's eyes widened when he looked in the mirror, and saw his hair was all over the place. "Oh great!" He hadn't had a bad hair day this bad since he was a kid, Dean was in hysterics that day too.

When he heard laughter at the bathroom door, Sam turned and saw Dean was standing there, pointing at him, giggling his little head off. Sam shook his head, smiling fondly. "I guess it is pretty funny."

"F-Funny... hair," gasped Dean, holding his middle, tears streaming down his face from all the laughing he was doing.

Sam grabbed his brush from the window sill, and ran it through his wild hair, doing his best to ignore his giggling brother.

At breakfast, Dean ate his cereal with his head down so he didn't look up at Sam, and be reminded of the hairdo. He managed to eat half of his breakfast, before he suddenly burst out giggling again.

Bobby raised his eyebrows, and looked over at Sam. "What's wrong with him?" he asked, nodding his head at the laughing boy.

"I had a bad hair day this morning, he thinks it's hilarious," explained Sam, trying his best not to smile.

"H-He wook-" Dean giggled uncontrollably for almost two minutes, until he managed to calm himself. "Same dan Si'so Bob," he managed, holding his arms out wide around his head in imitation of Sideshow Bob's palm-tree hair. That was all it took for Dean to start again, holding onto the edge of the table, so he didn't fall on the floor.

Dean spent most of the morning in hysterics whenever he looked over at his brother.

That afternoon, Sam called Claire to ask if she wanted to go out with him for a pizza and a movie the next evening. "I'd love to, Sam. What time?"

"Er... I was thinking five. I don't want it to be too late because of the kids. I asked Bobby if he could watch both Dean and Alexia, and he said yeah. I can pick you up if you want," Sam rambled into the phone nervously. He looked down when he felt a tug on his sleeve and saw Dean looking up at him.

"Me's talk Caire?" Dean whispered, sitting beside him on the couch.

"In a minute."

"That's great, Sam. I didn't know what I was going to do with Alexia. Your Bobby just saved me," said Claire gratefully. "But it's okay, I can drive up myself. It'll save you from having to pick us up, then drive us back. What's your address?"

Sam gave Claire Bobby's address, and smiled when Dean tugged on his sleeve again. "I think Dean wants to talk to you. Is that okay?"

"Sure, put the little cutie on."

Sam handed his phone to Dean and whispered to him. "Don't you dare mention my hair from this morning."

Dean's lips twitched as he struggled not to smile. "'Kay, Sammy." He lifted the phone to his ear and spoke into the receiver. "Hiya Caire."

"Hey, sweetie. What are you doing?"

"Me's talk you," replied Dean, looking up at his big brother, who was smiling down at him.

That made Claire laugh again. "I know you're talking to me. Are you watching TV or playing?"

"See Fonzie wiv Sammy," Dean told her, turning back to his DVD that was currently playing on the TV.

"Do you like Fonzie then? He's my favourite too."

Dean giggled. "Fonzie maked girls kiss him... den maked music."

"I don't think Claire needs a running commentary for the whole episode."

Dean looked up at Sam with a mischievous little grin on his face. "Know what Sammy hair do Caire?"

Knowing what Dean was about to say, Sam made a grab for the phone, but the little boy jumped off the couch.

"What did it do?"

"It wight funny... Same dan Si'so Bob. Me's go now," said Dean when he saw Sam coming towards him. He held the phone out to his brother with an innocent smile on his face.

Sam took his phone back, trying to look mad, but failing. "Go watch Fonzie." Dean ran over to the couch to watch the rest of happy days, leaving Sam to have a private conversation with Claire. "Sorry about that."

"Sorry for what? I loved talking to him, he's so sweet," answered Claire, making Sam roll his eyes. No matter what age he was, the girls always loved his brother.

"I'll see you tomorrow then."

"See you tomorrow, Sam. I'm really looking forward to it. Goodbye. Tell Dean I said bye to him too."

"I will. Bye Claire," said Sam, before hanging up with a smile on his face.

Later, Dean was in the living room, watching cartoons with Zeppelin, while Sam was cleaning the kitchen. "SAMMY!" he screamed when a new cartoon started. "SAMMY!"

Sam came rushing in from the kitchen, thinking Dean was hurt. "Dean, are you okay?"

"Wook. Fi'man wike you," said Dean, pointing to the screen.

Sam looked over at the TV where Fireman Sam was on. "You scream my name, nearly giving me a heart attack, for some stupid cartoon?" He immediately regretted shouting when Dean's big green eyes filled with tears, and his bottom lip trembled. "Dean, I'm sor-"

Dean shot up from the couch, and ran upstairs, leaving Sam feeling guilty as hell. Zeppelin barked at Sam, before he jumped from the couch and ran up after him.

"Dammit." With a sigh, Sam shook his head and headed upstairs to their bedroom to see if his little brother was okay. "Dean, I'm coming in," he said, gently knocking on the door, before opening it to reveal Dean hiding under the covers. His heart broke when he heard Dean's sniffles, telling him his brother was crying.

"Dean?" Sam sat on the edge of the bed, and put his hand on the little lump under the covers. "Dean, come on. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to shout. You scared me, I thought you had hurt yourself. Please, come out."

Sam smiled when a little freckled face and a fluffy head popped out from under the blanket. Tears were streaming down his little brother's face, making Sam's own eyes fill with tears.

"You's hate me," Dean whispered, sitting up with Zeppelin snuggled close to his chest.


"You n-not woves me no more," cried the heartbroken little boy, hiding his face in Zeppelin's fur.

Sam put his hand under Dean's chin, and raised his face. "Look at me," he said gently. Dean's sad, tearful eyes turned up to his big brother. "Don't you ever think that, okay? I'm sorry I shouted, but I didn't mean it." He paused to stroke Dean's cheek with his thumb, wiping away the tears. "I could never hate you. You're the most important thing in my life, my baby brother." Tears started falling down his own cheeks, but he smiled anyway. "I love you more than anything in the entire world, you hear me?"

"Weally, Sammy?" asked Dean, sniffling, his breath hitching and hiccuping through his tears.

"Really, Deanie."


"I promise, kiddo. Have I ever lied to you?"

Dean shook his head, looking down.

"Can I have a hug now?" asked Sam, holding his arms out.

Dean smiled slightly, and let go of his dog to crawl into his big brother's waiting arms, snuggling up close to his chest. "Woves you, Sammy."

Sam kissed the blond hair, then wiped his own tears. "How about we go and watch fireman Sam, huh?"

Dean giggled and wiped his nose on Sam's shirt. "Me be one when big?"

"Of course you can. You can be anything you want to be."

"Me's be fi'man Dean," Dean said, a serious expression on his tear-streaked face.

"You'll be the best fireman ever. I'll be so proud of you." Sam tweaked Dean's nose, and picked up Zeppelin with his free hand, and stood up from the bed with Dean in the crook of one arm. "Let's go see if fireman Sam's still on."


Fireman Sam was still on when they arrived back in the living room. When Sam sat down on the couch with Dean, the little boy pointed to the TV. "He dere, Sammy."

"Is it? You don't think he looks like me, do you?"

Dean giggled again as he settled back against Sam with his arms wrapped around his best friend. "You's more big."

"Are you okay now?" asked Sam, smiling down at his brother.

"Yeah Sammy."

Sam wrapped his arms tighter around Dean, kissing his nose this time, before they both turned back to the cartoon.

When Bobby came in almost an hour later, he found the brothers and Zeppelin cuddled up together on the couch, fast asleep.


Hope you like.

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