Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean's trip to the park


Dean asks about his mum. Then Sam takes him to the park.

A few days later, Sam was reading the paper in the living room. Bobby was outside training Zeppelin.

"Sammy, me's keston?" asked Dean, standing in-front of Sam and tugging on his leg.

Sam smiled, and put the paper aside, before lifting his brother up onto his knee. "Sure kiddo. What's up?"

Dean looked down, and chewed on his bottom lip. "Why not have Mommy same dan 'Exia? She not woves me?"

Sam was hoping this kind of question would wait until Dean was a little older. "Er... Mommy's up in heaven, Dean. She's with the angels," he explained, stroking the little boy's cheek. "And Mom loves you loads Dean, okay? Don't you forget that."

Dean nodded, eyes filling with tears. "What Mommy?"

Sam never really knew their mum, he only knew what Dean told him. "Mom was... great. She loved her family more than anything. She was kind and funny." He ran his fingers through Dean's spiky hair. "She had blond hair like you. Do you want to see a picture?"

"Yes pees."

Sam lifted Dean up slightly, and got his wallet out of his pocket, and took out the picture. "There she is."

Dean reached out, and touched the picture of the smiling blond lady. "Mommy pwetty."

"Yeah she is. And I bet she's up there watching over you, like the other angels."

"She dere?" Dean asked, pointing up at the ceiling.

Sam blinked away his sudden tears. "Not on the ceiling. She's up in the sky, Dean. And I know she's proud of you, and so am I."

Dean smiled slightly, and leaned into his brother, hiding his face in his shirt.

"Hey, it's okay, kiddo," he whispered soothingly when he felt a wet patch on his shirt. "Hey, why don't I take you to the park? Would you like that?" Sam wanted Dean to have the kind of things he never had growing up. And after their Mum died, Dean never got to go to the park, he sometimes took Sam, but he never played himself.

Sam smiled again when Dean's head shot up. "Park?" he asked, wiping his eyes. "Zeppin come?"

"Not this time. Bobby can look after him, okay? He's training him, so he can look after you if we're not around." Sam blinked in surprise when Dean suddenly shot up off his knee.

"'KAY! COME, SAMMY!" he yelled, running to get his coat and hat from the chair in the hallway.

Sam couldn't help smiling at his little brother's excitement as he stood up to get ready himself.

"Hep me?" asked Dean, throwing his leather jacket at Sam. "Me's put hat, wook." He put the little blue hat on himself, and stood looking at Sam, grinning proudly.

"That's great, Dean. Turn around then," Sam told him, waiting for Dean to face him, before helping him get his arms through the holes.

After Sam helped him put his jacket on, Dean raised his hand for Sam to take.

"Do you need the bathroom before we go?"

"Yeah Sammy," said Dean, before running to the bathroom. He came back two minutes later, bouncing and clapping in excitement. "Weady Sammy."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Come, Sammy."

When Sam opened the front door, Dean ran out ahead of him, calling for his Uncle. "UNCA BEE-BEE! UNCE BEE-BEE!"

"What's up, little man?"

Zeppelin ran over towards his best friend, tail wagging excitedly. "Hiya Zeppin," said Dean, kneeling down so his dog could jump up at him and lick his face. "We park, Unca Bee-bee."

"I'll look after Zeppelin. Ya know he's safe with me. Make sure ya have lots of fun, okay?"

"'Kay. Bye bye, Unca Bee-bee," said the little boy, running over to Bobby who knelt with his arms outstretched ready for a hug. Dean giggled and jumped up into his waiting arms and cuddled up close for several seconds.

"Bye, little man." Bobby pulled away, and smiled as he watched the tiny Winchester run over to his big brother.

"Huwwy, Sammy. We's park."

"Don't worry, Dean. The park's not going anywhere. If you're good, I'll get you an ice cream, okay?"

Dean's eyes widened. "Ice ceem? We's go?" he asked, taking hold of Sam's hand, and pulling him forward.

Sam couldn't blame the little boy for being excited; it was the first time he had ever been to a park since he was changed. "I guess we're going then. Bye Bobby."

"Bye Sam," replied Bobby, holding onto Zeppelin, so the little dog didn't run after Dean.

Dean turned and waved at his uncle when they reached the end of the yard. "BYE BYE, UNCA BEE-BEE!"

Bobby smiled, and waved back. "BYE LITTLE MAN!"

"WOW! Wook Sammy. Go side?" Dean asked, his eyes huge as he looked around the park.

"You can play on anything you like, kiddo. I'll sit on the bench next to it, and watch okay?"

Dean nodded, before running over to the slide. There weren't any kids there, so he didn't have to wait to have a go. "SAMMY! SAMMY!"

"I'm watching, Dean. Go on."

Dean waited until Sam sat down and turned to look at him, before he slid down. "WEEEEEEE," he squealed, raising his arms on his way down. "Dat cool, Sammy! YAY!" He smiled over at Sam, and ran back to the slide.

Sam took his phone out of his pocket, and took a picture of Dean sitting on top of the slide with a big grin. "Go on, Dean."

Dean looked at Sam and gave him a thumbs up, then he slid down the slide. He played on the slide for ten minutes before deciding to play on the huge climbing frame, he walked over to it, showing no fear.

"Wow," whispered one of the little girls, watching Dean climb to the top.

"YAY! Me's bestest," cheered Dean, standing at the top, his arms raised in celebration. He held his arms out to Sam, who reached up and lifted him down. He grinned and started bouncing happily. "You's see, Sammy?"

"Yeah, kiddo. You were great. What about going on the swing? I'll push you?"

"YAAAAY! Come Sammy," said Dean, then he took off running again.

Sam shook his head fondly, and started walking towards Dean.


"I'm coming. Keep your hair on," said Sam, almost at the swings.

Dean ran to the front of the swings, and waited for Sam.

The older Winchester sat Dean down on the free swing, then stood in-front of him, to take another picture. "Smile Dean," he told him, even though he had been smiling non-stop since they got there.

After he took the picture, Sam walked behind Dean and began to push him.

Dean started giggling straight away, which made Sam's smile widen. He loved when Dean laughed, it always made him smile or laugh with him.

"Wight big, Sammy," Dean said, kicking his little legs excitedly.

Sam did what Dean asked, and pushed a little higher. "Are you having fun?"

"Yeah Sammy," said the little boy, giggling again.

Neither of the brothers noticed the man standing a few feet away, watching Dean.


Hope you like.

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