Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Fun after dinner


Dean gets to know Bobby.

"You's gotted sghetti?" asked Dean hopefully.

Bobby pretended to think about it, looking thoughtful. "Er, I don't know. Let's have a look-see, shall we?" He began opening the cupboards one at a time, and pulled out a tin of alphabetti spaghetti, left over from when a friend and his son stayed over. "Ooh, look. What do we have here?"

"YAY! Sghetti, sghetti. Sammy, Unca Bee-bee gotted sghetti," Dean told Sam excitedly, bouncing up and down in Bobby's arms.

"Yeah. I can see that," said Sam, laughing at Dean's excitement. "How about you come and sit with me at the table while Uncle Bobby makes your spaghetti?"

"Sammy sghetti?" Dean asked as he was transferred from his Uncle Bobby to his Sammy.

"Yeah, Uncle Bobby. Can I have some spaghetti too?" Sam mimicked Dean's hopeful look and huge pleading eyes.

"Just sit down, idjits," Bobby said with a smile, shaking his head fondly. "Would ya like some coffee, Sam?"

"Yeah, thanks. Can I have toast too? I'm starving."

"Okay. Sit down and watch a chef at work," Bobby answered, putting the spaghetti in a pan and the bread in the toaster.

"Juice pees, Unca Bee-bee?" Dean asked from his seat at the table.

"Sam, could ya put some coffee on and get the little man his juice while I get this ready?"

"Sure." Sam got up from his chair and walked towards the counter. "Stay in your seat, Dean. So you don't fall and hurt yourself," he called over his shoulder.

After they had eaten, Dean got down from his chair and walked over to Bobby, his face covered in spaghetti juice. "Up up."

"What do ya want?" asked Bobby, picking up the skinny little boy. He sat him on his knee, and reached for a tea towel on the counter to clean Dean's orange face.

Once Dean's face was clean, Bobby tweaked his nose, and held his thumb between his first two fingers. "Got yer nose."

Dean's eyes went wide as his hands shot up to his face. "SAMMY! UNCA BEE-BEE GOTTED MY'S NOSE!"

Bobby and Sam laughed, because Dean was being way too adorable. "Ta-da. There ya go," he said, tweaking Dean's nose again. "Ya got it back."

Dean's eyes were still wide with shock as he felt his nose to make sure it was still there. "Yay. Me's gotted nose. Wook Sammy." He turned to Sam with a big smile on his face, pointing to his nose, his eyes crossed when he tried to see it for himself, making Bobby and Sam laugh harder.

Dean turned back to Bobby, and took off his hat. He put it on his own head, and started giggling when it fell over his eyes. "It gotted dark," came a little voice from under the hat.

"Oh no. Where's Dean gone?" asked Sam, looking around for his 'missing' brother. "Bobby, do you know where Dean is?"

"No. Where could he have gone?"

A giggle could be heard from under the hat, making the two of them smile.

"Cute," Sam mouthed over to Bobby.

"BOO!" yelled Dean, taking off Bobby's hat to reveal his grinning face.

"Oh Dean. Ya scared us." Bobby put his hand over his chest, acting as if he had been frightened.

"There you are. Where have you been?"

Dean giggled again. "Me putted hat, and hided me," he told them, before he yawned suddenly.

"It's time for bed." Bobby stood up with Dean, and gently took his hat back from the little boy.

"No-oo," Dean complained, clinging onto Bobby's neck. He didn't notice Sam was behind him until he started tickling him again.

"AH! Unca Bee-bee hep," Dean cried, giggling again. "Sammy gotted me."

"Come on, kiddo. It's time for bed. You can play with your Uncle Bee-bee tomorrow. Say goodnight." Sam let Dean go so he could hug his Uncle Bobby.

"Night, Unca Bee-bee," Dean whispered into Bobby's ear, before giving him a kiss on the cheek, causing the older man's eyes to fill with tears as he hugged Dean tighter. "Woves you."

"Love ya too, little man," replied Bobby, voice choked with emotion, before he handed the little boy over to a teary-eyed looking Sam.


Hope you like.

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