Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Sam & Bobby comfort Dean


Dean & Sam eat ice cream. Bobby, Sam & Zeppelin comfort Dean.

After Sam had got Dean his ice cream from the ice cream van near the park, he took Dean to sit down on the bench to eat it. Not wanting to be parted from his little brother right now after what had happened, Sam sat with him on his knee.

"What gotted, Sammy?"

"I've got the same as you, kiddo. I got chocolate as-well." Sam showed Dean, and 'accidentally' got some on the end of Dean's nose. "Oops."

"Sammy, me's feeze," Dean pouted, wiping it off.

Sam laughed, and kissed the end of his brother's nose. "How's your eye and face, kiddo?" he asked, face becoming serious again.

"Hurt, Sammy," Dean answered, raising his free hand to touch his injured face.

Sam kissed Dean's scraped cheek gently. "There you go. I kissed it better for you."

"Fank you, Sammy. Me's scareded Mister," Dean whispered, looking around, as if expecting to see the man somewhere.

"Don't worry. He's not going to hurt you anymore, I promise," Sam reassured, hugging him tightly.

"Why? You's die him?"

"Did I what?" Sam took another bite of his ice cream, and nodded at Dean's. "Your ice cream's melting."

"Mister dead?" Dean asked, looking hopeful.

Sam smiled sadly. "No, kiddo. He's not dead." 'But he will be if he touches you again,' he added silently. He looked worriedly at Dean, and cleared his throat. "Dean, I have to ask you something. Try to answer the best you can, alright?"

"'Kay, Sammy."

Sam took a deep breath, and asked, "Did... did that man... did he touch you?"

"My's arm," he answered, licking his ice cream.

"Did he say anything... o-or touch you... any-anywhere else? Somewhere he... he shouldn't?" Sam didn't seem to breathe as he waited for Dean's answer.

"Say me's bootful, gotted pwetty eyes. Den do dis..." Dean ran his hand down his front. "My's doodle. Why do dat, Sammy?" he asked innocently.

"Oh god," Sam whispered, closing his eyes, a tear escaping down his cheek. He felt sick, and threw his remaining ice cream in the bin beside them. "He... he might have liked what... what you're wearing." Sam knew that was probably the stupidest thing he had ever said, but there was no way he was going to tell his brother what that freak was going to do to him.

"What do you say we go home? You can see Zeppelin and uncle Bobby."

"Kay, Sammy. My's hat?" asked Dean, climbing down from Sam's knee.

"Yeah, here you go." Sam brought out the little blue cap, and placed it on Dean's head.

"Fank you," said Dean, smiling at his brother.

"You're welcome, kiddo. Have you finished with that yet? I thought you didn't like the cone, you usually just eat the ice cream."

"Bit dere." Dean pointed to the tiny bit of ice cream left.

Sam rolled his eyes fondly. "Well, finish that, then we can go."

"'Kay." Dean finished the remaining chocolate, then passed the cone to Sam to throw away. "Weady, Sammy." He held his hand out, but Sam lifted him into his arms.

"I want to hold you like this for a little while, is that okay?"

Dean nodded, and pointed over to the magpie not too far from them. "Wook, Sammy... Birdy. Fone Sammy, fast."

"You want me to take a picture of it?" asked Sam as he got out his phone with his free hand.

"Fast Sammy," Dean whispered as if he was afraid the bird would hear him, and fly away.

The bird stayed where it was, so Sam could take a picture for his brother. "There you go."

Dean giggled for the first time in ages. "Me's gotted birdy."

Bobby was still out in the yard, sitting in the shade with Zeppelin sleeping beside him, when they walked up the drive. "Hey boys," he said, walking down to meet them. As he got closer, he noticed Dean was clinging to Sam, his face hidden in his brother's jacket. "Hey, little man," he said, putting his hand on his back.

He stepped back in surprise when Dean screamed, "NOOOO!" And clung to Sam tighter, looking again like a baby koala.

"Hey, hey kiddo. It's uncle Bobby, it's okay," Sam soothed him gently.

Bobby looked at Sam worriedly. "Is he okay? What happened?"

"At the park, some... guy took him. I found them in an alley," Sam told him, blinking away the tears before they could start.

"Oh god. What happened?"

"He didn't get to do anything, thankfully. I hit him, but then he kneed me between the legs. You should have seen Dean, he was amazing. He ran over to him, and hit him between his legs with his head, and punched him twice."

"Way to go, little man."

Dean came out of hiding, and looked at Bobby. "Unca Bee-bee."

Bobby took him in his arms, getting a look at his face for the first time. "What the hell happened to his face?"

"The freak punched him, then pushed him over after our little man hit him. You should have seen him, Bobby. You'd have been so proud of him."

"I already am."

When Zeppelin woke up, he wouldn't leave Dean alone. Bobby and Sam thought it was sweet the way the little dog almost drowned the little boy with his tongue in his excitement.

Dean finally started giggling again, but if anyone got up to go to the bathroom, or when Sam made dinner he started panicking, thinking they were going to leave him. All four of them spent the rest of the afternoon and evening on the couch. Neither of the adults were willing to leave Dean on his own.

While Dean was once again watching Batman returns on his video tape, Sam whispered to Bobby that he had something to tell him when Dean was asleep.

Bobby frowned, but nodded. He knew there was something else Sam hadn't told him about the guy that took his boy. "Tell me tomorrow, Sam."

They watched all the other Batman movies that were on the tape until it was Dean's bedtime.

"Come on, kiddo. It's 7.30, it's time for bed. Give uncle Bobby a kiss and hug goodnight."

"Night, unca Bee-bee," said Dean, climbing onto Bobby's knee to give him his nightly hug and kiss.

"Night little man," Bobby whispered, holding Dean longer than he usually did.

After their hug, Dean picked the little dog up, and held his other arm out to Sam.

"Come on you two," said Sam, before lifting them both up, and carrying them up to their room.

After Sam got himself and Dean dressed, Dean knelt down and started to put Zeppelin in his little bed.

"Hey, Dean? How about Zeppelin sleeps with us tonight?"

"Weally, Sammy?" asked the little boy, his eyes going wide.

Sam smiled, and picked Zeppelin up. "Yeah, come on. Up you get, you little freak."

"Big feek," Dean giggled, and climbed up on the bed with the help of the little box Sam had put there for him.

"There you go." Sam handed Zeppelin to Dean, and climbed in beside him. "And here's Metallica." He grabbed the teddy, and tickled the end of Dean's nose with the furry dog, making him giggle again. "Put him next to Zeppelin. And Fred can go next to him."

When Sam reached over to the bedside table where Fred the fireman always sat, Dean put his hand on Sam's arm. "Noooo. Fwed dere."

"Why?" asked Sam, confused as to why Dean never played with the teddy.

"He fi'man," Dean answered as if it was obvious.

Sam raised his eyebrows. "And?"

"Save peeples... fire."

Sam smiled. Dean was so cute, thinking that a teddy dressed like a fireman could save them if there was a fire. "Well, I think he deserves a night off," he said, placing Fred next to Metallica on the other side of the bed. "There you go. You're all protected now. You got me, Zeppelin, Metallica and Fred the fireman to protect you. And Bobby's down the hall. We need to get you some more teddies, don't we? What others do you want?"

Dean didn't hesitate when he answered, "Undaker."

"You want an Undertaker teddy?"

"Yeah. He doomtone."

"It's pronounced 'tombstone'," Sam told him. "I'll get one for you. Do you feel safe now?"

Dean nodded, smiling shyly. "Fank you, Sammy."

"You're welcome, kiddo."

"Forgetted Zeppin," Dean whispered, turning away from Sam, so he didn't crush the little dog.

"Oh sorry." Sam threw the blankets a little to cover the rest of Dean's protective army. "Night kiddo," he whispered, wrapping his arms around Dean.

"Night, Sammy." Both brothers laughed when Zeppelin let out a little bark.

"Night Zeppin/Zeppelin," whispered the brothers in unison.


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