Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

The dance competition


Sam & Bobby find out more about the man who took Dean. Later Dean & Sam have a dance competition.

The next morning when Sam woke up, the first thing he did was check on Dean. The little boy had a bad night; he had a nightmare at 1 0'clock, and wet the bed, so Sam had to strip and change the sheets.

He had to smile when he saw that Dean was still asleep, holding Zeppelin, Metallica and Fred, with his thumb in his mouth.

Zeppelin woke up a minute later, and looked up at Dean and Sam, then closed his eyes again. He didn't get much sleep either, every couple of hours, he would wake up, lick Dean's nose, and then go back to sleep.

There was a little knock at the door, before it opened. "How is he?" asked Bobby, coming into the room quietly so he didn't wake the sleeping child.

"He had a nightmare, and woke up a couple of times. But other than that, he slept okay."

Bobby nodded, and sat down on the edge of the bed. "What were ya going to tell me last night?"

"I... I asked Dean if the man... touched him anywhere... and he said... he said the freak had called him beautiful, and he had pretty eyes." Sam bit his lip, and gently stroked Dean's hair. "Then he... he ran his hand down his front and touched his... his... well, you know." He looked up at Bobby, whose face was red with anger.

"Son of a bitch. I'm going to kill him," Bobby growled, standing from the bed.

"Where are you going?"

"I've just told ya, Sam. Do ya remember where I put my shotgun?"

"Bobby, you can't go into a police station, and kill someone. Believe me, if I could get away with it, I'd kill him myself. But Dean needs me... he needs us more."

Sam knew he had to calm Bobby down; if someone hurt any of his family, especially Dean he would kill them. If anyone hurt his boy, you wouldn't want to be anywhere near him. Bobby had been extremely protective of Dean since he first met him when he was a quiet five year old.

"He shouldn't get away with what he did, and what he was going to do." Bobby raised his voice, causing Dean to stir.

"Great! I think you woke him up. Hey kiddo, go back to sleep," whispered Sam, running his hand up and down Dean's arm.

"S'my?" mumbled Dean, opening his eyes.

Zeppelin must have felt Dean moving, because he woke up too, and immediately started sniffing and licking Dean's cheeks.

"Hiya Zeppin," said Dean around a yawn, wincing when it made his eye and cheek hurt. "Face hurt, Sammy." He sat up and jumped in surprise when he saw Bobby standing by the bed. "Why's here, Unca Bee-bee?"

Bobby smiled, his anger temporarily forgotten. "I wanted to see if yer alright, little man. Do ya want some breakfast?"

After breakfast, Sam called Claire to cancel their date for that night. She didn't mind when he told her what had happened. She had been horrified when she heard what that man did to Dean, and offered to come over, but Sam asked her to come the next day.

Sam and Bobby were still sitting at the kitchen table, drinking their coffee and talking. Dean was sitting on a blanket with Zeppelin on the floor next to them, drawing some pictures for his big brother and his uncle.

Sam picked up the paper, and his eyes widened when he saw who was on the front page. "Oh my god."

"What?" asked Bobby, frowning when he saw the headline. "Is that the guy who took Dean?"

"Yeah, he's a known child molester, Marcus Smith. The police have been after him for awhile, he somehow broke out of jail a week ago. He was sentenced to 25-life two weeks ago, and he's been moved to a maximum security prison tomorrow. He... hurt six kids, almost killed two of them over a period of a year and half. Oh my god... If I hadn't found Dean when I did..."

Sam stood up, and walked over to Dean. The little boy was still busy colouring when Sam knelt beside him, and lifted him into his arms for a big hug.

Dean's eyes widened in surprise when Sam started to cry into his hair. "What Sammy?"

"I love you, Dean. I love you so much," Sam whispered, giving his little brother a squeeze, before kissing his cheek. He pulled away to look down at Dean, wiping his tears away.

"Woves you awell, Sammy. Picture," said Dean, holding out the piece of paper he had been drawing on.

"Aw, thanks Dean." Sam looked at the picture and smiled when he saw the two stick figures standing together. "Is this me?" he asked, pointing to the taller figure, who had a mop of brown hair.

"Yes Sammy."

"Er... Dean? What the hell am I wearing?"

Dean looked his brother up and down. "Cwoves, Sammy," he said, making Bobby laugh.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Yeah, thanks Dean. I mean what am I wearing in the picture?" Sam in the picture had red scribbled over his body, green arms and legs, and what looked like a yellow circle behind him, which he thought might be a cape or something

"Wobin, Sammy," said Dean, pointing at Sam then the picture. "Na, na, na, WOBIN!"

"Riiiight. Thanks Dean. I guess you're Batman then?" said Sam, looking at the little figure scribbled in black.

"Yeah. Me's aways Batman, Sammy."

"What's this?" asked Sam, pointing to a little brown circle with what looked like two triangles on top, with a blue squiggle above it.

"Dat Zeppin. He hewo awell," Dean told him, reaching down to stroke his sleeping dog.

"Alright then, what's his hero name?"

Dean looked up at Bobby, who was sat at the table, smiling down at him. "He soooop Zeppin."

"Can he fly then?" asked Bobby.

"Erm... Yeah. He save cat and doggies."

"So, super Zeppelin saves animals instead of people?" asked Sam, kissing the blond hair.

"Yeah. Wike it Sammy?"

"Of course I do. I'm going to put it up with the rest." Sam gently sat Dean back on the floor, and got up to add the new picture to the wall beside the fridge. "There you go. That's number 9."

"Me's see Undaker, Sammy?" Since the night Dean had first watched the Undertaker with Bobby, he loved watching him on Sam's laptop when he wasn't on TV.

"Alright then." Sam lifted Dean, and carried him over to the kitchen table, and sat on his chair with him on his knee. "Bobby, can you get my laptop from the living room?"

"Sure, Sam," said Bobby, walking into the room. He came back less than a minute later with Sam's laptop.


"You awell, Unca Bee-bee?" asked Dean, looking up at him with a hopeful expression.

Bobby moved his chair over next to Sam's, and reached over to ruffle his hair. "Sure little man."

When the laptop was ready, Sam put on youtube and looked for a video Dean hadn't seen yet, and decided on one from 1993.

Dean smiled when the Undertaker's music started and he started his slow walk down to the ring. "Who dat, Sammy?" he asked, pointing at the man in a black suit and tie, holding something gold in his hand, and making weird facial expressions as he walked to the ring.

"That's Paul Bearer, kiddo. He used to be the Undertaker's manager. Do you like him?"

Dean shook his head, frowning. "He feek. What dat?" he asked, this time pointing at what Paul Bearer was holding.

"That's an urn. It helps the Undertaker," explained Bobby.

"Shhhh... Undaker." Dean never took his eyes off the 'deadman'. He loved when the man in black did 'old school', the tombstone and when he sat back up, they were his favourites. Dean also thought it was cool when he rolled his eyes back into his head, even though it used to freak Sam out when he was younger.

After watching the Undertaker for almost two hours, Sam and Bobby decided to take Dean and Zeppelin out in the yard for a bit of fresh air.

Before Sam went out, he put in one of Dean's AC/DC Cd's in the new Cd player, and turned it up loud.

"YAAAAY!" Dean cheered when 'you shook me all night long' came on first, and he started wiggling his little hips and waving his arms about. "Come, Unca Bee-bee."

"God, he's off again," said Bobby, shaking his head fondly. He thought it was adorable when his little man danced. Bobby couldn't help but laugh when Zeppelin started running around in circles, and falling down, which was probably his version of dancing.

"Dance, Unca Bee-bee. Me's better you." Dean stuck out his tongue, and continued with the dancing.

"You can't dance better than me," said Sam, running out, and waving his arms around, and spinning in circles. He put one of his hands on his hip, and acted like he was playing a guitar.

It had to be the worst dancing Bobby had ever seen, and he couldn't help laughing. "What the hell is that?"

"It's called dancing, Bobby. You should try it," he said, rocking his body back and forth, and shaking his shoulders.

Dean was almost doubled over laughing at his brother. Zeppelin stopped running and stood staring at Sam, head tilted questioningly as if saying 'what the hell are you doing'.

Bobby bit the inside of his cheek to stop more laughter. "That's dancing, is it? Sam, ya look like yer getting electrocuted in the middle of the yard."

"Well, let's see if you can do any better." Sam was enjoying making his brother laugh, that's what Dean should always be like instead of crying and being afraid.

"Yeah, Unca Bee-bee. Sammy wook feek."

"Hey," pouted Sam. "You're a freak."

"Dean, come here," said Bobby with a laugh, holding one arm out to him.

Dean walked over to Bobby, sticking his tongue out at Sam as he passed by him. "You, unca Bee-bee?"

Bobby took hold of Dean's little hands to spin him around. "WEEEEE!"

"Right, get up on my back," said Bobby, turning around. "Sam, get him up."

Sam walked over, and lifted Dean up onto Bobby's back. "Put your arms around Bobby's neck, but don't strangle him or anything."

"Ready, little man?" Dean's giggle was answer enough, so Bobby started dancing around in circles, bouncing him up and down.

Sam stood back, smiling. "Are you sure your back's going to be okay?"

"My back is perfectly fine, Sam. Besides Dean hardly weighs anything. I can hardly tell he's there."

"NIIIIIIIIIIGHT WOOOONG!" sang Dean at the top of his lungs.

When 'Highway to hell' came on next, Bobby put Dean down, and held onto his hands. "Right, Sam. Are ya going to go start spazzing out again? We'll have a competition to see who's the better dancer."

"There's nothing wrong with my dancing," said Sam, starting the weird dancing again. Zeppelin ran around in circles, apparently he wanted to be part of the competition too.

Bobby watched his two boys. Dean was waving his arms around his head, jumping up and down, he looked like he belonged in a rave. Zeppelin was now laying down, probably made himself dizzy. Sam was... Bobby didn't have a clue what he was doing, it looked as though he was shaking his shoulders and head banging at the same time. He looked like a fish out of water, with all the flopping about.

Bobby hoped nobody came to his house, they would probably think the whole family had flipped out.

"THE SONGS OVER! STOP DANCING!" yelled Bobby a few minutes later. "The winner has to be... Dean."

"YAY!" Dean cheered, jumping up and down, clapping his hands. "ME WINNED!"

Sam and Bobby laughed. "Okay. That means you're a better dancer than me, kiddo. Do you want some ice cream?"

"Yes pees," he answered happily.


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