Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean & Sam wash the impala


Bobby & his friends start their revenge. Dean & Sam wash the Impala.

A couple of days later, Bobby was on the phone to one of his friends in the prison Marcus was in. He knew Four- There was Dave the prison guard, and three prisoners Fred, Charles and Michael. Dave was one of Bobby's best friends, and him and the others were more than willing to help.

Bobby laughed as Dave told him what Charles had done to Marcus the night before. "I don't think Marcus found it very funny, but Charles is in the same cell as him, and I gave him a mouse trap. So, last night while he was asleep, Charles very carefully put the mouse trap in his covers near his thing. Marcus must've moved, or had a dream or something, because ten minutes later, we all heard a scream. I was the first one there, and I've got to say it was hilarious. Marcus was jumping around holding his crotch, screaming his head off. It must've hurt like hell, but he deserved it."

Bobby laughed again, but tried to keep it down so his boys couldn't hear him. "So, I guess he's not having a good time then?"

"Definitely not." Dave became serious again as the conversation changed. "I asked Charles to befriend him, to get Marcus to talk. He said that freak spoke about a kid he almost got when he broke out."

Bobby stopped smiling and his heart sank in his chest. "What did he say?"

"He said... he said there was this beautiful little boy. He had green eyes, and blond spiky hair. Is that your boy?"

"Yeah. That's Dean. Did he say anything else?"

"He said he was going to find a way to break out again, and add the boy to his list. I think you know what that means."

"Dammit. He breaks out, he's going to go after Dean. Get the guys together, and find a way to stop him. Do whatever it takes. Get one of the guys to kill him, I don't care. He's not getting his hands on my boy again."

"You got it, B. I'll get the boys together later. Don't worry, that freak won't get his hands on another kid again, especially yours. You have my word."

"Thanks a lot, Dave. I appreciate it, tell the others I owe them. Call me in a couple of days. See ya."

Downstairs Dean, Sam and Zeppelin were watching cartoons together. Dean was holding his new undertaker teddy that Claire had given to him, it was dressed in a black hat and long black coat with black hair, little black eyebrows drawn together in a frown and a little goatee. Dean loved the teddy and hardly let it out of his sight.

"Hey boys," said Bobby, coming into the living room. "What are ya watching?"

"We's SpunBob Scarepants, Unca Bee-bee. You's see?"

"Sorry, little man. I'll watch it later with ya, I promise. But I have to get this car done for a friend of mine. If I get it done within the next two days, he's going to pay me extra. If yer good, I'll buy ya something, okay?"

Dean's eyes lit up. "Yeah. Fank you, Unca Bee-bee."

"Yer welcome. I'll be in the garage for a couple of hours, then we'll watch cartoons together, okay?"

"'Kay, unca Bee-bee. Car eat you, me's beat up," said Dean, probably thinking about the time Bobby cut his finger closing the hood.

"Aw. Thanks, little man," said Bobby, ruffling Dean's hair on his way out.

After SpongeBob finished, Sam started to get up from the couch, making Dean panic and cling onto his shirt. "NOOO! Sammy, where go?"

"Hey, hey. Calm down, kiddo. I'm not leaving you. I have to get something from the kitchen. I was thinking about doing something you might like. Zeppelin and Undertaker will stay with you, I'll be one minute," Sam soothed, stroking Dean's bruised and scraped face.

"'Kay, Sammy. Fast," Dean whispered, letting his brother go.

"One minute," promised Sam, heading into the kitchen. When he came out of the kitchen a few minutes later he was carrying a bucket of soapy water.

"You's baff, Sammy?" asked a confused Dean, staring at the bucket.

Sam raised his eyebrows. "A bath? In a bucket? Are you insane? I could probably fit my head in that. I thought it might be fun to wash the car. Are you coming?"

"YAY!" Dean cheered as he shot up off the couch, and followed his brother outside, Zeppelin following behind.

Outside, Sam put the bucket on the floor, and brought out Zeppelin's lead to tie him up in the shade not too far away. "We don't want him running off, so this will keep him safe."

"'Kay, Sammy. We's wass impa," said Dean excitedly, holding his teddy tighter.

"There we go. He's all safe now. And he's not too far away, so if you get bored, you can come play with him. You're going to get Undertaker all wet."

Dean looked down at the teddy, his bottom lip in his mouth as he thought of something. "Ooh ooh," he said, before running over to the car, and trying to open the front door. "SAMMY, NOT OPEN!"

Sam walked over, and opened the car door for his brother. "There you go. Why do you need the door open?"

Dean grinned, and sat his new teddy in the drivers seat. "Not dwive," he said, pointing a finger at the stuffed toy, before closed the door.

"Here's your sponge, are you ready?"

"Yeah. It SpunBob," said Dean, staring down at the sponge. "Where wass, Sammy?"

"I'll wash the top, and you wash the bottom. You're too small to reach the roof, so get washing."

Dean giggled, and washed the back passenger door. He had washed half of the door, before he started humming to himself

Sam stopped what he was doing, and took his phone from his pocket. He pressed a few buttons, before pushing 'record' to start a new video. Usually when Dean hummed he started singing, both Sam and Bobby thought it was cute.

"Mmmmm. NA, NA, NA, NA, BACK CAR! NA, NA, NA, NA, WASS CAR! NA, NA, NA, NA, CEAN CAR! DEANIE... SAMMY... IMPAAAAAAAA!" sang the little boy, wiggling his hips. "NA, NA, NA, NA DEANIE! NA, NA, NA, NA, SAMMY! NA, NA, NA, NA, ZEPPIN! WE'S... CEAN... IMPAAAAAA!"

Dean didn't notice Sam recording his singing and dancing as he continued to hum while washing his beloved car.

After working on the car for almost half an hour, Sam went to start the hose pipe to finish. The tiny Winchester was still busy cleaning the wheel, he didn't notice Sam away from the car.

Sam tiptoed over to his brother, and turned the hose pipe on, drenching Dean with water. "Got you."

"AAH! SAMMY!" screamed Dean, giggling as the water washed over him.

Zeppelin started barking, and lunging forward, probably thinking Dean was getting hurt as he screamed with laughter.

"Calm down, Zeppelin. It's only water," said Sam, before walking over to untie the dog, who immediately ran over to Dean, jumping up and down, and wagging his tail excitedly as he tried to lick his little face off.

"Hiya Zeppin," said Dean happily through his giggles.

Sam walked over again armed with the hose pipe, and soaked Dean and his dog. Dean screamed with laughter once again, and Zeppelin started running around, yapping with excitement.

"Get you, Sammy." Dean walked over to the bucket, and threw both sponges at his brother, then because the bucket was now only half-full and lighter, he picked it up and threw some water over Sam.

"Hey, you little freak. I'm going to get you for that," laughed Sam, spraying him again.

They continued with the water fight for ten minutes, then Sam finished the rest of the car. "Come on, kiddo. Let's get cleaned up. Did you like washing the car?" he asked Dean, who was getting his teddy back from the car.

"Yeah, Sammy. You wike car, Undaker?" Dean asked his teddy, he waited for several seconds, before nodding, and smiling.

"What did he say?" asked Sam, holding the door open for his brother to go into the house first.

"He pay dwive," Dean told him, sitting the Undertaker on the couch.

"I guess he had fun then. Come on, take your clothes off while I go get you some dry ones." Sam threw Dean's bath towel at him, so he could get dried. "I'll be back in a minute."

"NOOOO! Me's come, Sammy. Pees," pleaded the little boy, running over to cling onto his leg.

Sam's heart almost broke at the look of terror on Dean's little face, his eyes huge and pleading as they begged him not to leave him alone. "Okay then. We'll both get dressed upstairs. Bring your towel, and Zeppelin too."

Dean nodded, and picked up his dog. Sam picked them both up and carried them to the bedroom they all shared.

Later, when Sam was making dinner, Dean was watching cartoons with his uncle Bobby.

"Who dat, Unca Bee-bee?" asked Dean, pointing to the little mouse when he came onto the screen.

"That's Jerry. The cat's called Tom," answered Bobby, wrapping his arms around Dean. "How are ya doing, little man?"

"'Kay, Unca Bee-bee." Dean took his eyes away from the TV to look up at Bobby. "We's fight water when cean Impa."

"Did ya? Who won?"

"Me winned." Dean giggled, pointing at the cartoon. "He beated by baby mousie. Wook, Unca Bee-bee."

Bobby smiled. "I'm looking, little man. I guess ya like this then?" He leaned forward slightly, and kissed the blond hair, making a silent promise to himself that no-one and nothing was going to hurt his little man ever again.


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