Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean's new pet Mr Wiggles


Claire & Alexia pay a visit. Dean gets a new pet.

A couple of days later, there was a knock at the door. "Claire and Alexia are here," Sam told his brother, walking to the door to invite them in.

"Ooooh." Dean jumped off the couch, and ran after his brother, who was opening the door to greet their guests.

"Hiya Caire, hiya 'Exia," waved Dean with a big grin.

"Hello, Dean," said Alexia, kissing him on the cheek.

Both Sam and Claire laughed as Dean blushed bright red, and ran to hide behind his brother.

"Hey, what's wrong, kiddo?" Sam asked his brother, kneeling in-front of him.

"She kiss me, Sammy," he whispered, hiding his red face in Sam's shirt.

"Come on, you're not shy." Sam put his hand under Dean's chin and raised the little face, stroking his cheek with his thumb. "She likes you, Dean."


"Because you're a little cutie," Sam told him, tweaking the little nose, making him giggle.

"Is Dean okay?" asked Alexia, looking worried.

"Yeah, he's fine. He's just a little shy, he's never been kissed by a girl before."

Alexia's eyes widened. "Why? He pretty," she said, making the grown-ups laugh.

"Aw, 'Lexie's got a boyfriend."

It was Alexia's turn to go red. "Yeah, he's nice."

Dean stopped hiding, and looked over at Alexia, smiling shyly. "You's daw wiv me and Zeppin? Unca Bee-bee food," he told her, pointing to the kitchen door. "Come see Zeppin."

Sam and Claire watched the two kids, smiling. "Lexie's been talking about Dean non-stop all morning." Sam laughed, and led his girlfriend into the living room, where Dean and Alexia were sitting on the floor, stroking Zeppelin.

"I guess he likes the Undertaker teddy I gave him," said Claire, nodding at the Undertaker teddy beside Dean.

"Are you kidding? He loves him, he became a Doctor the other day, because 'Taker was sick."

"Aw, little sweetie. His face looks a lot better," observed Claire, noticing the scrape on his cheek was almost faded now.

"Yeah, his face is better, but he's still scared to be on his own."

Claire smiled sadly and shook her head. "I can't blame him, the poor thing."

Bobby came in from the kitchen with two plates of fries. "There ya go," he said, laying one plate on the floor for the two kids to share.

"Fank you, Unca Bee-bee," said Dean, picking up a fry.

"Yer welcome, little man. There ya go, Claire." Bobby handed the plate to Sam's girlfriend, before heading back to the kitchen.

"Thanks Bobby," said Claire, frowning in confusion. "How did he know we were coming? He didn't have to make us lunch."

"I told him you were coming around lunchtime, and he went straight into the kitchen and started making coffee and made everyone food," Sam told her, taking a fry from her plate.

"Hey, you thief. Bobby's bringing yours in a minute."

"Are ya pinching from yer girlfriend?" asked Bobby, coming in from the kitchen with two plates for himself and Sam.

Sam raised his eyebrows, looking innocent. "What, me? I wouldn't dare."

"He do, Unca Bee-bee. Me see'd him."

"Why is everyone ganging up on me?" asked Sam around a mouthful of food. "I'm innocent."

The grown-ups smiled when the two kids started giggling. "Want some, Zeppin?" Dean asked his dog, holding out one of his fries.

Zeppelin barked once, and gently took the offered food between his teeth. After swallowing the fry, he licked the little hand and waited for more.

"Does he always do that?" asked Claire, watching Dean share his side of the food with his dog.

"Yeah. Every mealtime, Zeppelin always gets half of Dean's, we just pretend not to notice."

"Oh. Okay then." Claire went back to eating her lunch, and stabbing Sam's hand with her fork when he tried taking one of hers. "Eat your own, you weirdo."

"Ha ha. Sammy weedo," giggled Dean. "You's funny, Caire."

"Thanks sweetie. You're funny too."

They continued eating in silence, only broken by Dean and Alexia's giggling.

When it was time for them to go, Claire kissed Sam on the cheek, and Alexia kissed Dean again, making the little boy blush once more.

"Bye bye, Caire. Bye bye 'Exia."

"Bye Dean," said Claire, ruffling the short hair.

"Bye you two," said Sam, holding the door open for the two of them.

"See you later, Sam. Take care of Dean, okay?"

"Of course I will. It's my job," he told her, running his fingers through Dean's hair, making the little boy look up at him.

"Zeppin and Undaker and Metaca say bye bye."

"Tell them I said 'bye' back okay?" she said with a smile, before she turned, and made her way to her car.

Alexia followed behind, looking back at Dean every so often.

At 7 that evening, not long before Dean's bedtime, the brothers were doing a little gardening in the back yard. They didn't really have a proper garden, it was a rectangular section of mud at the side of the house that Dean liked to play in.

"Ooooooh. Wook Sammy wook," called Dean excitedly, holding something in his hand.

Sam leaned over to look at what Dean was getting excited about, but couldn't see anything because he had his hands clasped together. "What am I looking at? Move your hand."

Dean opened his hands a little, revealing a big worm. "Worm. It wigging. Keeps him?"

"What do you want to keep a worm for?" Sam asked with a grimace, he hated worms.

"He nice, Sammy. Ooooh wook, he smiling at me. Wook, Sammy." Dean giggled, holding up the worm so Sam could see him.

Sam looked, and all he saw was a horrible brown wiggly thing that was covered in mud.

"Pees keep him? He Mr Wiggles."

Sam rolled his eyes, and smiled. "Since you've already got a name for him, you can keep him. But you better not want to keep everything you find in the garden."

"YAY! Me's gotted worm. Gived kiss," said Dean, holding up the worm again.

Sam moved away from the slimy creature. "Dean, I'm not kissing a worm... And you better not either."

Dean nodded, still grinning. "Hiya Mr Wiggles. Me's Dean Winster."

"We had better get him a jar to live in so he's not wiggling all over Bobby's house. I'll be back in a minute, or do you want to come with me?"

Dean stood immediately, his hands still clasped together so his new worm didn't escape. "Come. Where go, Sammy?"

"Into the kitchen. I'm going to get an old jam jar, and fill it with mud," Sam told him, leading him into the house. "That can be his home, okay?"

"Yeah Sammy," Dean nodded, still holding his new pet with both hands. "Not wiggles away."

Sam smiled, and looked through the cupboards for the jars Bobby kept in-case there was a leak on one of the cars. "There we go, I've found one. Come on back outside, we need to get some mud," he said, turning to go back out.

When they got back to the little garden, Dean suddenly started giggling uncontrollably. "He funny, Sammy."

"Is he tickling you?" Sam asked him, filling the jar with mud for Mr Wiggles' new home.

"Yeah, he wigging."

"There you are, put him in." Sam held out the jar, and waited until Dean dropped the worm in, before he closed the lid. "Don't open it when we're in the house, okay? I don't want to go hunting for a worm... and don't let him near Zeppelin, because he'll eat him."

"'Kay Sammy. Fank you," Dean whispered, giving his big brother a hug.

"You're welcome, kiddo."

"Show unca Bee-bee and Zeppin?" asked Dean, standing up with a big grin.

"Sure, come on then." Sam took his brother's hand, and walked him back into the house. "Wash your hands first," he said, walking over to the table, to get out a chair for Dean to stand on.

"Fank you," said Dean again, standing on the chair. After cleaning his hands, he grabbed the jar, and ran into the living room where his uncle was. "UNCA BEE-BEE!"

"What's wrong, little man?" asked Bobby from his chair, stroking Zeppelin who had just woke up.

"Gotted worm, Unca Bee-bee. See?" The tiny Winchester held up the jar, so Bobby could see his new pet.

"Oh, yeah. He's nice ain't he?" smiled Bobby, lifting Dean up to sit with him and Zeppelin.

"Yeah. Hiya Zeppin. He Mr Wiggles," Dean told Bobby, stroking his dog.

Bobby chuckled. "Mr Wiggles? Let me guess, did ya think of that name yerself?"

"Yeah," answered Dean, laying his head against Bobby's shoulder with a yawn.

"Have you met Mr Wiggles yet?" asked Sam, coming into the room.

"Yeah. Our little man just introduced me to him," he answered, stroking the soft blond hair. "I think he's tired, Sam."

"I'd better get him up to bed then." Sam waited until Dean kissed and hugged Bobby, before he lifted his sleepy brother and his two pets into his arms. "Night Bobby."

"Night Sam, night Dean."

"Forgetted Zeppin and Mr Wiggles."

"Night Mr Wiggles and Zeppelin," Bobby said, watching his family walk up the stairs to bed. He smiled again when he heard Sam say, "Mr Wiggles isn't sleeping in bed with us. He can go on the bedside table with Fred and the Impala, okay?"

"'Kay, Sammy," answered Dean, yawning.


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