Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Sam remembers his big brother


Mechanic!Dean helps Bobby. Sam remembers something about his big brother.

"Remember what this is, little man?" asked Bobby, holding Dean in the crook of one arm, while pointing at the engine with his free hand.

The little boy pulled his hat up a bit, so he could see. "Erm... It car... den car 'brum brum'."

"Yeah, that's right. But do ya remember what it's called? Come on, I told ya two days ago," said Bobby, smiling at the look of concentration on Dean's little face.

"Erm... it... inin. Inin, Unca Bee-bee?" asked Dean, looking hopefully up at his uncle.

"That's close, little man. Well done, it's an engine. Try and say it, En-gine."

"En-En-din." Dean's eyes went wide, and he gasped. "Me say it, Unca Bee-bee. Cever?" He got excited and started bouncing in Bobby's arms.

Bobby chuckled. "Yeah, Yer very, very clever," he said proudly. "If ya don't be a fireman, ya can be my little mechanic."

Dean giggled, a blush colouring his cheeks. "Get Sammy. Show him me's cever." He started wiggling, so Bobby let him down.

"Go and tell Sam how smart ya are."

"Kay." Dean left the garage, and ran to the house happily to tell Sam he knew what an engine was. He was near the Impala, when he noticed something. "Oh no. SAMMY! SAMMY!" he screamed, rushing through the door.

Sam shot up off the couch, and Zeppelin started barking frantically at hearing his best friend yelling for his brother. "What's wrong? Is Bobby okay?"

Dean nodded, his green eyes huge. "Impa hurted, Sammy. Big mass hole, come see," he said, grabbing Sam's hand to lead him outside.

Zeppelin barked again, and chased outside after them.

"What are you talking about? The car looks fine."

"NOOO! Dere, Sammy," Dean pointed a finger at the back door, kneeling down to stroke his dog, who was jumping up at him.

Zeppelin barked and his tail wagged in excitement as he licked Dean's entire face, making him giggle.

Sam took a closer look to see that Dean's 'big massive hole' was a tiny little scratch. "Is that it? Dean, it's a small scratch."

"Impa hurted, Sammy," he whispered sadly, running his hand along the car.

Sam smiled, and shook his head fondly. Kids were known to exaggerate, but Dean with the impala? Big Dean was always the same. His smile widened when he remembered that time...


"I can't believe you got four different girl's numbers," laughed Sam as they walked out of the diner, and towards the Impala. "We were only in there for about ten minutes, what happened to 'Just talk to the witness, then we can go'?"

Dean grinned. "What can I say, Sammy? Girls love me."

"Sure Dean," said Sam, smiling at Dean over the roof of the car.

"You're only jealous, Sammy. I've always been... OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT?"

"What's what?" asked Sam, looking around to see what had caused Dean's reaction.

"'What's what?'" asked Dean, his green eyes wide. "Are you blind? What's that there?"

Sam looked at what Dean was pointing at. "That's the roof of the car, Dean."

"Yeah. Thank you, captain obvious. I know it's the fricking roof. I'm talking about what's on it."

"What am I looking at?" asked Sam, leaning over to get a better look.

"Seriously Sam? Do you need me to get you a pair of binoculars or something? There's a big gigantic huge hole in the roof of my car." His anger melted as he looked at the car. "Oh it's okay, baby," he soothed, stroking the top of the car, a soft smile on his face.

Sam narrowed his eyes to get a better look. The 'gigantic hole' was the tiniest of tiny scratches, the kind where you need a magnifying glass to see it.

"Don't worry baby, I'll make you all better," Dean soothed in a gentle voice, running his hand gently over the smooth, shiny surface of his beloved baby.

Sam wouldn't have been surprised if his brother climbed up onto the roof, and started hugging and kissing the car. "Dean, will you stop being dramatic? People are staring."

Dean looked up, eyes narrowed when he saw all the people in the street were staring at him, probably thinking he had gone mad. "I don't care, Sam. My baby's injured. If they don't like it, they can kiss my ass." He gave one final stroke to his car, before climbing into the drivers seat.

Sam rolled his eyes when he heard Dean still talking to his 'injured' car.

"It's going to be okay sweetheart. I'll make you better again, so you'll be just as beautiful as before. SAM, GET IN THE CAR!"

He sighed, and climbed into the passenger side. "We're not going to a mechanic, are we?"

****End Flashback****

Sam smiled, remembering Dean's answer, which had been to threaten, "anyone who touches my car, I'll break their fingers."

"Sammy?" said Dean, shaking Sam's hand.

The older Winchester looked down, and saw his brother looked upset. "Hey. It's okay, kiddo. It's only a scratch, she'll be fine."

Dean's face suddenly lit up when he remembered what he was going to tell Sam. "Sammy... Me's cever, know what En... endin in car. Make go brum."

"Wow. You're really smart, aren't you?"

Dean smiled proudly at all the praise he got from his brother and uncle. "See Mr Wiggles?"

Sam laughed. "Yeah, of course you can. Come on," he said, taking the little hand and leading the tiny Winchester into the house with his beloved dog trotting along beside them.

In the garage, Bobby's phone started ringing. "Hello?" he said, wiping his hands on the piece of cloth.

"Hey Bobby, it's Dave. We may have a problem here. A few of the boys have said they've seen Marcus around. And one of them was almost killed last night."

"Dammit," whispered Bobby, closing his eyes. Both him and Dave knew what they had to do since Dave was also a hunter- one of the best Bobby knew.

"I was wondering if you'd help with the salt and burn. You're one of the few people I trust, so are you up for one more?"

Bobby thought about his two boys. They wouldn't be safe as long as Marcus' spirit was still around, especially his little man. "Sure Dave, take the day off tomorrow. The sooner that freak is taken care of, the better."

"Okay, cool. I'll come around to yours about 5.30. Is that okay?"

"No. Come earlier than that. About 3 0'clock, I haven't seen ya for awhile. Ya can meet Dean, he's just like his older self, but cuter. Yer going to love him," said Bobby proudly. "He helped me out with a car today. He's an amazing little kid."

Dave laughed. "Three it is. So I guess even younger Dean likes cars then? I can't wait to meet him, see you later."

"See ya, Dave," replied Bobby, before hanging up. "Crap."

Now all he had to do was get the bag with the weapons out of the panic room, and tell Sam.


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