Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean meets Dave


Dean makes a new friend.

"Bobby, we promised we wouldn't hunt anymore."

"I know, Sam. But if I don't do this, Marcus is going to go after our boy," Bobby told him, looking down at the sleeping child. "I'm not going to let that happen."

Sam closed his eyes, and sighed. "I guess you're right. Have you got the bag out of the panic room?"

"Yeah, I put it in my room, out of the way. I don't want Dean near it. But I'm going to leave ya one of the shotguns, just in-case. I know ghosts usually haunt one place, but ya know as well as I do, if one of them fixates on something or someone..."

"They'll go after them," Sam finished for him. He agreed with Bobby, that this was for the best, but it didn't mean he had to like it. "What time is your friend coming?"

"About three, he'll stay for a couple of hours. I haven't seen him in awhile. I know Dean's going to love him. He loves Fonzie and Batman almost as much as Dean."

"Oh great! So we'll have two of them."

"I'm going down to start breakfast, I'll see ya both when ya come down?"

"Yeah, we'll be down soon," Sam told him, looking down at Dean to watch him sleep for a few minutes, before waking him up for his breakfast.

At 2.30, there was a knock at the door. "I think that must be Dave." Bobby went to answer the door, smiling when he heard Dean running after him. He opened the door to reveal a 6 foot 1, slim, muscular man with dark brown hair, who was wearing a black leather jacket. "Hey Dave. It's early."

Dave smiled and stepped through the open door. "Yeah, I know. I hope you don't mind, but it's been awhile... It's good to see you," he said, hugging his old friend. When he pulled away, he saw the little boy staring at him with huge green eyes.

"Me Dean, who's you?" he asked the stranger.

"Hi Dean. My name's Dave," said the man with a friendly smile. "I'm a friend of your uncle Bobbys."

Dean nodded, and smiled back. "'Kay. You's my fend, come Davey," he said, taking hold of Dave's hand to lead him into the living room.

As soon as Zeppelin saw Dean with a stranger, he started barking, and jumped from the couch. Sam had to grab hold of the dog's collar to stop him from attacking Dean's new friend.

"It 'Kay Zeppin. Dis my's fend... Davey. Dis Zeppin," Dean introduced them both, stroking his dog to calm him down.. "Come see, Davey. Zeppin not getted you."

Dave sat down on the floor beside the little boy, and smiled up at Sam. "Hi. I'm Dave."

"I'm Sam. It's nice to meet you."

"You too." Dave laughed, watching Dean talking to his dog. When Zeppelin calmed down, Dave slowly held out his hand, so the German shepherd could sniff him. "Hey Zeppelin," he said, tensing when Zeppelin licked his hand.

"Ooh ooh, See Mr Wiggles, Davey?" The little boy stood up, and ran to the window sill to get his pet worm.

Sam got up, and went to stand beside Bobby behind the couch. "I'm surprised Dean has taken to him so quick."

"I think it's the fact that he's a friend of mine. Plus Dave is one of the best people I know, he's like my little brother." Bobby smiled, watching Dean sit back down with his jar. "I'm going to make some coffee. Dave do ya still have two sugar and milk?"

Dave smiled at Bobby and nodded. "Yeah thanks, B." He looked back down at Dean when he felt a tug on his sleeve.

"Dis Mr Wiggles." Dean showed Dave the jar, and turned it around, trying to see him. "Erm... wait, Davey. He hide seeks. Mr Wiggles, stop be feek," he said, making the two men laugh. "Ooh ooh, he dere. See?"

"Oh yeah. Did you think of that name yourself?"

"Yeah. Ooh ooh, See dat?" he asked, pointing at Dave's leather jacket. "Me's gotted one dem. Me have on?"

"Only for a minute though, okay?" said Dave, taking off his jacket, and handing it to the little boy.

Dean grinned, and took the big leather jacket. "Hep, Davey?"

Dave shook his head fondly, and helped dress the little boy in the leather, which reached down to his ankles

"Wow. Wook Sammy. Me's gowed up," said Dean, doing a little twirl. "You see my's one?" Without waiting for an answer, he walked over to the chair in the hallway to get his jacket.

Sam bit his lip, so he didn't laugh at the exaggerated steps Dean was taking, so he didn't trip over the huge jacket he was still wearing.

"Here is. Me's gotted it birday," said Dean, carrying his jacket back to his new friend.

"Wow, that's nice. I bet you look all cool in it, don't you?" asked Dave, grinning when Dean giggled shyly.

"You's twy on?"

"I don't think it'll fit me, it's tiny."

Sam got his phone out of his pocket. "Hey kiddo, stand with Dave, so I can get a picture."

"YAY!" Dean jumped up and down, and clapped his hands excitedly. "Davey, Davey. Wiv me?" He threw his little arm around Dave's shoulders and grinned at Sam. Dave couldn't help smiling, and they stayed like that for a few seconds, while Sam took the picture.

After the picture, Dean took the big jacket off, and put his own back on. "Put you's on, den same. We cool. Ooh ooh, See my feckwes, Davey?" asked the little boy, pointing at his freckled nose.

Dave smiled, and put his jacket back on. "Yeah, you've got loads, haven't you?"

Bobby came back in with coffee and juice. "Going somewhere?" he asked, raising his eyebrows when he saw Dean and Dave both wearing their jackets.

"No. Me and Davey picture. We's cool... in't we, Davey?"

"Yeah. We're Davey and Deanie, we're the coolest," Dave declared, holding his fist in the air, making them all laugh.

"Okay then, cool dudes. Come sit on the couch. I'm not giving ya coffee where a certain little dog can get it."

Dave nodded, and got up from the floor. He looked down when he felt Dean tugging on his sleeve again.

"Me wiv you and Sammy?" asked the little boy hopefully.

"Of course you can, come on," said Dave, sitting on the edge of the couch, with Dean and Zeppelin in the middle, and Sam on the other side.

"Ooh ooh. Davey... wike Metaca and 'Ed Zeppin and ADC?"

"I think you mean AC/DC. I love all those. Do you like Motorhead, or Ozzy Osbourne? They're cool too."

"Erm... Not know dem. Woves Batman."

Dave's face lit up like a kid at Christmas. "Batman's so cool. I've always wanted a car like the Batmobile."

"SAMMY! Davey wove Batman," cheered Dean, making Sam laugh again. "Ooh ooh. Wike Undaker? He beated evybody. Ooh ooh, Fonzie."

"Actually, me and Bobby both like the Undertaker. And Fonzie's really cool... but not as cool as you."

"YAY! You and me same. Ooh ooh..."

Sam looked at his brother fondly. "Dean, will you stop saying 'ooh ooh'? You sound like a little monkey."

Dean giggled, and climbed down from the couch. "Ooh, ooh, aah, aah, ooh, ooh. Me monkey," he said, jumping up and down, making them all laugh.

When it was time for Dave and Bobby to go, Dean clung onto his friend's arm. "NOOOOO! He not go. He my Davey."

Dave knelt down so he could talk to Dean. "It's okay. I'll tell you what, in a few days on my next day off, I'll come and see you again, okay?"

"You's come see me?"

Dave ruffled the little boy's hair. "I promise, Deanie. Can I have a hug goodbye?"

"Yeah," answered Dean, reaching up to throw his arms around Dave's neck.

"Make sure ya get some salt out of the kitchen," Bobby told Sam, throwing the bag over his shoulder. "I've left ya one of the shotguns, and I've left the salt beside it, so if ya see Marcus, put a circle around all three of ya."

"I know, Bobby. Try to relax. You know I'd protect Dean with my life. Be careful too, okay?"

"Of course I will. Me and Dave have hunted together loads of times, he's one of the best I've worked with." Bobby looked down when he felt a little tug on his hand.

"Unca Bee-bee, when back?"

Bobby knelt in-front of Dean. "Hey, I'll be back in a couple of hours, okay? Me and Dave have something to do... hey don't cry, little man. Yer going to start me off," he said, wiping his thumb across the freckled cheek when tears started falling down his little face.

Dean sniffled. "Miss you, Unca Bee-bee," he whispered, before hugging his uncle.

"I'll miss ya too. Be good for Sam, okay?"

Dean pulled away, and wiped his face. "'Kay unca Bee-bee."

"Good boy. We have to go, I'll see ya when I get back," said Bobby, standing up.

Dean went to join his brother, and started waving at the two men. "Bye bye, unca Bee-bee. Bye bye, Davey."

"Bye, Dean," both Dave and Bobby said in unison, which made Dean giggle.

"See ya." Bobby waved one last time, before closing the door.

"You've got a great little family there, B. I understand why you're so protective of Deanie. He's a great little kid... just like his older self." He stopped and pointed at Bobby. "Just so you know, Deanie is the only person I'll ever let call me 'Davey'."

Bobby laughed. "I get what ya mean. He's the only one that can call his brother 'Sammy'. By the way, only Dean calls me 'Bee-bee', so ya better not start calling me it too."

"I'll just stick to 'B'. I guess he has his own name for everyone."

"Yeah." Bobby looked back at the house, and took a deep breath. "Let's go before I change my mind."


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