Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Death of a friend


Sam and Zeppelin protect Dean, while Bobby & Dave get rid of Marcus. Dean loses someone he loves...

Dean was checking through the channels with the remote like Sam had shown him. "Yucky, Sammy. Mister gotted no cwoves on. Oh no, dey kiss," he exclaimed, his eyes huge as he watched the screen.

Sam's head shot up, and he saw Dean had the adult channel on. "Dean, give me the remote now." When Dean passed him the remote, he immediately turned it over to a childrens channel. "You're not supposed to watch that. Only grown-ups watch that."

"Sowwy Sammy," he pouted, stroking Zeppelin, who was asleep. "Do sumfing?"

Sam closed his laptop, and put it under the couch. "What do you want to do?"

"We's... SAMMY!" Dean suddenly screamed, and threw himself at Sam, almost giving him a heart attack.

"What? What's wrong?" asked Sam frantically, eyes darting around the room, hugging his scared brother. He knew something was wrong when Zeppelin whimpered, and woke up barking.

"MISTER, SAMMY! MISTER PARK!" Dean screamed in a high-pitched, terrified voice.

Sam shot up off the couch, holding Dean tightly in his arms. "Where, Dean? Where did you see him?" he asked, walking over to where Bobby had put the shotgun. He got it out, then grabbed the canister of salt beside it.

Dean pointed at the window in the living room, without lifting his head from Sam's shoulder. "Dere, Sammy. Pees not wet him getted me."

"Nobody's going to get you, I promise. Zeppelin come here." When Zeppelin ran over to them, Sam knelt down in the corner and began to spill the salt in a wide circle around the three of them.

Bobby and Dave were taking it in turns to dig, and stand guard. So far, it had gone okay; no ghost and no cops.

"Do ya think my boys are okay?" Bobby asked his friend, as he dug. "We haven't seen or heard from Marcus, and we've been here for almost an hour."

"I'm sure they're fine, B. Sam knows what to do if he turns up," Dave assured him, tightening his grip on the iron blade he was holding. Guns were something he was never comfortable with, he always preferred a blade while hunting, and each knife, sword and machete he owned had saved his life on several occasions.

Bobby nodded, and continued digging. "I guess yer right. I just can't help but worry about them."

"How are you doing, kiddo?" asked Sam, stroking Dean's back. It was a bit of a stupid question, since he could feel Dean trembling against him, the poor kid was scared to death.

"Scared, Sammy. Not want die," cried the little boy, tightening his grip around Sam's neck.

Sam closed his eyes against the unwanted tears. "Shh. You're not going to die, you hear me? That freak's not going to get near you, he'll have to get through me first." He kept hold of the gun in one hand, while comforting his terrified brother with the other. "Hey, Dean? Can I ask you something? How do you know about death and dying? Me and Bobby never talk about that when you're around."

Dean sniffled, and wiped his nose against Sam's shirt. "Me see'd TV... peeples sick... den die. Have foonal say bye bye."

Sam nodded. That would explain why Dean was worried about him dying when he had a cold. "Well nobody's dying today, you hear me? Me and Zeppelin are going to protect you."

Dean's head shot up from Sam's shoulder, and he stared at his brother with wide, tearful eyes. "Um... Unca Bee-bee and Davey 'kay?"

"Yeah. They're fine kiddo, I promise. They're out doing something. Bobby's going to phone me when they're done."

"I'm almost done, B," called Dave from inside the grave.

Bobby nodded, and went over to the bag. "Hurry it up. I need to call Sam when we're done. I need to know if they're okay."

"Ah-ha, got it." Dave smiled, then started beating a hole in the coffin with the shovel.

Sam suddenly felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. It didn't help matters when Zeppelin started snarling and growling savagely, shifting closer to Dean as if daring something to come and hurt his best friend.

"Dean, whatever you hear, don't lift your head from my shoulder, okay?" he asked, standing up with Dean in the crook of one arm.

Dean nodded, and kissed Sam's cheek. "Woves you, Sammy. Twy not die awell." He went back to hiding, and wrapped his arms and legs tighter around his brothers body.

Sam swallowed around the lump in his throat, and aimed the shotgun with his free hand. When Zeppelin stood, and started barking in the direction of the hallway, he turned that way with his finger on the trigger.

Marcus was coming towards them with an evil little smile on his face. "He's mine," he whispered.

Sam didn't hesitate, as he pulled the trigger.

Dean flinched and cried out when he heard the gunshot. "Sammy," he whimpered, but didn't raise his head.

After drenching the body with the salt and lighter fluid, Dave stood back as Bobby lit the match. "I'll let you do the honours."

Bobby smiled gratefully, and threw the lit match into the grave. "This is for my little man," he said, watching as the body of Marcus was destroyed by the sudden ball of fire

Sam held Dean tighter when Marcus' spirit burst into flames. He sank back down the wall, and laughed in relief when he heard his phone ringing. He put down the gun, so he could reach into his pocket to answer the phone. "Hey Bobby," he answered, smiling when Dean raised his head.

"Are ya both okay?"

"Yeah, everyone's okay. You were just in time," Sam told him, looking down when Dean shook his arm.

Bobby and Dave both let out sighs of relief at hearing the good news.

"Your little man wants to talk to you."

Bobby smiled when he heard Dean say, "Hiya Unca Bee-bee. You and my's Davey 'kay?"

"Yeah, little man. Are ya alright?" asked Bobby, frowning when he heard Dean sniffle.

"Scareded. Me see'd Mister... Sammy and Zeppin save me," said Dean, proudly stroking the little dog. "Home? Ooh ooh, me talk Davey?"

Bobby and Dave both laughed. "I'm coming home now, little man. Dave wants to talk to ya as-well."

Dave smiled, and took the phone. "Hiya Deanie, are you sure you're okay?"

"Hiya, Davey. Me weally scareded. You home awell?" he asked, holding Sam's phone tightly to his ear.

"Sorry, Deanie. I have to get to my home. I'll see you in a few days, I promise. I have to go now, see you later," said Dave, giving the phone back to Bobby. He climbed into the car to let Bobby talk to his boys in private.

He was waiting five minutes, before Bobby climbed into the passenger seat. "Come on, let's go."

As soon as Sam convinced Dean they were safe, the little boy ran over to the table by the couch where he kept Mr Wiggles. Dean frowned when he noticed the worm wasn't moving, so he opened the jar carefully, trying not to get mud on the carpet.

"Sammy, Mr Wiggles not wigging," said Dean, holding his hand out to show Sam the still worm.

Sam put the gun away, and knelt in-front of Dean. He held his hand out to take the worm, and poked it with one finger. "Dammit," he whispered, closing his eyes when he felt how cold and still the worm was.

Mr Wiggles was dead.

"What, Sammy? Why not move? Wake."

"I'm sorry, kiddo," Sam whispered, stroking his arm soothingly. "He's gone."

Dean looked confused. "No not. He dere, Sammy. He you's hand."

"That's not what I mean. He... he's..." Sam took a deep breath and broke the news. "He's in heaven, Dean."

Dean's eyes filled with tears and his bottom lip trembled. "NOOOOO! Sammy, get back. Pees Sammy, pees."

Sam pulled Dean down to sit on his knee. "Shh. It's alright kiddo," he whispered, his eyes filling with tears as Dean let out heartbroken little sobs in his arms.

Zeppelin came over, and put both his paws on Dean's leg, whining softly as he nudged at his chest.

When Dean calmed a little, he asked Sam if he could hold Mr Wiggles, so Sam carefully placed the dead worm in the little hand.

"Sammy, we's foonal? Say bye bye," asked Dean, looking up at Sam, tears falling down his freckled cheeks.

Sam swallowed hard, fighting back his own tears. "We'll have a funeral for him in the garden tomorrow, okay? We'll put him back where we found him, so he'll be back home."

Dean nodded sadly, and started stroking the cold worm.

-The next day-

It was sunny the next day, the perfect day to say goodbye. As soon as breakfast was over, Dean wanted to say bye to his worm, so Sam and Bobby led the upset little boy down to the little garden. When they got there, the two men knelt beside Dean, while Sam dug a little hole with his hands.

When the hole was deep enough, Dean placed the jar in the ground, doing his best not to cry again.

"Do you want to say something?" asked Sam softly. He had spoke to Dean the night before, about what he wanted to say.

Dean nodded, and looked up so he was talking to the sky. "Bye bye, Mr Wiggles. You's up heaven." He paused, his lips trembling. "Y-You's funny. Wo-Woves you, Mr Wiggles," he said, then burst into tears.

Bobby wrapped his arms around his devastated little boy, and hugged him tightly, a tear falling down his own cheek. "Shh. It's okay little man," he whispered, kissing the soft blond hair. He was glad it wasn't Zeppelin; he didn't think Dean would ever get over losing his beloved puppy.

Zeppelin climbed up Bobby's legs and jumped up so he could lick Dean's face, whining softly at the cries coming from his best friend.

Sam leaned forward, and quickly refilled the hole. "Rest in peace, Mr Wiggles," he whispered, placing a piece of wood on top to mark where Mr Wiggles was.

Dean raised his head, and turned his tear-streaked face to Sam. "Undaker say dat."

"Yeah, I know. That's what you say at times like this."

Dean nodded, and looked up at the sky again. "West in peas, Mr Wiggles," he said, laying his head back on Bobby's shoulder, his fingers stroking through his dog's soft black and golden fur.

Sam wrapped his arms around his little brother and they sat and held him until he stopped crying.

After 15 minutes, the tiny Winchester pulled away, and frowned when he saw the stick.

"That's so you know where he is, kiddo. In-case you want to come see him, just ask me or Bobby to go with you, okay?"

They were outside for awhile when Dean gasped, and ran his fingers over the mud not far from Mr Wiggles. "Sammy and unca Bee-bee... Catpiar in stowy."

Sam and Bobby leaned over to have a look and saw there wasn't one Caterpillar, but two.

Dean picked them both up carefully, and smiled when he felt them moving in his palm. "Aw, you's wigging. Sammy, me keep dem?"

"Yeah. Why not," said Sam, touching one of the little caterpillars with a finger. "What are you going to call them?"

"Erm gween... No, no, no. Erm... AD. No... AC and DC. Same dan Metaca and Zeppin."

Bobby laughed, even as he tried to pull Zeppelin back, who was trying to sniff at the two caterpillars. "That's very clever, little man. And it's like they have initials."

"What dem?" asked Dean, confused.

Sam explained to him what initials were, and that Caterpillar started with 'C'. So he had to choose two names starting with 'A' and 'D'.

With Bobby's help, and loads of names later, Dean finally decided to name his new pets: 'Adam Caterpillar' after Adam West, who played Batman, and 'Davey Caterpillar' after his new friend Dave.

But they would always be known as AC and DC.


Hope you like.

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