Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean meets Missouri


This chapter is for Castiel's Angel who wanted Dean to have a nightmare about his past.

Dean has a nightmare, and later meets Missouri.


Sam shot up in the bed, turned on the light, and looked down at Dean. The little boy was still asleep, but he was tossing and turning, arms outstretched as if to ward something off, tears and sweat were streaming down his face.

"Dean, come on, wake up. It's just a bad dream, come on," said Sam, frantically shaking his brother. It didn't seem to be working, so he lifted his screaming brother into his arms. "Dean, please wake up."

Bobby came running through the door. "Is he alright? I could hear him at the other side of the house."

Sam turned worried eyes up to Bobby as he stroked Dean's cheek. "I don't know. He just started screaming, I can't wake him up."

Bobby sat on the edge of the bed, ignoring Zeppelin who was trying to get to Dean, and grabbed the glass of water on the bedside table. It was half full, so he poured a bit of the water over the screaming little boy, hoping that it would wake him up.

When Dean finally woke up, coughing, Sam and Bobby breathed sighs of relief. "Shh, you're okay, kiddo. You're okay. Can you tell us what you were dreaming about?"

"M-Monsters, Sammy. Woads monsters," cried Dean, clinging onto Sam's shirt.

Sam frowned at Bobby, who was looking back worriedly. "What kinds of monsters?" he asked, running his fingers soothingly through his brother's hair.

Dean's breathing hitched, and he hid his face in Sam's shoulder. "Dere monster yewwow eyes. A-And... and woads back eyes. Scawy mister..." He paused to wipe his face, and started crying again.

Blood drained from the two men's faces. "Hey, it's okay, little man. It was only a dream, monsters aren't real," soothed Bobby. It was the first time he had ever lied to Dean, but it was better than him knowing the truth and being scared.

"Try and get back to sleep, okay? Me and Bobby will be right here. You'll be safe, I promise."

"Zeppin?" Dean asked, wiping his snotty nose.

Bobby smiled, and picked up the jumping dog. "There ya go," he said, passing Zeppelin to Dean, who giggled when his dog started licking his cheek.

"Fank you. Hiya Zeppin." When he rolled onto his side, Zeppelin cuddled up to him and settled down.

Sam stroked his back and hummed quietly, calming the scared little boy down. He smiled when he felt Dean relax and saw his eyes close.

Bobby and Sam sat in silence for a few minutes, making sure Dean was fast asleep. "He's remembering, Bobby. What are we going to do? The people with black eyes are obviously demons. The one with yellow eyes is obviously the demon."

Bobby took a deep breath, and ran his hand down his face. "Well, we're going to have to think of something to stop them."

"Missouri. She's a psychic, she might be able to help."

"That name sounds familiar. Did John know her?"

Dean flinched in his sleep, and whimpered. "Shh. You're okay, kiddo," Sam whispered, rubbing soothing circles onto the small back. "Yeah. We met her when we went back to our old house. I'll give her a call to see if she can help him."

Bobby nodded, and stood from the bed. "I'd better go, let ya get some sleep. Night, Sam."

"Night Bobby," replied Sam, watching his brother sleep.

-The next day-

Sam was sitting on the couch watching Dean, who was sitting on the living room floor, drawing a picture. He was worried about Dean, but his brother didn't seem to remember the previous night, he was happy and talking to his pets as he coloured.

"You's my favit, Zeppin. But me woves Mr Wiggles awell... he up heaven. Me's do picture."

Sam's smile faded a little, then he got off the couch and joined his brother. "Hey, kiddo. Are you okay?"

Dean turned to Sam with a big smile. "Yeah, Sammy. Me do picture Mr Wiggles," he told him, adding the final touches to the picture, before picking it up and showing Sam.

"Aw. That's nice," said Sam, looking at the picture of the little boy and the giant worm.

"Fank you, Sammy. Give Mr Wiggles?"

"Of course we can. We can ask Bobby to look after Zeppelin."

"AC and DC come? Mr Wiggles see dem," said Dean, picking up his jar.

"Yeah, come on." Sam took his brother's hand, and led him into the kitchen to see Bobby. The older man promised to look after Zeppelin while the little boy went to see his worm.

Dean got excited as he walked down to the little garden with his brother. "We's see Mr Wiggles," he sang happily, making Sam laugh. "Hiya, Mr Wiggles. Me do picture." He knelt in-front of the worms grave, and lifted the jar. "Dis AC and DC. Dey Catpiar's. Wike dem?"

Dean gave the picture to Sam, who folded it in half twice, and dug a little hole to put the picture inside. "There you go. Do you want to stay here for a bit?"

"Yes pees, Sammy." Dean placed the jar in-front of him, then started clapping his hands, and singing. "Iny biny Spider up water... erm... down wain, Wass spider. Out sun, dwy wain... iny biny spider..." he trailed off when he saw Sam watching him with a smile.

"Went up the spout again," Sam finished for him.

Dean giggled happily. "You singed dat. Mr Wiggles woves spiders. What sing, Sammy?"

Sam sat his brother on his knee, and wrapped him in his arms. "Er... What about... twinkle twinkle little star? Do you remember that? We sang it at the window after Mr Wiggles went to heaven."

Dean's eyes went wide, and he clapped again. "Yeah, Sammy. Tinka tinka wittle star. What are... what Sammy?"

"How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high," said Sam, rocking Dean back and forth. "Like a diamond in the sky. And you remember the last bit?"

"Up word high, wike dime up sky. Woves you, Mr Wiggles. Bye bye," he finished, giggling.

That evening, when there was a knock at the door, Sam went to answer it with Dean following behind him.

"Hey Sam. Where's that brother of yours?" asked the woman kindly, coming into the house. When he saw the small woman at the door, Dean ran to hide behind his brother.

"I think he's scared, Missouri." Sam turned, and knelt before his brother, who was staring at the stranger with huge eyes. "Hey, it's okay kiddo. She's a friend, she won't hurt you."

Dean flinched when Missouri knelt beside Sam. "It's alright, sweetheart. I'm here to help you." She put her hand on the side of Dean's face, and frowned when she could feel a lot of fear, but only some of it was directed at her. "Do you remember that bad dream you had? I'm here to help you stop them, my name's Missouri."

"Hiya Missi, me Dean. My's doggy Zeppin."

"Can I meet your doggy? I love animals," she said, while at the same time 'reading' the little boy. She immediately got that the little boy was upset about his worm dying.

"Yeah. Come see." Dean took Missouri's hand, and led her into the living room where Bobby and Zeppelin were.

After an hour spent with the little family, Missouri decided it was time to start. The little boy had come to know her a little, and was no longer scared.

Bobby had taken Zeppelin out for a walk, so he wouldn't go for Missouri while she tried to help his best friend.

"Hey, Sam? I think it's time to get this started."

Sam nodded and turned to Dean. "Hey, kiddo. Can you sit, and then lay on the couch for me? Missouri's going to help stop the bad dreams."

Dean nodded, before climbing up onto the couch, and laying down. "What do?" he asked fearfully, grabbing Sam's hand.

Missouri knelt down in-front of the couch, and took something she had made earlier out of her bag. "Don't worry darling, Sam's going to stay with you. I need you to close your eyes, okay?"

"Kay," whispered the little boy, closing his eyes.

Missouri closed her eyes too, and put a little charm on Dean's forehead, before placing her hands on each side of his head, and taking a deep breath. Images of demons and spirits came into her head, each more terrifying than the last.

"Is it working?" Sam interrupted, making her lose concentration.

"Sam, I'm trying to concentrate. Be quiet, or I'll whack you with my spoon."

Dean frowned, but kept his eyes closed. "No not. Me's hit you."

As soon as he said that, images of Sam came to the surface, making Missouri smile. She could feel the love these boys had for each other, but that wasn't what she was here for, so she went back to the images of the demons, vampires and other supernatural creatures.

"Okay, sweetheart. I'm going to need you to drink something, okay? It may not taste very nice, but I need you to drink it all. Can you do that for me?"

"Yeah. Me's Batman," Dean answered bravely, making Sam and Missouri laugh.

"Okay then, Batman. Keep your eyes closed for me." Missouri lifted Dean's head a little, making sure the charm didn't fall from his forehead. She tilted the cup toward Dean's mouth, and poured a little in.

Dean's nose scrunched up as he swallowed the horrible liquid. "It stinky same dan Sammy feet."

"Hey," laughed Sam, squeezing Dean's hand slightly.

Missouri started chuckling, and poured more of the potion into Dean's open mouth. "You're doing brilliantly, Dean. It's almost gone." When Dean finished all of the awful-tasting liquid, she put the empty cup on the floor beside her, and closed her eyes again. She smiled when there were no images of demons and spirits, but instead images of Dean and his family. "There we go, sweetheart. You'll have nice dreams now."

"Juice, Sammy? Dat fingy yucky," said Dean, opening his eyes, and scrunching his nose up.

Sam looked at Missouri, who nodded. "I'll be right back," he said, heading to the kitchen.

Dean sat up, and looked at the charm Missouri was holding. "What dat?"

"This is for you. If you keep this under your pillow, you'll have no bad dreams," she told him, placing the charm in his hand, and closing the little fingers back over it to keep it safe.

"Fank you, Missi," said Dean, looking up when Sam came in with the juice. "Missi gived me dis."

Sam smiled gratefully at the older woman. "Thanks a lot for helping my brother."

"You're welcome, Sam. This is sort of my job, even if I had to travel most of the day just to get here."

Sam laughed when Zeppelin came charging through the door, excitedly running over to his best friend. "Zeppin," cried Dean happily, climbing down from the couch, and running to his dog. "Hiya Zeppin."

The little dog jumped up and licked the little freckled face excitedly, making Dean giggle.

Bobby came back into the house, and smiled when he saw Dean and Zeppelin's happy reunion after a short time apart. "Hey little man."

"Hiya, Unca Bee-bee," he said, running over to hug his uncle.

Missouri smiled again when she felt all the love in this family, especially from Sam and Bobby towards the little boy. "I better get going, Sam. Call me if you need anything else."

"Thank you so much," said the older Winchester, hugging her. "I just didn't want him to remember the past, you know?"

"No need to thank me, Sam," she said, running her hand over Sam's back. "I can feel how grateful you are, and how much you love your brother."

Sam smiled, and pulled back. "How are you getting home?"

"I had a friend drive me. I need to give him a call to let him know I'm ready," she told him, before turning to Dean. "Are you going to say bye? I have to go now."

"Bye bye, missi," said Dean, coming over to give her a hug.

"Bye darling. Sweet dreams tonight."

Dean smiled innocently at her, and held the charm tightly in one hand. That night the little boy didn't have any scary bad dreams, instead he dreamed about playing ball with Sam, Zeppelin and his uncle Bobby.


Hope you like.

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