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Sam gets a visitor


Not a new chapter since i finished this story ages ago, but I've been busy these last few days rewriting parts of this story and adding more detail and hopefully making it slightly better.

Dean helps Bobby cook. A stranger stops by.

"Watch what yer doing, little man," said Bobby, holding onto Dean's waist. The little boy was helping him with lunch, and since he was too small to reach the counter, he was standing on a chair.

Dean giggled, and got five pieces of bread out of the bread bag, like Bobby had shown him. "What do?"

Bobby took two pieces, and put them in the toaster. "Put two pieces in, and wait until it's done. And then we put in two more. These two that are in will be Sams."

"Me's good, Unca Bee-bee?"

"Yer doing really good, little man," said Bobby, ruffling the little boy's blond hair. "Can ya get the pan out from the bottom cupboard, while I get the spaghetti?"

Dean nodded, and climbed down to get the pan. After opening the cupboard, he picked up the first pan he could find and held it out to Bobby in both hands. "Gotted it, unca Bee-bee," he said, smiling proudly.

"Thanks, little man. Right, I'm going to open the spaghetti, and ya can pour it in the pan, okay?"

Dean nodded again, and watched his uncle. He jumped when the now-toasted bread popped out of the toaster. "Dat scareded me, Unca Bee-bee," he gasped with a little hand on his chest.

"Did it? It's naughty ain't it?" said Bobby, handing the tin of spaghetti to the little boy. He switched the toast for more bread, and buttered the toast that had just been done.

Dean lifted the can, and used both hands to pour the spaghetti, so he didn't spill it everywhere. But somehow he ended up getting it all over his hands, but he didn't seem to notice as he scratched his nose.

Bobby turned around, and couldn't help but laugh when he saw Dean's orange nose and cheek. "What happened? I only turned my back for a minute."

"What mean?" asked a confused Dean, wiping his hands on his clothes.

Bobby lifted the pan, and put it on the heat, away from his little helper chef. "I mean yer face is all orange. Did ya get attacked by the spaghetti monster or something?"

"Dey sghetti monster?" he asked curiously, looking up at Bobby as he cleaned up his face.

"No, little man. There's no such thing as monsters." He tweaked Dean's now clean nose, and turned to put in the last piece of bread.

A couple of minutes later, lunch was ready, so Bobby served the spaghetti and poured it over the toast, making sure he didn't get it everywhere.

"Ooooh we's do it, Unca Bee-bee. Maked sghetti, YAY! We bestest," cheered Dean, jumping up and down, clapping his hands excitedly.

Bobby watched him, and chuckled fondly, he had never known anybody get so excited over making spaghetti on toast.

After hearing the excited yells and cheers, Sam came into the kitchen, followed by Zeppelin. "Is lunch ready yet?"

"Sammy, Sammy... Maked sghetti toast," Dean told him, tugging on his shirt with a big smile.

"Did you? You're very clever then, aren't you?" he said, making Dean squeal in delight at the praise.

After they had eaten, Bobby took a tea towel, and cleaned Dean up again. "Thanks for yer help, little man," he said, tweaking the now clean nose.

Dean giggled and went over to his brother and climbed up onto his knee. "Wike it, Sammy? Me's hep."

"It was the best spaghetti on toast ever," Sam told him, running his fingers through his brother's hair.

"Fank you," Dean mumbled, lowering his head shyly. "Woves you, Sammy."

"Love you too, kiddo," he replied, giving him a kiss. "Why don't you go in the living room, and get your caterpillars and your teddies, and we can go play outside with Zeppelin and uncle Bobby."

"Can we, Sammy? Dat cool," said Dean with a grin, before climbing down, and running into the living room with Zeppelin running beside him.

Bobby stood from the chair and headed out. "I'll go and bring in the tools I was using earlier so the little man and a certain little dog can't get hurt."

Dean had been gone for two minutes when Sam heard his brother start screaming. "DEAN!" he yelled, running into the room. He stopped when he saw the strange young woman with long braided hair, standing in-front of his brother. The German shepherd was growling and barking frantically at the stranger, standing guard in-front of Dean.

Sam ran over, and picked him up, glaring at her threateningly. "Who the hell are you?" he asked, holding his hand down at Zeppelin, knowing that Bobby had taught him not to attack if someone had their hand out, and to only bite if given the command.

Dean's eyes were wide, and scared as he turned to look at Sam. "She bish, Sammy... she say."

"Actually, I said I am a witch, not a bitch," she told Sam. "I'm the one who cursed your brother. My name is Gabrielle."

Sam's eyes narrowed dangerously. "I think I agree with my brother. What do you want? Demons and Witches usually stay away from hunters so we don't kill them."

"I'm not evil. I did what I did for a reason."

Sam hugged his brother, who was shaking and whimpering in fear. "Shh. It's alright, kiddo. She's not going to hurt you, if she does... it'll be the last thing she ever does." The last part was directed at the witch, who didn't seem to be intimidated by the threats or Zeppelin's barking. "What reason might that be?"

"Two reasons. One, so you could appreciate your brother more than you do. He gave up everything for you, so he could raise and look after you, even though he was just a little kid himself." Gabrielle looked at Dean, smiling sadly. "And two, so you could give him the childhood he missed out on."

Sam frowned, confused. Maybe she wasn't evil after all. "So you did this to help? Well, if you did this, you can undo it."

"Actually Sam, I can't. The spell will wear off after a year from now. It was for fifteen months, and since a couple have gone by, there's a year left. So you have plenty of time to give him loads of great... 'childhood memories', so to speak. Once he's back, he'll remember the past year and the wonderful new childhood he had."

"So after a year, he'll come back?" Sam couldn't believe he would finally get his big brother back, sure he loved little Dean more than anything in the world, but his big brother was the most important person in his life, his best friend and hero. And he missed him terribly.

"Yes, Sam. Just continue what you're doing. Make it memorable." With that, there was a puff of smoke and she was gone.

'I didn't know witches could do that,' Sam thought, stroking his brother's trembling back. "Shh. It's okay, she's gone, she was just some crazy lady, who thought she was a witch."

Dean raised his head, and looked around. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw the woman was gone. "She bish, Sammy... And scawy."

Sam smiled, and tweaked his brother's nose, making him giggle. "Stop calling people bitches. She wasn't really a witch, they don't exist. She's... she's a bit weird."

"We's pay?" Dean asked hopefully. He climbed out of Sam's arms, and started hugging and kissing his dog, who started trying to lick his face off in his excitement.

"Of course we can. Let's get your stuff, and head out."

Sam's smile never dropped while he helped his brother pick up his teddies. He didn't want to say goodbye to the cute little version of Dean, but he also couldn't wait to have his big brother back.

Him and Bobby were going to make sure that Dean had the best childhood ever, and they had a year to do it in.

*The End*

Hope you likeThis is the end of this story, but it continues in Uncle Bobby's little man.

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