Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean & Sam dance


Dean & Sam dance together.

Later in the day, Bobby and Sam were sitting at Bobby's table, researching what kind of witch had the power to turn adults into kids again. Dean was playing in the living room with the toys Bobby had bought him that morning.

Suddenly, AC/DC's 'Back in black' came blaring out of the living room, making them both jump. "What the..."

"I'll go," said an annoyed Sam, walking towards the room, intending to yell at Dean. But both his anger and his heart melted at the sight before him. Dean was bouncing up and down, his little arms were waving in the air. The dancing looked a little like Chandler's from friends, but it was the cutest thing Sam had ever seen in his life.

Sam waved his hand at Bobby to get his attention, and beckoned him over. Bobby looked worried when he stood from his chair, but he was soon smiling at the sight of his little man enjoying himself.

They stood together, watching the tiny Winchester dance with smiles on their faces. "BACK BACK," sang Dean, still waving his little arms around.

Bobby's smile widened when he heard Dean giggling to himself. "He's adorable," he whispered to Sam.

"Yeah he is."

When the song was over, Sam cleared his throat, making Dean jump and spin around. When he saw it was only Bobby and Sam, his look of shock quickly changed into a big grin. "ME'S DANCE! BACK BACK!" he sang again, making Bobby and Sam laugh.

When the next song started, Sam walked over and lifted Dean into his arms. He danced around in a circle, causing Dean to giggle and wrap his little arms tight around Sam's neck.

"HIGHYAY 'ELL!" Dean yelled in Sam's ear as he continued dancing and spinning him around. He let go of Sam's neck, and waved over to Bobby. "UNCA BEE-BEE DANCE!"

Bobby shook his head, laughing. "No, little man. I'll stand here and watch ya dance."

When Dean started bouncing in his arms, Sam started spinning him around faster as he sang happily along. "YAY! HIGHYAY 'EEELLLLL!"

After the song was over, Sam put Dean down, and walked over to turn the music off. "Sammy," Dean moaned, pulling on Sam's hand.

"Time for dinner. Come and see what you want."

"Dance," Dean replied, his bottom lip poking out in a huge pout.

"You can't eat that, can you? Come on."

"Pees. One," Dean begged, his eyes going wide and his lip poking out even further.

Sam couldn't say 'no' to that face, so he sighed and gave in. "Oh, alright. One more, and then dinner, okay?"

"YAY! BACK BACK!" Dean cheered, jumping up and down excitedly.

Sam reached over to Bobby's old cassette player, and rewound Dean's tape to the song he had always loved.

"Come." When Dean started his 'Chandler dance' again, Bobby's heart melted, he didn't think he had ever seen anything more adorable in his life.

Sam knelt down, grabbed Dean's flailing hands, and started bouncing along with his little brother, making him giggle again.

Bobby's heart warmed at the sight of his two boys laughing and having fun. It had been so long since the house had been filled with laughter, and it was good to hear it again.

"Go around," said Sam, twirling Dean around, making him giggle in delight. The dancing continued until the song finished (again), and when Sam went to turn it off, Dean jumped on him, flinging his little arms around his neck in another hug.

"Woves Sammy," he whispered in Sam's ear.

"Love my Deanie," Sam whispered back, kissing his freckled cheek.

Bobby walked back into the kitchen to give the two brothers some privacy.


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