Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Sam makes a decision


Sam makes a decision about Dean.

Two minutes later, Sam appeared in the doorway holding Dean, who was hiding behind the door-frame. "Someone wants to see his Uncle Bee-bee."

"Oh? Who might that be then?"

"ME!" shouted Dean, appearing from his hiding place.

"Oh. Ya scared me again," gasped Bobby, struggling not to smile.

"YAY! Scareded Unca Bee-bee."

"Awww, I thought ya loved me." Bobby sniffled, and pretended to be upset.

Dean struggled to get down, so Sam let him. "Unca Bee-bee," he said, running over, so Bobby picked him up. "Sowwy. Woves you."

"Love ya too, little man," Bobby whispered back, wrapping him in his arms for a hug. "Now, what do ya want for dinner?"

"Sghetti?" asked Dean, making Bobby laugh.

"No, little man. Ya had that last night. It's all gone."


"I have some sausages. I know ya like them. Mash too."

Dean's green eyes lit up, and he started clapping. "YAY!"

"Sam, do ya want sausage and mash for dinner?"

Sam shrugged, still smiling. "Yeah sure."

"I've been thinking," said Sam later while him and Bobby sat at the kitchen table. Dean was taking a nap on the couch.

"About what?" Bobby asked, closing yet another book.

"About leaving Dean the way he is."

Bobby's eyebrows shot up in surprise as he stared at Sam in shock.

"I mean... he's a lot happier, I've never heard him laugh so much. At least this way he'll have the childhood and life he deserves." He sat silently waiting for Bobby's answer, and expected the older man to yell at him, but he was surprised when he agreed.

"Okay. What about hunting though?"

"We'll give it up, so we can all be a family. That's if you'll be willing to have us and help me raise him."

"Are ya kidding? I'd love to."

Neither of them heard Dean approach them as he walked into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes sleepily. "What woves?" he asked curiously, walking over to his uncle Bobby.

"How would ya like to live here with me and Sam?"

Dean's green eyes widened. "Sammy?" he asked, looking over at his big brother.

Sam smiled at him and nodded. "Yeah Dean, if you want to stay."

"HUG, HUG!" Dean yelled, holding his little arms wide.

"I guess that means 'yeah'," said Sam, standing from his chair to join in the family hug.

That evening, Sam was getting Dean ready for bed in their room. Dean was still excited about living with his Uncle Bee-bee, and kept jumping up and down.

"Dean, stay still. You have to get your PJ's on," Sam told him, holding up the puppy pajamas.

Dean came running over, and managed to stay still for a minute while Sam put his top on. After getting him dressed, Sam stood up at the same time Dean re-started his jumping, so Dean's head ended up hitting him in the crotch.

"Ow. Dammit," moaned Sam, sinking to his knees, holding the injured area.

"Sammy. UNCA BEE-BEE! UNCA BEE-BEE!" Dean screamed, running to the top of the stairs.

Bobby ran up the stairs when he heard the yelling. When he got to the top, he saw Dean standing there with tears in his eyes. "What's wrong little man? Are ya hurt?" he asked, lifting the little boy up.

"Sammy hurted doodle," Dean told him, sniffling.

Bobby raised his eyebrows. "He did what now?"

"Bedoom. He bedoom."

Standing in the doorway to the boys bedroom, Bobby saw Sam sitting on the bed, with his head lowered. "Sam? Are ya okay?"

"Yeah. It was just an accident." He raised his head, and looked at his brother, and saw the green eyes were huge and filled with tears. "Dean, Come here." Sam reached out his hand, so Bobby lowered Dean to the floor.

As soon as he was on his feet, Dean ran over to his big brother, stopping when he reached the foot of the bed. "You's doodle gay?" he asked, tears falling down his cheeks.

Sam's heart melted at the look on Dean's face, and he looked up at Bobby to see he was struggling not to laugh at what the little boy had said. Lifting the tiny Winchester up onto his knee, he put his hand under Dean's chin, raising his little face up. "Hey, I'm fine. No need to cry," he told him gently. "By the way, it's 'okay', not 'gay'. Gay means... well it means something else."

"Sowwy me's hurt," Dean whispered, snuggling closer to Sam's chest.

"Shh. It's alright, kiddo," Sam soothed his upset brother, stroking Dean's back until he fell asleep in his arms.


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