Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean the knight


Sam tells Dean a story about his older self.

The day before his birthday, Dean was sitting with Sam on the couch, drawing his brother a picture.

"Me dawed you, Sammy," said Dean proudly, lifting up his picture to show Sam.

Sam lifted Dean onto his knee, and took the picture of what looked like a stick-figure family. "Aw, that's nice. Is that you?" he asked, pointing to a little boy with yellow hair. Dean nodded, grinning. "And I guess that's me and Bobby." Sam pointed to a man with a mop of brown hair and another man with a circle on his head, which was obviously a hat.

"Impa dere," Dean told him, showing Sam the big black circle next to Bobby.

"Wow, it looks just like her, doesn't it? We'll have to put it up on the wall." Sam smiled, and laid the picture on the arm of the couch to wrap his arms around his brother. "Do you know what day it is tomorrow?"

"Erm... Mooday?" answered Dean, making Sam smile.

"It's pronounced 'monday', you big silly. It's your birthday, you'll be three."

"Fee?" asked Dean, his eyes going wide.

"Yeah. Do you know how many that is?"

Dean lifted his hand and raised five fingers. He looked up at Sam, who put three fingers up. "Fee. Dat fee?" asked Dean, holding three tiny fingers up like Sam had showed him.

"Yeah. That's how many you'll be tomorrow." Sam took Dean's little hand in his and held it.

"Unca Bee-bee... me's dat mowwow," Dean told his uncle, raising three fingers on his free hand.

Bobby smiled at him. "I know, little man. Are ya looking forward to it?"

"YEAH!" Dean became excited as he moved to sit with Bobby. "Me's pwesents?"

Bobby chuckled. "Of course ya do. What do ya want the most?"

"Fonzie," Dean replied, clapping. Sam and Bobby didn't need to ask what he was talking about, they both knew what he meant. Dean loved watching repeats of Happy days and he loved Fonzie, and he wanted a leather jacket so he could be cool too.

"I guess ya have to wait and see."

"Fonzie now?" asked Dean, pointing to the TV.

"No, not now. It's too late. Fonzie's on in the afternoon, you've missed him."

"Aww," pouted Dean, making both Sam and Bobby smile.

"Don't worry. He'll be on tomorrow, little man." Bobby pulled the sulking toddler into his arms and gave him a hug.

Dean lifted his other arm out to his brother so he could join in too. "Sammy hug."

"Sammy hug," agreed Sam, wrapping his arm around Dean's back.

The hug lasted several minutes until Dean pulled away, yawning. "Seepy... Stowy?" he asked Sam with hopeful eyes.

"Let me guess. You want Dean the knight?" asked Sam, sitting Dean back on his own knee. Ever since the first night at Bobby's, Dean really loved hearing stories about his older self. Of course, he didn't know it was actually him, he thought Sam had made him up.

"He mostest cool," Dean told them with a serious expression.

"Yeah he is," agreed Sam, tweaking Dean's little nose. "Alright then. Dean the knight and his brother Samuel had to stop a ghost in an old asylum, but the ghostly doctor did something to Samuel and made him different."

"Oh no," whispered Dean worriedly, his full attention on his brother as he listened to the story.

"Dean the knight had to search for his brother, and when he found him, he didn't notice anything different at first. But then Samuel pointed a gun at his older brother." Sam stopped when Dean gasped, his eyes huge and watery.

"Shooted him?"

Sam tightened his hold on his brother, and held him closer to his chest. "Don't worry. Dean the knight's always alright, even when he's hurt... Dean the knight tried to talk his brother out of hurting him, but it didn't seem to work. Suddenly Samuel pulled the trigger and hit Dean the knight in the chest."

"NOOO!" cried Dean, tears falling down his cheeks.

"Shh. It's alright, kiddo. Do you think I'd tell you a story where your hero gets really hurt?" Dean shook his head, and let Sam wipe away the tears. "The gun was filled with rocksalt, so it didn't kill him."

"YAY!" cheered Dean, making Bobby chuckle behind him.

"Dean the knight tried to tell his brother that it wasn't really him talking, that it was the evil doctor, and they had to stop him. But Samuel wasn't really himself anymore, and he said some really hurtful things to his brother." Sam paused, swallowing hard. He never meant those things he said to Dean, and he felt guilty as hell for trying to kill him. "Dean the knight gave his brother his real gun, which Samuel took and pointed at him. He pulled the trigger, but the gun was thankfully empty. Dean the knight then shot up, grabbed the gun and hit his brother."

"Wiv gun?"

Sam shook his head. "No. He punched him, so he was unconscious, and went looking for the doctor. He found a cabinet with some hair sticking out of it, and found the doctor's body. He poured salt, and some flammable liquid over it. Then he got hit with a bed that moved, and knocked him over." Sam wasn't a 100% sure exactly what had happened when he was unconscious, he only knew what Dean told him that night in the car.

"The ghostly doctor grabbed Dean the knight's face, and tried to change him too. But he grabbed the lighter, and threw it on the body, so the ghost disappeared. Samuel woke up, back to normal. And they left the asylum together to go onto their next adventure."

"YAY! My's De knight winned," cheered the little boy, raising his arms in celebration, making Bobby and Sam laugh.

"Come on, we better get you to bed for your big day tomorrow."

"Night, Unca Bee-bee," said Dean, giving his uncle a hug and a kiss to say goodnight.

"Goodnight, little man. See ya tomorrow."


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