Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean's birthday part 1


Dean turns three part 1.

It was eight the next morning when Sam entered his and Dean's bedroom with a tray of pancakes and orange juice for Dean and toast for himself. Since it was Dean's birthday, he decided to give his brother breakfast in bed.

Setting the tray on the bedside table, Sam climbed onto the bed, and gently started shaking the birthday boy. "Wake up, sleepyhead."

Dean's eyes fluttered open, and he looked up at Sam with a little smile. "Hiya, Sammy."

'At least this Dean isn't grumpy until he has his morning coffee.' thought Sam, before tickling his little brother. "Hiya birthday boy," he laughed when Dean started giggling and trying to get away.

"Stop Sammy," Dean said through his giggles as Sam lowered his head and laid kisses all over his face.

"I'm going to get your freckles," Sam sang, kissing Dean's nose to get the last ones.

Dean stopped struggling, and looked up at Sam with wide eyes. "Me's birday? Me fee?"

Sam stopped tickling and sat Dean up against him, wrapping his arm around the little shoulders. "Yeah. Happy birthday, kiddo." He reached over and lifted the tray, which he laid over his knee.

"Yay," said Dean in delight when he saw the pancakes. "Woves you, Sammy."

"Love you too. Now eat your breakfast before I pinch it."

Dean giggled again, and put his fork through the smallest piece, before eating it. "You's not gotted dat," he told his big brother, raising the empty fork.

"Oh no. Where did it go?"

"It eated," Dean told him with a smile.

Sam shook his head fondly and took a sip of his hot coffee. The next ten minutes were spent in silence while the two brothers ate their breakfasts.

"Are you ready for your presents now?" asked Sam, placing the empty tray on the table beside the bed.

Dean's eyes lit up and he squealed in excitement. "Pwesents?"

"Yeah, come on. Uncle Bobby's waiting for you downstairs," Sam told him, lifting him up into his arms.

Dean's eyes were huge when they reached the door to the living room to see green and blue balloons hanging everywhere, along with a big banner that read "HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY."

"Wow," whispered Dean in amazement as his eyes roamed around the changed room, even Bobby's books had been put away to make room for the decorations. "Where Unca Bee-bee?"

Just as he said that, the man in question came in from the kitchen, carrying a birthday cake. Dean went red, and hid his face shyly in Sam's shoulder as the two men started singing 'happy birthday'.

"Make a wish, and blow out the candles, little man."

Dean came out of hiding and looked down at the cake which was green with something written in blue icing. "What say?"

"It says 'Happy birthday our little man'."

Dean leaned forward and blew out the three candles. "YAY!" he cheered, clapping and bouncing in Sam's arms. When he finished celebrating, Dean was carried over to the couch, while Bobby put the cake on the table, which was to be cut after Dean had opened his presents.

"Here ya go," Bobby said, walking towards the couch with his arms full of boxes covered in brightly coloured wrapping paper.

"Dey me?" Dean was bouncing with excitement.

"Of course they're for you, you big silly," Sam teased him gently, holding the little boy on his knee. Bobby knelt on the floor in-front of the two brothers, and handed Dean the first one.

They both watched Dean rip open the paper and the box, revealing a teddy dressed as a fireman. "YAY!" Dean exclaimed, holding the bear up to show Sam. "It fi'man."

"Open the next one." Bobby gently took the fireman bear, and exchanged him for another present.

Sam helped his brother take off the paper to reveal a little blue cap. "Oooh. Wook," squealed Dean excitedly, picking it up in both hands.

Bobby's smile widened when the little boy put the blue cap on his head to show his uncle Bobby. "Looks good, little man."

"Me's Unca Bee-bee."

Sam kissed his little brother on the cheek, and tightened his hold as he watched Dean open the remaining presents. Dean loved everything, which included three sets of clothes, a DVD of happy days-series three, a poster of Batman, and a CD collection of AC/DC.

They saved the best for last, and Bobby picked the carefully wrapped present, and placed it on Dean's knee. "This one's very special."

Dean ripped open the paper with Sam's help, and gasped when he saw the little brown leather jacket, which had taken Bobby ages to find. "Fonzie," he whispered, lifting the jacket out and holding it up to have a look. "Unca Bee-bee, on." The tiny Winchester threw the jacket at Bobby and stood up on Sam's knee.

"Whoa. Be careful," Sam told him, holding his brother by the waist to hold him steady so Bobby could dress Dean in the leather.

"Me's cool?" asked Dean when Bobby had finished clothing him in the jackets warmth.

"Very cool."

"AAAAAAYYYYY!" he said, holding his arms out like Fonzie, making Sam and Bobby laugh again.

When Bobby stood up, Dean's smile dropped and he looked up at his uncle with a wounded expression. "Unca Bee-bee, where go?"

"Don't worry. I'm going to get my camera to take some pictures," Bobby reassured the little boy, before leaving his boys to get the item he wanted.

"Aw, look at you," said Sam, tweaking Dean's nose and adjusting the little blue hat so he could see his beautiful green eyes.

"Hey, little man. Sit down, so I can take a picture of ya with Sam," Bobby told him, coming back into the room with the small device.

Dean sat back on Sam's knee and snuggled to his chest as they posed for some pictures together, both with big smiles on their faces.

Later, Sam and Bobby planned to take Dean out to a petting Zoo, with horses, and cows and other animals on the outside, and rabbits, dogs, cats and various others on the inside.

Together, they were going to make sure Dean had the best day ever.


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