Dean's 'unca Bee-bee'

Dean's birthday part 2


Dean's birthday part 2

After Bobby and Sam told Dean that they were taking him out somewhere special later, he kept getting excited, even though he had no idea where they were going. Every time he asked one of them, they always told him it was a secret.

When it was finally time to go to the petting zoo, Sam walked into the hallway to get their jackets. "Come on, kiddo. Get your jacket on, it's time to go."

"Kay Sammy," said Dean, smiling at his big brother, who helped him put his new leather jacket on. It had been hell trying to get him to take it off so he could get dressed that morning. If Dean had his own way, he would have gone out in his pajamas.

"Go?" asked Dean, putting his new cap on his head.

"Yeah, kiddo. It's time to go."

"Where go?" he asked, his eyes going round and pleading.

Sam laughed, shaking his head. "I'm not telling you. You'll have to wait and see."

"Awww. Unca Bee-bee, where go?"

"It's a secret. I bet ya like it though," Bobby promised, locking the front door. Dean was clinging onto his hand, so he had no choice but to sit in the back with the birthday boy.

All the way there, Dean kept them entertained and had to tell Bobby everything he saw. "Unca Bee-bee, boo car. Oooh wook, doggy. Dey wed car unca Bee-bee."

When they exited the car, and Dean saw all of the animals, his eyes went huge and he had the biggest grin on his little face. "Sammy, Sammy. Cows. Dey cows Sammy," he told his brother, jumping up and down in excitement, pointing to the cattle. "See?"

"We can go see whichever animals you want to see," Sam told him, taking hold of the little boy's hand, Bobby was holding the other. "There are animals inside too."

As they neared the cows, Sam picked his little brother up, so he could see them better. "There we go."

"Hiya cow," Dean said, waving at the animal with the hand not wrapped around Sam's neck.


Dean bounced with excitement in Sam's arms. "Sammy Sammy, he talk. MOOOO!" he said, turning back to his new friend. "He Mr Moo."

"How do you know it's not a girl?"

"It mister. Hiya Mr Moo, me's De," Dean introduced himself, stroking the cow's head.

"Moooooo," replied the animal again, making Dean giggle happily.

"See? He Mr Moo. You's hungy, Mr Moo?" Dean turned to his big brother with a serious expression. "Sammy sghetti?"

Sam and Bobby burst out laughing. "You can't feed a cow spaghetti, you big silly. They don't eat people food," Sam told him when he managed to stop laughing. Only Dean could decide to spoon-feed a cow some spaghetti.

"I'll go get some food," Bobby told him, before leaving to get the cow some food. He came back a minute later with a handful of hay and grass. "Here ya go, little man. They can eat this."

"Fank you." Dean took some grass in both hands, and spent the next five minutes feeding his new friend.

When the grass and hay had been eaten, Sam tried to get him to go see something else. "Come on. Let's go see some others."

"No-oo," complained Dean, not wanting to leave his friend.

"Come on, kiddo. There are loads of animals to see."

Finally they were able to persuade Dean to part from his new friend after Bobby had taken a few pictures of Dean, Sam and 'Mr Moo'.

Next, they fed the pigs, where Dean made a new friend called Mr Oinky. Then the sheep, where he decided to call one of them 'Sammy the seep'.

"Horsie pees?" asked Dean, pointing to the big black horse as they walked passed the stable. The look on his face said he was in love.

"Of course we can," said Sam, carrying the birthday boy over to the stable so he could stroke the beautiful horse.

"Hiya horsie." Dean waved and giggled when the horse neighed back at him. "He Fonzie," he told his brother and uncle as he ran his little hand down the animals neck.

"Are you saying Fonzie talks like a horse?"

"He say 'Aaaayyyy'. Hiya Fonzie, me's De."

Sam couldn't help but kiss his little brother's cheek, he was so adorable and had to introduce himself to every animal he saw.

"Do ya want to go inside yet, little man?"

Dean looked around to see if he wanted to see any of the others animals before going inside. "Dem," he said, pointing over to the goats, even though he was scared of them when they were feeding the sheep.

Bobby went to get Dean some food to feed them, and had to remind him to be careful and hold his hand flat. Dean was still nervous putting his hand near the goat he was closest to.

"It's okay, kiddo. He wont hurt you. If he does, me and your Uncle Bee-bee will get him for you."

Dean nodded and held his hand flat, giggling when the goat's lips tickled his hand. "Tickwes," he laughed and stroked the small goat, which he called 'Gawy'.

After seeing a few more animals it was time to go inside. There were rabbits, cats, and dogs of every breed. The petting zoo also took care of unwanted animals, so they were all friendly and safe to be around.

They went to see the dogs and puppies first, and Dean fell in love with a little Labrador puppy. "Awww. He bootful," he said, bending over to pick up the little dog. "Keeps him?"

Bobby knelt in-front of the little boy. "No. Sorry, little man. They live here."

"He woves me. Pees," he begged, his huge green eyes filling with tears when the puppy licked his cheek.

Sam knelt beside Bobby, and stroked the freckled cheek. "You can't keep this one, kiddo. But I promise me and your Uncle Bobby will buy you one. We'll take you to get one in a few days, and you can pick any kind you want, okay?"

Dean sniffled, but nodded his head, looking down at the cute little puppy who was nuzzling against his chest and trying to lick his face off.

"Do you want to go see the cats and rabbits now?" Sam asked gently as Bobby lifted the puppy from Dean and put him back with the others. The poor kid was heartbroken and he burst into tears as soon as the little dog was back with the others. "Come here." When Sam held out his arms, Dean threw himself at his big brother and cried against his chest. "Hey, it's okay," Sam whispered, feeling guilty for upsetting the little boy on his birthday.

"W-W-Wabbits?" Dean managed through his sniffles, his breathing hitching and hiccuping as he tried to calm down.

Sam smiled, wiping the remaining tears away. "Sure, come on." He stood up with Dean in his arms, and carried him to see the rabbits.

"Hiya wabbits," said Dean, waving at the small balls of fluff. There were only a few of them out, but Dean managed to make himself a new friend when a big white rabbit with floppy ears hopped over to say hello. "Aw, Sammy. He Eeyore."

Sam looked at Dean's happy smile and couldn't help smiling back.

"Like the donkey from Winnie the pooh?" asked Bobby, joining them.

Sam looked over at him in surprise. "Since when do you watch Winnie the pooh?"

Bobby's cheeks turned slightly pink and he turned away from the younger man. "Dean watches it. I sometimes watch with him."

"He wabbit," Dean told them, frowning in confusion.

"We know it's a rabbit. Bobby was asking if you named him after the TV character."

Dean's smile came back. "Yeah. My's favit. He biiiiig ears," he told them, holding out his hands to show them how big his ears were, making them both smile.

"Dean, do ya want to feed Eeyore? They've got carrots and lettuce. Do ya want me to get him some?"

"Yeah, he cawwots," agreed Dean, nodding as he reached in to stroke the cute fluffy rabbit.

"I'll be back in a sec," said Bobby, leaving to get the carrot.

"Hiya Eeyore." Dean stroked the rabbits nose through the little holes in the cage. He yawned, and laid his head against his brother's shoulder. "Seepy," he said through another yawn.

Sam held his brother tighter in his arms, and kissed his nose. "Do you want to go home and have a nap after you've fed your new friend? I'll buy you something from the gift shop too. It'll be like another present"

"'Kay, Sammy," Dean whispered, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

"There ya go, little man," said Bobby, kneeling beside them to give the carrot to Dean.

"We're going back after this. Dean's tired."

"I'm not surprised. He's had a big day."

When there was only a bit of the carrot left, Dean threw the remaining bit over for the rabbit. "Sop?"

"Yeah. Come on, kiddo." Sam and Bobby stood with him, each taking hold of his little hands as they took him to the gift shop.

In the small shop, there was only one thing Dean wanted. As soon as he saw the dog teddy, he ran over and picked him up. "Dis, Sammy."

"Okay then. Let's pay for him, then go home."


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