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A little boy, a car & a drunk driver


Third story in the little Deanie verse. Set after A tiny Winchester, a man in red & a snowman. While the brothers drive to the store, a drunk driver crashes into the Impala, and Dean gets badly injure

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Disclaimer: Not mine, but I wouldn't mind keeping Dean.

This story is for JensensLove, who gave me the idea about little Dean getting injured in a car accident.Set after A tiny Winchester, a man in red & a snowman. While the brothers drive to the store, a drunk driver crashes into the Impala, and Dean gets injured. Hurt/limp!Dean.


Sam walked into the living room to see Dean sitting in the middle of the floor, playing with Mr Fuzzy wuzzy. His heart warmed when Dean started giggling.

"Hey Deanie, what are you doing?" he asked, sitting beside his little brother.

"Hiya Sammy, I pway wif Mr Fuzzy wuzzy. He funny, Sammy," answered the small boy with a big grin.

Sam's smile widened. "Is he?"

"Yeah, wook." Dean held his fluffy teddy bear up, and tickled Sam's nose with it.

Sam laughed, and wrapped his arm around the little shoulders, watching Dean tickling his own nose again. He shook his head fondly when Dean burst into giggles.

Sam leaned down slightly, and kissed the soft blond hair. "You need a haircut, Gizmo," he said, running his fingers through the floppy fringe.


"Okay then," said Sam, pulling Dean closer to whisper in his ear, "I like it too. It's a bit like my hair."

"My hair um... yewwow, Sammy," Dean told his big brother. "It yewwow?"

"Yeah, it's yellow. You're getting better at your colours, aren't you? What colour are your eyes?"

"Erm..." said the little boy, putting his finger to his chin as he thought. "Um... Boo... Um... Gween?"

"Are you asking blue or green? If it's green, you're a very clever boy. You have the biggest and brightest green eyes I've ever seen."

"Yay," said Dean, clapping in delight.

Sam smiled again. It seemed he was always smiling recently, the little boy never failed to make him happy. "Are you coming to Walmart with me? We need to get you a new car seat, don't we?"

"Kay. Dat back fingy bwoked, in't it, Sammy?"

"Yeah. We'll have to buckle you in with the seatbelt while we drive there, then on the way home you can sit in your brand new car seat."

"Ooooh," Dean squealed in delight. For some reason he really loved having his very own special seat in the car. "Now, Sammy?"

"It depends if Mr Fuzzy wuzzy's finished his important job of tickling your nose, and making you laugh."

Dean nodded, and lifted his teddy to face him. "Is you, Mr Fuzzy wuzzy?" He waited a minute, then turned to Sam. "He do, Sammy."

"Good. Now, come on. Let's get you dressed to go out," said Sam, before going to get their hats and coats from the hallway.

Several minutes later, both brothers were prepared, and ready to go out into the cold January weather.

Sam opened the door and shivered at how cold it was. "Oooh," he said, as he lifted Dean into his arms, and ran outside to the Impala, so the little boy didn't get too cold.

Dean stayed silent as Sam opened the back door on the driver's side, and lowered him onto the backseat.

"Let's get you buckled in," said Sam, leaning over to click the seatbelt in. "We don't want you to slide down the seat, and get hurt, do we?"

"No Sammy," Dean answered, shaking his head with huge eyes.

Sam smiled at him. "Don't worry, I'm a good driver. I'll never let you get hurt."

If Sam knew what was about to happen, he would have left Dean with Bobby and gone to get a kids car seat on his own.

Five minutes later, the brothers were on their way to the store.

There was no need for music, Dean was keeping Sam entertained as he told him everything that he saw.

"Um... Dat awpwane, Sammy," said Dean, pointing up at the sky. He was too small to see out of the window properly without his car seat, so the only thing he could see was the sky when he looked up. "Awium."

Sam frowned, looking confused. "What do you mean an alien?"

"Dere," said Dean, pointing one of his small fingers at a street light.

Sam took his eyes off the road for a second to see what his brother was pointing at. "Dean, that's a street light, not an alien."

"No, not AWIUM... what dey wides."

"Do you mean a spaceship?"

"Yeah, paysip," agreed Dean with a nod. "Coud... Ooooh, Birdy. Dey fwy, Sammy."

"Do they? Wow. How do they fly?" asked Sam, stopping at the traffic lights to wait for the people to cross. As he waited, he turned back to look at his little brother behind him.

"Erm... Do dis," said Dean, flapping his arms about, making Sam laugh.

Dean started giggling and clapping. "I funny," he said happily.

Sam smiled at Dean one more time, before turning back to the front. Just as he was about to set off again, a red car suddenly came out of nowhere, and hit the back passenger side of the Impala. Sam's head hit the window, and he lost consciousness.


Sam woke up with a groan to the sound of someone screaming. He winced when a sudden pain shot through his neck, and slowly opened his eyes. "D'n?"

"SAMMY! SAMMY! OUCHIE! SAMMY! OUCHIE!" yelled Dean, before screaming in pain. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! OUCHIE!"

His eyes shot open fully when he heard Dean's pain-filled screams. "Dean? Oh my god." He carefully turned in his seat, and what he saw almost made his heart stop.

"Sa..." Dean moaned, his green eyes fluttering closed. His little head lolled limply forward, chin resting on his little chest, his left arm was trapped against the door and his body. Blood was dripping down his little freckled face from the gash on the left side of his forehead where it had connected with the door.

The little boy sat motionless, the front of his coat covered in the blood, which slowly dripped from his head.



Hope you like

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