Little Deanie & big brother Sammy

A wish for a white Christmas P2

Chapter two

Will Dean get the white Christmas he really wants?

On Christmas eve, Dean rubbed his eyes sleepily, and stumbled over to the window. Standing on the chair, he pulled the curtain back and saw the yard was still the same.

"Oh no," he cried, tears filling his eyes, and falling down his flushed cheeks. He started shivering violently, and climbed up into Sam's bed, sobbing.

Feeling two little arms wrap around him, Sam's eyes fluttered open, and he looked down to see the blond hair. "Good morning," he whispered, frowning when he heard Dean crying. "Hey."

Dean's breathing hitched and hiccuped as he cried his eyes out against Sam's chest.

"What's wrong?" asked a worried Sam. "Are you alright?"

"Not s-s-snowed," Dean managed through his tears. As he cried, he felt a familiar sensation building up in his chest and he started coughing.

"I've got you, Sammy's got you," whispered Sam, sitting up with Dean held to his chest, so he could rub the little back soothingly.

Dean coughed and choked, his little fists clinging onto Sam's shirt as he hacked his lungs out.

When the coughing fit finally ended, Sam got the cough syrup, and poured some for him. "Open up," he said, before helping him take it. When he swallowed that, Sam got out the children's cold/flu medicine that Bobby had bought a couple of days before. "This too."

After taking that, Dean was thirsty, so Sam helped him have a drink of water from the glass on the bedside table. "There. Does that feel better?"

Dean shrugged, and snuggled against Sam, moaning in misery.

"I know you feel like crap, baby. But you'll be better soon, I promise."

Bobby knocked on the door quietly, and came into the room. "I could hear him coughing from my room, is he okay?"

"Not really," Sam told him, not looking away from the sick child in his arms.

Bobby sighed, and walked over to sit on the edge of the bed. "No snow yet, it's still raining cats and dogs."

That got Dean's attention. "Weally?" he asked, looking over at the window. He frowned, a disappointed expression crossing his face when he saw no dogs or cats falling past the window. "Awwwww."

Sam laughed, and kissed his cheek. "He doesn't mean literally, you big silly."

Dean sniffled and rubbed his eyes with his tiny fists, sleepily. He hadn't had much sleep the night before, he kept waking up coughing and crying when his chest and throat hurt too much.

"Why don't you get some more rest, okay? I bet a little sleep will help you feel a bit better," suggested Sam, covering Dean up properly in the covers, before he started singing. "His name is Dean, and his eyes are green. His smile was brighter than I've ever seen," he sang, gently rocking Dean from side to side. "When he looked up at me with that grin, I knew I would do anything for him..."

Dean smiled, and looked up at Sam through half-lidded eyes as he relaxed in his arms. When his eyelids fluttered closed, he felt Sam kiss his freckles.

"Sweet dreams," Sam whispered, kissing his forehead gently. While Dean slept, Sam got the wet tissue again, to try and get his temperature down.

Bobby watched the brothers with a smile on his face, his heart warming in his chest when he saw the loving expression on Sam's face as he looked after his brother.

"What are we gonna do about tomorrow?" asked Sam, looking over at the window.

"Well, I guess he'll have to go without, because it doesn't look as if it's gonna snow anytime soon."

"I don't care. If Dean wants snow, he's gonna get snow, even if I have to do a naked snow dance out in the yard."

"Do that, and I'll be getting the shotgun out."

Sam's eyes went wide when he suddenly had an idea. "Snow making machine!" he suddenly exclaimed, making Dean flinch in his sleep. "Oops. Sorry, Tigger."

Bobby raised his eyebrows, and stared at him. "What are ya going on about?"

"Do you know anybody who has a huge snow machine we can borrow?"


"So we can give Dean the white Christmas he wants," Sam told him quietly. "He deserves to have a real Christmas. He never really had one after mom died, and he's sure gonna get one this year even if I have to do it myself."

"Sam, even if we can get one, he's too sick to go out in it... and we've already bought him half the toys at the mall for Christmas, isn't that enough?"

"No. I want him to have the best Christmas in the world, and snow is the one thing he wants... the one thing he's obviously not gonna get if we leave it to the weather. Do you know anybody, or not?"

Bobby sighed, he knew by the stubborn look on Sam's face that he wasn't going to change his mind. If Bobby couldn't get one, he knew Sam would try and make one himself. "I'll call around. If nobody has one, I'll hire one."

"Try and get one of those where you can set it so it looks like it's really snowing. We can attach it to the roof so the first thing he'll see is the snow falling."

"Anything else ya want?" asked Bobby, raising his eyebrows.

Sam shook his head, a big smile lighting up his face. "I can't wait to see his face in the morning."

"Me neither. I'll let ya know when I've got it sorted."

"Thanks Bobby."

"Don't mention it, kid."

When Bobby left, Sam was grinning happily at the thought of being able to give his little brother the white Christmas he so desperately wanted.

*Christmas Morning*

Sam was the one to get up early this morning. As soon as he opened his eyes, he ran over to the window to see if the machine had worked.

Opening the curtains, he laughed in delight when he saw the snowflakes falling past the window, and the whole yard was covered in white 'snow', even the Impala was white. Looking around, he saw theirs was the only yard that was snowy, and that made him glad he had the idea of the snow making machine, instead of relying on the stupid weather.

Going back to sit on the edge of the bed, Sam watched his brother sleeping for a few minutes, before he gently shook him awake. "Hey baby, wake up. I've got a big surprise for you."

Dean moaned, and opened his eyes. Blinking sleepily up at his big brother, he saw that he had a huge grin on his face. "W-What Sammy?" he croaked.

"It looks like Santa made your wish come true," he whispered, still grinning like a lunatic. "Come and have a look outside."

Dean lifted his arms up to Sam, who scooped him up and carried him over to the window. He gasped, his green eyes going wide, his little face lighting up into the biggest smile when he saw it was snowing and the yard was completely covered in white snow.

"Wow. Santa come, Sammy. Santa make it snow," he said, bouncing in Sam's arms with excitement. "Snow, Sammy. Snow."

Sam laughed and kissed the flushed, warm cheek. "I know." Even though Dean was too sick to go out in the freezing weather, it was worth the money they spent just to see the happy joyful smile on his face.

After ten minutes of standing at the window watching the snow, Sam got a bit bored. "Hey, how about we go see if Santa has brought you some presents too?"

Dean didn't hear him, he seemed mesmerized by the snow falling outside.

"De-ean," said Sam, bouncing the little boy gently. "Are you ready for some presents?"

The little boy finally blinked and turned his head to face Sam. "What?"

Sam rolled his eyes fondly. "Presents?"

Dean turned back to the window, but nodded. "Kay."

"Come on then." Sam grabbed some tissues and the blankets from Dean's bed, and wrapped his sick brother up, before carrying him downstairs. Halfway down the stairs, he almost dropped Dean when a sudden sneezing fit caught him by surprise. "Whoa."

To make sure he didn't drop him, Sam sat on one of the steps, and waited for the sneezing fit to pass.

"Huh-hitchsh-uh! HetchSHUHooooo! Ishchoo! Huhh…PTSHCH! KTSHSHchuh! Aaaaaaatchoooooooo!" When he finally finished, Dean looked up at Sam, and sniffled. "Deanie woads atchoo'd."

Sam smiled, and wiped his face, before kissing the little red nose gently. "There you go, sneezy," he said, standing up. When he got to the bottom of the stairs, Sam froze when he saw that there was 'snow' all over the living room, huge fake snowflakes hanging from the ceiling with the other decorations, and a snowman standing beside the tree.

"WOW!" yelled Dean with huge green eyes.

"Er... What happened?" he asked Bobby, who came in from the kitchen after washing his hands.

"Santa got a bit carried away with the snow," Bobby told him with a grin. "Ya wanted him to have a real white Christmas... so he's got one."

"Yeah. But since when does it snow in the house?"

"Since a special little boy was too sick to play out in this weather, so Santa thought he'd give him one more present."

Dean wasn't taking any notice of the two men, he was looking around the room with an amazed expression on his little face. If a smile could really light up a room, then the happy, delighted grin on Dean's face would have been enough to light up a block of houses.

The two men watched him with smiles of their own. "Did you use the machine?" Sam whispered quietly, so Dean didn't hear him.

"I did outside in the front yard and the back before fixing it to the roof, and I used real fake snow for in here. It looks just like the real thing, doesn't it?"

"It's amazing," whispered Sam, going to sit on the floor with Dean on his knee.

Dean clapped and giggled in delight as he put both hands in the snow and threw it in the air. "YAY!"

Bobby chuckled and got some presents from under the tree, and brought them over to the brothers. "There ya go, little man."

Dean gasped in surprise, he had actually forgotten about presents in the excitement of having snow in the house. With the help of his brother, he ripped the paper off, and cheered when he saw the remote control dinosaur. "Oooooh," he squealed, asking Sam to open it, which he did.

Taking the dinosaur out, Sam showed Dean how to play with it, and made it growl, and walk through the snow and across the room.

After Dean was finished with the dinosaur, Sam held out another present. "Here baby."

When Dean took the present, he started coughing unexpectedly, and dropped it back onto the floor, doubling over.

"Hey whoa," said a surprised Sam, supporting him and rubbing his back through the coughs.

Bobby got up, and walked into the kitchen to get him a drink of water. When he came back in, he knelt beside the brothers, and held it until Dean stopped coughing. "There ya go."

Sam took the glass, and held it to Dean's lips to help him take a drink. "Have a drink."

Dean fell back against Sam's chest, and placed his little hands over Sam's big ones, and had a drink of the cold water to help soothe his sore throat. He had a few sips, before turning his face away.

"Is that better?" asked Sam, giving the water back to Bobby, and adjusting the covers around Dean's shivering body. He got out some tissue, and wiped Dean's nose gently.

"Yeah," whispered Dean, picking the present back up, and ripping the paper off with Sam's help.

This one was a huge box of Lego that Dean saw on the TV. He also got some Batman and Woody costume pajamas, jumpers and jeans, and loads of other toys.

Bobby watched the tiny Winchester open his presents with his big brother, smiling whenever Dean smiled or giggled in delight.

While Sam helped his brother, he kept a close eye on him to make sure he was alright. But even though he sneezed and coughed a few times, he didn't seem to be able to stop smiling.

After the last present was opened, Dean reached forward, and grabbed two handfuls of snow, and threw them across the room. He squealed and clapped in excitement, and got two more handfuls.

Sam kept his arms around him and held him on his knee, laughing along with his sick, but happy brother as he threw the snow around the room.

Bobby got a handful of snow, and threw it at an unsuspecting Sam.

"Hey," said Sam, grabbing a snowball, and throwing it back.

Dean giggled, and got up to pick up more snow to throw at his big brother and uncle, who laughed, and retaliated.

A snowball fight broke out in the middle of Bobby's living room, until Dean started coughing violently and went to lay down in Sam's arms.

Later, Sam was sitting in the middle of the snowy room with a sleeping Dean cradled in his arms, snuggled up to his chest, the blankets wrapped around him. He smiled as he watched him sleep, the little snuffly noises he made were just so cute.

"Dinner will be ready soon," announced Bobby, coming into the room, drying his hands. "How's he doing?"

"Resting," Sam told him, not taking his eyes away from the little bundle in his arms. He placed his hand gently on the flushed cheek and felt he was burning up again.

"Bobby, can you get Dean's stuff from upstairs?"

Bobby nodded, and walked out of the room to get the things Sam had asked for. He came back two minutes later, and knelt beside the two Winchesters. "Here."

Sam took them, and placed them on the floor, ready for when Dean woke up.

An hour later, Dean woke up, and rubbed his eyes sleepily. "Hiya."

"Hey baby. How are you feeling?" Sam asked him, reaching over for the cold/flu medicine, and cough syrup. After helping him take it, Sam sat Dean up in his arms, so he could look around the room to see the snow.

"Hug," he demanded, his little arms going around Sam.

Sam smiled, and hugged him back. "There you go."

Wriggling out of Sam's arms, Dean crawled over near the tree, and started trying to build another snowman beside the big one Bobby had built.

Sam got up with the blankets, and joined his brother. "Here, we need you to stay warm," he whispered, wrapping the blankets around him. When he made sure Dean was alright, he grabbed some snow, and helped him build a little snowman in Bobby's living room.

"Huh-ETSHCHSH! hitchshooooo!" Dean sniffled and wiped his nose on his pajama sleeve, before getting another handful of snow.

Sam stopped what he was doing, and wiped the little nose with the tissue. "If it needs wiping, let me do it," he said, placing his hand on Dean's cheek to make sure his temperature wasn't going up again.

Bobby stood at the kitchen/living room door with his arms folded and a smile on his face as he watched Sam fuss over his little brother as they built a little man made of snow.

Dean grinned cheekily, and threw a small snowball in Sam's face.

"You little monkey," laughed Sam, putting his arms around him, and having a quick hug, before he continued to build.

After they built the snowman, Sam sat Dean back on his knee, and held him so his little back was to his chest. "Love you, little brother," he whispered in Dean's ear. "Get better soon, okay? I miss my little Tigger jumping around the house."

Dean turned his head up to smile at Sam. "Woves you, Sammy," he said, before turning back to play in the snow.

Sam watched him, the smile never once fading from his face. He adjusted the blanket, so it stayed around the little boy, before stroking his flushed cheek gently.

Dean grinned up at his brother, before grabbing one of his toys, and making it walk through the snow.

When Bobby turned the TV on, and there were Christmas songs playing on the music channel, Sam got up with Dean in his arms and started dancing with him around the room.

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know. Where the treetops glisten and children listen, to hear sleigh bells in the snow," sang Sam, rocking from side to side with Dean, making him giggle happily.

Bobby grabbed some snow, and threw it over the brothers so it looked like it was snowing over them.

"YAY!" yelled Dean, bouncing in Sam's arms, trying to catch the snow as it fell around them. "YAAAAY! SNOW!"

Sam laughed, and continued singing and dancing with his sick little brother.

"Hitchshoooooo!" Dean sniffled and wrapped his little arms and legs around Sam, before laying his head on Sam's shoulder as he rocked and danced him around their snowy room while he sang along with the Christmas songs on the TV.

As the brothers spent the rest of the afternoon playing together, and making snow angels, Sam couldn't help but think that this was the best Christmas he ever had. He had a chance to be a dad, they made their own white Christmas, and even though Dean was sick, he was happy, and that was enough for Sam.

*The end*

Hope you likeBTW, since a few ppl have messaged me about the lullaby in this one sounding familiar, it's in the tune of objects in the rearview mirror by Meat loaf.

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