Little Deanie & big brother Sammy

Daddy Sammy, Baby Deanie

DADDY SAMMY, BABY DEANIE.Disclaimer: Not mine, but I wouldn't mind keeping Dean.

Dean's been turned into a 5 month old baby, Sam tries to look after him at Bobby's.Bobby shook his head, and walked back into the living room with the bottle of baby milk. He never thought he would ever have another baby in his house, but Dean being turned into a five month old baby just a few hours ago proved him wrong.

The older man entered the room, and stopped when he saw Sam leaning forward on the couch, staring at his sleeping baby brother, who was snuggled in his tiny baby carrier, with wide unblinking eyes.

"Sam, what the hell are ya staring at the poor kid for?"

"Making sure he's alright. He's been asleep for about two hours now, is that normal?"

Bobby stared at him for several seconds. "Sam, all babies do is sleep. Of course it's normal. Ya can take yer eyes off him for a second, ya know."

"I can't. What if something happens to him?"

"Like what? There's nothing around to hurt him."

"But what if he wakes up, and climbs out?" asked Sam, chewing on his fingernail worriedly, still not taking his eyes off Dean.

"Don't be such an idjit Sam, he can barely sit up without support. How the hell can he undo the strap, and climb out of the baby seat? He's a baby."

"Oh my god. What if a bird crashes through the window, and attacks him?" asked Sam, panicked eyes shooting up to look at the window. "Or what if a dog comes in from the street, and eats him?"

"Now yer being ridiculous."

"Okay then... What if he gets attacked by something supernatural?"

"Like what? There's no way anything can get in here, the whole house is protected, ya know that," Bobby told him, placing the bottle on the table. "Give him that when he wakes up, I'm going back in the kitchen to check through the rest of my books to see if there's any way to reverse the spell."

"Uh-huh," said Sam, not really listening. He leaned forward, and stuck his finger in Dean's mouth.

Bobby's eyebrows shot so far up, they disappeared under his cap. "What the hell are ya doing now?"

"Opening his mouth."

"Er... why?" asked Bobby, confused.

"To make sure he can breathe," Sam told him, sitting back as he continued to stare.

"Oh for... He's got a nose to take care of that problem. Leave him alone."

"Do you think he's okay sleeping like that?"

Bobby closed his eyes, and resisted the urge to strangle him. "What now?"

"His head's leaning to the side, and his face looks... it's sort of pale, and his cheeks look a bit red."

"It's called pink, Sam. All babies are that colour."

"But what if all of the blood is rushing to one side of his head? He could get brain damage or something," Sam whispered, eyes going wide in horror at the thought.

"Don't be stupid, Sam. Babies sleep like that all the time."

"Maybe we should wake him up. See if he's alright."

"Sam, if ya dare wake the poor kid up, I'm gonna beat ya to death with this book, okay?" Bobby asked, holding up the book he had in his hand.

"Do you think he's warm enough? I'm gonna get him another blanket," said Sam, getting up without waiting for an answer.

Bobby shook his head, and pinched the bridge of his nose. He walked over to the little baby, who was sound asleep. "Yer brother's insane," he whispered so he didn't wake him up.

"I'M BACK!" yelled Sam, charging back downstairs, and into the room. "Is he alright? Did he wake up yet?"

Bobby rolled his eyes, and walked back into the kitchen, muttering about overprotective morons.

"Hey, little guy, I'm back," Sam whispered, covering his brother up with the big shirt. "I couldn't find any more blankets... So you'll have to use my shirt. Are you doing okay? I wish you'd wake up, so I know you're okay."

Sam looked over at the door to make sure Bobby wasn't coming back into the room, then back at the baby. "Sorry," he whispered, before poking Dean in the stomach with one finger.

Dean whimpered, but didn't wake up, so Sam poked him again.

This time the tiny baby jerked and opened his big emerald green eyes. Dean's bottom lip trembled, and his eyes filled with tears.

"Thank god," Sam sighed in relief.

Seeing the shaggy-haired man in-front of him, Dean closed his eyes, sucked in a deep breath, and started screaming, tears streaming down his cheeks.

As the screaming grew louder, Sam grimaced and put his hands over his ears. "Okay, you can stop now."

Bobby ran back into the room. "What happened?"

"Er... Nothing," Sam answered, a guilty expression crossing his face.

"Ya woke the poor kid up, didn't ya?"

"I had to. I had to see if he was breathing okay," Sam answered, but couldn't be heard over Dean screaming bloody murder. The tiny fists were clenched, the little face scrunched up and bright red as he cried his eyes out.

"Sam, will ya pick the poor kid up before he screams the house down?"

"How?" asked Sam, looking down at Dean, as though he might be dangerous.

"What do ya mean, how? It's not that difficult. Pick him up and hold him like a football."

"But what if I crush him or drop him, or something?"

Bobby rolled his eyes again. "Yer not gonna crush him, idjit. Just pick him up."

"O-Okay," said a nervous Sam, unstrapping his brother, and gently lifting him up slowly and cautiously. "Now what do I do?"

"Hold him to yer chest. Haven't ya ever been near a baby before?"

"Not really. Dean's the one who's good with kids. I don't ever remember being around any on my own before," Sam told him, cradling the screaming baby to his chest, supporting his head, and wrapping the shirt around him like a blanket, so he didn't get cold. "Now what? Should I give him the bottle?"

"It would help. I didn't make it for nothing. Just stick it in his mouth, before he deafens us all."

Sam picked up the formula, and stuck it in Dean's open mouth. "Hey, are you hungry, Deanie?"

Dean's lips sucked on the thing in his mouth, his cries receding, his eyes going wide as he suckled on the bottle hungrily.

"I guess you are hungry," laughed Sam. He looked down into the large wet eyes looking back up at him, and immediately fell in love with the tiny form in his arms. "Aren't you a little cutie?"

Dean's lips curled into a smile around the bottle, his arms flailing in-front of him, little legs kicking excitedly.

"Aw. I guess he likes ya," said a smiling Bobby, watching the cute scene in-front him.

After Dean finished the milk, Sam looked over at Bobby. "It's gone. Now what?"

"Sit him up, and rub his back until he burps."

"Okay." Sam bit his lip nervously, and did what Bobby told him to. "Why do I have to..." He blinked in surprise when Dean burped loudly, then giggled. "Whoa. We should start calling you Barney Gumble from the Simpsons," he laughed, laying him back down in his arms, and tickling under his chin.

"I'm Sammy. I'm your little... uh... I'm your big brother," Sam told him with a smile, stroking the chubby freckled cheek. He gasped in shock when the tiny fingers curled around his pinkie finger, the big green eyes stared up at him, seeming mesmerised by the man smiling down at him. "Awww. Bobby, look he's staring at me," he told the older man excitedly with a big grin on his face.

Dean giggled at him, and gurgled.

"Awwww. He's laughing at me," said Sam in amazement, it had to be the cutest sound he had ever heard in his life.

"Sam, I don't need a running commentary of everything he's doing. I'm not blind."

"Okay." He was silent for a few seconds, until Dean tugged on Sam's finger, and placed it in his mouth, sucking on it like it was a pacifier. "Awwwwww. Look Bobby, look."

"For crying out loud, Sam. If ya don't quit it, I'm gonna throw ya out of the window."

When Sam ignored him and continued grinning like a manic clown, Bobby turned around and walked into the kitchen. He had work to do.

"Who's a cute little baby boy? Is it you? Yes it is."

Dean let go of Sam's finger, and giggled again, squirming in his arms.

Sam sat back properly against the couch cushions, tickling his stomach and under his chin. As he watched the adorable little baby laugh, Sam's heart suddenly filled with love and protectiveness for the tiny defenseless form in his arms. "I love you," he whispered. "I'm gonna love and protect you until you get big again... But until then, you're my baby, and I'm not gonna let anybody hurt you."

Dean of course didn't understand a word he said; he just babbled excitedly as if he didn't have a care in the world.

Sam gently ran his finger down Dean's cheek, and started singing softly. "Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little..."

Dean jumped in shock at the sudden noise, his bottom lip trembling, his green eyes filling with tears.

"Whoa. My singing's not that bad," said a surprised Sam, rocking him gently in his arms. "Sorry. I'm sorry, please don't cry because of me. Please. I didn't mean to make you cry."

When the baby continued to cry, Sam stuck out his tongue, and crossed his eyes. Dean's breathing hiccupped, and his cries lessened as he watched Sam pulling funny faces at him, making him giggle again.

"There you go," said Sam with a laugh. He laid Dean gently over his lap, and pulled his ears and puffed out his cheeks, looking like a monkey.

Dean stared at him for a second, before laughing and squealing as if it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.

"Oh my god. Aren't you adorable?" Sam whispered, tweaking the tiny nose, before kissing it gently. "Yes you are, yes you are."

Dean reached up, and grabbed a handful of Sam's hair, which was hanging over his little face. He tugged on it, making Sam cry out.

"Ow. You little monkey," laughed Sam, gently taking his hair out of the tiny fists. "That's my hair, Deanie. You'll grow some soon."

Dean's little face scrunched up, before letting out a little sneeze.

Sam froze, his eyes going wide. "Oh no. BOBBY! BOBBY!"

"What?" said the older man, running back into the room, a worried expression on his face. "Is he alright?"

"He sneezed. Should we take him to the doctor? He could be sick."

"Oh for the love of..." Bobby slapped his hand over his face, and turned back to go into the kitchen, grumbling under his breath about beating Sam to death, and burying him in his yard.

"Are you okay, little guy?" Sam whispered worriedly, placing his big hand on the tiny face to check for a temperature. He sighed in relief when he felt how cool Dean was. "Don't scare me like that. I thought you were sick."

Dean responded by sticking out his tongue, and blowing a raspberry.

"You really are Dean, aren't you?" asked Sam, laughing.

Hearing Sam's laughter, made Dean giggle again, and he raised his arms to be picked up.

Sam gasped, and picked Dean up, cradling him against his chest.

Dean gurgled, and snuggled against Sam's chest, looking up at him with a smile.

"Awww," said Sam, his heart melting.

A few hours later, Dean was asleep again, and Sam really needed a wee, so he stood up and carried the baby into the kitchen. "Hey Bobby, I need to go to the bathroom. Look after Deanie for me."

"Er... Okay." Bobby held out his arms, so Sam gently lowered Dean into them. "Whoa. He's so tiny."

Sam smiled, and watched the older man pull back the shirt Dean was wrapped in, so he could see the sleeping face.

"Aw," said Bobby quietly, running one finger down the chubby cheek. After a couple of seconds of holding him, another hunter had fallen in love with little baby Dean.

Sam stood watching Bobby with Dean for a minute, before he started bouncing on the spot.

"Sam, will ya go to the frigging toilet, before ya pee all over the floor?" Bobby said, not looking away from Dean.

"Oh yeah." Sam turned around, and shot out of the room and upstairs.

Bobby shook his head with a fond smile. "Yer brother's a freak." Looking down at the baby, Bobby finally realised why Sam was so overprotective over him, he was so tiny and defenseless. Not to mention, the cutest baby he had ever seen.

After a few minutes, Dean became restless, and started squirming. "Hey, it's alright little man."

Instead of staying asleep, Dean opened his eyes and looked around the kitchen. When he didn't see what he was looking for, he started whimpering then crying.

"Hey, I don't look that scary," Bobby joked, running his finger gently down the red cheek, trying to calm him down. He rolled his eyes when he heard what sounded like a herd of elephants stampeding down the stairs.

"WHATS WRONG?" yelled a panicked Sam, running back into the kitchen, his eyes wide. "Is he alright?"

As soon as Dean saw Sam, a toothless grin crossed his face, and he started giggling with excitement.

The two men stood staring down at him. "Er… what happened?" asked Sam, smiling when Dean waved his tiny arms at him.

Bobby grinned. "I think he wants ya, Sam," he said, holding the baby out.

Sam bit his lip, and very carefully took his baby brother into his arms. "Hey there, did you miss me?"

Dean gurgled, and brought up his tiny hand to touch Sam's nose. "Aaahhh-gooo."

"Really? One of them?" asked Sam with an impressed expression. He looked over at Bobby, then the books littered across the table. "Have you found anything yet?"

"No," Bobby sighed, shaking his head.

"Could we leave it for a week or two?" asked Sam quietly, looking back down at the baby. "I want to spend a little time being his daddy. I'll never have kids, I just want..." He blushed slightly, and stopped talking.

Bobby smiled at him. "Of course we can. It's nice having a baby around... Especially one as cute as this one," he said, tickling the little stomach with one finger, making him giggle again. "Awww. Look at the little man laughing."

"See? You're doing it now," said Sam with a laugh.

"Shut it," Bobby warned, pointing a finger at him. "Hey, do ya want some coffee?"

"Yeah. Thanks. I better take this little mister back into the room." Sam stuck his tongue out at Dean, before carrying him back into the living room. He sat back against the couch cushions, with the fragile form in his arms.

"What's that smell?" He lifted Dean up slightly and sniffed, his nose scrunching up at the horrible smell coming from Dean's diaper. "Ugh. It's you." He grabbed the baby bag he had bought earlier, and opened it up to take out a new diaper, powder and baby wipes.

He laid Dean down on the couch, and took off the tiny blue pajama bottoms. "A bit of warning, I have no idea what I'm doing."

Bobby came in with two cups of coffee, and stopped when he saw Sam. "What the hell are ya doing? Arresting him?"

"What are you talking about? I'm trying to change him. He stinks."

"Lay him on his back, not his front, idjit. Ya don't lay him like that."

"How am I supposed to know? I haven't got a clue what I'm doing," said Sam, turning Dean around, and taking off the dirty diaper. "There we go." He grimaced and cleaned Dean up with one of the baby wipes.

Bobby watched Sam's face with amusement. "After ya do that, put the new diaper under him, and some baby powder on his butt."

"Okay," said Sam, placing the baby wipe in the old diaper, before fastening it. He lifted Dean up slightly by his legs, and placed the new one under him. Before he could pick up the powder, a spray of water suddenly splashed him in the face.

"WHOA!" Sam cried, closing his eyes as the spray continued for several seconds.

Bobby couldn't help it, he burst out laughing.

"You little-" Opening his eyes, Sam glared down at the baby, who started kicking his legs, giggling at him.

It was adorable, and made Sam smile even as he wiped the wetness from his face. "Did you just pee on me, little mister?" he asked, poking the cute baby in the stomach gently.

Dean gurgled, and smiled up at him with a big toothless grin.

"Awww. You're a little cutie, aren't you?" Sam whispered, ignoring Bobby, who was still laughing at him.

"Oh, I wish I recorded that... It was hilarious. Ya should've seen yer face," laughed Bobby, wiping the tears from his eyes.

"Shut up. It wasn't funny." After putting some powder on him, Sam fastened the diaper and lifted him up. "I did it... Ooh, it's staying on. Bobby, I did it. I changed him."

"Congratulations. I'll call the newspapers later. It'll be front page news tomorrow."

Sam dressed Dean again, and laid him on his knee. He placed his hands over his face, then moved them away, saying, "Peek-a-boo."

Dean waved his arms around, and squealed in excitement.

"Peek-a-boo," said Sam again, making Dean laugh louder.

Bobby watched the brothers with a smile. It was so nice to have a child's laughter in his house again, it had been awhile.

That evening, Sam was trying to get a tired Dean to go to sleep.

"Come on, Deanie. You need sleep," Sam tried telling him, placing his bottle in his mouth.

Dean's eyes widened, and he started suckling the milk hungrily. The big green orbs looked up at Sam sleepily.

Sam grinned back at him, and hummed a nursery rhyme while he fed his brother his bottle.

After finishing the milk, Sam brought Dean up to his shoulder, and rubbed his back until he burped.

"Little piggy," laughed Sam, kissing his cheek, before laying across the couch with Dean still on his chest. "Hey, even though I don't really know what I'm doing, I'm gonna do my best to look after you for the next week. Nobody's going to hurt you with me and uncle Bobby around."

"Are you okay?" he asked, knowing it was a stupid question since Dean probably didn't understand what he was saying most of the time. He looked down, and saw Dean's eyes were closed, and he was sucking on his fingers.

"Aw. Sleep tight, Deanie. I love you," Sam whispered, closing his own eyes. He was just going to rest his eyes, but he wasn't going to sleep. Several seconds later, he was snoring softly.

When Bobby came back into the room two minutes later, it was to see Sam asleep on the couch with little baby Dean sleeping on his chest. Sam's arms were wrapped around him, protecting him even when he was sleeping.

Bobby didn't notice just how tiny Dean was until he saw that his head was laying over his big brother's heart, and his legs reached Sam's stomach. He took out his phone, and took a picture of them, it was too cute not to.

"G'night boys," he whispered, sitting in his chair to watch over the two Winchesters while they slept.

*The end*

Hope you like.

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