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Missing scene in UBLM, set between 28 & 29. Big Dean is stung by a bee & almost dies. Scared!de-aged!Dean. Hurt!bigDean. Worried!Sam/Bobby.

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This is for JanuarySunshine13, who wanted big Dean to be stung by a bee. Set between 28 & 29 of UBLM, since I skipped through a few days of big Dean's first visit, and it won't fit in with the recent chapters.

Big Dean gets stung by a bee.

It was early afternoon on the first full day of Dean's visit, both of the Deans were busy washing the Impala.

"You've missed a bit," big Dean told his younger self, pointing at a dry spot on the Impalas back door.

"Oops." The little boy dipped his sponge in the bucket, and washed the door. "Dat wight?"

"Yep. Awesome job, mini-me."

Little Dean blushed shyly. "Fank you. Impa wook pwetty, Dean knight."

"I know. She's beautiful, ain't she?" asked big Dean, washing the roof.

"Weally weally bootful."

Dean smiled proudly, but froze when he heard a sudden buzzing noise. "Oh crap," he whispered when he felt something land on the back of his neck.

Little Dean looked up at him, a confused expression on his little face. "What matter, Dean knight?"

"Mini-me, do not move," he whispered, standing as still as a statue.

"Why not?" The little boy ignored what big Dean said, not understanding why he couldn't move, and playfully punched his older self on the leg. "Big meanie."

Dean cried out when he felt a sharp stinging pain on the back of his neck. "Dammit," he whispered, closing his eyes, and placing his hand on the roof of the Impala to steady himself as a wave of dizziness washed over him. "Son of a bitch."

"Dean knight?" the little boy whimpered in fear. "W-What matter?"

Big Dean didn't answer, he suddenly started wheezing, and fell to his knees.

"Dean knight, is you pay game? What doing?"

"C-C-Can't..." Big Dean broke off wheezing and gasping, his trembling hands searching through his pockets. "L-L-Lil du-ude... P-P-P-Pen."

"You's want daw picture?" asked little Dean, confused. "I not gotted pen. Want me's go get one?"

"S-S-Special p-p-p-p-pen."

"Um... What mean?" asked little Dean, panicking when his hero fell backwards, struggling to breathe. "DEAN KNIGHT!" He dropped his sponge, and fell to his knees beside big Dean, little hands going to his heaving chest. "Is you 'kay?"

"C-Can't br-breathe."

Little Dean burst into tears, bottom lip trembling in fear. "W-What matter, Dean knight? Why's not bweve?"

Dean closed his eyes, fighting to get air into his lungs.

"WAKE UP!" screamed the terrified little boy, shaking his older self frantically. "NOT GO ASEEPS! WAKE UP!"

Dean opened his eyes again, a tiny smile crossing his rapidly paling face. "B-B-B-Bossy," he wheezed.

"I-I scareded," the little boy sobbed. "What matter?"

"B-B-B-Bee," Dean gasped through his closing throat.

Little Dean's green eyes went wide in horror. "W-Where?" he asked, looking around.

Dean raised a shaking hand to the little boy's shoulder. "G-G-Get S-S-S-S-Sam... S-S-S-S-S'my."

"Awight." He shot to his feet, and ran into the house, yelling, "SAMMY! SAMMY! SAMMY! SAMMY!"

Sam ran in from the kitchen after hearing the frantic screams. "What's wrong, kiddo? Are you alright?"

"Dean knight hurted, Sammy," he whimpered, tears streaming down the little freckled face. "H-He not bweve."

Sam's eyes widened, and he ran out of the house. What he saw almost made his heart stop. "DEAN!" he screamed, running over to his big brother, who lay in a foetal position, struggling to breathe. "Oh god."

Dean slowly opened his eyes, and looked up at his brother. "B-B-B-Bee."

"Oh god no," said Sam, rummaging through Dean's pockets. "Your pen, Dean. Where's your pen?"

"D-D-Dunno." Dean threw his head back, the fight to breathe was getting harder.

"DEAN! Stay with me," said Sam, slapping Dean's ashen face gently.

Bobby and little Dean dropped to their knees beside Sam.

"Bobby, start the car" said Sam, sitting his weakening brother up against him. Tears filled his eyes when he realised Dean was barely conscious. "I gotcha." Sam turned to the upset, terrified little boy beside him. "Get in the car, kiddo. In the front with Bobby. We need to get Dean the knight to hospital now," he told him, putting his arms under big Dean's knees and shoulders, and lifting him up.

Dean's head fell back, his chest heaving as he struggled to say his brothers name. "S-S-"

"Hold on, Dean," Sam told his big brother, carrying him the short distance to the car, where Bobby was holding the back door open for him.

"Thanks." Sam carefully got in the back, still holding Dean tightly against his chest. "Keep breathing, Dean. Keep breathing, alright?"

Bobby helped get little Dean in the front seat, and ran around to the drivers side. "Don't worry, I'll get us there in less than five minutes."

Sam wasn't paying attention, he was busy trying to keep his brother awake. "You better not die on me, you hear me? Stay with me."

Big Dean raised his trembling hand, and gripped the front of Sam's shirt. "S'my," he wheezed, his head lolling back against Sam's shoulder. His weakening body started writhing in Sam's arms.

"Shh. It's alright, don't talk... just concentrate on breathing," begged Sam, tears spilling over his eyes, and down his cheeks.

Little Dean loosened his seatbelt, and stood in his seat, facing the two of them, his green eyes were huge in his face. "Sammy?" he whimpered through trembling lips. "My Dean knight d-d-die?"

Sam shook his head, and looked up at the little boy. "No. He's not going to die, kiddo... because I'm not going to let him." He turned back to big Dean, and lowered his head, so his forehead rested against his brothers. "You hear me, Dean? I won't let you die."

Dean kept his eyes on Sam, if he was going to die, he would rather be laying in his car in his little brothers arms.

Sam's heart almost broke at the fearful look in those fading green eyes. "Hey hey, remember you've got a date with that girl from the diner?" he said, doing whatever it took to keep Dean awake. "Y-You can't go when you have a date, can you? You don't want to let the girls down."

"S'my... c-c-c-can't..." gasped Dean, eyes scrunched tightly closed, fighting to breathe.

"Nononono. Open your eyes, Dean. OPEN YOUR EYES!" yelled Sam, shaking Dean until the green eyes opened slightly. "Keep breathing... In and out, that's it. In and out."

"N-Not 'n l-l-l-l-labor," Dean managed to gasp out.

Sam shook his head, his tears landing on Dean's ashen face. "Keep fighting. That's it, you're the strongest person I know, Dean. Come on."

Dean's gasping and wheezing seemed to fill the car. His feet started kicking the back door in his struggles to get the much needed oxygen into his body.

"Dean knight kick Impa. You not woves her no more?" asked the little boy, his huge eyes were filled with tears. "Dean knight, you's hug? M-Make better."

Big Dean tried to raise his head to look at the little boy, but it took all the energy he had just to breathe.

The little boy put his thumb in his mouth as he watched his hero move around on Sam's knee like the fish he saw when they went fishing. "Why do dat, Sammy? I's scareded."

"Lil... du-ude?" gasped big Dean, gripping Sam's shirt tighter.

"Little Dean's fine, don't talk, okay?" Sam shook his head, only Dean could be dying, and still be worried about the little boy. "Bobby's driving you to the hospital, you're going to be fine."

"S'my," wheezed Dean. His vision was starting to blur and darken around the edges as he tried unsuccessfully to take another breath, he was really struggling to inhale air through his rapidly closing throat.

Sam grabbed the trembling hand which was gripping his shirt, and held it tightly in his free hand. "Don't die," he pleaded, feeling Dean's body weakening.

Dean's eyes started to roll back as he fought desperately to breathe. Through his darkening vision, he saw a shape surrounded by a beautiful bright light. "M-Mom?"

Sam's heart dropped. "Hey hey, don't even think about it. Keep looking at me, okay? Dean? Don't look anywhere else, just look at me, Dean. Look at me, " he called frantically, patting Dean's ashen face.

Dean tried to look up at his little brother, but he felt his eyes roll back further into his head, and knew he was going to die. "S-S-S-S'ry," he whispered, eyes closing, his body going limp in Sam's arms.

"DEAN!" screamed Sam, watching Dean take one final gasping breath, his eyes fluttering closed. "NO!"

Bobby slammed his foot down, and sped up. "I'll get him there, Sam."

Little Dean's sobs filled the interior of the car as the Impala sped down the road. "Get Dean knight waked up, S-Sammy. Pees."

"Nononono. Dean, don't give up... P-Please big brother," Sam begged tearfully, putting his mouth against the cold lifeless lips of his brother to blow into his mouth. "Please please please." Sam knew it was useless since Dean's throat was swelling shut, but he wasn't giving his brother up without a fight.

"Is you gi-give kiss, Sammy? Dat m-make better?" asked Dean through his sobs.

Sam didn't answer. "Come on, Dean... Fight." He was so focused on trying to revive his brother, he didn't notice they had arrived at the hospital until Bobby opened the back door.

"Come on Sam, get him in the hospital where they can help him," said the older man in a voice filled with emotion.

Sam nodded, and carefully got out of the car with his lifeless brother cradled in his arms. Dean's head fell back limply, so Bobby gently slipped his hand under the young man's lax head, shifting it gently until it came to rest on Sam's shoulder.

"Thanks. Bring little Dean in," Sam told him, before running into the hospital with Dean in his arms. "SOMEBODY HELP ME! I NEED A DOCTOR!"

Two nurses rushed over with a gurney after seeing the frantic young man. "What happened?" one of them asked, helping Sam gently lower his brother onto the bed.

Sam gently ran his fingers over Dean's cold pale cheek. "H-He's allergic to bees... one of them stung him... not sure where. Please save him," he begged.

"Alright sir. We'll do everything we can," said the other nurse as they rushed Dean into one of the treatment rooms.

"SAMMY!" yelled little Dean as Bobby carried him in through the doors. "Where Dean knight, Sammy?"

"The doctors are helping him, kiddo," Sam told him, taking his little brother into his arms and walking over to sit in the waiting chairs.

Dean wrapped his small arms around Sam's neck and burst into fresh tears. "I's want Dean knight."

Sam ran his hand over the little back soothingly, hiding his face in the little boy's soft blond hair as he cried too.

Half an hour later, Dean was still in the treatment room. Sam was slowly losing his mind in the waiting area. Bobby was trying to keep it together. Little Dean was devastated, and couldn't stop crying.

Sam kept squeezing the little boy in tight hugs to convince himself it wasn't little Dean that was dying, he couldn't live through that again. Both that day and today were the worst days of his life.

"D-Dean knight," cried little Dean, gripping a handful of Sam's shirt. "Want Dean knight."

Sam didn't answer, he sat staring at the door to the room Dean was in, tears streaming down his cheeks. He didn't seem to notice he was crying.

"Come here, little man."

Dean sniffled, and held his arms out. "Unca Bee-bee," he whimpered, throwing his arms around his uncles neck. "I scareded."

"Shh. I know, little man. I know," whispered Bobby, his hand cradling the back of his head, fingers stroking through the blond hair. He looked at Sam in concern. "Sam, are ya alright?" When Sam didn't answer, he put his hand on his shoulder. "Sam?"

Sam jumped, and turned to him. The look in his eyes almost broke Bobby's heart. "What?" He looked down, and panicked when he realised he was no longer holding little Dean. "DEAN! Where is he?"

"Calm down, Sam. He's here."

Dean moved away from Bobby slightly, and looked up at Sam with his huge watery eyes, his finger in his mouth. "S-Sammy."

"A-Are you alright, baby?" asked Sam in a trembling voice, reaching over to stroke the little freckled face.

Dean shook his head sadly. "D-Dean knight not b-bweve, Sammy. I's weally scareded and sad."

"I know, kiddo. Me too."

Dean's little face crumpled, and he started crying again, which started Sam off.

"I-I need Dean, Bobby. I need him, he can't..." Sam couldn't finish, he started sobbing uncontrollably.

"Come here," said Bobby, putting his free arm around Sam, and pulling him close. "I've got ya both."

Sam hid his face in Bobby's shoulder, hand gripping tightly to the older man's shirt as he cried.

"Shh." A tear slipped slowly down Bobby's cheek, but he wiped it away, he had to be strong for his boys right now.

Forty minutes later, a doctor finally came to talk to the little family. "Mr Singer?"

Sam sniffed, and pulled away from Bobby. "I'm Sam, D-Dean's brother." He was too upset to notice he had said the 'B' word in-front of little Dean.

The doctor nodded, and sat beside him. "Right..."

Before he could say anything, little Dean raised his head and stared at the doctor. "Where my Dean knight? Nasty bee stinged him," he told him, breath hitching as he started getting upset again.

The doctor smiled at the distraught little boy. "I know. I'm Dr McDonald. I've been treating Dean. It was touch and go, we had trouble getting the tube down his throat since it had almost swollen shut, and he wasn't breathing... but we managed to get him breathing again. He's been transferred to ICU for the night, as a precaution. We'll be giving him some extra epi pens in-case it happens again."

Sam sighed in relief, and smiled at the doctor. "Thank you so much."

"That's my job."

"I see my Dean knight pees?" asked the little boy, wiping his eyes.

"I'm sorry. Children aren't allowed in ICU."

Dean's eyes went big and round, swimming with tears. "P-Pees, pees, pees. He gotted weally hurted by nasty bee."

"Can't you make an exception?" asked Sam, taking him back into his arms. "He was there when Dean got stung, he just needs to see he's alright. He hasn't stopped crying since it happened."

The doctor was about to say no again, but he took another look at the upset little boy. "Okay. But just this once." He leaned towards the little boy slightly to prepare him. "I know it might look scary in there, Dean still looks a little poorly... he has an oxygen mask over his face, and he's hooked up to a heart monitor, but he's awake right now."

Dean gasped, a happy smile crossing his face. "He waked up?"

"Yes, and he was asking for Sammy and a... little dude," he said with a frown. "I think he's confused, and a little out of it right now."

Sam wiped his face. "His little dude is right here," he said, ruffling the soft blond hair. "That's what he always calls little Dean."

"Oh right. It makes sense now. He was panicking his little dude had been stung... we thought he meant something else," said the doctor, cheeks going slightly red.

Bobby chuckled, and shook his head. "So can we see him?"

"Are you family?"

"Yeah. We're the only family he's got. I'm his uncle... more like his dad."

"Very well. I'll send a nurse to come get you when we've got him situated in a room," he told them, standing up.

Sam nodded, and shook the doctors hand. "Thanks."

Dr McDonald smiled, and headed back to his patient.

The two men and little boy started smiling, and hugged each other.

"I punch dat nasty bee dat stinged my big dude," said the little boy, for the moment forgetting he was actually terrified of bees.

Twenty minutes later, the three of them were being escorted to big Dean's hospital room. Little Dean was bouncing in Sam's arms while they walked down the corridor.

Inside the room, little Dean gasped when he saw his older self.

Laying propped up in the bed, Dean had his eyes closed, his face was slightly swollen, and almost as white as the sheets. He was now wearing a nasal cannula, since he did well with the oxygen mask. He slowly opened his eyes when he heard the gasp.

"DEAN KNIGHT!" screamed little Dean, a joyful smile crossing his face.

"Hey, my little dude," he said in a weak raspy voice.

Little Dean giggled for the first time since it happened when Sam gently lowered him onto the bed.

The nurse by Dean's bed smiled at them, and turned to leave. "I'll leave you to see your family, Dean."

"How are you feeling?" asked Sam, sitting on the edge of the bed to give Dean a quick hug. "You scared us all half to death. Don't you ever do that again."

"It wasn't exactly a b-barrel of laughs for me e-either."

Bobby sat in the chair by Dean's bedside. "It's good to see ya awake, son."

"Can I go home yet?" he asked, wincing in pain.

Sam rolled his eyes. "No. You're staying here for the night, and no arguing."

Little Dean crawled up big Dean's chest, and laid down. "You's bweve now? What dat?" he asked, pointing at his nose.

"It's called a nasal cannula, mini-me. I need a bit of help breathing, so that's helping me."

"Hurts you?" asked the little boy worriedly.

"Nah. I'm fine." He saw the look on little Dean's face, and tried to soothe him. "I promise it doesn't hurt. I'd let you wear it, but it'll probably have my snot on it."

The three men smiled when the little boy giggled. "Dat yucky, Dean knight. I see you's feckwes," he said, pointing at the pale freckled cheeks.

"I see yours too," said big Dean, running his fingers gently over the tiny nose, then pressed it gently. "Beeeeeep."

Dean giggled again. "Woves you, Dean knight."

"Love you too," he said, holding the little boy in his arms. "Are you okay? That bee didn't hurt you, did he?"

Dean shook his head sniffling, his bottom lip trembling. "I's wight scared, Dean knight."

"Shh." Dean tried to comfort the little boy as he ran his hand over the little back. "It's alright. It'll take more than some pansy-ass bee to kill Dean the knight."

Little Dean smiled, and laid his head on big Dean's chest.

Sam frowned worriedly. "Is he alright laying on you like that? He's not hurting your chest, is he? You shouldn't have any pressure on your chest... you nearly died."

"I'm fine. He's that light, I can barely tell he's there."

Little Dean wiped his eyes. "I hear you's go boom boom," he whispered, listening to the thump thump of his hero's heart.

Big Dean started blinking rapidly, making Sam panic. "Dean? Are you alright?"

Little Dean's head shot up, and he stared at his older self closely. "Is you 'kay, Dean knight?"

"Yeah. I'm just a little tired."

"You's not go aseeps," said little Dean, shaking his head, eyes big and round. "You's... you's die."

"I'm not going to..." Dean shook his head, stroking the freckled cheek with his thumb. "I'll tell you what... You can lay on my chest, and listen to my heart beating while I sleep, okay? So you're not scared."

"Awight," he said, resting his head against big Dean's chest, sniffling and wiping his nose.

"Are you really alright?"

"Yeah. The back of my neck hurts a little, and my throats a bit sore... but apart from that, I'm fine."

Sam bit his trembling lip, and nodded. "You better be. Get some rest, okay? You're probably exhausted. You've been through a lot."

"We'll be here when ya wake up."

Big Dean closed his eyes, his arm still wrapped around the little boy.

Little Dean reached up, and gave big Dean a kiss on his pale cheek. "Woves you woads and woads." He smiled at Sam, and snuggled against big Dean's chest, putting his thumb in his mouth as he listened to Dean's heart beat.

"Are you tired too?" Sam asked his little brother.

Dean nodded, and rubbed his teary eyes. "B-But I's want hear Dean knight."

"You can still hear his heart even when you're asleep. Get some sleep too, kiddo. We'll let you stay with Dean the knight, okay?"

Dean nodded, and closed his eyes, sucking his thumb. It wasn't long before he fell asleep laying on big Dean's chest, listening to the soothing, comforting sound of his heart.

Sam let go of big Dean's hand for a minute, to cover the two sleeping Deans up with the blanket. "Sweet dreams you two."


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