When big Dean fell asleep, Bobby brought down some more blankets to cover him up, and was now watching over him as he slept to make sure he was alright. He was a little worried because Dean still hadn't regained any colour in his cheeks, and the back of his neck where the bee had stung him was still a bit swollen.

Little Dean was still sleeping in his big brothers arms. Sam and Zeppelin had refused to leave him until he woke up, and Sam kept asking Bobby how big Dean was, and vice versa. All three of them was just as worried about the two Deans as each other, but wouldn't admit it.

"Is the little man still okay?"

"Yeah. I wish he'd wake up," Sam whispered, smiling at Zeppelin when he started licking Dean's fingers again and nudging his leg.

When he remained asleep, Zeppelin looked up at Sam with his big puppy dog eyes and started whining.

"I know. I miss him too," said Sam, stroking him with his free hand.

Adjusting Dean slightly so he could hold him closer, Sam's hand came across a damp patch on the back of Dean's jeans that he hadn't noticed earlier. Frowning, he looked at his hand and back down at Dean, before he realised the poor thing had been so scared earlier he had wet himself, so he asked Bobby to go and get a pair of Dean's pajamas.

"There ya go," he said a few minutes later, handing the Batman pajamas to Sam, who took them with a smile. "Do ya need any help?"

"No. I've got it." Sam sat his limp brother up in his arms, and had to support his head when it lolled limply backwards. Closing his eyes, he cradled the back of the small head, and held it against his shoulder. Holding his lifeless brother like this was just too similar to holding big Dean yesterday as he was dying in his arms, and he couldn't help the tears that trailed down his cheeks.

"Come here." Bobby knelt in-front of the couch and took them back, and helped Sam take Dean's clothes off, leaving the blanket over his lower half. He couldn't help smiling when Zeppelin kept nudging him when he got in the way of his view of his best friend.

"There we go," he whispered, carefully placing the little arms and legs into the appropriate holes. When Dean was dressed comfortably in his Batman PJ's, Bobby ran his hand through the soft blond hair as Sam adjusted the blanket back over him to keep him warm.

"I bet that's better isn't it?" Sam whispered, kissing his cheek. When there was no answer, he laid his cheek against Dean's spiky hair, and rocked him gently in his arms.

It was almost an hour later when Zeppelin made them both jump when he suddenly started barking excitedly, and got down from the couch. He didn't go far, he only walked to the other side of the couch closer to Dean's head, and jumped up with his paws resting on Sam's legs. Zeppelin barked again and licked his face, nuzzling the freckled cheek lovingly, his tail wagging in excitement.

"What's wrong Zeppelin?" asked a worried Sam, trying to get him down, but the dog refused to budge. It wasn't until he heard a whisper that he understood Zeppelin's excitement.


Sam gasped and looked down to see Dean's eyelids fluttering, and two green eyes looking at him. "Dean? Hey baby, can you hear me?" he asked his brother, who smiled and nodded. A big grin lit up Sam's face as he hugged him, and laid kisses all over his face, making him giggle.

"Hey little man," said a relieved Bobby, kneeling beside Zeppelin. He reached over and gave the little boy a gentle squeeze. "It's so good to see ya smile like that."

"Woves you Sammy and woves you unca Bee-bee and Zeppin," he whispered against Bobby's chest, one hand clenched in Zeppelin's fur.

"What about me?" came a deep voice from the other side of the room.

The little boy shot up and looked over at the chair, his eyes going wide when he saw the man sitting there with a smile on his face. "Dean knight?"

"The one and only, little dude. Can I get a hug too?" he asked, holding his arms out.

Little Dean giggled again, and climbed off the couch to run over and give him a hug. Kneeling on big Dean's knee, he threw his arms around his neck, not noticing the older man wince when he made contact with the swollen area.

"H-Hey mini-me... not so tight," Dean told him, giving him a hug, gently moving the little arms away from his neck. Right now, he couldn't even remember why his neck hurt, but the only explanation he could think of was a bee sting, since he felt the same weakness as he had in the past when he was stung. He had to remind himself later to ask Bobby.

"Woves you awell big dude. Pay wiv me?" he asked, pulling away to look at him with his big puppy dog eyes out in full force.

Dean didn't want to upset him, especially when he looked up at him like that, but he really wasn't up to playing games right now. "Maybe later. My awesomeness isn't 100% today."

"Is you 'kay? I do picture so you's not be sad," he said, before climbing from big Dean's knee and running over to get his paper and felts out. When he found them, he sat on the floor with Zeppelin by his side, and looked up at the three men with a big happy grin.

Big Dean, Sam and Bobby smiled back at him, their hearts melting at the innocent little face. They were so relieved the potion had worked and he didn't remember what had happened the day before.

As he drew, the little boy began humming, his tongue peeking out of the side of his mouth as he concentrated. When he finished 2 colourful pictures, he got up and ran over to big Dean, waving the papers and jumping up and down.

"Calm down little dude," laughed big Dean, picking him up carefully to sit him on his knee. He looked at the first picture and smiled when he saw the big figure with a little one beside it with what looked like capes behind them, a yellow square and a pink starfish was on the other side of the paper. In the middle was a huge yellow shape with pointy teeth and something green on his head.

"Wow. That is the coolest picture ever. Okay, so this is me and you... What are these?" he asked pointing at the other shapes.

"Dat SpunBob Scarepants and Patick. And dis biiiiiiig ducky dat go in baff... and he grrrrr. We two is Batmans and beated him up."

"I bet you and me, SpongeBob and Patrick will beat that evil rubber ducks ass," said an amused Dean, smiling.

"Yeah. And save fwoggy on head... Ducky nasty to him and twy eat him."

The three men laughed and shook their heads. This kid had the weirdest imagination.

"It's awesome," he said, putting it in his jacket pocket so he didn't lose it. He nodded at the other picture. "Is this for Zep?"

"Yeah. Here Zeppin," he said, patting the chair so his dog could join them. When Zeppelin jumped up with them, he showed him the picture, which was a big black scribble in the air and a brown circle on top of it. On the left side was a green shape with something pink in the middle of it. "Wook. Dat Impa... she fying wiv Zeppin. Wabbit felled up twee and Zeppin go wide and save wabbit."

"How did the rabbit fall up the tree?" asked big Dean, still smiling.

"Um... I's not know. He gotted him and den wabbit foned powice... den soop Zeppin go fy and save him wiv Impa."

Big Dean's lips twitched as he tried not to laugh. "Okay then."

The little boy threw his arms around Zeppelin and hugged him. "You's wike it?" he asked his dog, who licked his face, and nuzzled his cheek. After hugging him, the little boy turned to his older self with an innocent expression. "Is you not sad no more?"

"I'm very happy now, mini-me."

The three year old smiled and turned to the TV, but he kept looking at big Dean, and eventually asked, "Is you Beetwejuice?"

Big Dean raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Am I what now?"

"You's wook wike Beetwejuice."

"Oh thanks," he said, even though his pale face and dark circles around his eyes did make him look like a certain ghost.

"Is you be Beetwejuice for Haween? Sammy say it Haween in... erm... some days."

"Er..." Big Dean looked over at Sam, who nodded slightly. "Yeah. I'm gonna be the ghost with the most for Halloween, so I'm... practising. IIIIIIITTTTTT'S SHOWTIME!" he yelled, throwing his arms in the air. "What do you think?"

Little Dean giggled. "Funny Dean knight. You's be bestest Beetwejuice ever and ever."

"I know," said big Dean with a wink.

Over the next half an hour, the living room was filled with happy laughter as little Dean sang to them and drew them all funny pictures.

As little Dean drew and coloured, big Dean had a short conversation with Bobby, who confirmed what he had already thought earlier- that he was stung by a bee and had nearly died, but because the little boy was left traumatised after witnessing it, Missouri had come by and made the little boy drink some potion that caused him to forget, and it apparently worked on his older self too.

After finishing his sixth picture, the little boy ran over to Bobby and climbed onto his knee. "Wook."

"Oooh. Look at that," said the older man, holding him and taking the picture to see the blue man with a hat on, an orange scribble with a tail, and a yellow thing. "What is it?"

"Dis unca Bee-bee and skiddal," he told him, pointing at the blue figure and orange scribble, then the yellow shape. "Dis yewwow 'nana... and you and skiddal fy up sky and die awiens."

"Okay. So it's me and a squirrel, who fly up to space on a banana and we kill aliens?" asked a smiling Bobby, to see if he understood it right.

Dean giggled again and clapped in delight. "Yeah. Wike it?"

"I love it, little man," Bobby told him, putting the drawing down to give him a hug. After holding him for a few minutes, he let him go so he could draw some more.

Next, he drew another picture for Sam. This one was of a really tall figure scribbled in black, and Sam scribbled in red and green, like Robin, fighting a big pink thing with a long neck and a multi-coloured face, which was apparently a giant pink chicken dressed like a clown.

"Who's this?" asked Sam, pointing at the huge man in black, who almost reached the top of the paper.

"Dat Undaker. You's fighted chicken cown, den gotted scareded... den Undaker gived him doomtone."

"I'm dressed like Robin, fighting a giant chicken randomly dressed as a clown. But then I get scared and the Undertaker tombstones him?"

"Yeah. Den he west in peas."

Sam threw his head back and laughed. "Thanks kiddo," he said, kissing Dean's cheek when he finished laughing.

Dean grinned, and went back to create some more masterpieces for his family.

While watching his little brother colour, Sam got up and walked over to big Dean and sat on the arm of the chair. "How are you feeling?" he whispered, so the little boy didn't hear them.

"I'm okay. Bobby's driving me crazy. He's been mother-henning me all day, since I apparently nearly died yesterday," he said with a frown as he shook his head, it was weird not being able to remember, but the pain in his neck was a clear reminder of his near-death experience. Dean sighed, and turned to the boring music that Bobby had put on the TV to keep him occupied. He raised his eyebrows when Sam started swaying slightly and humming along to the song that was playing. "What the hell are you doing?"

"What? It's not so bad. It's... catchy," said Sam, nodding along.

"So is the plague. Doesn't mean you have to dance to it. I swear if I have to watch any more of this crap, I'm going to be bored into a coma."

"Dean, you can't be bored into a coma. It's not medically possible," Sam told him, trying not to think about Dean nearly dying the day before.

"Well, I'm about to make medical history."

"If ya don't shut up whining, yer going to be medical history," Bobby threatened, holding the remote up like a weapon.

When the song changed to something even worse, Dean looked up at Bobby with a pleading expression. Bobby took pity on him, and flicked through the channels until he found a western. "There. Are ya happy?"

"Yeah. Thanks Bobby," said Dean, settling back in the chair with a happy smile on his pale freckled face.

When Sam looked out of the window, he saw that it was getting dark, so he got up to walk across the room.

"Sammy where go?"

Ruffling the soft blond hair as he passed, Sam smiled at him. "I'm going to draw the curtains, kiddo," he said, leaving a confused little boy behind.

"I's do it," he said, grabbing a purple felt.

When Sam turned back from drawing the curtains, it was to see Dean busy with another picture, while stroking Zeppelin with his free hand. He smiled and sat on the floor to watch his brother drawing.

When the little blond finished his picture, he held it out for Sam. "Here Sammy."

"Thanks kiddo," said Sam, taking the picture to see the brown shape with two purple scribbles attached to it. "What is it?"

"Dey c-c-cootuns," he told him, stuttering over the difficult word.

Sam's smile widened and he looked up to see the other two men were smiling too. "You've drawn the curtains? Awwww. Come here you," he said, putting the picture down, and lifting his little brother onto his knee, and wrapping his arms around him. "Could you be more adorable?"

Dean blushed and giggled shyly, hugging his big brother. "You's wike it, Sammy?"

"Yeah. It's the best picture of curtains I've ever seen." Actually, it was the only picture of curtains he had ever seen, but Dean didn't need to know that.

When the brothers pulled away, Dean smiled at him. "You woves me dis many, Sammy?" he asked, holding all of his fingers up.


The smile dropped from Dean's little face, replaced with a devastated expression. "You not woves me no more?" he asked, big green eyes filling with tears.

"Hey, of course I do," he said, lifting him into his arms to carry him over to the window. After opening one curtain, he wiped the tears falling down Dean's cheeks and pointed at the sky. "Do you see all those stars?"

Dean sniffled, and leaned forward so he could look up into the dark sky. "Yeah."

"If you count all those stars up there, and the whole universe, that's how many I love you."

The tiny Winchester scrunched his shoulders up, and gave Sam the cutest smile he had ever seen. "Sammy woves me."

"Hundreds and millions," Sam agreed, turning back to watch the stars.

"Dey's wook wike feckwes."

Sam smiled at him. "Yeah. I guess it does look like the sky has got freckles. But they're not as cute as yours," he said, running his finger down the freckled nose, making him giggle again.

Turning back to watch the stars, Dean laid his head against Sam's shoulder, and started singing softly. "Tinka tinka, wittle star. How's you are. Up word high, wike dime up sky. Tinka tinka, wittle star..."

"I love you, my little star," Sam finished, kissing Dean's hair and hugging him tightly.

The brothers stood by the window, watching the stars until they heard Bobby behind them.

"What do ya think yer doing, idjit?" he said, trying to prevent big Dean from standing.

"I'm going to go a wrestle an alligator. What do you think I'm doing?" said Dean, batting Bobby's hands away and standing from the chair. "I need to take a leak... And no, you're not taking me."

Bobby sighed and stood back to watch as he slowly made his way out of the room and up the stairs. When Dean stopped halfway for a few seconds, Bobby made a quick decision and sent Zeppelin with him to keep an eye on him.

After making sure little Dean was okay, the German shepherd shot up and ran after big Dean.

"Oh for..." Dean sighed when he saw the dog walking beside him, and turned to glare at Bobby, who was looking at him innocently. He rolled his eyes, and continued on to the bathroom with his escort.

When he came back a few minutes later, Sam and Bobby let out sighs of relief at seeing him come back in one piece. They had been worried he was going to pass out again as soon as he was out of their sight.

Sam picked up the remote and started going through the channels, and found that a repeat of WWE Unforgiven from the month before was on. Little Dean had missed it, so Sam put that on for him so he could see his favourite wrestler return.

When the bell rang and the Undertaker's entrance started, little Dean squealed and ran over to sit on big Dean's knee, bouncing up and down excitedly. "UNDAKER, YAAAAAAAAY!"

Big Dean laughed, and hugged him as they watched the Undertaker's entrance. The little boy never took his wide eyes from the screen throughout the match, which the Undertaker won.

Awhile later, Sam had fallen asleep since he hadn't slept the night before and was exhausted, and Big Dean was still resting under Bobby's care.

Little Dean stood up and walked over to tug on Bobby's jeans. "Unca Bee-bee? I's hungy," he told him while sucking on his thumb.

Bobby looked at his watch, and was surprised that is was 6 o'clock. "Right, we better get ya something to eat," he said, before turning to big Dean. "Are ya going to be okay in here while I make something to eat?"

Dean looked away from the Jack Nicholson movie he was watching and nodded. "Yeah. I've got my man Jack to keep me company."

"Okay then. Shout if ya need anything. Come on little man," said Bobby taking the little hand to lead him into the kitchen. He smiled fondly when he heard Zeppelin trotting along beside them.

After sitting Dean in his chair, Bobby went over to the freezer and took something out. After defrosting the lasagne in the microwave, he placed it in the oven to cook for dinner. Knowing it was going to take awhile, and Dean hadn't eaten since breakfast, he poured them both a glass of milk and got a pack of oreos out of the cupboard.

"I think it's time ya learned something very important," he said, putting a few cookies on a plate, and placing them on the table as he sat down.

Dean reached over for an oreo, and was about to put it in his mouth when Bobby shook his head and said, "Nononono."

The little boy gasped and threw the cookie across the table with a frightened expression on his face, staring at the cookie as if he was expecting it to attack him.

Bobby chuckled and shook his head. "It's alright, little man. It's not going to hurt ya," he said, picking the oreo back up and placing it back in the little hand. "Ya have to eat these in a special way. Watch." He got another oreo out, and took the top off to show Dean what to do. "Try and do it."

Dean nodded, and did what his uncle Bobby showed him, before looking at him again, silently asking what to do next.

"Do this," he told him, licking the white frosting in the middle a few times, before putting it back together again. He smiled when he saw Dean copying him, his eyes darting from his oreo, then Bobby's, then back up to Bobby's face.

"Now put it in the milk, like this," said Bobby, doing just that, and taking a bite.

Dean carefully placed his cookie in the milk, and took a small bite, scrunching his little shoulders up and smiling at his uncle Bobby, who winked at him. "Yummy, unca Bee-bee," he mumbled, taking another bite.

"Good job, little man," he said, taking another one apart to give to Zeppelin who was sitting in the chair next to Dean.

When Dean finished his first oreo, he smiled adorably and said, "I woves my unca Bee-bee hunded miwwion hunded fousand miwwion."

"Well, I happen to love my little man the exact same amount," he said with a smile, making Dean giggle.

After taking apart his second oreo, Dean scooped some of the white frosting onto his finger and put it on Zeppelin's nose. The German shepherd whined and tilted his head, before his tongue lolled out and started licking it off. The sight was comical, and the two of them couldn't help laughing.

After eating a few cookies as a little snack, Bobby poured another glass of milk and put two oreos on another plate. "Are ya ready to go back in the room while dinner cooks?"

Dean looked at Bobby and nodded, still holding an oreo in his little hand. After getting down from his chair, he asked Bobby for his milk and walked into the living room carefully, holding it in both hands.

"There ya go," said Bobby, holding the milk and the plate of cookies out to big Dean, who took them with a smile. "I think it should be okay to eat something now."

"Thanks." Dean looked over at little Dean, who was nibbling on his own cookie after dunking it. "You taught him the special way, didn't you?" he asked, opening one of the cookies like Bobby had shown him all those years ago, and licking the white stuff.

"Yeah. Every child needs to learn how to eat oreos. I remember teaching ya, and then ya had to show Sam when he was old enough."

A fond smile lit up Deans face at the memory as he ate his cookies and drank the milk.

When little Dean had finished, he wanted big Dean to play with him, so he sat on the floor with his back resting against the chair so he didn't get dizzy again, and picked up Metallica. "Hey, I've got an idea of what we can play," he said, grabbing a car too. "Superhero mechanics. Mechanics have to save the world from evil cars... and Metallica can be the evil giant dog called Dogzilla who's the mastermind behind all the evil cars."

Bobby chuckled and shook his head, wondering if he had stepped into a Stephen King movie with the killer dogs and evil cars.

"Oooh," said little Dean, picking up the undertaker and Fred the fireman, ready for battle against the cars.

Big Dean drove the Impala and the Bat-mobile in-front of him, followed by a few other smaller cars to surround Metallica.

"Let's see if you can defeat both me and my loyal cars," said Dean as Dogzilla, before he started growling, which made Zeppelin look at him, tilting his head questioningly. He then grabbed Batman, and one of the small blue cars, and made them fight.

"OH NO! HE GOTTED ME! HEP ME!" the little boy yelled when one of the cars 'attacked' Fred.

Big Dean laughed, and joined in with Batman and saved the teddy.

A few hours later, it was bedtime, so after giving his uncle Bobby a goodnight kiss, little Dean grabbed his favourite teddies and was carried to bed by Sam. Big Dean and Zeppelin followed behind them to the bedroom.

After sitting in the dog bed and saying goodnight to Zeppelin, little Dean climbed onto the bed, and waited for big Dean to finished getting ready for bed in the bathroom. When he came into the room, he held Metallica out to him. "Here big dude. So you's not be sad and woney."

The older man smiled and took the offered teddy, which little Dean had let him sleep with on the first night. "Thanks little dude," he said, sitting on the bed with Metallica in his arms.

"You's stowy?" asked the little boy, sitting between the two men and cuddling up to them, so they wrapped their arms around him.

"Okay... Once upon a time Dean the knight and Samuel had a slight... disagreement about finding their dad Jonathan and a hunt he had sent them on. Samuel got out of the car and asked his brother to leave him there, so he did," said Sam, after some thought of which story to tell him.

"Yep. Then I continued to investigate where people were going missing, and discovered that they were being sacrificed to this weird-ass looking scarecrow and killed..."

As the two took it in turns to tell the story, big Dean was telling his part of the story, while Sam was telling Samuels. The little boy was clutching his undertaker teddy in his arms, his green eyes huge in his little face as he listened to the story.

"...Samuel kept calling Dean the knight, but there was no answer, which made him worried," said Sam, looking over at big Dean. "He decided his brother was more important than anything else, and went to find him."

Dean gave him a tiny smile and continued the story. "Back in the woods, me and the girl were both tied up to be sacrificed... and then the girl suddenly saw something come towards us..."

"Oh no," the little boy whispered, both hands covering his mouth, making the two men tighten their hold on him. "Monster gotted you, Dean knight?"

"No. When I saw who it was, I'd never been so happy to see my pain in the ass geekboy little brother in my life," said big Dean with a cheeky grin when Sam mock-glared at him.

"Samuel saved them both," said Sam, leaving out the violent parts, so he didn't scare him. "And in the morning the three of them destroyed the special tree, and took the girl to the bus stop. Then the brothers went back to the car and left to go on more adventures."

"Yep. And save the world from fugly lame-ass bitches... The end."

"YAAAAAAAAY!" cheered the little boy, clapping in delight.

When the little boy finished celebrating, Sam laid him down and plumped the pillows, and checked under them to make sure the charm was still under there like he did every night. When he was settled, Sam placed his teddies in his arms, and covered him up. "I love you... so much," he whispered, lowering his head to kiss his nose.

"Woves you Sammy." Dean smiled at him, and hugged his teddies until his eyelids fluttered closed and he relaxed in sleep.

Sam continued watching him sleep until he was sure he was sleeping peacefully. He turned to big Dean who was now sitting on the other bed, with Metallica on the pillow next to him so he didn't get 'lonely'.

Dean winced, and rubbed the back of his neck, before laying down and covering himself up.

"Are you alright?" he asked his brother, who predictably nodded. "Are you sure?"

"I'm fine, Sam."

"Okay. Goodnight. Wake me up if you need something." Sam turned the light off, and laid down in bed, holding little Dean to his chest, listening to his two brothers breathing. It was soothing to hear the inhales and exhales as they breathed in and out, knowing that if he could hear them, then they were both okay.

When Sam's eyes adjusted to the darkness, he looked over at big Dean and saw he was laying on his stomach and holding Metallica in the crook of one arm. Sam smiled at the sight of his older brother, snuggling up with a teddy as he slept.

Dean moaned in his sleep, which made the smile drop from Sam's face. He held little Dean tighter, and stroked his hair as he kept an eye on the two. It was hard to believe how close he had come to losing them both, because if big Dean had died, he knew little Dean would have never been the same again.

After what had happened, Sam was going to make sure they each had an epi pen handy in-case anything like this happened again. He couldn't go through it for a third time.

*The End.*

Its not the best thing ever, but at least it'll explain why Sam's so protective of big Dean in UBLM and why he always makes sure he has his pen every time they go out.

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