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(Kimetsu No Yaiba) The Fallen Style


Fanfic of MY (MINE ONLY) imagination. Has nothing to do with the actual manga/television series. Based on a terrible internet fanfic that got taken down for editing. (I know about all of them died, but like I told you, MY IMAGINATION, not yours)

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Okay, so, I saw this terrible, and I mean TERRIBLE Demon Slayer fanfic online. So here's the gist of it:

1. Giyu fights Muzan singlehandedly, SINGLEHANDEDLY.

2. In the process since Giyu was swishing too hard and broke the world.

3. Tanjiro fixes the world with a sword and that's how the axis poles were made

4. Giyu and Shinobu have a baby and he has Giyu's face and Shinobu's hair

5. Tanjiro and Kanao start dating

6. No one dies

7. Muzan doesn't die from sunlight

8. Senjuro gets possessed by Kyojuro

So I'm taking that and turning it into something better.


Thoughts look like this


Testing Testing 123 !?

Names are above the dialogue, never below

Narrated movements look like this


*Shinobu does a cartwheel.*

Also, journals are just that one person speaking (There will be nametags when someone else speaks

Okay good? This is NOT a y/n. You're just reading but this is like a script.

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