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Gothel the Visigoth: Narrated by Flynn Ryder


What made Gothel into a villain? Was she always a villain, predisposed to become one, or were circumstances outside her control? Royal historian by the pseudonym, Flynn Ryder explores this. After Flynn Ryder gave up his thug ways, went back to school and became a historian at the suggestion of Rapunzel, he learns more about Gothel's past than Rapunzel is at first willing to dispense. In medieval Corona in the 500's, the kingdom is at war with the Francs. Corona had only recently stopped the Visigoths from taking over the kingdom a generation ago, and much more recently, the Huns. Now the kingdom is has to defend itself a third time from invaders subsequently when many environmental and conservation issues arise. Gothel may not be ready to rise to the challenge. There are rumors throughout the castle of poisonings and spies and Corona is still not ready to accept a Visigoth queen. Although Gothel is only half-breed Gothic, the pressure of the kingdom changes something inside her. Was she always a villain and a trigger was only needed to unleash her wrath? Flynn Ryder brings much research and psychology discussion to this topic. Rapunzel is in therapy. Eugene and Punz's relationship is at stake. Can the kingdom heal from a centuries-long struggle?

Fantasy / Humor
Katie Smolkovich
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Gothel was the most radiant maid in all of East Germania. She was born and lived in about the fourth century. Gothel spoke Gothic, but her homeland was slowly being eaten away by the Franks and their insipidus Latin with it’s confusing grammar and slang. In those days, the world of East Germania was filled with rampion. The Franks coveted its powers to heal and also its powers to heal the signs of aging. The fountain of youth had been a myth or had it? Did the flowers drink their powers from the hidden springs of the Bavarian mountains? Or did the flowers drink their powers from heaven above? As folk legend had it, the waters only glistened and sprung out the earth pure as gold because Heaven blessed it.

However the rampion came to be, Gothel had only one goal in life. To protect her homeland and invaders. It’s true I said Germania was filled with rampion but the treasure was hidden along with the springs.

As we find out later, the rampion as a means to immortality was a myth but as we find also, with one exception. Only one pure of heart can eat the rampion and obtain the gift of healing. Only by their willingness and earnest intent can the pure of heart use their power. This may come at a cost to the bearer of the pain.

The receiver’s intent and will goes into healing and receiving the powers. Their most innate wish and desire is granted for if the rampion must heal the body, it must also heal the soul.

I am Flynn Ryder, ruffian turned royal historian and I live to tell my tale but it didn’t start with me (yes, I'm a history geek). It began hundreds of years ago in Corona.

Or shall I say it began with my beautiful, feral wife? She taught me what it was to dream. Dare I say, I have been hiding forever behind more than just good looks. I have been hiding behind a tough exterior and castle walls from the once most precious harpie in the land.

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