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(Kimestu No Yaiba) The Fallen Style (3)


Lady Kibitsuji is expanding the Twelve Kizuki as the Demon Slayer Corps is finding more people to join, mostly 15-year-old people who have no idea what they're doing. Himari and the others learn about Tsukgukos. Giyu visits the Kamado house.

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*In the grand halls of the Infinity Castle, Lady Kibitsuji stands tall and proud as she delivers a compelling speech to her esteemed audience. The Ten Kizuki, adorned in their traditional garb, sit cross-legged in respectful silence, attentively listening to every word spoken by their esteemed leader. The atmosphere is one of reverence and deep respect, as everyone present recognizes the significance of this momentous occasion. Lady Kibitsuji's words carry weight, and her powerful presence commands attention, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that she is a force to be reckoned with.*

My children. I want to add some additions to our group.


*Five demons appear.*

Meet Lower Eight, Upper Eight, Upper Seven, Lower Seven, and Lower Six.

*The demons applaud as they meet their new comrades.*

*Habiki sits under a Sakura tree; Yuno then appears and kisses him on the neck.*

Staring into space, are we?

No, I’m looking at the koi pond.

I heard we’re getting tsgukos soon.


Corps members, we train. The other Hashiras have begun planning lessons. Are you going to plan one soon?

*Habiki shrugs. Yuno then rests her head on his shoulder.*

*Himari who is holding a sign around her neck rings a bell. The sign reads “Save the world, join the Demon Slayer Corps!” Mizu and Keiko sit at a stand with two sign-up sheets.*

I don’t anyone takes us seriously.

Give us time.

*A hour had passed and about seven people had joined. (Mostly men.) Mizu was now explaining the art of Demon Slaying to people, while Himari took Mizu’s place at the sign-up stand.*

Haven’t you wondered why people go missing? That may be the work of a demon!

*A tomato was thrown at Mizu, and she slices it into fours.*

If you join the Demon Slayer Corps, you can learn to do that.


*A scream was heard, and a demon popped out with a child in his hands.*

Right on time.

*Mizu does the third form of Water Breathing. Knocking the demon’s head off. She then retrieves the child.*

If you want to protect your families, join the Corps.

Hopefully men and women between the ages of 11 and 18!

*A few people applauded as Keiko finished speaking.*

We got about twenty people in Nayosato.

We might get tsugukos faster than we thought!

*Keiko raised her hands but she fell backward. (They have pillows you sit on, not chairs.)*

I hope not! I haven’t even finished lesson one!

*Himari flipped through a notebook where she had written lesson ideas.*

*Giyu walks back and forth between a line of people.*


I am Giyu Tomiyoka. Master of the Demon Slayer Corps. You will get to choose which Hashira you will train with.

*A lot of people went to Keiko. She clapped happily at this.*

I didn’t know so many people wanted to learn Love Breathing!

I don’t think that’s the reason.

A nervous little girl rushes towards Himari, stumbling on her first attempt but successfully reaching her on the second try.

Jittery Girl
I'm Yuta Hishukuna! It will be an honor to train with you Ms. Kamado!

Uh- okay?

Thank you!

*Yuta then runs away and trips over another rock again.*

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